Duty 04

The journey to the city’s space port took longer than anticipated. And all because of the snarl of traffic they had hit, when the cruiser had been forced to abandon the side roads. There had been no helping it, the space port wasn’t accessible from anything but the main road leading into it. Unfortunately for them, they had not only had to deal with a roadside accident but also tourists. People were flocking to the city, and not just from the rest of the planet. They came from other worlds, eager to see the legendary robot Voltron, and it’s pilots.

It was a shame the capital only had one active space port. That port, sprawling in size, was packed tight with the arriving ships. That included the ships that had brought the world leaders here to Kirentya. And among those ships, was the five lions of Arus. People pushed to get close enough to take pictures of the lions, and three of the five pilots were present to answer questions and sign autographs.

No one thought to pay any mind to the private class yacht and it’s three ship escort. It stood as just another pleasure vessel, some moderately rich boy’s latest acquisition. There was no markings to hint it had any ties to Doom. Lotor had been careful to acquire ships that if traced, would lead back to an Alliance protected world. Not that he expected anyone to suspect any connections these ships would have to his disappearance.

The thought of disappearing without a trace made Lotor smile, the prince relaxing against the soft leather of the cruiser’s seats. Despite his earlier confusion in navigating the embassy’s halls, along with the delays the unexpected traffic had caused, things were proceeding relatively smoothly. What had seemed the most difficult of tasks, acquiring Allura, had been accomplished with an ease that astounded him. But the proof of her capture was before him, currently nestled against him albeit reluctantly.

He rubbed his chin over the top of Allura’s head, trying not to tighten his arms’ hold any further around her. Already his embrace was possessive, Lotor having forced the princess to seat herself on his lap. Her back was pressed against his chest, Allura unable to relax. She gripped his wrists as though that could stop his hands from straying. For now he let her harbor that illusion, Lotor content to just hold her.

They hadn’t done much talking in the time it took to draw near to the space port. Allura had been unwilling to break the silence once she realized Lotor was not forthcoming with any answers to her many questions. He seemed determined to keep her in the dark about just where they were going, and what was to happen next. Even her questions about the embassy were deflected, Lotor insisting he didn’t know what would happen there.

She worried though. Worried for the people inside the embassy, and worried for herself. Her stomach seemed to roll, and tumble, her fear unsettling her. It didn’t help matters when Lotor had insisted she sit before him, locked in his tight embrace. His arms felt like steel cables, that were wound tight around her. Every few minutes he would do something, such as rub his cheek or his chin against her hair. Or bring his lips to her ear, and gently trace the curve of it with his mouth. She especially didn’t like when he planted a kiss on her shoulder, though it was nowhere near as shiver inducing as the trick with her ear.

She found herself wriggling, rolling her shoulders in an attempt to shrug off his kisses. Or jerking her head away from his lips’ gentle teasing. Allura worried he was getting bolder with each touch, and it made her wonder how much longer before he tired of this game and full out assaulted her. She couldn’t know that Lotor was feeling a strong contentment in the act of stealing innocent touches. Allura just knew that the more he relaxed, the stiffer she became in response.

To Lotor, this holding, this touching, was accomplishing several things. The first was making him ridiculously happy, the emotion filling him like it had never before. The second thing, which was just as important as the first, was helping to acclimatize Allura to his touch. It was Lotor’s hope that she would come to realize being touched by him really wasn’t that bad. That she had nothing to fear, and maybe, just maybe, she would come to accept that there could be pleasure found in being touched.

It didn’t mean his baser urges weren’t trying to spiral out of control. He was keenly aware of her, of the hitch in her breathing. Of the way she held herself, so stiff and rigid in contrast to his bonelessness. He liked the weight of her on his lap, her round bottom perched over his cock. It was a pity she held herself so still, he would have enjoyed more of her wiggling. But then he immediately counteracted that thought with a no, recalling how good it had felt when she had tried to shrug off his kisses. There was danger in feeling too good, in wanting her that badly. The desire would make him forget caution, make him lose control. No, if they both weren’t careful, he’d say to hell with all his plans, and take her right here in the back-seat of the cruiser.

