Nature 04

An hour later and Romelle still felt raw with pain. It was a pain born of disappointments, of having to watch Sabbath hold back yet another time. It was the pain of her husband’s inability to trust her completely, a fact she hadn’t even realized until today. New hurts mingled with old ones, Romelle wanting to cry.

A few drops actually fell from her eyes, Romelle rubbing fists angrily over them. She didn’t want to weep, didn’t want to be any weaker than she already felt. She didn’t want to become the fragile woman Sabbath thought she was, Romelle wanting to be strong. As though that strength could somehow convince Sabbath that he could be both the human and the Drule with her.

But it was hard, especially without trust there. And without trust, no matter how much they loved each other, their relationship would eventually crumble. It might already be happening, Romelle heart sick at watching Sabbath destroy one half of himself in an attempt to protect her and prove himself worthy. How much longer before Sabbath grew tired of holding back, of having to be careful around her? How long until he resented her for not being able to embrace his Drule side?

She shuddered, a quiet hiccup of sound escaping her. Romelle didn’t want her marriage to fall apart, didn’t want to lose Sabbath. But she felt time running out, their options almost nonexistent as long as Sabbath refused to go all the way with her. He had a Drules’ damn stubbornness, a trait he unknowingly embraced even as he tried to spurn everything else about the Drule.

Romelle couldn’t say she understood it. She didn’t know nearly enough about the Drule, or about the relationships Drules had with humans. Of course there was the slaves, the stories that came from a time when planet Doom was set on conquering the universe. But those people had never been willing, never free to refuse a Drule’s attention. Those slaves that had suffered as a Drule’s playthings, hadn’t had an easy time, nor a pretty end. But Romelle refused to believe all Drule human relationships had to end up like that of the slaves. It was after all a new age, the Drules trying to forged friendships rather than make war.

The numbers were improving, human lovers becoming less of a tragic statistic among the Drules. It helped that many of the Drules no longer saw humans as an inferior race, instead trying to embrace the differences between them.

Accidents did happen. But then, they happened even among human relations. Sometimes a man got a little too crazy around a woman. Hell! Sometimes a woman was the offender. Most humans, and for that matter Drules, didn’t walk around on egg shells, on the off chance they might do something wrong. And yet Sabbath was doing exactly that, for reasons Romelle couldn’t understand, didn’t even really know about!

But she didn’t believe for one second he would ever truly hurt her. But it was apparent Sabbath didn’t have enough faith in himself, in his Drule side, to believe the same as Romelle. And that hurt too, Romelle feeling sad, frustrated, over Sabbath’s own dislike of the Drule half of his heritage. But she didn’t know how to fix that dislike, anymore than she knew how to get him to embrace the Drule side in order to save their marriage!

She, THEY needed help. And Romelle really didn’t know a lot of people she could call who were knowledgeable about Drule human relationships. There was even less that she would be comfortable talking to about such personal problems. In fact only one person sprung to mind, the only choice she had, the only other one she could turn to in this time of need. Her cousin Allura.

Her cousin was not only married to a Drule, but had had her own fair share of ups and downs early on in the relationship. Lotor had never tried to hide what he was, downright abrasive at times, not to mention overbearing and very controlling. But he genuinely loved Allura, worshipping her in his own way. True he didn’t let Allura get away with much, Lotor far too concerned with her safety and interactions with other men. But he literally thought the sun rose and set with Allura, Lotor adoring her beyond belief.

Lotor was willing to kill for Allura. To kill over her. That was as Drule as you could get, though Romelle thought Sabbath did them one better. For unlike Lotor who flew into murderous rages at the thought of another man so much as looking at Allura lustfully, Sabbath was willing to die for Romelle.

Sighing, thinking to herself that Sabbath might very well be dying a slow death by denying his true self, Romelle began keying in the transmission codes to planet Arus. It took some time to get the call connected, the signals bouncing off several planets’ satellites before reaching Allura’s home world.

Even once the call was connected, Allura didn’t immediately appear. Romelle was left to drum her nails on the countertop, waiting impatiently for her cousin to finish up whatever she was doing. Or WHOMever, judging by Allura’s own disheveled look when the princess finally deigned to appear.

“Romelle!” Allura sounded a tad breathless, her skin a healthy flush of color, her eyes sparkling with a warmth that had nothing to do with seeing her cousin. Romelle eyed the mismatched buttons on Allura’s shirt, the wild tangles in her hair. There was no doubt in Romelle’s mind that Allura had just been with Lotor, though she must have made him rush through the sex in order to keep Romelle from waiting another good long thirty minutes!

“To what do I owe this call?”

Romelle drew in a deep breath, willing herself not to cry in the face of her cousin’s blatant happiness. It was more difficult than she imagined, her eyes starting to water to Romelle’s sheer mortification.

