Bad Girls 1 02

Carrying an evil-looking whip, she walked to the lower floor of her cruiser, in which was the area she liked to keep prisoners until she’d decided what to with them.

She was naked. Why not? It was her cruiser and she had nothing to hide.

She passed a sensor and ceiling-mounted lights came on, revealing a long brick wall with all manner of hooks, stays and chains installed into it from top to bottom…and Lance and Allura nice-and-neatly chained to one section of the wall. They were also naked. Because these two had everything to show.

Like their anger at being where and how they were, and once their eyes adjusted to the light, their shock of seeing her naked. But most of that faded, as Lance’s monster prick perked up and Allura’s eyes flared with desire for Merla before she sneered and averted her head.

The anger was good. The arousal made it better. But the anger meant they would resist and that fired Merla’s blood.

As she walked closer to them, Lance prepared to spit at her. She frowned, then strode over to him and slapped him. He reflexively swallowed, then bared his teeth at her like the animal he was, ready to bite.

Oh, he was being very rude, wasn’t he? How could he treat his mistress like that?

She punished his behavior with the whip. Scratched and tore some skin from his neck to his toes – she was saving the face for her nails.

Allura screeched as her lover’s blood dripped onto the floor. Tried to verbally send Merla to Hell as Lance’s body uselessly twisted and swung this way and that. But her protests didn’t matter. They could sound to the heavens and it wouldn’t make a difference. Merla’s mind wasn’t going to be budged. Lance would either die by her hand or be irreparably damaged unless he begged for the chance to earn mercy…which he was too proud and ignorant to do.

“Say you want to suck my pussy. ADMIT IT!”

His furious eyes found hers and he said nothing.

“You bastard, beg to fuck me! Tell your bitch she’s a poor substitute for me, then I’ll let you live!”

Still nothing.

“Don’t you think she wants you to live? She isn’t worth dying for anyway!”

Nothing. And his gaze never wavered.


Both of them were tuning out Allura. Her screaming was useless.

“I don’t know what you see in her. What anyone does-”

“What you and Lotor do?” Lance smoothly interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

Merla was too surprised by that to hit him again. But only for a few seconds.


“You’re hurting me because you can’t kill her. Lotor would crush you with his bare hands if-”

The whip wounded his price and he hissed. But that was all. Then Merla remembered: He and the other “Voltron-boys” had each gone through their own hells in their lives and collectively when Zarkon had had them in his grasp. And the loss of Arus was the ultimate hell to them. So what was a little more pain, especially to Lance, who obviously was as tough as he was arrogant and wild?

She had forgotten all about that. But what about the precious Allura? Merla doubted that she had even gotten a bug bite.

Always been protected. Boo-hoo-hoo. Little princess sheltered from storms and bad guys, playing at being tough in Blue Lion. Shouldn’t even have tried. Look at you now! Your only strength is being able to withstand that prick!

She turned and slapped Allura. Harder than she had Lance, to shut her up. She needed to save her vocal cords for later, for when she’d be screaming Merla’s name to her suddenly deaf gods. For mercy. For release. For salvation she would never receive.

“Bitch,” sneered Allura.

That was enough for Merla to put the whip to Allura’s body. All over. Top of the head to the toenails. She didn’t care about preserving that face. Allura had to be punished. She must die!

Lance was quiet. He knew no words would stop Merla and he couldn’t move to help Allura. Or was he contemplating what to say?

Merla didn’t want to stop to read his mind. Allura had to die!

“Stop!” Allura cried. “Stop it! Let us go!”

“Weakling! You think it’ll be so easy?!”

Bleeding body, bleeding breasts. Blood dripping into the curly hairs that protected the pert lower lips and what they protected…

The sight of blood was already arousing to a Drule. So much of it on Allura’s body affected Merla more than she had expected. She nearly had an orgasm. And she was close to going insane!


