Better Worse 04

Everything has been going according to my plans. Allura has proven easy to manipulate. It is amusing to watch her come up with ideas that she thinks are completely her own. Never does the princess of Arus suspect that her every thought, her every desire has been orchestrated by me. It started well before that moment on the balcony. From the instant I hurt her with my dismissal of her arrival, her thoughts had not truly been her own. Allura had become consumed with thoughts of me, and just like I predicted she was now willing to do just about anything to keep my attention.

She thinks this secret rendezvous in the palace gardens was all her own doing. She believes I was reluctant to come here. Allura doesn’t know how I would have gotten her to meet me, one way or another tonight. Even the kisses we share, Allura thinks she is the one in control. The one forcing her attentions on me. She doesn’t realize she’s entered into my trap, the cage slamming shut behind her.

And still I can’t believe just how easy she’s making this for me. Allura is all too willing, a fact that surprises me as well as pleases me. There is no need to force her to do anything, she is only too glad to sin with me. It wouldn’t be the case if she knew my true intentions, how I intended to shatter her world. That the very act of being with me would ruin her, bring scandal down on the reputation of her family’s name.

I know she would never be kissing my so sweetly if she knew about the cameras I have hidden around the gazebo. The cameras that even now record our every moment. They’ve been on since the moment I led her up the stairs, the cameras activated by our motions. They are actively filming us from every discernible angle. And all because I won’t miss the chance to capture Allura’s shame on film.

I want to laugh. Instead I growl. She seems to shiver in response to that animalistic sound I make. Does some part of her know to be wary? She is with a Drule, a man that might as well be a stranger for all the time we’ve spent apart. But she doesn’t stop kissing me, doesn’t move her arms from around me. Even at my growled out utterance, the words sounding very much like a threat, she doesn’t pull back.

“Just remember… asked for this.”

She looks confused at that. She cannot be that naive. Allura has to know this will progress beyond kissing. A Drule whose blood has been stirred won’t settle for anything less than a full possession. That is doubly true for me, my goal firmly in mind. I will take Allura, ravish her beyond belief, and in the process gain planet Arus as mine.

The planet Arus is enough to get me to act. Even if Allura hadn’t been beautiful, I would have seduced her. Even if she had remained that annoying child, the tomboy princess, I would have used her to further my own ambitions. But she is neither brat nor ugly, which makes this a pleasurable affair. I will enjoy this, and the fact that she is so eager only adds to it.

I’m no longer kissing her so gently, so hesitantly. I want her to know the wild beast has been unleashed. Indeed I relish my savagery, thinking what a pain it had been to play the hesitant, reluctant suitor. She doesn’t shy away. She remains clinging to me, almost needy from my kiss alone. One part of me notes her response and is pleased. Allura seems born for pleasure, created and crafted for sin.

When she swoons against me, I quickly gather her up in my arms. Allura continues to hold onto me, not protesting as I carry her over to the bench. She doesn’t let go, even once seated. It’s as though Allura needs the feel of me against her, as if I have somehow become an anchor for her to steady herself on. But I will not give her that moment to compose herself. I kiss her again and again, finding she is starting to tremble in response.

I pull back only long enough to ask her a question. My lips caress hers with every spoken word. “Are you scared?”

“No, never.” Allura insists, and tries to pull me closer. Even as she struggles for breath, Allura tries to kiss me. She is clumsy in her attempts to dominate the kiss. I am more amused than anything, but also aroused. Violently so, and holding no patience to let her learn the art and subtleties of kissing. I once again take over the kiss, her soft lips already seeming to plump up in response to the near bruising force I have used.

There is no need to coax her lips open. She parts eagerly for my tongue. In one deft move, I plunder her mouth with it, tongue stroking over the velvet sides. I am learning the feel of her, from the inside out. My tongue touches everywhere, teasing and tantalizing hers. She is blossoming against me, and though she doesn’t have the rhythm mastered yet, her attempts please me.

I sense that Allura could go on all night kissing me. But that won’t be a scandal big enough for what I have planned. A world was never won with just a kiss, no matter how much fervor was put into the expression of one’s lips. I will have to take this farther, have to use Allura so completely no one will be able to deny what I have done. She makes a protesting sound once Allura realizes I don’t intend to kiss her mouth again. I can’t help but laugh, even as I try to soothe her with murmured nonsense.

