Double 02

Finding herself kneeling on the bed, body shivering more from nerves than any cold she felt, Allura wondered how things had gotten so out of her control. A hand touched her bare breast, Allura quickly amending the statement, realizing she had never had control of the situation in the first place. Not with two Lotors working against her, their determined seductions stealing away her reasons, her very sense of propriety.

They had stolen away her will to say no, almost as quickly as they had taken her clothing, Allura left as naked as the day she was born, body open to their examinations. They were absolutely thorough in looking her over, checking her out not just with their eyes, but with their hands and mouth. Just thinking about their lips on her had Allura trembling, feeling the after shocks of memories as she recalled the way one of the Lotors’ tongue had brought her to climax. It was more pleasure than she had ever felt, the man licking her into orgasm not once, but several times over, until her whole body went liquid with relief, Allura unable to sit up, let alone stand.

It had been with Lotor’s assistance that she even made the trip to the bed in the center of the room, the man needing to carry her. She hadn’t protested much, snuggling against his chest with a sleepy sigh, eyes falling close as she dozed. Her slumber lasted only a few seconds, for once down on the bed, the two men began touching her all over again, making her squeal out protests as she tried to evade their hands.

Somehow all three ended up on their knees, Allura surrounded by Lotors, one pressing against her front, his pants open so that his cock touched her belly. It was as warm against her stomach as it had been in her hand, blue flesh twitching with need. She tried to stay still, not sure she liked the breathless moans he let out whenever she moved, Allura rubbing inadvertently against his hardened flesh.

There was no escaping him, for there was a Lotor at her back, pressed just as firmly against her skin. This one still had his pants closed, small relief when she felt his hard flesh straining against the leather of his breeches. This one seemed just as excited whenever she wiggled, thrusting against her bottom, low moans in her ear. Allura felt trapped, almost suffocated between them, not sure what to do with her arms, and settling for touching the chest in front of her. It was a touch that tried to push the Lotor away, but he merely smiled and leaned into her hands, liking the pressure she exerted on his skin.

From behind her, arms slid around her, Allura finding her breasts were being cupped in Lotor’s large hands. She glanced down, staring at the play of blue fingers on her pale skin, watching as those elegant digits flexed. The squeezing pressure of his fingers had her moaning, a low wail of pleasure she felt echo throughout her body. The Lotor in front of her took careful hold of her chin, tilting her head back up to meet his golden gaze.

She watched in helpless fascination as he bent forward to bear his lips against hers, kiss gentle but for an instant. Then his passion flared, Lotor deepening the kiss, turning it into something more. She didn’t need much prodding, Allura parting her lips when his tongue licked across the crease of her lips. The Lotor behind her wasn’t content to be ignored like this, bending so his mouth was by her ear, lips rubbing along the curve of it. It tickled, Allura giggling into the kiss, the sound muffled by Lotor’s mouth.

The fingers on her chest continue to manipulate her breasts, squeezing one instant, caressing the next. They even rubbed across her nipples, keeping constant attention on them so that her peaks remained hardened little buds. She tingled everywhere, wondering when or if her nipples would ever go back to normal, and knowing so long as Lotor continued to play with them they’d never have the chance.

Thankfully he wasn’t pinching them, limiting his movements to rubbing friction across them. His lips left her ear, kissing down the side of her face and onto her neck. The Lotor in front of her hadn’t broken the kiss, leaving Allura to feel dizzy and breathless. She whimpered, a muffled entreaty, the man pulling back just enough for her to gasp for air. As she panted, he kissed the corner of her mouth, still wearing that smile on his face.

The kisses on her neck were growing in intensity, lips finding sections of her skin to fasten on, Lotor sucking sweetly. It felt especially nice when he kissed against her racing pulse point, Lotor seeming to suck in time to it’s tempo. “Ah…” Allura said, and the Lotor in front of her took that as a sign she had recovered enough for a second round of his kisses. Her words were silenced once more, Allura struggling lightly against him.