But Allura deserved better. She deserved to be in their home, to be safe and secure in the haven he had picked out for them. He longed to see her laid out in their bed, half undressed and waiting for him. She’d burn, eyes yearning as Allura longed for Lotor to fill her. Somedays he’d make her wait, tease her mercilessly to the point she’d almost go mad from desire. Other days he’d swiftly take her, sinking into her pliant flesh. Whichever way, it would be good between them. Allura being loved and loving in return.

He wanted that dream to become reality. Wanted it now but understood now was not the time. They still had a long way to go, their journey not even halfway done. Better to get to their destination. Better to make sure she was secure in their home first. Once there, away from all concerns and troubles, they could begin anew. Only then would he be able to relax completely. And with that relaxation, he’d be able to savor her and the love he wanted to grow between them.

Soon. Did he whisper that word out loud? Either way Allura did not react, gazing out the rear window. He knew she was troubled, and it was unfortunate but out of his hands. The situation that would play out at the embassy, it would fall under the command of the new prince of Doom. Lotor hoped Haggar had chosen well his replacement. He wondered how long it would take his father to notice something was off with the replacement. Of if his father even cared enough to notice any strangeness. Lotor supposed it didn’t matter, so long as the replacement lasted long enough for Lotor and Allura to vanish completely.

The main terminal of the space port was within reach, the cruiser slowing down. Outside the building, local cab cruisers jostled for customers and refused to move aside to make space for anyone. There were people outside the building, some loitering, some hailing cabs. Others were staring at their flight plans, frowns on their faces. One woman in particular stood out, pacing in agitation. She wouldn’t relax until she noticed the cruiser, and then the woman was hurrying over to it.

The locks on the cruiser doors clicked open. Lotor made sure to tighten his hold on Allura. He didn’t think she would bolt, but he’d be a fool to risk it. The rear door of the cruiser pulled open, the woman sliding into the back. “I thought you would never show up!” She exclaimed, not waiting for the door to slam shut before she was withdrawing papers out of a slim briefcase.

“I’ve gone ahead and had security process your traveling papers.” She shuffled through the documents, and Lotor caught sight of his fake id, the picture showing off his current caramel colored disguise. Another id was produced, this one showing the maid Allura was disguised as. They were otherwise unmarked, needing one final check before they would be allowed to board their ship.

“Thank you Tesla.” Lotor relaxed his grip on Allura, reaching forward with one hand to take the papers from the woman’s hands. He began paging through them, eyes critical as he made sure everything was in order. “You’ve filed a fake fight plan?”

Tesla nodded. “Of course. If anyone bothers to check the records of all departing ships at this time, they will not find anything amiss. The fake flight plan lists the planet Barubia as your ultimate destination. It’s an Alliance based world, so no one should even think twice to see it’s name listed. Why there are even some Barubians on the planet, ready to gawk and gape at Volton and it’s pilots.” She smirked then. “The fools don’t even know the danger that is so close to them.”

“Let us not underestimate the Voltron Force just yet.” Lotor cautioned. Well familiar with the Voltron force stealing victory from him at the last moment, Lotor wouldn’t feel at ease until they got as far away as possible from the pilots.

“Of course.” Allowed Tesla. The cruiser was in motion again, driving around the terminal. A gated entrance would bar their way, space port security approaching. Lotor had to reluctantly let Allura go so that she could resume sitting normally. He wanted nothing to stand out to the guard’s perception of them, knowing even the smallest of oddities would make them memorable.

The guard rapped on the window with his fist. The door opened, allowing the man to peer inside. His gaze passed over each one of the three seated, and then he roughly held out his hands for the paperwork. Lotor wordlessly handed it to him, trying not to betray his anxiety as he waited for the guard to finish his reading. It was a terse seven minutes, the guard looking for signs to prevent them from boarding. But at last he sighed, and nodded his approval, stamping the final mark needed on their ids.

Tesla had produced papers of her own, ids for herself and the driver’s fake identities. Those too would pass inspection, and the cruiser would then be admitted past the gate. They would continue their leisurely pace, driving past several dozen ships. But not the lions, Lotor’s ship located clear on the other side of the massive field.

The ship already had it’s ramp lowered, the cruiser floating up it to enter inside the vessel. The well lit area was empty of any of the ship’s personnel, but cameras swiveled around to track the cruiser’s movements. When it rolled free of the ramp, the doors sealed shut behind it. The cruiser would come to an abrupt halt, the doors all unlocking.

