Better Worse 26

Minutes later, and still Avok’s anger had not lessened, the prince practically red in the face from it. He was beyond bothered by what he had seen me doing to his cousin, thinking it a shameless and rude display. The knowledge that Allura was now my wife did nothing to appease him, if anything it only further enraged him. He seemed to hate the privileges that married status seemingly gave me, and I wasn’t about to reveal to him that Allura was giving me very little where sexual intimacy was concerned. I of course, hope to change that and soon, and had thought myself one step closer to that when Avok and his sister had stumbled upon me and Allura.

The arousal I had had, died quick enough in the face of Avok’s temper. The man had actually slammed me several times into a wall, before dragging me off away from the women. I was angry at the interruption, and at the treatment I had received at Avok’s hands, but more than that I was worried. I had no idea what Avok planned to do, but his fierce mood seemed to foreshadow the violence that might happen. A violence I wouldn’t be able to adequately protect myself from, Alfor’s subduing device making quick work of any real anger I experienced, and any attempts I might make to fight back.

I was extremely uneasy, not used to nor liking the helpless feeling I was filled with. Avok’s unrelenting grip had his fingers digging into my arm, the man dragging me forward so that I nearly stumbled in an attempt to keep up with his fast walk. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, and I certainly didn’t want to be alone with the angry prince. But aside from Romelle, no one else seemed interested in rushing to my defense. Certainly not the guards, the many we passed looking at us with avid interest, and even a knowing smirk or two. They still bore a grudge over the guard I had killed, and seemed to relish each and every time I was hurt. Some might even know what I had done to their princess, which was yet another reason for their animosity.

I had no allies on Arus. I was surrounded by hostile forces on all sides. More than ever, I knew I had to get away. To return to Doom where the playing field was more level, where only my father could cause me true discomfort. But I was a long way from escape, my present situation thrusting me into a threatening situation with a prince of planet Arus. Avok wouldn’t be allowed to kill me, but just the thought of being beaten, of being hurt and unable to truly defend myself, sickened me.

I was proud that I didn’t so much as flinch when Avok kicked in a room’s door. It had been an unexpected, and violent action, the door falling open to the onslaught. Before I could do much of anything, he was all but flinging me over the room’s threshold. This time I would stumble, clumsy and trying to keep myself from falling down. The lights would turn on, and then the badly abused door would slam shut behind Avok.

I didn’t give much attention to the surroundings, save to note the room appeared to be one of the many side rooms dedicated to drink and meetings. There was many places to sit, and even a small bar set up in one corner. The many bottles of liquor would have held my attention normally, but now my eyes were all for Avok. The man didn’t have to expend much energy to look imposing, not with the amount of anger he was showing. His green eyes were absolutely furious, his hands curling into fists at his sides. If such a thing was possible, steam would have been coming out of his ears.

I was wary though I didn’t allow that to show in my expression. Nor did I act defiant, instead giving him a bored look. I refused to show how worried I was, nor did I want to act like I was THAT bothered by his interference where Allura was concerned.

His glare seemed to increase it’s hostility, all in response to that look I had given him. It seemed Avok bought my act, and was bothered by how unconcerned I appeared to be. He’d actually take a step towards me, as though Avok was tempted to give in to his first impulse and hit me. Though I did not want to be hit, I refused to back up even one step, staring at him with a cold look of detachment.

I can’t say I know what ultimately got him to stop his advance. Was it the lack of fear on my face? Was it my refusal to be intimidated by his approach? And yet I didn’t think Avok was scared of me, the man so supremely confidant he was the better fighter. I longed to prove him wrong, to thoroughly beat him for all his interference and acts of violence towards me. I mentally added Avok’s name to the list of people who would pay once I extracted myself from the mess I had been thrust into on Arus.

But first I had to ensure I walked away from this encounter intact. Biting back my first impulse to antagonize Avok, I spoke. “You wanted to talk.” My voice sounded as bored as the rest of me expressed. Underneath that facade, a multitude of curses was barely held back, ready to insult not only Avok but everyone in his immediate family. Such talk would only serve to hurt me in this kind of situation, and nothing was worth a beating, not even the satisfaction of seeing Avok further enraged by the insults to his parentage.

