Duty 05

She really didn’t have time to give into despair. Allura knew this, and fought against the emotions that were attempting to overwhelm her. She refused to be waylaid by her fears or her upset, needing her mind clear and able to function. It was a struggle, the girl staying down on her knees, hair falling forward to obscure her face. Her breath came out in uneven pants, but she did not give in to tears. She could cry later, but right now she had to retain her wits about her.

She stared down at her hands as she attempted to get control. Her knuckles were bruised from the repeated pounding she had done with her fists. They actually hurt, making Allura regret that earlier display. Shoving up off the floor, she stood and looked around. This was a prime time to be attempting an escape, the first time Lotor had left her alone since barging into the room at the embassy. She knew not to waste it, even as she was unsure of just how long it would take Lotor to return with the meal.

She began to explore the room, hoping against hope that one of the remaining doors would lead to an unlocked exit. Unfortunately for her, they only led into a bathroom, and before that the bedroom. She looked around to try and see what preparations had been done. Allura felt relief to note there appeared to be no chains associated with the bed. Not that she relaxed with that observation, Allura moving frantically about the room.

She threw open closet doors, seeing there was only a few shirts and pants hanging there. That let her know Lotor didn’t plan to be on board this ship for very long. It made her wonder, would they be ditching this ship, or was their destination close by?

Pondering those questions, she began to turn the room upside down. She pulled open every drawer, and rifled through their contents. She searched the desk in the corner, but there was nothing. Not even a ink pen or letter opener. There was also no computer for her to attempt to send out a message, and Allura fought not to laugh in hysteria. It had been ridiculous to think Lotor would leave a computer unattended around her, that the man wouldn’t be prepared to keep these rooms bereft of anything she could actually use to aid her escape.

Why even the pins from her bun had been taken, left inside the cruiser that had transported them to this ship. There wasn’t even a lamp or vase to break into pieces, the room containing only furniture that was too heavy for her to move. And that was before she noticed how everything was bolted down to the floor.

“It’s hopeless.” Allura sagged in place, her back sliding down the wall as she went down to her knees. The despair was surging back, stronger than ever. She really thought she might really cry this time, and Allura covered her face with her hands. When the invitation had been issued to attend the summit meeting at Kirentya, Allura had never imagined just how wrong things could have gone!

Oh, she had expected Doom to try something. They all had. With so many important figures that included world leaders, garrison generals, and key alliance members, Doom would have been a fool to pass up the opportunity this gathering presented. It was just one of the reasons why Arus had been invited to attend, the Alliance counting on the Voltron Force to run interference with whatever Doom threw at the capital.

But Allura had never thought one Drule, let alone a hundred of them, would be able to so thoroughly sneak inside the embassy. She hadn’t realized that Haggar was quite that powerful, and she chafed at being proven wrong. The sheer amount of magic power it would take to enchant so many necklaces was astounding, Allura thinking Haggar must have started the instant word had leaked out about the summit meeting.

This meeting had been over three months in the making, careful planning needed to arrange everyone’s schedules so that they could attend. At one point it had seemed as though the meeting would never take place, people and time unable to line up accordingly. It had seemed a miracle when the meeting was finally a reality, and though Allura did not agree with everything the Alliance presented them with, she had thought they had had the chance to do real good there.

Now she knew better, realizing they had all been sitting targets. Allura wondered if anyone would survive the blood bath, knowing the Drule soldiers would be willing to die for their Empire. Die and take as many Alliance members with them. She shuddered and let out a low moan, wondering what would become of the Galaxy Alliance. Would it even be able to recover from the loss of so many key figures? And what of the worlds that lost their rulers? How quickly would they fall to Doom’s attacks?

Invariably, her thoughts turned to Arus, Allura moaning again. Even if Keith survived the massacre at the embassy, Voltron would still be missing a pilot. Would Arus even have time to train her replacement? Or would Doom move to crush the planet before that could happen?

As distressing as these thoughts were, they served a purpose. They helped to keep Allura distracted from worrying about her own looming fate. She might keep from giving in to her hysteria if she didn’t focus on the fact she was onboard a ship full of Drules. Men and women who would do nothing to help her, nothing to save her from the man who had brought her onboard.