I am kissing along the line of her jaw, my long fingers sweeping her hair back from her face. Her eyes are so dark and blue. They are heavy with arousal, and I can see my face reflected inside them. I am smiling, and even to myself I look predatory. I wonder how she can miss that, how Allura can read my actions as anything but wicked.

She should be running from me. Not that I will offer that bit of advice. And even if she did run, I would pursue her. I would never allow Allura a chance to interfere with my plans for her and her planet. Even should she have second thoughts about what we are doing, I will not stop. I cannot, not so long as Arus remains within reach of my grasp.

Allura doesn’t speak, just taking the moment to catch her breath. Her chest is heaving, breasts straining against the fabric of her plain dress. I want to rip the fabric free, but instead pace myself. I continue to taste along her skin with my lips, trying not to growl in frustration. I am getting greedy for her, wanting to see her in her unclothed glory. But if I rush, I risk the chance of scaring her off. I don’t want this to turn to rape, don’t want to have to hurt her in that way even as I know I will in order to capture Arus.

I kiss down onto the side of her neck, my teeth catching at the sensitive flesh over her pulse point. I gentle my bite, but make no attempts to keep from leaving a mark. She doesn’t protest this. It makes me wonder again at her experience. Doesn’t Allura know better than to allow an illicit lover to leave marks on her skin where anyone could see them?

Apparently not, her head falling back to offer up her throat to me. I could leave a whole ring across her skin, and still she wouldn’t complain. A part of me wonders if she would be this compliant with any man. That is a thought that is jealous and unwanted. I bite her again, and she lets out an excited moan at the nip. It is followed with a gasp, Allura bringing her hand to her mouth to muffle any further cries.

We can’t afford to make too much noise. Not when we haven’t gone far enough. It if frustrating. I can’t rush, but I can’t go too slow either. I am cautious when I allow my hands to cup her breasts, lifting my mouth off her to gauge her reaction. Allura looks stunned, and I tense, wondering if this will be what causes her to run away.


I don’t want her to run. I don’t want her to fight me. I want to enjoy Allura without having to hold her down. So I do the next logical thing, I kiss her. Her protests are swallowed up, Allura eagerly kissing me back. Even with my hands on her breasts, squeezing and fondling them, my kisses are enough to subdue her. Foolish princess. So quick to give everything away for the brief pleasure of my lips. You will regret these actions in the coming days, when you and your family lose everything.

I continue to massage her breasts. I know how to touch a woman, how to make her respond. Allura does so beautifully, muffled moans against my lips as her nipples start to stiffen and press into the fabric of her dress. They call temptation to me, I want to see them, want to put my mouth around them. Maintaining the kiss, I maneuver her dress so that it starts to slip down her body. That is enough to get Allura to gasp and break the kiss, a very red blush on her cheeks.

“Lotor! What are you doing?!”

There are so many ways to answer that question. I choose to let my actions speak louder than my words, pushing her to lie flat against the bench. It doesn’t even take seconds, and then I am bending over her, lips instantly catching one taut nipple between them. I am positive Allura has never experienced anything like this. It will leave her unprepared for the insistent the way I suck and pull on her nipple. I don’t even prepare her with a few teasing licks, I just instantly envelop her in the warmth of my mouth.

She lets out a strangled cry, one hand going to her mouth. The other grabs at my shoulder, Allura seeming torn between pushing me away and pulling me closer. I suckle harder at her breast, tongue teasing the nipple in my mouth. Her body seems to go limp beneath me, her legs dangling off the bench. I deftly maneuver myself between them. She doesn’t protest. Does she not realize the position I am putting her in? Yes, she is still covered, still wearing her panties. But even that flimsy cloth is not enough of a barrier to a man’s desires.

Low, keening sounds are escaping Allura. She is desperately trying to muffle them. I am using my mouth on her, but my hands are moving all over her body. Feeling up her sides, hiking up her skirts. The rustle of the fabric is lost to her moans. It’s not until I touch her panties, that she snaps open her eyes.

“You can’t!”

Irritation fills me at that protest, though it was one I had been expecting. I say nothing to her, just continue to suck at her nipple. Sometimes I alternate between her two breasts, teasing the nipples into stiff, aching points. She wiggles beneath me, but my hand has fallen away from her panties. At least for the moment.