Tesla, who had been fingering the necklace she was wearing, flashed a relieved smile. “We won’t get off this planet a moment too soon for my liking.” She muttered, jerking the chain from around her neck. Instantly the illusion shattered, the chestnut colored hair turning purple, her porcelain pale skin taking on the faintest hue of green. Allura had already figured out that Tesla wasn’t what she appeared, and thus the reveal of her true form didn’t so much as merit a shocked look from the princess.

Tesla opened the door, swinging her shapely legs out of the cruiser. A hand went to pat at her hair, the woman still muttering. “If I never have to see a stranger’s face when I look in a mirror again….it will be too soon…”

“Oh, I dunno…I rather liked how you look as a human.” The driver had also removed his necklace, his gray skin and silver eyes revealed. He had no hair, only the stiff head ridges that the more lizard like Drules sported. “You were pretty….”

“Are you saying I am not pretty normally?” Demanded a scowling Tesla. The driver immediately moved to appease her, but the woman continued to growl at him. Allura stay seated, listening to the bickering pair right up until Lotor nudged her.

“Come Allura…We won’t find the flight very comfortable if we remain here.” Allura bit back a retort, not wanting any comforts so long as she was his prisoner. She stepped out of the cruiser, and for one all to brief moment had her personal space back. That moment lasted only long enough for Lotor to climb out, and then the prince was immediately taking her arm.

Begginning to struggle, Allura pointed out the obvious. “There’s nowhere for me to go…”

“It pleases me to touch you.” That answer made her even more upset, Allura not wanting anything about her to please Lotor. She continued her attempts to get away, Lotor jerking her against him.

“Problem?” Tesla had noticed what was going on, her sliver thin eyebrows raised in amusement.

“Nothing I can’t manage.” Lotor answered, and Allura fumed.

“I am not something to manage!”

She was ignored, Lotor pulling her along as the three Drules walked towards a door at the end of the room. The cameras would continue to track their movements, the door opening at the last possible second of it’s own accord. A long corridor would be revealed, and here there were several more Drules. They all bowed in greeting to the prince, but their expressions were tense. Allura thought it was because of what they were doing, and wondered if she could incite a mutiny with the right words.

“You won’t get away with this!” Allura announced loudly. “The Voltron Force will stop you.”

“The Voltron Force is too busy taking pictures to suspect anything wrong has happened.” Lotor retorted.
Allura ignored that, persisting. “They won’t rest until they hunt down every last one of you, and see that you pay for your crimes! You think this is worth it? That I am worth the trouble you will all get into?! Are you all such fools, that you would die for your prince’s obsession!?”

Lotor let out an angry growl, and in one smooth move had her pushed against the nearest wall. “It is not just obsession! Never that…”

“I am not worth it…” Allura repeated, though her voice had gone hushed with her fear. “One woman is not worth the loss of your freedom, or your lives…” Did she dare hope that the looks the Drules were exchanging were uncertain? Lotor, still cloaked in the guise of the guard, stared at her. His eyes were angry, and seemed to gleam with the light’s reflection in them.

“You are worth it.” Lotor’s voice was harsh, the Drule practically spitting out the words. “To me, you are worth a lot more than you realize…I would do anything, endure the greatest of hardships for you. I would throw away my life for a mere moment in your presence…”

“You don’t speak for the others!” Allura snapped back. “You will sacrifice nothing while they risk their lives to help you in this mad scheme!”

“The prince is sacrificing more than you realize!” Tesla had come closer, her eyes angry as she snarled at Allura. “You’ll never find a man as devoted as he, a man who endured as much as he has. A man as willing to do as much as the prince is doing in order to secure your futures.”

“Oh?” Allura’s tone was tart. “And what is he doing that is so impressive?! Besides kidnapping me, and endangering the Alliance!?”


“That’s enough Tesla.” Lotor interrupted with a growl.

“But sire! She…she speaks with impunity. She should…”

“She doesn’t know.” Lotor answered. “She doesn’t yet understand…”

“I wonder if she will ever understand….”