Allura refused to think on what Lotor would do to her, on what he had been doing ever since they had gotten inside the cruiser. As if the thinking would make this nightmare a reality, as if her thoughts would bring back Lotor all the sooner. She dreaded his return, what it would mean for her, for them. And thus Allura coped in the only way she knew how, by worrying about the fate of others.

But worrying didn’t make her feel better. In fact Allura felt sick when she thought of the millions upon millions of people poised to have their lives ruined by Doom. She covered her face with her hands, the first of her useless tears falling. She’d still be crying minutes later when the cabin’s door opened. Immediately she stilled, the last of her tears ending in sniffles. Allura could hear Lotor moving about the cabin’s outer chamber, presumedly laying out the meal he had fetched.

He didn’t come immediately into the bedroom, which gave Allura even more time to compose herself. She hurriedly brushed the backs of her hands against her eyes, trying to dry the remains of her tears.

Pouring half a glass of vintage wine for himself, Lotor listened for sounds of Allura’s movements. She wasn’t in the shower, he knew that much. He would have heard the roar of the shower’s water. Instead he had been greeted with something that sounded very much like muted crying. Faint though it had been. It had also ceased almost instantly, Allura composing herself at a rate that left him astonished. And admiring, Lotor smiling as he thought of her control.

In this instant, control was something he approved of, Lotor not wanting to deal with a half hysterical Allura. In other instants he thought her control nothing more than an obstacle, a barrier to overcome. He would look forward to breaking down that control, thinking it was part of what Allura used to hold herself back from him. He wouldn’t allow her to do that. She would give him everything, everything that she was, everything that she had. Even everything that she would be. Just as he would give all that and more back to her.

He sniffed at the glass of wine, but it’s scent was unable to entice him to drink. He’d much rather drink of her, her scent, her beauty, her very essence. But he forced himself to be patient, giving her a few more minutes to calm herself. He sat down while he waited, finding the room didn’t spin quite so much when he was seated. He stared into the glass, a finger stirring lazily in the center. He wondered if Allura could be enticed to drink with him. The chances of that was probably slim, the girl not yet ready to lower her inhibitions around him.

Perhaps when they reached the mansion, she would share a celebratory toast with him. He’d like that. But not as much as he would like having her in his bed. He tried not to lose himself to fantasies. Not when at the moment Allura was a very present part of his reality. And although it was a tense situation, he was already finding moments worth savoring. Such as the trip inside the cruiser, Lotor having spent an inordinate amount of time holding her. Some might have laughed at the thought of the prince of Doom gaining such immeasurable pleasure just from chastely holding a woman. They would deny the happiness that had filled him at being so near to the woman he loved.

He wanted to hold her again. His arms felt empty without her. He missed the weight of her on his lap. She was essential to his well being, his happiness. He could not exist without her. This brief taste of her had confirmed his suspicions about that, Lotor hungering for more of Allura.

As keen as this hunger was, when the bedroom door opened, he was instantly on his feet. The glass was discarded, set down on the table top. He gazed across the room at Allura, the girl standing framed in the doorway. Her eyes weren’t red. She had taken the time to splash water on her face in an attempt to hide that she had been crying. Lotor didn’t let on that he had heard the tail end of her sobs, instead leveling a smile at her.

She didn’t return the expression, but at least she kept his gaze. Never taking his eyes off her, Lotor gestured to the plates. “It’s not much….but then I don’t think either one of us is very interested in eating.”

She seemed to go several shades paler at that, forcing Lotor to hold back his sigh. Why must she misinterpret the meaning behind his words? He hadn’t meant anything outrageous. Truly he had been thinking of her upset, and how it would most likely prevent her from eating very much.

“We’re moving.” It was the first thing Allura said when she recovered from whatever she had imagined him to mean. He nodded slowly, and her expression turned even more trouble. “Are we going to join the Drule fleet?”

She was certain there was one. There might even be enough ships to make a Doom armada, though she wondered just where such an amount of ships would hide. An answer came to her, the thought bitter as she mused that Haggar probably used her magic to cloak them.

