Bad Girls 2 01

I. The Next Morning After

Sore and bruised, and so exhausted she was barely able to move, a naked Merla lay on her bed, her eyes closed, the slow rhythmic rise and fall of her chest the only immediate indication that she had survived Lotor’s punishment…though “assault” was a better word for what he had done.

Hour after hour, first in her “prisoner holding area” and then on this bed, he’d inflicted exquisite torture on her, his natural good skills obviously being perfected by and on his so-called Ladies (“Lotor’s Whores”, she preferred to call them, but never out loud), what he had called “the gods’ decision” for her leaving him to come alone months ago because he’d called out Allura’s name. Who was anyone to tell him how to behave? Merla was a selfish bitch and so it had been Decreed that she receive certain reminders. It wasn’t about her, it was about him and that was only right because he was the Lord of the Drules and the King of the exalted Drule Empire, and as she and every other Drule present and future, with one drop of Drule blood or more, and “expelled” or not, were his subjects, the only words any and all of them needed to say were words of Praise to, for, and about him. And of course their lives belonged to him as well, so any and all of them needed to die for him if it was necessary.

He had a point, here and there. But truly, someone was being a pouty-mouth because someone didn’t have a certain princess in his bed.

She couldn’t say anything about his delusions, of course. And she definitely couldn’t say anything about that certain princess either. Allura, a blond-haired Venus surely created by a god infatuated with that ancient goddess. Allura, whose personal tragedies had made her break the restraints of her upbringing and live life on the run with the prettyboy former Red Lion pilot Lance and his monster of a prick. Allura, who had quietly urged Merla to suck her dry before Lotor had interrupted their little three-person amour. Words that she would never willingly say to Lotor, words that he would have killed Merla for if she had repeated them to him.

So it was best that Merla had kept all of her thoughts to herself then. But now…

Her headset buzzed. Weakly, she forced her mouth to move.

“Yes?” she whispered, not wanting to use any mental energy to discover why her attention was being summoned.

“My Queen, our Lord Lotor has left,” one of her all-women crew members informed her – with a touch of relief, Merla managed to note with growing suspicion.

Lord? Not a word Merla would ever associate with Lotor.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“My Queen?” The crew-member was concerned, and Merla suddenly received a first-person vision of the infamous Scepter of Doom creating a sticky path of destruction as he strode through the space cruiser’s hallways towards the main entrance – the King of the Drules wasn’t going to slinkle out via a “lesser” exit like a criminal or commoner. His remaining anger at Merla – she must have become unresponsive or conscience had made him stop assaulting her, she didn’t remember which it was (and certainly wasn’t going to ask him!) – and the anger he always carried for himself because he had yet to capture Allura had embolded him, too.

Who was a selfish bitch?

“Prepare…sooth…bath,” she whispered. She was unable to say “Have a soothing bath prepared for me.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the crew-member replied, and that was the end of the conversation.

Lotor had been sticky with Merla, too. He’d always want her no matter what happened, and S&M always turned him on. So he’d frequently inflicted exquisite pleasure on her as well, of course for his own pleasure.

Damn his Whores. It bothered her that those women and not she herself maintained him. All they were doing, really, was perfecting him for Allura. They would never say so, but that was the truth, the reason that they took such good care of him. And he rewarded them, sometimes many of them at once, with the most feared and most prized cock in the universe.

She wasn’t jealous. But she had a wealth of S&M tools and moves that were going to waste because no one was brave enough to take on the entire Merla Package and that was endlessly frustrating.

Lotor would be brave and curious enough to take her on, if he wasn’t so obsessed with the Little Blond Idiot Slut.

Then Merla muttered a curse, because she had just realized something.

I’d be the King’s slut. And be treated like shit. Unlike THEM.

Years ago, through laughter, she had rejected the chance to join Lotor’s Harem. Live under Lotor’s thumb all the time? Be ruled by a cock? Unable to be unescorted in public? A Queen? The very idea was insulting. And she had laughed harder when she had learned that there were queens, princesses and other royals amongst the Ladies. How could they lower themselves like that?