Have I moved too fast for her? I must have if Allura is still capable of protesting. I am frustrated, and trying to think how to gain her agreement. I give one last hard suck on her nipples, then lift my head. My hands goes to her breasts, continuing to knead them so that she can’t recover completely from what I have done. My intention is to keep her in a haze of lust, desire so overwhelming she capitulates to my demands.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, staring at her. She blushes redder, and tries to look away. “Do you not want to go any further…?”

“I…” Allura doesn’t seem to know how to answer that question.

“Is it…unpleasant for you?” I know it is not. I have had quite some practice with women. I know how to please them, know how to weaken them to desire. Allura should be feeling it, should be needy and craving more of what I can give her.

“Oh no!” Allura says it so quick, I wonder if she is trying not to hurt my feelings. “It doesn’t feel bad….”

“Then why?” I pretend to be confused. My hands never falter on her chest.

“Why…” She frowns, then moans. It must be difficult to think with what I am doing. Especially since I am now rubbing my fingers over her nipples. “It’s just…it’s wrong.”

“Wrong? Does this feel wrong to you?”

“Well…” Allura hesitates. “We’re not even married! This isn’t something we should be doing!”

“We don’t need to be married.” I tell her. “Just so long as we are in love and willing…” I’ve played the love card on her. She reacts with shock and pleasure.

“Are you saying you love me?” Allura asks. I have to hide my smile, trying to look entirely serious in the moment.

“I do…I’ve loved you for a long time now…”

“Oh Lotor!” She throws her arms around me, hugging my against her chest. She is a fool to believe me, and an even bigger one if she deludes herself into thinking her affection for a childhood friend could be mistaken for real love. “I feel the same way!”

“Then why should we have to stop?” I ask her, placing my hand on her left thigh. She hesitates. I am sure she is trying to figure out the pros and cons of taking this affair any further. I don’t help matters, kissing all over her breasts as my fingers stroke along the inside of her thigh. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”


“And anything that feels this good can’t be wrong.” It is a motto I live my life by, always seeking pleasure and that which can make me feel even better. “Oh Allura…” I make with a pleading tone, still touching her all over. “Please let me make love to you…please let me have this moment, this memory. It will help me endure the months, the year long separation from you…”

She is still hesitating, even as she shivers and coos slightly. My fingers climb higher on her thigh, nearing the warm center of her body. “You…you’ll come back to Arus the first chance you get?” I know I have won when she asks me that.

“Of course.” I tell Allura. “Nothing and no one will keep me away. Not from Arus, not from you.” She smiles then, and her eyes look a little wet. But it is not tears of sadness. She is just overcome with emotion.

“Then yes Lotor. Make love to me!”

We kiss again, and I touch her panties. The fabric is already damp, I’ve gotten her wet with all the attention I paid her breasts. I nudge aside the fabric of her panties, and touch her directly with my fingers. Allura gasps, and quickly bites down on her lip, trying to keep from crying out any further. I smile reassuringly at her, carefully spreading her open. Feeling along the soft, silk folds of her sex. I even do a brief touch of her clit, which sets Allura off writhing.

There is so much I could do to her now, but I am at my limit. Even if there wasn’t the danger of being discovered, the narrow time frame winding down, I wouldn’t be able to linger there. But I force myself to do one last thing, finger probing at the entrance to her body. It is a tight fit, as is expected of a virgin. I have to be careful not to hurt her with my cock. My size could easily split her in two.

I kiss her, and probe with my fingers, trying to stretch her open even more in preparation for my cock. My other hand unzips my pants, my erection springing free. It is a relief to get it out of the tight confines of my pants. I’ll feel even better once I am buried inside her. My fingers continue to probe and stretch, and then my impatience wins out. I am replacing them with the head of my cock, nudging it at the entrance of her body.

I am sure she is scared by the way she trembles, her nails digging into my arms. Allura is kissing me hard, as though trying to overcome her fear with the distraction of our lips. I thrust inside her as we maintain the kiss, wanting to swallow up any screams of pain she might let out. She does scream, her untried body trying to accommodate my sudden invasion.

One taste of the tight, wet heat of her body, and I think I lose my mind. Just for one-second. I thrust again, a maddening hard push of my body. I want to pound into her, regardless of her comfort. My hips actually move of their own accord, several thrusts being completed before her whimpers of pain get through to me. I look down at her, and feel remorse. She shouldn’t suffer in this way, shouldn’t hurt for my pleasure.

