Nature 05

Eagerness and excitement surged through her, Romelle tingling from head to toe with those feelings. Anticipation fueled her, Romelle waiting, wanting to see Sabbath with ALL his passions unleashed. Needing it, as much if not more than Sabbath did.

She didn’t think in negative what ifs, refusing to consider the possibility of failure. Refusing to think her own skills would prove inadequate, wouldn’t be enough to push him over the edge of reason. Even refusing to think on what could happen if he woke up before desire drove him crazy and snapped him free of all his restraint and control.

Nor did Romelle fear what would happen once Sabbath gave in to his Drule side. She was that confidant that he wouldn’t hurt her, even at his most crazed. And all because Romelle knew that Sabbath would never truly hurt her, never do anything that she and her body couldn’t handle.

She trusted him. Trusted him the way Sabbath couldn’t trust himself. But she was hoping before this night was through, Sabbath would come away realizing it was okay. That he could be himself around her, without needing to fear his Drule impulses.

Romelle had to admit to being curious about those impulse, those desires he fought and hid from her. But wondering about them wouldn’t tell her much, and Sabbath had so far refused to answer her questions. But she’d get her answers tonight, Romelle intending to ask Sabbath’s body to show her.

And what a body it was! He was pure chiseled perfection, body rippling with muscles. But not to the point of extremes, Sabbath avoiding being bulky in the way some men are. The lines of his abdomen were clearly defined, an eight pack of hard muscle that Romelle brushed her lips over. He flexed beneath her lips, Romelle’s breath stopping. Waiting in fear that he would wake up and put an end to her plan before she got to do anything more than a few kisses of his flesh.

It didn’t happen, to her relief, Romelle realizing it had been a reflex response. Sabbath remained asleep, oblivious to Romelle and the intentions fueling her. She smiled, her grin like a Cheshire Cat’s. Wanting to laugh, and not daring to, Romelle kissing him again. Tasting him with her tongue, tracing the lines down, trying not to lose herself to the fresh, clean taste of him.

Or the texture, Sabbath’s skin like hot satin, stretched tight and smooth. She liked the feel of him against her tongue, liked caressing her lips over his skin. She was even tempted to bite down, to leave impressions of her teeth to mark where she had been. But she didn’t dare, not yet. Not when the biting would surely awaken Sabbath. Not when she needed to do more to snap Sabbath’s control and bring out his Drule side.

She shifted down his body, taking the time to kiss a path to where the only clothing that he wore impeded any further progress. Romelle would have preferred Sabbath be completely naked, but she’d make do with pulling open the ties of his draw string pants. The loose knots unraveled easily enough, Romelle easing the fabric aside to reveal the treat she was after. The key to driving Sabbath into wild abandonment.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as sucking on his dick. If THAT was the case, Romelle and Sabbath wouldn’t be having problems now. But the times she had tried to use her mouth on him in the past? It hadn’t been all that satisfying, Sabbath too focused on maintaining his control, by not allowing her to linger long in that manner. Romelle didn’t even know the taste of his come, Sabbath always having finished between her legs rather than be selfish and enjoy a climax for his sake alone.

Now however, Romelle was determined. Determined to use a full arsenal of tricks, to pit her charms against Sabbath, to make him a slave to desire so strong he stopped his fighting, and let go of his impressive control.

That first touch as she reached for his dick? As soft and hesitant as when she had been a virgin, gearing up to do something other than hold Sabbath’s hand. But she was different now, Romelle caressing fingers over him. Gazing quickly at Sabbath who let out a sigh of sound, but did not otherwise wake. His continued sleep emboldened her, Romelle’s touching become more sure, more firm as she tickled and teased a reaction from his cock. Under her watchful eyes, his cock began to rise, thickening, lengthening into a size that had scared more than impressed the virgin Romelle had once been. Back then she couldn’t have imagined taking something of that size in her body. Now she couldn’t imagine taking anything less.

A perfect fit as far as Romelle was concerned, her mouth practically watering as she gazed with hungry intent at Sabbath’s erect cock. Her fingers had curled around it, making a fist as best she could to stroke over it several more times. That veiny rod throbbed with life and vitality, the head of a darker shade of blue than the rest of his body.