Snarling, she whirled and whipped Lance again. His still-furious glare unsettled her, so she whirled to whip Allura again. Too much blood! She whirled again and whipped. Whirled again and whipped. Back and forth. Back and forth. She was truly going to go insane if she didn’t stop. But she couldn’t! Lance had to beg for his life and Allura had to die! By her hand! The sooner the better! Damn Lance’s monster cock and damn Allura for causing fools and idiots!

Her rage and the whipping were wearing her out more than the whipping alone. And she needed her arms for later on.

There are OTHER ways to punish these two. Yes. To make them both want to die!

She tossed the whip aside, then spoke a verbal command that electronically released Lance. Not giving him a chance to do anything, she laid him flat, then, glaring at Allura, she lowered herself onto his erection. His organ had not been affected by its wound, and it would perform nicely despite its master’s mood.

OH so good…so thick…so BIG!

Still glaring at Allura, she began to bounce and grind.

Lance grunted. Allura averted her eyes again. Merla didn’t care. Except that her eyes were roving over Allura and she couldn’t seem to stop it.

Human blood. Best served warm.

Oh gods! But it was one of her fantasies become real! All she needed now was-

She spoke a quick verbal command and Allura was electronically released.

“Get over here, bitch, or else I cut it off and shove it up his ass!”

Allura was too weak to do anything else. Besides, she had no choice.

Growling, Merla grabbed her and pulled until her mound was over her face. Then she raised her face and slid her tongue into Allura’s slit and tasted heaven.

Allura gasped, then grabbed Merla’s head to keep it in place.

Lance cursed. But facts were facts. Allura wanted Merla! And Merla sensed that she had wanted her for a long time.

~I’m going to suck you dry, bitch.~

~Yes, oh, yes! Do it! Do it good.~

~That’s how I ALWAYS do it.~

~I’ve wanted this for so long…~

~You could have just asked.~


~Never mind that now. I’m here. You’re there. And we have Lance.~

~Don’t touch him any more!~

~If I don’t, both of you die.~

~You’re truly a bitch.~

~The bitch you want to fuck.~

“Ahhhhhh, AH!”


“Oh SHIT!”

Lance came first, exploding like a geyser into Merla, whose slit eagerly welcomed his seed. Allura came next, and the intensity made her so weak that Merla had to grab her. Then she came herself, and grinned against Allura’s slit.

“Let’s go to bed-”

Applause interrupted her words. The three of them jerked, then turned to see a naked Lotor, who stopped applauding to put his hands on his hips.

“Bravo!” he said.

“LOTOR!” Merla gasped, ashamed at being seen like this, embarrassed that she hadn’t paid enough attention to her surroundings in the bar and horrified that she hadn’t made sure that her cruiser wasn’t being followed

Allura put her blushing face in her hands and began to sniffle.

“You followed,” Lance said, then shoved Merla off and hurried to free Allura.

“Well that’s obvious,” Lotor sarcastically said, then glared at Allura. “Is this one of the reasons you rejected my hand?” he asked her.

She wordlessly shook her head.

Lotor frowned.

“Too bad. But no matter, not now. Go. Take your man with you. And get cleaned up for the gods’ sake.”

Lance and Merla looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh.

“When did both of you become so utterly stupid? I’m letting you humans go because I have to punish the bitch for what she did.”

Merla’s eyes glowed with rage.

“You deserved it, you bastard!”

Not knowing what they were talking about, Lance looked from one to the other. Then he shrugged and gently took Allura away.

Merla watched them with a disappointed heart.

~Your pussy was so tasty.~

Allura began to cry.

“Leave her alone,” Lance said.

Merla glared at him.

“Facts are facts. She wanted it! And I was going to give it to her. To BOTH OF YOU – AH!”

Lotor slapped her so hard she fell to the floor. Then he spoke a verbal command that made retraints come out of the floor and keep her there.

“Speak with respect to my woman. Oh, it doesn’t matter who else she fucks throughout her life, one day she’ll come only to me.”

No wonder he kept bothering with Allura, he was a deluded idiot. But Merla wouldn’t dare to say that when she was restrained like this. She could only lie there and wait for whatever he was going to do.

Would both of them call out Allura’s name?

At least she wasn’t bored anymore.

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