But now she understood. Until Allura wore Lotor’s wedding ring, Lotor was a shared resource, and the Harem Ladies, whom she now remembered he treated almost like royalty, would always, ALWAYS, have first dibs. Only because of his voracious appetite did he not have sex only with them. And come to think upon it, he would keep them even after he married Allura, wouldn’t he? It went without saying that he would definitely keep them if he by fate or fortune married another woman, but with Allura being as she was…yes, he would keep them if he married her. The blond bitch acted big and bad, but as with all humans in Merla’s experience and observations she would be a squeaky weaky mouse once she was tamed. And one day she would be tamed. Thoroughly.

She would have tamed Allura herself, had already started the process by whipping her and Lance until they were bleeding, but Lotor had interrupted that. On purpose! Because he wanted to be Allura’s tamer. That was why he had followed Merla, from how far and for how long she didn’t know because he hadn’t said and she hadn’t asked due to her anger and embarrassment due to surprise of him being there. He had followed her, gotten onto her cruiser probably by aiming his laser weapon at her crew members’ and/or reminding them who their lord and master was, stripped somewhere along the way, had smelled and listened his way to where she was riding Monster Lance and supping Allura’s slit, and had timed his interrupting applause almost perfectly.

Interesting, that he hadn’t commented on how well she had bloodied the two humans or on her techniques. And that he had told them to clean up and get out. But he’d had vengeance on his mind. She’d hurt his ego, so he was going to hurt her.

And he had. She was now sure that she’d almost slipped into a coma because of how he had.

Damn him. Damn Allura. Damn his want of her. And her own!

She hadn’t been able to stop herself from telling Allura that her pussy was tasty. Because it was true. So close to ambrosia, she had indeed felt close to immortality as she memorized all of its details with her tongue. And she’d been close to ensuring her own immortality by biting her mark upon it when Lotor had announced his presence. The bastard…he didn’t have the right. But he felt that he did. And who was anyone to tell him nay?

At least she’d brought Allura to an orgasm. Lance had come first, before Allura and Merla herself had, but his juices and seed served only to balm the soreness that his cock had created in Merla’s slit. She’d done him two royal favors anyway, by riding and by coming on that monster-prick. And finally a Queen had rocked him, that would raise him above other men forever! Other women would want him. Maybe he would dump the blond bitch! But that didn’t matter. Merla mattered! Merla, the true Queen of the Drules! Not Allura or another woman. Not EVER!

I’d STILL only ever be his slut. Even if he married me.

So what? She would still convince him to dump the Whores and be his only woman!

He would want children.

She felt a surge of anger that enabled her to sit up.

FUCK NO! She didn’t want children. Which meant that she would never get married. Not that she wanted to get married. Marriage was for idiots who wanted to live in slavery to someone else!

Never Merla. She had sense. She had freedom! She could fuck whoever she wanted. And she wanted to finish fucking Allura, with Lance as a bonus. Maybe later, if Allura behaved well, she would allow her to fuck her. Because the little princess so wanted to fuck the Queen she both hated and admired enough to cause a conflicting tension in mind and body – Merla knew that kind of tension because it was a mutual one. She REALLY hated Allura. But she wanted her ambrosia. A mere taste of her slit mixed with a touch of the blood Merla had drawn out of her body had brought Merla within Heaven’s reach. Who wouldn’t want more of that?

Feeling a little more energized, Merla dragged herself out of bed just as naked slave-women came in to attend her. Luscious slavewomen, their pierced nipples were kept hardened by little rings, and these ones’ slits were already drenched with barely restrained anticipation. And a few of them were wearing double-headed dildoes that were dripping with Drule-pheromone-infused sweet cream…

Allura didn’t travel without Lance. So the thing to do was capture and restrain them again, but put them on separate beds. She would fuck Lance into unconsciousness, then take her long, sweet time with Allura. All over. Because it was only right that Allura be fucked by the best.

II. Can’t Settle Down

Lance, who had dyed his hair black this time and gelled it into spikes, didn’t know who or what had begun the fantasy of a boy or man chasing a girl or woman through a field of grass, but if he ever found out he was going to stomp on it.

He thought it was a STUPID fantasy. What if the grass cut the skin? What about the bugs and other things that got stirred up during the run? Wouldn’t that ruin the perfect picture?