And pearling on the very tip of him was fluid, Romelle leaning down to flick her tongue against that droplet. Her eyes closed, the first taste of him potent, richly delicious. She wanted more, and she’d have it, Romelle brushing her tongue repeatedly over that one spot.

When Romelle’s tongue touched Sabbath’s engorged flesh, he felt it immediately. A pleasurable burn focused on the point where her soft little tongue touched on him, sending hard, driving spikes of pure heated lust straight to his tightening testicles. He hissed, his fingers already flexing, curling into the thin bed sheet that covered the mattress beneath him. Fabric gave way to the sharpness of his nails, but otherwise Sabbath just lay there, for the moment content to just enjoy the sensations coursing through his groin.

His whole body was turning to liquid, Sabbath melting against the pillows. His body both relaxed, and yet wound up so tight it was ready to snap like a rubber band. And snap he nearly did, when fingers gripped his balls, massaging the seed inside his aching testicles. The pleasure ricocheted up several notches, Sabbath struggling to open his eyes. The Drule woke with him, and together they gazed down the length of his body, to the sight of a woman bent over, her tongue licking over the oozing head of his cock like it was the tastiest thing she had ever tasted.

The pleasure he was feeling, the sweet torture of tongue and fingers working together against him, made it difficult for Sabbath to focus on what he was seeing. On what was happening, on who was making him feel this good. His thoughts a confused mess, the room bathed in a dim light that shone through the open bathroom door, Sabbath could just make out the color of the woman’s hair. A golden blonde that had always made him think of the sun made touchable. Sabbath knew without looking that the woman’s eyes would be a shade of blue that was darkening with her arousal.

“Ro…Romelle….?” Sabbath managed to groan out. This couldn’t possible be happening, she couldn’t possible be real. Not when Romelle was still mad at him, so upset that she had made excuses to avoid sleeping next to him. That Romelle would never be licking his cock, never rewarding him with such an eager look on her face.

Her gaze lifted, her blue eyes bold as she locked eyes with Sabbath. He was helpless to look away, a hard spike of desire twisting his guts at the purposeful way she dragged her tongue over one of his cock’s throbbing veins.

The Drule in him hissed pleased, staring down at the dream Romelle. It liked the feel of her silken fingers massaging Sabbath’s balls, loved the lick of her heated tongue on his hard flesh. It enjoyed the teasing, but it wanted more, a harsh voice erupting out of Sabbath.

“Romelle, beloved. this is dangerous.” It was a warning, or at least it was meant to be one. But his voice had come out harder, hungrier, more desperate than he had ever heard it in his entire life.

All Romelle did was smile up at him, her own eyes gleaming with predatory intent. Sabbath couldn’t ever remember seeing that kind of look in Romelle’s eyes before, and the smile she gave him was straight out of his most fevered dreams. The Drule in him screamed, annoyed because so long as she was smiling at him, she wasn’t licking, wasn’t tasting, and she definitely wasn’t sucking.

“Rom—-GODS!!” A moan had escaped him, Romelle having pushed the slick head of his cock past her soft lips. It was too much, too erotic a sight to see blue flesh disappearing into that pink mouth of hers. He moaned again. Hell, he more than moaned, Sabbath throwing back his head, a loud groan all but throttling it’s way out of his throat.

He couldn’t remember ever making a sound like that, ever feeling this good with anyone in his life. Romelle’s liquid hot mouth had enclosed around the engorged head of his cock, and now she began sucking. It was harder than Sabbath ever though Romelle capable of, and it was making him moan again. The Drule moan with him, the sound repeating over and over, almost drowning out the sound of claws scraping, digging deeper furrows into the mattress. Sabbath wasn’t even aware of the damage he was doing to the bed, too busy looking at Romelle, at the woman who was nothing more than a figment, a dream.

And she HAD to be a dream. Why else would this be happening? Why else would he allow her to do this given the risks, the dangers that came with Sabbath losing himself completely to pleasure. The Drule in him didn’t care if this Romelle was real or not, it just wanted to have at her. It wanted to enjoy itself, wanted Sabbath to give himself over to the pleasure and be selfish for once. And the Gods help him, but Sabbath wanted that too.

Telling himself this was nothing more than a dream, Sabbath gave himself permission to enjoy it. To enjoy Romelle in a way he couldn’t when awake, all his stress and anxieties keeping him from fully letting go. But with a dream Romelle there was no need to fear, no need to worry he’d do something to put fright and hurt in her eyes.