“Understand what?” Allura demanded, looking back and forth between the two Drules. This Tesla seemed more prone to reveal what was happening, but Lotor gave a quick shake of his head no. Tesla stared at Allura, then made a scoffing sound. Still furious, the woman turned her back on Allura. The princess frowned. “What don’t you want me to know?”

“You needn’t concern yourself with this.” Lotor retorted

“Oh? And is that what Tesla thinks?” Allura demanded. “It’s obvious she thinks it’s important enough that I should know…!”

“Tesla spoke out of turn.” Lotor retorted, and his tone turned dangerous. “She won’t make that mistake again.”

Even though Tesla was someone Allura considered an enemy, she still paled in fright. She wondered just how Lotor would ensure the Drule female wouldn’t talk, and her mind ran vivid with murderous scenarios. It showed on her face, Lotor sighing. “You think me some kind of monster.” He stepped back, and was even more displeased when Allura nodded.

“Aren’t you?” She asked, and Lotor shook his head.

“I may be many things, but I believe you have no concept of what true monstrosity is…” This time he didn’t try to drag her by the arm, expecting her to follow behind him. She hesitated a minute, but realized there was no better options. She did not want to remain in the hall with these unknown Drules. Especially since they were staring at her, some actually daring to scowl. They hadn’t like what had happened. Allura wondered if this had something to do with the lack of understanding Tesla had insisted she had.

Trying not to shake, she hurried past the Drules. Lotor hadn’t paused to wait for her, forcing Allura to run after him. She;d catch up to the three Drules as they were entering a newly opened door. Beyond it’s threshold was several doors, one opening. She caught a brief glimpse of what had to be the ship’s command deck, and the crew that ran it were all human in appearance. Allura was certain it was more of Haggar’s magic at work, the crew needing to stay disguised until they were done communicating with the space port terminal.

The door closed, ending her spying. But she saw a new man standing in the hall with them, and he reached up to remove his necklace. Immediately a tall Drule was revealed, with inky black hair that was streaked with electric blue highlights. Those streaks complimented his blue skin, making it seemed a bolder shade than the prince’s own azure. His gold eyes looked satisfied, and he broke out into a grin, white fangs being revealed.

“You did it!” He exclaimed, walking towards the group.

“Wouldn’t be here if I had failed.” Lotor answered. And that was the sad truth of it all. From the moment he had left the embassy, all his plans had been riding on if Allura was with him. He would have never gotten into the cruiser without her, would have never traveled to the space port. All his hopes, his dreams had been riding on his ability to threaten Allura into behaving. He didn’t know what would have happened if something had gone wrong at the embassy, if she had screamed. Probably a blood bath, the disguised Drules fighting to kill every one present.

If that had happened, there would have been no way to get Allura out of the embassy without his father’s men knowing about it. They would have expected one of two things from the prince. Either for Lotor to kill Allura then and there, or to bring her back to Doom for his father’s entertainments. There would have been no hope of his father allowing him to keep Allura. Not in her present state. Lotor nearly shuddered to think of the kind of breaking Zarkon would do, to render Allura suitable company for his son.

Lotor was willing to do anything to keep that from happening to Allura. To keep her from becoming a victim of Zarkon’s own brand of tough loving. He didn’t like to think what that anything would entail though, Lotor grateful everything had gone according to plan. He refused to torture himself with what ifs, shaking his head to clear any negative thoughts from him.

“Greetings your highness.” The Drule with the blue streaked hair had bowed to Allura. He didn’t try to reach for her hand though, well aware of the potential to cause unwanted jealousy in the prince. “It is an honor to meet you at last…”

“And you are?” Allura demanded, hardly looking happy with the introductions.

“Ryder.” He answered. “I’m a communications expert.” He winked then at her. “At least that’s what my official employment record states.”

Allura didn’t seem to know what to make of that. “Oh…”

Ryder seemed a little disappointed that Allura didn’t show the slightest hint of curiosity about him, sighing dramatically. “Unofficially the prince would be lost without my aid…”

“Ryder!” snapped Tesla, annoyed. But Lotor held up a hand, more amused than anything.

“It’s all right Tesla. Ryder means no harm.”