Avok gave me a nod, his whole body stiff with his tension. He looked close to exploding, exhaling a few quick breaths before attempting to speak to me. “You seem to have a lot of misconceptions about your marriage.” He said. I merely stared at him with a show of not caring one bit about what he said. “And about my cousin.”

“Oh?” One word, but it held a ton of mockery to it. It made Avok bristle in response, more breaths being purposefully taken before he could regain his composure enough to speak.

“I don’t know how they do it in the Doom Empire.” He said. “Nor do I particularly WANT to find out. But Allura is not a Drule. She’s not some whore for you to abuse anytime you like, and anywhere!”

“Interesting.” I was cold where he ran hot with his anger. “Are you implying Drule females are nothing but whores?”

A rapid blink of Avok’s eyes, as though he had not expected such an accusation. “I’m not saying that. Not exactly.”

“Then what are you saying?” I demanded, almost amused by the way he tried to maneuver around the insult he had inadvertently given my people.

“I just….” His brow drew together, Avok’s expression more frown than scowl. “It’s clear you have certain expectations from women. At least of the women you associate with…” Disdain colored those words, Avok sneering now. “I know about your reputation, about the many women of all races you dallied with. THEY might have been willing to demean themselves for your enjoyment, but Allura WILL not.”

“I shouldn’t have to remind you that Allura is my wife now. And certain expectations come with the relationship.” I gave him a snide little smile as I said that.

“There are more expectations placed on her than you can possibly imagine!” snapped Avok. “She has a reputation to uphold, responsibilities to see to, respect to maintain. You cannot and will not tarnish that!”

“People will just have to understand…” I retorted. “Allura and I are wed now. They can hardly expect for her to remain…untouched any longer.”

“That may be….but neither do they expect, or even want to see you mauling her against a wall!” Avok exclaimed.

“Passion knows no restraint.” I smirked, watching as Avok’s right eye seemed to twitch with his anger.

“Restraint is what is required! Such intimacies must be conducted with decorum and behind closed doors. Not where any and everyone can see!”

I gave him a crude look, studying his red face. I couldn’t imagine this man was about to understand what I had to say, and it gave me a twisted sense of pleasure to tease him so. “You do not have much sexual experience do you?” An evil grin twisted my lips. “You can’t possibly.” I continued with a scoff. “Or else you wouldn’t try to limit the expression of passion in such a way.”

“What are you…..don’t be ridiculous!” roared Avok in protest.

“You’ve never felt it, have you? The raw sexual need to possess a woman. The passion that would have you stealing more than just kisses in public. The lust that would make you lose your reason, until nothing else mattered but thrusting inside the female that aroused you so.”

“Unlike you, I can control myself!” Avok snapped. “Nor do I see women as just objects meant to satisfy desire!”

“Oh control.” I mocked. “Is that your excuse? Or are you simply afraid to let loose and truly feel alive, fed solely by the desires that motivates all men?”

“I fear nothing.” Came Avok’s quick answer. “And I’m certainly not driven by such urges!” He was too angry to properly mock me with a smile, instead giving me a tightlipped grimace. “I don’t let my dick dictate to me how I should feel!”

“Is that a fact?” I challenged. He gave me a stiff nod. “Oh Avok.” I made a tsking sound. “What a wretched and pathetic life you must lead. Denying desire….denying the urges that make a man, a man.” I was beginning to think I understood why he was so angry all the time. The poor man needed a good fucking, needed to let loose with a woman and be completely unrestrained with his lusts.

Avok’s glare deepened. There was no doubt in my mind now that he was so wound up due to a lack of true passion in his life. He’d probably explode before long, and though I could almost pity him, I definitely did not want to be there when he unleashed all his anger and frustration.

“Avok…” My voice wasn’t exactly friendly, but neither was it quite as hostile as it once had been. “You need to ease up and relax. Find yourself a woman, any one will do.”

“Why? What would be the point of that?”

I fought to keep the pitying look off my face. “As much as you disdain such urges, you’ll find a quick tumble between the sheets does a world of difference towards your own attitude about life.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my attitude!” He protested. “And quit trying to change the subject! We are not here to discuss my sex life…”

“Oh, but you think you can discuss mine?!” I demanded.