Of course, he was thinking all this while chasing Allura, who had dyed her hair burgundy and had cut it to shoulder-length, through a field of grass under the sun’s gaze. But unlike the fantasy, he was chasing her because she was naked and was carrying his clothing as well as her own.

“A nice swim in the lake,” she had said. A complete lie. A swift movement of her fingers, then she was off and running. And like a fool, he’d obeyed the primitive urge to give chase instead of waiting for her to come back.

She would be hard to capture. Keith had trained all of his team members well…and while on that subject, secret word had come to Lance that their former team commander was reaching out to Galaxy Garrison to negotiate giving Voltron to the kingdom that had produced Allura. That kingdom survived only in Allura and a few other surviving family members, so that meant that Voltron would belong to either her or one of them. It would likely be her, since she had “owned” Voltron previously. And since she hadn’t been around to give “GG” permission to have Voltron anyway, that formerly discarded technicality was suddenly extremely important.

Lance didn’t want to tell Allura any of this. Because it would mean that she would have to pick a new Arus, or whatever she would want to call the planet she chose to “resume” her branch of her kingdom on. And that would mean that she would absolutely have to get married either before or right after she founded it because the Viray Treaty didn’t allow single women to “resume” kingdoms. And all that would mean that their fling would have to end. Neither of them was in love with the other, so on the surface letting go wouldn’t be a problem. But they were enjoying the life they were living. And letting each other go would mean having no one to remember the past with.

Why were they together, really? The sex was fantastic, though it wasn’t the best he’d ever had. But she had time to learn…if fate would give her that time. But what else did they have? It wasn’t conversation. They didn’t have much in common besides what they had lost.

“Come on, slowpoke!” Allura was waving from about twenty feet away. A distance Lance could cover in seconds, but he wasn’t in a chasing mood anymore.

“I’m going back!” he called out, then turned and walked back to the lake.

I gotta tell her. Best she hears it from me first.

A few seconds later he wasn’t surprised to hear her running to him. He was surprised by the move she made to get him to the ground, a kind of yank-twist-twist-poke-shove-trip-shove-twist-take down that he and the other “V-boys” knew but had made sure Allura had never seen – it was a move a man would use to take down another man.

“What’s wrong, slowpoke?” She sank right down onto his half-erection and frowned down at him as he just lay there. “Well?

He sighed, and something in that sigh gave her an idea of what was wrong. She sagged. Then she glared at him, her eyes blazing. But she didn’t get off.

“I’m NOT going back! I am NOT, do you HEAR ME?”

“The whole universe hears you, babe.”

LET IT HEAR! I am NOT giving any of this up! Or YOU EITHER!”


“What?! What the HELL are you going to say to me that’ll make me change my mind?!”

He sighed.

“You know we can’t do this forever. You’re still a Crown Princess. One day we’re going to have to split up and you’re going to have to resume your-”

“Hell NO!”

He glared at her.

“Don’t make what happened a permanent black mark on your record!”

That stopped her. She became quiet. Her lips trembled. Then she took a deep breath.

He looked away.


“Shut up. Just…shut up!”

He sighed again.

“I won’t shut up. And I was going to wait but I’ll tell you this now. Keith-”

Her eyes blazed.

“Oh. So that is what this is about. What did he say to you?” She made an impressive imitiation of one of Keith’s disapproving facial expressions. “‘Stop screwing the princess. It looks bad. Maybe if you stop it now you can salvage her reputation-‘”

“He didn’t say anything to me because I didn’t call him. He’s getting Voltron back-”

OH.” She yanked herself off of Lance and he winced but managed not to curse or yell. “Well he can forget about ME getting involved with this in any way whatsoever!”

Lance sprung to his feet and grabbed her around the middle before she could stalk off.

“Stop it. You’re better than this. And you well know that unless you reject the Treaty you have to take Voltron back and resume your kingdom. He’s not being a jerk. This time, anyway. Bad guys and women are still out there and Voltron’s still our best shot at defeating them. Most of all our people need a home.”

“I’ll marry you,” she mumbled.

That didn’t surprise him. He shook his head.

“I’m not a royal. And I’m not suited to be anyone’s husband, anyway.”

“You’re my best shot.”