“Romelle?” Allura surely couldn’t tell her eyes were wet, but something had alerted her to her cousin’s distress. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything!” She was proud she didn’t so much as sob, Romelle’s lower lip trembling. Allura was instantly alert, losing much of her glow as she became serious.

“What’s going on? Has something happened?”

“My marriage is this close to falling apart.” Romelle said miserably, earning a horrified gasp from her cousin.


Romelle nodded, afraid if she tried to speak, she really would cry.

“Oh cousin. What happened? You and Sabbath seemed so happy, so perfect for each other.”

Romelle took in a deep breath, calling on all her will power not to cry. “He doesn’t trust me.” Allura’s eyes widened at that, the woman too shocked to speak. “Or himself around me. Not completely.” Allura’s brow furrowed, trying to understand.

“It’s a Drule thing.” She continued, trying to make sense of it all. “He’s afraid to let go. Afraid to completely be himself when he’s with me. He thinks if he embraces his Drule nature, he’ll hurt me somehow.” Romelle began shaking her head. “He won’t even relax his guard during our love making!”

Allura seemed boggled to hear that. “Not even then?”

“Not even!” Confirmed Romelle miserably.

Allura leaned back in her seat, seeming to need a moment to digest this fact. Romelle blinked rapidly, proud her tears still did not fall.

“Has….has Sabbath always been like this?” Allura finally asked.

“He’s….” Romelle hesitated. “Always been a bit reserved during our love making. Always so careful. But lately….”

“Lately what?”

“It’s been getting worse.’ Romelle admitted sadly. “When we first got together, I wasn’t even aware of a struggle inside him. Now I can see nothing else, the strain of it hurting him and me. It’s getting to the point I don’t think he can truly enjoy making love to me.”

Her cousin’s eyes looked like they were about to fall out of her head. “Have you tried telling him it will be okay?”

“He doesn’t want to believe it.” Romelle rubbed tiredly at her eyes. “I haven’t been able to do anything, to say anything that will convince him otherwise.”

“Oh. Oh dear.” Allura understated the matter.

Romelle lowered her gaze, fidgeting in place. But she had to ask, had to know if Sabbath’s fear was normal for the Drules, or some abnormal, irrational fear exclusive to him alone.

“Allura…” She began slowly. “Tell me. Did you encounter any such difficulties with Lotor?”

Allura stroked her chin, a thoughtful look in her eyes. “Can’t really say he ever had a problem like that.” Romelle all but deflated at hearing that. “Oh you know, he had the typical fear of hurting me the first time. He wasn’t used to being with a virgin, and worried he’d hurt me more than I could tolerate.”

“Sabbath was pretty distraught over the thought of causing me pain my first time too.” Romelle admitted. “At lease he and Lotor have that much in common….”

“I’m sure they have more in common than you think.” Allura said. “Sure my husband may have a notorious temper, and is over sexed even for a Drule, but he IS still a man. Just like Sabbath is still a man.”

“And this helps MY marriage HOW?” Romelle asked.

“I’m sure together we can come up with something.” Allura gave her a half smile. Romelle couldn’t return it, still too upset, too fearful for her relationship with Sabbath. “After all, I do have some experience with turning a Drule on.”

“You’ve been married what, six months?”

“With Lotor, it feels like a lifetime.” Allura grinned. “And trust me when I say he has been a very attentive instructor, cramming in a full degree’s worth of lessons to me.”

“I’m beginning to think this is more than I need to know about you two.” Romelle groaned.

“Oh hush. I’m willing to tell you some things to try on Sabbath. Things to make him lose control.”

“I’m listening.” Romelle said warily. And then was amazed, Allura beginning to detail a few things to try guaranteed to drive a Drule wild. She also felt a little sad, a little upset to think Sabbath had withheld such information from her, denying them both the chance to increase each other’s pleasure. And it would give her pleasure, Romelle knowing she would be happy so long as Sabbath was feeling good as well. As good as when he spoiled her, Romelle wanting a chance to properly appreciate her husband back.

With Allura’s help, the two princesses began to detail a plan of attack, one sure fire way to bring Sabbath’s guard crashing down. Romelle’s spirits began to lift, her eyes starting to sparkle with excitement. She was looking forward to tonight, determined that one way or another, Sabbath’s Drule half would be revealed.

The rest of the day passed by quietly enough. Romelle tended to her work, overseeing affairs of the state, and the concerns of Pollux’s people. She did not seek out Sabbath, actually going to great lengths to avoid him. It was something Allura had suggested, a tactic meant to heighten anticipation in both Romelle and Sabbath. By the time bedtime rolled around, Sabbath was visibly agitated, moving to take Romelle in his arms.

He seemed to deflate like a balloon when she deftly side stepped his embrace. “You’re still upset.”