“I’m not here to discuss it so much as to tell you how it’s going to be!” I bristled in response, but Avok continued without pause. “You will control yourself around my cousin, be it in public or private. You will do nothing further to upset or humiliate her, nor will you cause any strife in this household.”

I stared at him, thinking he had a nerve similar to King Alfor’s. “Next you’ll be telling me I am to submit myself to all of my wife’s wishes, to do the utmost in maintaining her happiness.”

“That’s not far from what I would have you do.” Avok agreed, completely without humor. “Allura did not want to marry you, anymore than you wanted her. From what I’ve seen, you done little to make her happy. You’ve only embarrassed and upset her. What’s worse, you treat her without little thought to the woman she is. You made your sick, sexual demands known, in front of her whole family no less!”

“You exaggerate.” I retorted. “I wasn’t anywhere as explicit as I could have been at breakfast that morning. Nor will I tolerate a sexless marriage. Allura is my wife, and as such it’s time she start acting it. That means no more trips to the dungeons, no more slapping, no more interference from an overbearing member of her family!” I narrowed my eyes at him. “I am going to do a lot more than just kiss her up against a wall. I don’t know if you can accept that, and frankly I don’t care. But Avok? I will have Allura. And I will take her on every piece of furniture in this castle if I so desire it!” A mocking smile then, it’s message clear. There was nothing Avok could do about it, though he might wish otherwise. His hands would curl into fists, his rage impressive. As was the struggle to contain it, Avok looking the worse for wear as he fought to keep from exploding.

“Allura is not that kind of girl!” He growled at me, barely in control of himself. “Allura would never….Allura has respect. For herself, for the people of this castle, for her parents. She would never sully her name, not even for a few minutes of passion in your arms…”

“Won’t be just a few minutes…” The innuendo seemed to go over his head, Avok either not understanding or not caring that I implied a Drule’s stamina could last for more than the scant minutes Avok had imagined.

“Allura is a good girl. A kind, intelligent woman. She has too much respect for herself and her body to do the kind of things you want her to do!”

Idly, I wondered just what sort of lewd expectations Avok imagined I had where Allura was concerned. “All girls grow up eventually.” I said to him. “And all who marry have to cater to their husbands desires. Future Queen or not, Allura will be no different.” The smirk I gave him held the private knowledge that Allura had already given herself to me once. And what a grand giving that had been! But there was no time to reminisce, Avok snarling a protest.

“That’s where you’re wrong! My cousin….Allura, is different.” I could barely control myself, amusement rising up in me at Avok’s delusions. “She is pure…untainted by the desires that drive YOU. She wouldn’t….couldn’t feel the things you feel, those loathsome urges that make you no better than an animal, Lotor!”

I could hold back my laughter no longer, the sound loud and mocking. Avok’s whole face seemed to contort with his anger, and I wondered how he kept from falling on me then and there.

“What’s so funny?!” He demanded.

“You’re delusional where Allura is concerned.” I told him, then snorted. “Pure, untainted? Lacking desire? You don’t know her at ALL.”

“Oh, but I suppose you do?” Avok demanded.

I gave him a slow, satisfied smile, one that was sure to generate more of his anger as Avok’s mind went wild trying to imagine the meaning behind it. “Yes, I do.” Casually, I stepped away from him, walking straight to the bar. I’d pour myself a drink, listening as Avok sputtered ineffectually behind me. “Your cousin is a passionate woman.” I told him. “Fire runs through her veins….and it doesn’t take much to set her ablaze…”

Drinking slowly, savoring the taste of the brandy on my tongue, I recalled the night I had had sex with Allura. How wonderfully responsive she had been to everything I had done to her. I wanted to moan from the memory, whirling around to face Avok once more. “Of course, is it any surprise, with a body like that? She was born for a man’s pleasure.” My smile mocked him with the knowledge that as my wife, that pleasure was mine to take.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed.” I continued. “That figure of hers. Those large breasts, that round ass. That sweet face, and lush mouth. She is sin incarnate, and all it takes is a few sweet words, and caresses, and she melts like butter.” Another sip of my drink. “She was melting for me out in the hall, her breathy little pants for more sheer delight to my ears.” It wasn’t exactly truthful, but Avok didn’t need to know Allura hadn’t wanted the attention I had been showing her out in the hall.