Romelle’s lips moved over the heavily veined flesh of his cock, Sabbath loving the way her mouth caressed over him. He especially loved the wicked trails of sensation she caused, his tightening balls reacting. Tingling, the sensations traveled up his spine, making his head buzz pleasantly as dark, desperate impulses began to fire in his brain.

Romelle was trying not to moan, Sabbath’s hot, hard length throbbing in her mouth. He tasted so good, so delicious, his pre come leaking steadily in her mouth. She sucked harder to encourage more to flow, Romelle feeling the warmth fill her with each drop. She couldn’t get enough of it, an addict to Sabbath, his taste her drug of choice.

And like an addict, she wanted more! And she thought Sabbath wanted to give it to her, judging by the fact he hadn’t tried to stop her yet. In fact he seemed to be encouraging her, muttering things under his breath, his gaze fixed on her, Sabbath absolutely fascinated by what he was seeing. She felt even more encouraged when Sabbath arched beneath her, trying to thrust more of himself into her mouth.

But Romelle wasn’t ready to let Sabbath take over just yet. She let go of his balls, and grabbed onto his hips with both hands, trying her best to force him back down on the bed. Holding him in place, so that she controlled just how much and how often she took his flesh into her mouth. Sabbath cried out in frustration at that, his cock twitching violently in her mouth. Romelle almost smirked then, locking eyes with him as she let his dick pop out of her mouth so she could blow her breath over the wet tip of him.

Her eyes went a little wide when Sabbath let out a vicious curse in Drule. It was the kind of word he almost never said, and especially never around her. She was startled, but Romelle took that to mean what she was doing was working, Romelle readying herself to retake Sabbath in her mouth. His hands reached for her, fingers tangling in her hair. Helping to lower her down, Sabbath demanding in a way he had never been before. Romelle was thrilled, letting her cheeks hollow out as she sucked on him. Another curse, those fingers of his tightening on her scalp. He was still trying to thrust, fighting her as she did her best to hold him down. His body flexed underneath her, beads of sweat appearing on his heated skin.

Victory surged through her, a moment before Sabbath hauled her off his cock. She didn’t have enough time to be confused, the one hand that remained in her hair forcing her head to tilt back. Romelle managed a protesting sound, still greedy to keep on tasting Sabbath’s cock, when his lips swallowed up her words.

It was a kiss like no other, no patient gentleness to Sabbath’s mouth. It was rough, demanding, Romelle moaning helplessly in response. Sabbath’s arms went around her, holding her trapped against him as he sat up against the pillows. Romelle didn’t entirely mind, not so long as he was kissing her like this, devouring her whole. Burrowing his tongue past her gasping lips, striking in deep in her mouth, and caressing roughly over her own eager tongue.

It was almost too much, Romelle feeling every sensation of this new kind of kiss. From every breath of his to his tongue stroking fire in her, his lips moving over her own. Her mewl of desire was met with a guttural groan from him, Romelle feeling dizzy and hot, the situation leaving her without control.

Not that she minded losing it. Not entirely. Not if it meant Sabbath would keep on kissing her like this. But there was an underlying current of fear in her. The fear that he would come to his senses and stop. Romelle needed to keep that from happening, needed to ground herself in some way, take back some of the control until she knew Sabbath’s desires had driven him past the point of stopping.

She grabbed at his hair, fisting the braids. Using them to haul herself into a better position, Romelle shifting on Sabbath’s lap so that his cock rested between her spread thighs. She rubbed up against it, the lace of her wet panties titillating them both. Sabbath’s hands moved, grabbing at her hips, forcing her to move more, harder. She could feel his nails digging into her skin, actually piercing her flesh. It hurt just a little, but the pain was swallowed up by her victory, Romelle realizing the Drule side was firmly in play in this now.

She wanted more. Of Sabbath, and of the Drule. She continued to hold onto his hair, Romelle kissing Sabbath as hard as she could in an attempt to leave behind the impression of her lips. He kissed even harder, growling the entire time. He snarled when she broke the kiss, Romelle jerking on his hair, holding in laughter at how furious a sound Sabbath had made. His eyes sparked with anger, but couldn’t swallow up his desire, even with the outrage he was feeling over the fact that she had forced them to stop kissing.