That caused her to push back against the covered erection that was tenting Lotor’s pants, the princess could swear it grew bigger at her wiggles. She felt Lotor’s moan against her neck, vibrating down her skin as his fingers tightened on her breasts. She wriggled harder, once again pushing at the man in front of her. It was like trying to move stone, an impossible task for one of her limited strength.

The suction stopped on her neck, Lotor’s mouth resuming it’s trek, this time covering the area between neck and shoulder. His one hand left her chest, reaching behind her to do something, Allura feeling him shift so that he no longer pressed so firmly against her back. She wondered what he was doing, and got her answer in the sound of a zipper being eased downwards. Her eyes widened in alarm, Allura hardly at ease when she felt his cock press against her bottom.

She was trapped, interested body parts to the front and back of her, every which way she wiggled put her against at least one. She whimpered pathetically, frustrated at the situation, and hardly soothed by the tongue caressing against hers. She was even less pleased when the Lotor behind her began rubbing, cock moving back and forth against her rear, generating heat and a friction of it’s own.

“Allura…” He sighed out her name, a drop of something wet and sticky falling to land on her skin.

“Wait…” She said, trying to turn away from the Lotor in front of her to peer suspiciously at the one behind her. She didn’t trust him one bit, not that the one in front of her was any better, gripping her hips now as he rubbed his erection against her belly. “You’re going too fast…”

He chuckled, leaning to do a quick kiss against her lips. “Not fast enough.”

Apparently the Lotor in front of her echoed his amusement, his head falling down so that his laughter was muffled against the crook of her shoulder. Allura hardly saw the situation as humorous, frowning as both men continued to grind against her body.

Moans and pants filled the air, both men growling as they rubbed, Allura’s mouth an unhappy line as she stayed absolutely still. A tension was building between them, one she didn’t understand, but knew she didn’t like. She especially didn’t like it when Lotor lifted his head from her shoulder, looking not at her but at the man behind her, a challenge in his eyes.

For one brief moment, Allura thought they were going to start fighting once more, the mood turning dangerous all around her. Hands smoothed down her bottom, going past the curve and onto her thighs. Her kneeling legs were then urged to spread, Allura finding she was doing just that, albeit it reluctantly. A cock was immediately pushed between her legs, Lotor rubbing back and forth now, the hard length teasing against her drenched slit.

“Ooooooh.” She couldn’t help it, she moaned, letting her head fall back so her throat was offered up to the Lotor in front of her. He took that offering, lips and teeth feasting on her delicate flesh, mouth working to darken the skin in a mark of possession.

The cock between her legs was still moving, and now Lotor shifted, angling his cock so that the head poked her womanhood. She tried to move, her intention to stand up, but hands were on her shoulders, holding her in place. She let out a sound, barely recognizing her voice as her own, Allura saying one single word. “Please.”

Soft growls from both men, the sound speaking to something primal in her, making her shiver once more. The fat head of Lotor’s cock pushed forward, probing at the entrance to her body, Allura’s eyes widening in fright. Somehow, foolishly so, she had never expected things to go this far, Allura voicing protests as Lotor paused, on the brink of tearing her hymen.

“Lotor…” She swallowed nervously, her throat still being feasted on. “Do…don’t! Her plea ended in a shriek, Lotor suddenly thrusting upwards in one massive display of power, her maiden head being ruined in one push. It hurt, and she had been unprepared for the pain, Allura’s hands scrambling, nails curled and clawing at the skin in front of her. She saw bloody welts appear on his skin, Allura slow to realize she was the cause, but feeling a morbid sense of satisfaction to know she was causing someone else pain.

“That hurt.” The Lotor in front of her grunted, lifting his head to look at her.

“I’m sorry.” She gasped, teary eyed and he nodded, compassion showing on his face.

Meanwhile the pain dulled to the point she became aware that the other Lotor wasn’t moving, just sitting there inside her, waiting for something. She trembled, cringing at the thought of how much worse it would feel had he not waited for her body to adjust to his size, especially when he was so huge!