“Stop it!” muttered Avok, his expression tight with tension.

“She is ripe for the taking.” I continue without mercy. “I dare say she is starved for it.”

“Don’t talk about Allura in that way!”

“In what way?” I asked. “It would be WRONG not to acknowledge the woman she is, the desires she has. She wants to be fucked….she yearns for it with every fiber of her being….”

“I told you! Allura is not like that! Allura would never….Allura is…is…” He shook his head, as though to drive off some unpleasant image in his mind. “Allura is a good person, a respectable woman. She knows nothing of desire, nothing of men, nothing of the perversions that run through YOUR mind.”

“Do you liken good and respectable to mean she must remain a virgin forever?!” I scoffed. “What kind of rigid world do you live in, where a woman who can be wanton and accept her sexuality be branded a whore? Or is it only you who want to believe that?” I studied his eyes which seemed to shift evasively. “Why would you do that?” I demanded. “Why would you have Allura deny who she really is? It’s not to protect her from me…you can’t.”

“Allura is my cousin…” He began, tone and body stiff. “I neither want nor appreciate your attempts to get me to see her as something she is not…”

“You seem to have a bit of cousin worship where Allura is concerned…” I spied the shock in his eyes, before it was eaten up by his ever present anger. “Going on about how pure she is, not wanting to face the truth that she could have real feelings where sex and men are concerned. I wonder why…” He shifted in place, giving the impression of a man supremely uncomfortable with my musings. I continued to study him, a memory of how his expression out in the hall had been one that could almost be mistaken for jealousy. But that couldn’t be right, could it? Avok couldn’t be jealous of me? And if he was, why? Because I got to have sex with Allura and he didn’t?

Once my mind went down that path, I had to know. Had to find out if this was the true reason for all of Avok’s animosity towards me. I took another swallow of my drink, knowing what I was about to say could cause the explosion that I feared. “Tell me Avok. Do you get this protective of all your cousins’ affairs, or is it just Allura that’s so special?”

“Allura…” Another shifty look. “Allura is too trusting at times. She needs to be protected, guided…”

“In other words, you watch over her so closely because you care for her.” It was too subtle, Avok nodding his head in agreement.

“Of course I care for my cousin…” He said.

“Hmph. It’s not every man who falls in love with his own cousin.” A coy look, and another swallow of the brandy. Avok seemed to freeze in place, the most interesting expression on his face. One of horror.


“It must suck.” I said it with false sympathy. “To be so enamored of the girl, and unable to do anything about it. How it must kill you inside, to think of another man, getting what you so desperately want.” I chuckled then. “And Avok? I WILL have her. I’ll plumb those sweet depths, and you won’t even register a thought in her mind when I am doing her. It’ll be my name she screams, my dick she praises.”

“You…you despicable fiend…” Avok was beyond flustered, almost incoherent with rage. “You…”

“I’m a lucky bastard I know.” I finished for him. “And it’s tearing you up inside.” I tsked, and turned back to the bar, setting down my glass. “Ah Avok…how I pity you. No matter how many women you’ll try to be with, they won’t ever be Allura. You won’t ever know her secret face, the change that comes over her when sex is on the menu.”

He didn’t say anything more, just let out an angry roar of sound. It chilled me to hear it, but I remained in front of the bar. Stood there as I heard Avok charge me, his footsteps pounding hard into the floor. I tensed, knowing if I made the slightest mistake, I was in for a world of hurt. Either by Avok’s fists, or the subduing device in my arm. But I couldn’t just stand there and accept the beating Avok intended for me. At the last possible second I moved, lunging to the side. With a roar that turned into a pained scream, Avok’s fist came smashing down, right into the many bottles of alcohol.

Oh how he howled in pain, the glass slicing his hand up like ribbons, the liquor splashing into the open wounds. He continued on screaming as the guards ran into the room, and the shocked look on their faces was comical. It was clear they had expected the one doing all that screaming to be me, and that it was Avok did nothing less than confound them.

Giving the guards a mocking smile, I jovially ordered them to tend to the prince’s injuries. They continued to stare in slack jawed shock as I walked past them, Avok’s pained cries absolute music to my ears.

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