“There there…” She whispered soothingly. He growled back, hauling on her hair, trying to reclaim her lips. She jerked on his braid, keeping the kiss from happening, earning another angry snarl. Romelle felt empowered, as wild as Sabbath was angry. He wasn’t used to being denied, at least not by her, and his anger at being told no over this one act, seemed just as effective at making the Drule come out than anything else she had tried.

Holding onto his hair to keep him from kissing her, Romelle did a long lick of the side of his face. Sabbath seemed to jerk against her, and then was still, realizing her intent. She had licked over to his ear, Romelle playing her tongue over the inside of it.


She loved the way he growled, especially when he was growling her name in that low, dangerous tone. She licked more, then blew gently, feeling him twitch against her. She knew what she was doing, biting teasingly on the lobe, tugging on it with her teeth before resuming her licking.

A Drule’s ears were sensitive, being very much an erogenous zone. Longer than a human’s, the ears of a Drule had that many more nerve endings to be stimulated. A Drule felt insanely good when their partner loved on their ears, and so Romelle paid the same kind of attention there as she had Sabbath’s cock, licking and nibbling, even going so far as to suck on the pointed tip. She touched him as she did this, her one hand going to rest over the cock between her thighs.

The more Romelle did, the more Sabbath was convinced this was nothing more than a dream. She was doing too much, seeming to know all the right ways to push his buttons without him having to tell her first. And the things she kept doing with her mouth? It made him unsure where he wanted her first! Both his ears and his cock felt great, Sabbath aching, impossibly hard and needing a release.

But he didn’t want the dream to end so quickly, didn’t want the teasing to stop. In a dream he didn’t have to fight back his desires. In a dream he didn’t have to control himself. He could do what he want, and not have to fear hurting Romelle. Like now with his claws, his nails digging into her flesh enough to draw thin rivulets of blood from her. If this hadn’t been a dream, he would have been horrified, would have stopped immediately. Instead he moan, bringing red tipped nails to his mouth, to lick and lap up the drops of blood.

Her blood was hot, sweet and he wanted more. Of her blood, of her, of everything Romelle had to offer. And since this was a dream, he saw no reason not to take what he wanted, for once in perfect agreement with his Drule half.

Romelle wasn’t sure what had happened. One minute she had been sitting on Sabbath’s lap, a hand on his cock, working it over with sure strokes meant to keep him in a perpetual state of lust. Her lips and tongue had been working over his ear, her other hand caressing fingers along his strong jaw line. And then Sabbath had let out one monstrous sounding roar, Romelle finding herself knocked over so that she ended up flat on her back, pinned beneath Sabbath.

It was more than a little disconcerting, Romelle staring up at him with wide eyes. “Sabbath?” She couldn’t quite keep the edge of nervousness out of her voice, wondering what was going on. He was staring down at her with a positively wicked look in his eyes, his fingers reaching for the pale pink ribbon that kept her nightie together. A million thoughts went through her mind in an instant, but ultimately Romelle decided she was okay with this, that this was exciting to have him rip the ribbon free.

Her breasts spilled out of the nightie, her nipples seeming to harden in an instant under Sabbath’s intent gaze. She’d blush, but Romelle wasn’t ashamed of her reaction to her husband. Especially when he looked at her like that, his dark gaze approving. If Romelle’s nipples hadn’t already been stiff, they would have turned so at the sight of Sabbath licking his lips. Excitement curled through her, the lace of her panties getting wetter as she waited.

He didn’t keep her waiting long, thumb and forefinger grasping hold of her nipples. Pinching them firmly, a harder touch than Romelle was used to. She let out little squeals in response, the pinches kinda hurting but with a kind of pleasurable ache that almost felt good. It was a good enough feeling that Romelle didn’t tell him to stop, actually crying out for more, and wanting his tongue to soothe the ache those pinches had caused.

She couldn’t still her movements, even when a claw grazed over her one nipple. Tips tight and tingling, Romelle writhed under the feel of his claws’ touch, moaning loudly. Sabbath watched her face the entire time, his eyes growing hooded, the promise in them that she wouldn’t get away. Romelle knew it was the Drule she saw, Sabbath having embraced that side of him, and merged it together with his human desires. It was more than just the Drule she saw, Romelle realizing there was no tightness around his eyes, no strain on his face, no tension in his body. Sabbath was at ease, enjoying himself and HER.