“Right now I am. What about the future? I can only be a toyboy to you. You deserve-”

“I know what I deserve. What matters to me is what I want! I’m not letting you go and if that means keeping you locked up in a separate bedroom then-”

“No! The other guys and I will return as the Voltron Force, but your life will otherwise need to be new!”

Stubbornly, she shook her head.

“I am not letting you go.”

It was no use. Her mind was set on keeping him around.

“Come on, then.” He stepped back and away. “Let’s find someplace else to go.”

And he hoped that wherever they went they wouldn’t encounter Merla again. Seeing her in the bar had been a coincidence, or so Allura had insisted. But she’d insisted, that was the problem. Lance had a feeling that Allura always knew where Merla was and vice versa, but he would never say that because Allura would deny it.

When had the two women started to want each other? Probably the day they had met, but it was hidden beneath their hatred of each other. But as time had gone on, and grudging respect had grown, they had become more and more aware of each other and then, well, Allura had sent the beer-bottle top Merla’s way and both of them had gotten punished for bothering the Queen.

Punishment, my ass. She wanted to fuck both of us into a coma. She whipped us because she’s a kinky bitch.

Lance winced. Merla had ridden him well, but he wasn’t interested in her. And he didn’t know what the two women saw in each other, but the chemistry couldn’t be denied. And until they got each other out of their systems no one could claim-

“Wait.” Allura turned around and sank to her knees.

Lance involuntarily let out a breathy sigh as she took his manhood into her mouth.

-until they got each other out of their systems, neither of them would be happy in a relationship with anyone else.

“Allura. What is it with you and Merla?”

She shrugged, but he knew her too well to be fooled by her casual behavior.

“Is she so hot that you’ll just die if you don’t get into her panties?”


“Don’t lie to me. But I’m not pissed at either of you. I just want you two to get it out of your systems. I’m not going to lose you to her. Or to anyone. Because you’re my woman. For however long that lasts.”


He plunked a hand on her head.

“Just finish the job.” Dreamily, his eyes closed and his head went back. “Ahhhh….that’s it. Ahhhhhhhh….do it, girl…”

She wasn’t the best dick-sucker either, so he encouraged her every chance that he got.


His knees wobbled. Gently, she pulled back and helped him lie down. Then she lay down, putting her body opposite his, and took him back into her mouth.

He closed his eyes. That was dangerous for either of them to do in public, but for this moment…

We’ll need to swim after all after this. I’ll get a nice good fuck into you in there. Later on, after we eat, we’ll find a room and fuck all night. You’re MINE. And truth be told, I don’t want to give YOU up, either.

She snuck a look at him.

I will do whatever I have to do to keep you with me. Even if that does means marrying you. Who cares about love? So many people have died because of love. And the so-called love that Lotor’s supposed to feel for me has only made him even more evil. So no thank you.

Her relationship with Lance was perfect. No fuss or drama.

Smiling to herself, she resumed sucking him, and ignored the twinge that stung her heart.

III. Recaptured

While Allura waited for him inside a fast food restaurant in a mall, Lance bought an incredibly cheap-looking cell phone from a stand spy shop a few meters away in that same mall and then walked towards her.

It was actually a disposable, one-time-use and supposedly untraceable cell phone, and he intended to contact Keith with it. That was, if Keith could still be reached by the super special secret number he had given to Lance for emergency use only before the Voltron Force had split up.

Lance wondered if Keith did know about him and Allura.

He’d say, ‘Stop screwing her! It looks bad! No one wants to marry a…a…non virgin princess!’ The IDIOT.

Watching Allura as she walked up to the counter to place an order, he dialled a three-digit code and then pressed SEND.

CONNECTING came up on the phone’s screen. A few seconds later it was replaced by ENTRY?

Lance brought the phone a little closer to his face.

“Contact,” he ordered, becoming every inch the second-in-command of the Lion Voltron Force without realizing it. But that was on the surface. Inside, he was nervous. Would Keith say the words that woud begin Allura’s new beginning?

The phone’s display cleared, then came back with: DIALLING…021NNC9. ENTRY?

His instincts suddenly twitched. He looked around and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Not relaxing, he kept a mental eye on his surroundings.

“General,” he commanded. It was a code name for Keith.

“This had better be fucking important, Lance,” a very annoyed Keith suddenly said, and Lance fought the urge to whoop. It was good to hear his former commander’s voice. It was too bad that he hadn’t changed. Maybe he needed a lover.