She made a noncommittal sound, walking over to the love seat by the bedroom’s window. A data pad lay on a cushion, Romelle picking it up as she curled up on the love seat.


“I just have a lot of work on my plate today.” She said, not taking her eyes off the data pad’s screen.

“Is that why you avoided me all day?” He asked. Again that noncommittal sound, Romelle pretending she was concentrating on the words on the data pad’s screen. “How can we make this better if we don’t talk about it?”

“Funny. I thought even talking was out of the question when it came to your Drule impulses.” She hadn’t been able to resist that bitter jab, even as Romelle looked forward to what she had planned with her cousin for Sabbath.

“There’s no point in talking about. It’s not something you ever need fear happening.” Sabbath said.

“I’m not the one who fears your Drule side.” Romelle pointed out quietly. She heard him draw in a breath, sounding almost like he was hissing. But she wouldn’t look at him. “I love you Sabbath. And that includes both your Drule and human sides. You have to learn to accept that and yourself or we can never be truly happy together.”

She felt his eyes on her, as tough Sabbath was searching her for the lie he thought she gave him. It made her doubts rise, Romelle wondering if things had become too damaged for anything to repair the trust between them. But she kept her expression neutral, eyes repeating over the same words again and again in an attempt not to look up at Sabbath. If she looked now, she might throw herself at him. Abandon the plan she and Allura had come up with, in an attempt to try one more time to get him to open up to her without Romelle needing to resort to sneaky tactics.

But she didn’t look up, and Sabbath didn’t try to say anything else. And after a few minutes, she heard him pad away, his boots muffled somewhat by the carpet. He went to shower and change for the night, maintaining the silence between them. He slid into their bed, making room for her next to him. She didn’t get up, Romelle muttering as though distracted.

“I’ll go to bed later.”

She was almost positive Sabbath frowned at her, though he kept quiet. He must think her really upset, and in a way he was right. But there was things he didn’t know, something he couldn’t possibly be anticipating. Something that wouldn’t work if she allowed him to wrap herself up in his arm’s embrace, Romelle knowing once Sabbath had hold of her, he wouldn’t let go until he woke up the next morning. And that simply wouldn’t do.

She waited on the love seat, not paying attention the words on her data pad’s screen. Instead she listened to Sabbath, listened to him toss and turn. Listened as his breathing evened out, the Drule finally falling asleep. She’d wait a while longer yet, wait for him to fall into a deeper sleep before she left the love seat. But it was not to the bed she went, Romelle heading into the bathroom.

She didn’t bother with most of the lights, heading unerringly for the cabinet under the sink. Inside, on top the toiletries, was a wrapped package, Romelle’s eyes just a bit brighter in satisfaction. She’d all but smirk once the package was unwrapped, Romelle holding up the flimsiest, skimpiest lace nightie she had ever seen.

Predominately blue to bring out her eyes in vibrant color, it had powder pink ribbons tying together the lace over her breasts. With Romelle’s ample curves, the ribbons would have to work hard to hold the nightie closed, and an equally skimpy pair of panties went under the nightie. Allura had chosen well, having a discreet boutique on Pollux send the package to the castle, wrapped securely so as to avoid scandalizing the female servants who waited on Romelle’s every need.

Romelle had never worn anything like this, had never even dreamed such an indecent garment actually existed on the civilized worlds. She smiled at her reflection, feeling an excited thrill go through her, feeling as though she was the naughtiest princess in the galaxy. Well second naughtiest when compared to her cousin Allura.

She didn’t bother with make up or jewels, pausing only long enough to apply some of her and Sabbath’s favorite scent in strategic places. She ran fingers through her hair, fussing over it needlessly when the blonde locks were already as perfect as they could get. Her stomach fluttered nervously, Romelle feeling a bit of performance anxiety. But more than that she was excited, anticipating what was about to happen. It was practically on tip toe that she left the bathroom, stalking towards the bed and the man who lay asleep on it. Her eyes surely gleamed, for once Romelle looking like the predator Drules were said to be.

Drawing back the blanket over him, Romelle paused. There was just enough light from the bathroom to make out Sabbath, her heart clenching at the sight of him. He was a beautiful Drule, with pale blue skin, and raven black hair that had bright bits of color woven into the braids. Romelle had been attracted to Sabbath from the first glimpse of him, though she had tried to deny the desire between them. She was glad Sabbath had never given up on her, that he had been patient, waiting for Romelle to realize how special things were between them.

And now it was her turn to make him realize how special their bond was, how special all of him was to her. She bent over him, brushing a kiss over his lips, though she fought to keep from lingering there. Kissing could come later, when she no longer had to fear him waking up and putting an end to her plan before it reach fruition. For now, there were other parts of him to focus her attention on.

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