Elation coloring her features, Romelle voiced an ecstatic yes as Sabbath called her a minx. Her heart was close to bursting with joy, Romelle thinking that Sabbath would come away from this night knowing he didn’t have to hold back anymore. His fingers continued to manipulate her flesh, teasing her nipples as Romelle arched her back. Her generous sized breasts were quivering, in a way Sabbath found delightful.

It was a sight that spurred him into action, Sabbath straddling her so that his knees were on either side of her face. She didn’t have time to wonder or be confused, the sudden feel of Sabbath’s hot flesh burning between Romelle’s breasts. He had cushioned his cock between those round breasts of her, Sabbath doing an experimental thrust forward.


Romelle couldn’t help the cry, finding it incredibly erotic to have Sabbath using his dick in this way. Sabbath liked it too, staring down at her chest, watching his own dick disappear between her breasts. Romelle stared too, absolutely fascinated by the sight, feeling the burn of it’s thrust, and the throb between her breasts. He kept on going slow, right up until Sabbath’s hands landed on her shoulders, holding her down in place. Her eyes glanced up at Sabbath’s face, seeing how his gold eyes glittered with intent.

Shivering, but welcoming just about anything he would do, Romelle enjoyed the glide of his flesh on hers as Sabbath began moving with a purpose. Faster, determined, the Drule grunting with each thrust. Romelle only allowed herself seconds of inaction, the princess not wanting to just lay there while Sabbath had his way. She was determined to participate, and she knew just what to do, watching as Sabbath’s cock came ever closer to her lips with every thrust forward from the Drule’s hips.

It was on one such thrust forward, that her tongue flicked out, getting a quick taste. His reaction was immediate, Sabbath growling. On the next thrust, Romelle was able to lick just a little more. And then more, until she was opening her mouth to suckle on the head every time it thrust near.

Totally at ease and enjoying herself, Romelle kept on teasing Sabbath, holding him in her mouth for longer and longer. Sabbath was no longer staring at her breasts, the Drule watching her lips. Watching the way she took the tip of him inside her mouth. It was titillating, but he wanted more, wanting to do nothing else but bury himself inside her so deep that he became lost in her. He abandoned his play on her breasts, Sabbath thrusting himself into Romelle’s mouth. This time she couldn’t stop him, couldn’t control just how fast and how much of him went inside her.

Romelle made a sound, an actual protest which the Drule side of him told him to ignore. Sabbath didn’t think he could stop anyway, his hands going to her hair. The dark impulses of the Drule roared in his head, his steadying grip turning clenching, Sabbath pulling on the silken strands to make Romelle move. Even as she bobbed her mouth along his length, his hips were moving. It was like this that he fucked her mouth, pleasure swamping Sabbath with each glide over Romelle’s soft lips.

It felt good, Sabbath losing all rational thought and sanity. Using Romelle in a way he had never before had, fucking her mouth almost ruthlessly. Touching deeper than he would have ever allowed her to go, preparing to pump a load of his cum straight down her throat. Romelle was making noises, sounds that could almost be encouraging and had to be the result of being in a dream.

And then Sabbath went in a little too hard, a little too deep, Romelle making a sound that couldn’t be mistaken as anything but that of pained discomfort. He couldn’t stop his hips in time, hearing the sound again before Sabbath froze. Blinking rapidly, looking at her, seeing her for real. Seeing how red her face was, the way tears lingered in the corner of her eyes. Realizing this was no dream, and turning horrified.

“Ro…Romelle?!” Sabbath managed to gasp out her name, and even then he wanted to thrust. The pleasure that had been building in him was too much, Sabbath having lost control of his desires. Of the Drule’s desires, the dark impulses making him use Romelle in a way she was never meant to be used. Shame and guilt filled him, Sabbath starting to draw away. Only to find Romelle grabbing at him, holding onto his ass as she deliberately began sucking at what flesh was left in her mouth.

He didn’t want to come, he didn’t want to soil Romelle any further. He had hurt her, he had heard her cries of discomfort with his own ears. And yet his body was determined to enjoy this, to take what Romelle was offering. With pleasure and self hatred warring, Sabbath came, shouting like a wounded animal as his seed flooded Romelle’s mouth.

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