“Are you okay Allura?” He asked her, voice concerned as it whispered in her ear. She nodded bravely, determined not to whimper like some pathetic wretch. She couldn’t see his expression, but she felt him kiss the nape of her neck, goose bumps being raised up in the wake of his lips. “Then I’m going to move.” He told her, and before Allura could tell him she wasn’t ready, Lotor pushed more of his cock inside her.

It didn’t actually hurt, the pain receded to be just an uncomfortable ache. Still it wasn’t pleasant, not yet at any rate, Allura feeling him sink another inch into her, leaving her to wonder just how much her body could take. The Lotor in front of her bent his head over her chest, the ends of his hair tickling across her skin. He planted kisses across the top of her breasts, as though trying to distract her from her discomfort.

The last inch pushed inside her, and Lotor began withdrawing from her body, moving just as slow as when he had entered her. It caused friction to burn within her, Allura feeling every inch of his length as it moved in and out of her, sliding through the slickness of her body. Again and again it moved, cock thrusting inside her, and with each pass she felt a little better, until finally she was moaning, wanton and wild.

“Ooooh yes!” Her eyes opened, Allura startled. Was that really her moaning in such a lewd sounding voice? “Ah!!” Lotor had hooked his arms around her legs, her knees bent over them as he lifted her up off the bed, holding her suspended in the air. The position seemed to make him sink in even deeper, brushing against parts of her she had no name for.

The Lotor in front pulled back to stare, Allura knowing she was blushing even harder as his gaze centered on the area between her legs. He stared fascinated, watching as his twin’s cock disappeared inside her, only to reappear seconds later. Allura wiggled, and squirmed, but let out a panicked cry, “Don’t drop me!”

“I won’t.” Promised the Lotor fucking her, and she realized how foolish a fear it was. Not when his muscled arms held her up so effortlessly, her toes dangling just above the mattress. Each thrust from him allowed her toes to touch down briefly on the bed, only to be lifted up again. Except for the wriggle, she had no control over what he was doing, being moved up and down his length, feeling him hit that spot again and again.

She had no choice but to enjoy the ride, Allura placing her hands on his upper arms, and leaning against him as he thrusted. Her head fell back against his shoulder, Allura staring up at the ceiling, feeling her breasts bounce against her chest. Her insides squeezed him tight, muscles movement involuntarily as it spasmed, tightening around him every time his cock’s head hit that one sweet spot.

Her mouth stayed open, moans constant as she sang out her bliss. She glanced down when she felt a mouth on her nipple, finding the other Lotor hadn’t been able to resist the show. His lips fastened tight around her stiff flesh, sucking intently, adding to her squeals. The Lotor behind her, kissed at her shoulder, tongue licking, and fangs grazing her skin. She’d bear many bite marks on her body before this encounter was over with, Allura feeling her body shudder as pressure built up inside her.

Each thrust of his cock brought her closer and closer to her release, Allura shaking, words tumbling free. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, do not stop!” It was half order, half plea, Allura frightened the moment would end with her left unfulfilled. Lotor chuckled, nipping at the nape of her neck, and that’s when she lost it, toes curling as her body hit her climax. It was intense, her insides wrenching tight hold of Lotor’s cock, doing rhythmic squeezes that had him gasping behind her.

The pleasure had her moving frantically, feeling wetness drip out of her, Allura wiggling trying to keep the feelings from fading. Every thrust of Lotor’s cock had aftershocks rubbing along her center, Allura making a low keening sound. It was topped by the howl Lotor let loose with, his climax erupting suddenly, filling her up with warmth. She was dismayed, panicking that she’d get pregnant from how much come he released inside her, the stuff overflowing to spill out of her and onto the sheets.

Panting in her ear, harsh guttural sounds, was Lotor trying to recover from his orgasm. His cock was rapidly going soft inside her, and still they remained connected, the Lotor in front still suckling at her breast. His hands were on her hips, holding her still, helping the other man to lower her back to the bed. His cock withdrew from her sex, Allura feeling dazed and wondering if now they would allow her to rest.

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  1. That was fantastic and it needs a sequel. Many chapters more. I wonder how will the future life of Allura and the two Lotors look like?

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