“I’m sorry…sorry…” I whisper, kissing her forehead, then licking at the tears on her cheeks. “I’ll wait and go slower…”

“Lotor..” Allura sniffles. “It hurts…”

“I know…but it will only hurt for a moment.” I am showing her more care than the last virgin I deflowered. I’m not sure I like this side of me. But one look at her tear stained face and I manage to control myself. Just barely. But the urge to move is strong, her fit so damn tight around my cock. I might not be able to last long, might not be able to bring her pleasure through penetration alone.

What’s worse, she is continuing to cry, looking as though I’ve really hurt her. This pain of her lost innocence should be nothing compared to the pain I will cause with what I am intending to do with the film footage of her. The least I can do is give her pleasure now, brief though it may be.

I reach down between her legs, seeking out the pleasure spot that is her clit. That little swollen bit of flesh seems to throb when I began rubbing my thumb over it, and Allura manages a gasp in between whimpers. “What are you doing?!”

I kiss her before answering, continuing to rub and pinch gently her clit. “Making it better for you.” Her eyes look startled, she is still digging her nails into my flesh. I nearly groan when she does an involuntary jerk with her body. She is starting to feel something other than pain. It makes it more difficult for me, these slow, subtle movements. They make me want to move with her, but I am determined to get her really feeling pleasure before I take mine.

She is starting to whine, to wiggle and writhe in time to my fingers’ movements. “Lotor…I feel strange…” Allura admits.

“There’s nothing strange about it.” I assure her with a strained smile. It is so damn hard not to move, feeling her shiver and shake around me. When her body begins it’s convulsions, passage constricting around my cock, I can hold back no longer. I begin moving with her, trying to be slow, trying to be gentle. My fingers stay on her clit, even as she hisses for me to stop teasing her there. I want to distract her from any pain my movements may cause, and if she comes a second time it will be just an added bonus.

Together we move, though we are not in matching rhythms. It doesn’t matter that we are not in sync, pleasure will still come. I thrust as hard as I dare, which is not even half my full strength. My eyes start to close, I can feel the friction we are generating together. The pleasurable slide of wet flesh meeting hard flesh. My breath rasps out of me, and suddenly I am calling out her name. I don’t scream it, but I keep on repeating it.

“Allura! Allura! Allura!” It’s become my mantra, it gives me comfort to say her name, adds to my pleasure somehow. “Allura!”

“Lotor!” She cries out, and pushes into my thrusts. My eyes nearly roll back in my head, and then I am coming, violently so. I hear her squeal. She is–was innocent, and had apparently been unprepared for what would happen when I reached my release. I don’t even try to pull out, flooding her womb with my seed. A Drule produce more come than a human, and Allura feels as though she is trying to wring out every drop from me with the squeezings of her body.

What’s she doing feels good–damn good. I am almost dazed, and try not to collapse on top of her. Both of us are breathing heavily, staring at each other in a euphoric high. I am loathe to pull apart from her, but know I must. I could easily get addict to Allura’s body, and that is a danger. I will not allow myself to be tied down to any one woman. Especially not one I’ve set out to ruin, like I have done with Allura.

But when I try to lift myself off of her, she grabs onto me. “NO!” She protests just a little too loud. “Don’t go. Not yet…”

“Allura we have too.” I try for a reasonable tone. I am spent, drained inside her. And yet she is still squeezing me, as though that can restore to life my manhood.

“Why?” She demands. “Why do we have to?”

“If we linger for too long we may be caught…do you want that?!”

“No…But…” She sighs. “Just stay with me a little while longer. You’ll be gone in the morning…I want this moment to last. Please…?” She starts kissing my shoulder, as though trying to seduce me into granting her request. I know I shouldn’t, know I have to get away but it is tiring to argue with her. I sigh, and she senses I am giving in. “Thank you!”

“But only for a few more minutes.” I warn. “We both have to return to our rooms before it gets any later.”

“All right, yes…yes!” She’s willing to agree to anything, just to hold onto me a minute longer. Now Allura allows me to shift out of her. We snuggle on the bench, and I find myself stroking her long hair. She rests her head on my chest, and I can hear the smile in her voice. “Thank you Lotor. Now we’ll always be connected. Forever and ever.”

“Forever and ever.” I agree after a moment’s hesitation. Let her have her delusions for just a little while longer. The harsh reality will soon be apparent, and then she will hate me. But it will be her own fault, for trusting me with something so precious.

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