“The Drule fleet?” Lotor blinked slowly, his eyes holding an unsettled look. “No.” He answered. “Our course does not lie with the fleet.”

That wasn’t as surprising as it should have been. But then Allura had already guessed from his earlier hesitation that they weren’t headed to Doom. She didn’t know why though, unless it was a tactic to throw the Voltron Force off their trail. “Then where are we going?” She demanded, and was hardly pleased with his answer.

“Some place where we can be alone together.”

“We’re alone now.” Allura pointed out. Her stomach seemed to flutter in response to the smile Lotor gave her.

“So we are.” He gave up on waiting for her to come to the table, Lotor walking towards Allura. At some point while he was gone, he had done away with the stolen jacket, leaving him clad in just a shirt and form fitting pants. The shirt was unbuttoned halfway down, and the cuffs had been loosened around his wrists. He had made himself comfortable, and that left Allura uneasy.

Almost as uneasy as watching him approach her, with that smile on his face. She wanted to be brave, but her courage failed her. Allura backed up a step, then another, noting Lotor wasn’t stopping his approach. He actually reached out with his arm, hand extended towards her though what he expected she did not know. Certainly he didn’t think it would be that easy to get her to take his hand, Because she knew where that would lead, Lotor pulling her to him. Once in reach he would touch her, and this time she feared he wouldn’t stop.

She wanted to bat away his hand as a sign of her disfavor. But she didn’t dare come that close, Allura turning to flee deeper into the bedroom. He persisted in following her, not at all discouraged. Her eyes frantically darted about the room, Allura hoping to find something she had missed earlier. The only thing that looked like a viable weapon was a heavy, hardcover book. She didn’t think it would do more than annoy him, and yet she still lunged for it.

“Allura!” Lotor shouted, his hand coming down on top of hers. The book slammed back on the desk, her hand was pinned beneath his. His front pressed into her back, Lotor close and towering over her. She wanted to move away, and yet he had her trapped between his body and the desk.

His other hand was free to do as it pleased, and it lifted towards her. She saw it’s approach out the corner of her eye, and cried out a protest. “Don’t!” Mortifyingly, her breath rasped out in her panic. If she wasn’t careful, she’d start to hyperventilate.

Lotor seemed to sense just how intense her panic was, doing a soft hiss meant to calm her. “Shh…” His hand touched her cheek, his fingers gently caressing the skin there. “It’s okay Allura….I will not hurt you.”

“I don’t believe you.” She retorted, voice all a quiver.

His head bowed so that he could press his lips against her scalp. “I know.” And he did, Lotor knowing Allura did not yet trust him. Worse yet, she feared him. He knew he had done many things worthy of a lot of people’s fears. But this girl pressed against him was the one person who should never fear him! And yet she did, her body trembling badly as she fought to control her breathing.

He ceased pinning her hand, needing that arm to hug her against him. His fingers splayed over her breast, directly where her heart would be. Lotor imagined he could feel it’s frantic beating and wondered if there was anyway to calm it down. But he had the unfortunate thought that it would never go back to it’s normal pace so long as he was near Allura. She was simply that scared of him, and the only way to get her over such fear was to acclimatize her to him. And that meant further contact, further touching and pushing her past her current comfort levels.

He shifted his hands, using them to turn Allura to face him. Her eyes were as expressive as ever, beautiful blue and showing her fear and apprehension. His hand touched her cheek, thumb extending towards her mouth to do a brief touch. He had dreamed of that mouth, wondering what it would be like to finally kiss her. Wondering how sweet it would be to part her lips with his tongue, and do an insistent probing inside.

He no longer had to dream. Her mouth was his for the taking anytime he wanted. And yet Lotor made no moved towards it, fearing he would lose all control if he was to kiss her. With a regretful sigh he dropped his hand, securing a grip around her waist instead. He could feel her tensing up, and his smile did nothing to reassure her. “I won’t hurt you.” He repeated, and scooped her up into his arms.