“That’s right.” Again Ryder addressed Allura. “I’m harmless.” Again those fangs flashed, leaving Allura with the impression he was anything but harmless. “You’ll find me a more easy going sort than other, bees up their bonnets Drules.” Tesla growled at that, and Ryder grinned. “See what I mean?”

Allura wasn’t ready to be amused, though she wasn’t anywhere near as annoyed as Tesla acted. “Come…you must be tired.” Lotor had taken hold of her arm again, and was attempting to lead her off. “Ryder, I take it you had the rooms prepared?”

“Of course…gave it top priority.” The Drule assured him.

“Prepared?” Allura asked, feeling her dread return. “What does that mean? What have you done?” She was begginning to imagine whip and chains, her imagination running wild as she remembered the racier romance novels she had read.

“It’s nothing to worry about.” But that was exactly what she was doing, Allura walking so slowly she was practically being dragged forward. She tried to get a sense of the layout of the ship, but it soon became apparent she would be lost without Lotor guiding her. She grumbled softly under her breath, giving in to the pull on her arm. Their ultimate destination was the cabin normally reserved for the ship’s captain.

Impressively large, it consisted of three rooms. That included the bathroom. Lotor ushered her inside, then spun her around to face him. She immediately found his arms around her, Lotor crushing her a little too tight. She felt the warmth of him, and again thought he ran hotter than she expected a Drule to feel. She struggled in his embrace, and finally squealed out a reproach.

“I can’t breathe! You’re suffocating me!” It was true too, her face pressed into his chest. Lotor tensed before letting her go, and she immediately fled to the other side of the room. Lotor watched her, and reached up to remove the necklace with it’s jade amulet. It was dropped carelessly to the floor, Lotor smiling at her.

“Won’t need this anymore…” She just eyed him warily in response, noticing the strangeness of his appearance. His eyes seemed unfocused, a kind of glassy sheen to them that had been hidden by Haggar’s illusion. He was fiddling with the collar of the stolen mbassy guard uniform, loosening the buttons as though that would allow him to breath better.

“Take of the necklace.” Lotor ordered her. “I want to see you.”

“No.” It made no sense to keep the necklace on save to defy him. After all, her plain faced disguise had done nothing to discourage Lotor’s attentions when they had been inside the cruiser. There would be no safe haven in hiding her looks. Nor did she feel pleasured from the piqued look he gave her, Lotor frowning and walking towards her.

“Take it off. There’s no need for it now…” Mutely, Allura shook her head, backing into the wall at his approach. He seemed torn between being puzzled and upset, Lotor stopping just a hare’s breath from her. “You would deny me the simple pleasure of looking at you?”

“Yes.” She retorted, voice firm. His frown deepened, Lotor reaching to finger the necklace’s opal. She thought she read the intent in his eyes, Allura tensing the instant before he tore the necklace free of her throat. The large opal let out a muted clunk of sound when it hit the carpet. Lotor stared at her a moment, his hand on her cheek. She didn’t try to hide how she stiffened in response to that touch of his.

“The bathroom is to the rear of this cabin.” He said, abruptly pulling away. “I’m sure you’ll want to shower and relax.” There was nothing in the world that could convince her to take a shower when he was so near to her, nor did Allura feel she could relax. “I’m sorry, we don’t have a change of clothes for you. But there should be towels and a robe to wear…”

There was no way she was about to strip down to wearing just a bathrobe around Lotor. The very thought made her shiver, Allura shaking her head no to hide the reaction. “Are you hungry?” Lotor was solicitous. “Shall I go and see if a meal can be prepared before?”

She didn’t have much of an appetite, but Allura wouldn’t turn down the chance to send Lotor away. Even if it was only for a brief few minutes. “I am a bit famished.” She spoke as though admitting to something grand. Lotor acted accordingly, eager to please her in this small way. He touched her face once more, and then was leaving. But not before pausing to pick up and pocket the two necklaces.

The locking of the door behind him was the trigger to her collapse, Allura falling to her knees to pound her fists on the floor. All the fear and uncertainties, the worries she had been holding in now rushed to overwhelm her. She nearly screamed when she felt the shaking of the room, the ship begginning to move. There was no windows for her to rush to, but Allura didn’t need to see to know they were leaving. She hit the floor harder with her fists, wailing at the injustice of it all.

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