Allura went still with shock, finding herself draped bridal style in Lotor’s arms. He nuzzled his face against her hair, and then was taking an unsteady step towards the bed. She didn’t think her weight was such that it could prove such a heavy burden to him. And yet he was having obvious difficulty in walking a straight line. Then she remember the glass he had held, Allura sure it had been some kind of intoxicant. That would explain this drunken style of walking, but in no way eased her fears.

Even worse, he carried her to the bed. Her fear immediately racketed up several notches, Allura losing her stiffness to began struggling with all her earnest might. Lotor nearly dropped her in the process, the princess grabbing handfuls of his hair and pulling. He growled out her name, expression pained but it was with the utmost care that he laid her down on the bed.

She immediately began scrambling backwards, pulling herself all the way to the wall. Lotor followed, crawling after her on hands and knees. He looked as graceful as a cat doing that, some large predatory feline stalking his prey. She drew her knees up against her chest, Allura thinking she really might hyperventilate when Lotor laid his hands on her legs.

But he didn’t attempt to pry them apart, Lotor doing light caresses with his palms. He stroked down the length of each leg, trying to relax her out of her huddle. He leaned into her as he did this, prepared to block her with his arms should she try to escape to the side of him. She looked at him with the fear of a wild animal that knew it was trapped, her nostrils flaring.

“Don’t….no don’t…” Allura was repeating over and over again.

“It’s just touching Allura.” His response, Lotor continuing to massage her legs. “Nothing more.”

“It’s never just touching with you.” Allura responded. The maid’s skirt wasn’t ridiculously short, coming down almost to her knees. But she wore no stockings under the skirt, allowing his hands to touch bare flesh. He nearly moaned at the sensual feel of her skin, thinking she was soft all over. He wanted to explore that softness, to rub her body into relaxing. Maybe then she’d be more compliant, her fear lessening as she realized all he wanted to do was touch her.

“Please…” Allura whispered, voice breaking on an uncertain note. “Let me go…”

“Never.” His answer was automatic, but no less fierce with his passion. “You belong with me…”

“I don’t.” She denied, but Lotor continued as though she hadn’t spoken.

“You belong with me…in my life, in my home, in my bed…”

“Your bed?” Allura gasped, and any pretense she could have attempted to remain indifferent to his words, shattered. “No! Never!”

“It will happen Allura.” Lotor told her, leaning into her so that his breath ghosted on her face. She felt dizzy, but still noticed she couldn’t smell any alcohol on his breath. That confused her, but she didn’t have time to ponder, Lotor merciless as he spoke. “And sooner than you think.”

Alarmed, and unable to jerk back, Allura fitfully shook her head no. “No…you can’t…”

“I can…we will…” Lotor insisted, noticing her face seemed to waver and distort. “It’s best you start getting used to the idea Allura. It will go easier on us both if you do not fight me on this…”

“I will never stop fighting you!” The girl shouted at him, her hands trying to shove him away. He should have been upset by her words, but Lotor found he was having a harder and harder time focusing on her. On what he was saying, and doing. He wanted that kiss, and he wanted to slide his hands under her skirt. But he also wanted to sleep at the moment.

“There’s still time.” Was his words slurring? “Still time.” Lotor repeated. “I will give you until journey’s end to come to grips with our relationship.”

“You’re mad!” Allura snapped, and though it made him dizzier, he shook his head no.

“Just in love.” She snorted at that, then screamed, Lotor landing on top of her. His weight held her down, but it was an awkward pin, Allura not laying flat beneath him. She pushed at his shoulders, frantic to escape him. She didn’t even register at first that he wasn’t trying to touch her, wasn’t groping her body or ripping off her clothes. In fact, Lotor was doing nothing, just laying awkwardly on top of her.

Tentatively, she ceased her struggles, peering wide eyed at Lotor. She had to touch his face, urging it up off her breasts. His eyes were closed, and his skin felt hotter than ever. She came to the realization that he had passed out, just as she heard the outer chamber’s door open. The carpet muffled the footsteps, a man bursting into the room. For one hopeful second, she thought it was Keith. But then reality sunk in, Allura seeing the black hair was streaked with blue.

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