But as Keith could be all thumbs in front of women the idea of him getting laid was hilarious. Still…with the right woman…

He cleared his throat.

I’d say it is. Did you?”

Keith exhaled.

“Yes. I did pick up the package,” he said.

Lance sagged. The new beginning would soon begin.

But Keith wasn’t done.

“So stop fucking her, stop screwing up her reputation, make yourselves presentable, then bring her to the nearest appropriate party and play bodyguard until she finds her new home-”

Lance’s eyes blazed. It was the way Keith had spoken that had ticked him off. But he didn’t want to cause a scene, so he silently tried to count to ten. He made it to six.

“Ex-CUSE me?!”

“You two share a past. Nothing more. Do what’s best for her.”

“It’s what she wants-”

“Stop right there, because it sounds like you’re not acknowledging your responsibility in-”

Lance blew out a breath and forced himself to calm down. He and Keith had clashed often over the years, and most of the time it had ended okay. Other times it had taken a long time to patch up the breach. If they clashed now, it might never heal. Because this was personal, not philosophical or behavioral or tactical.

“We’re not stupid, General. This will end when it ends. But not before. I’ll contact you again when-”

“No.” Keith’s tone indicated that he wasn’t retreating from his opinion of what Lance and Allura were doing but he wasn’t going to challenge Lance about it any more either. He’d reached a kind of stalemate with himself and an unspoken one with his former second-in-command. “I will contact you. End call.”

And Lance was left with a suddenly dead cell phone.

He snarled.


Lance flung the now-useless cell phone into a trash can a few meters away.

Allura came out of the restaurant with tall paper bags in hand. She frowned at him.

“What’s wrong, uh, babe?”

He hated it when she pet-named him. It didn’t sound right coming out of her mouth, and besides she needed to save it for her husband.

“Voltron will soon be yours again,” he growled.

He saw the rage building up in her. He saw her struggle not to yell down the roof. He grabbed the bags before she could fling them at him. Then he stepped back so she could stalk off.

Keith, you had no right to do this without her permission. You went way too far over the line.

That was the other reason Allura was so angry. Her authority had been overstepped, but since she showed such a lack of interest in her royal duties Keith wouldn’t be blamed for it. If he and Keith hadn’t been trying to keep specifics out of their conversation, Lance would have verbally blasted him for his behavior. It was DEFINITELY worth a clash.

Would his behavior force her into putting her Crown back on?

She couldn’t go far away. He had the money and the keys to the rented ‘jet-

His instincts warned him again. He went after her, grabbed her and ignored her protests.

“We’re in trouble,” he informed her, then reflexively looked to his left and saw them approaching: A platoon of women in elaborated, skirted battle uniforms, aiming real guns at him and Allura.

“Shit,” he said. How had they come out of nowhere? Ah, they had to have cloaked themselves, or been teleported.

“Such language. You should be ashamed of yourself. But, you are how you are.” Merla materialized almost right in front of them. “Uh-uh,” she said as Lance moved to shove Allura to safety, “you’re both coming with me.”

She looked them over, almost imperceptibly lingering on Allura’s bosom and Lance’s crotch.

“Come along then, let’s get this over and done with.”


Merla had ridden him great before. Now she was the best fuck he’d ever had, Lance thought as they bounced on the double-king sized bed in this lace-and-linen room.

From the four sets of long-chained restraints on the bed he guessed that she’d intended to cuff him spread-eaged. But she had decided to restrain only his right wrist because she wanted the Full Lance Experience. Not that he blamed her.

The only problem was that she was too noisy. Lance liked appreciative noises, not the roof-collapsers that Merla was letting out. She was probably doing it on purpose to torture Allura, who he knew was wrist-restrained to the bed in the room next to this one, and none of the five bedrooms – damn it, how many people did she fuck in a typical day? – were sound-proofed.

“UHHHHHHHHHHH! YES! Wanna be my big boyy, wanna be my big boy, UHHHHHH, YES! OOOO! Feel it in me, fill it up in me, big boy, GOOD! DO IT! WHOOOOOOOOOO!”

Yes. Definitely an act. But she’d get serious soon enough. Monster Prick had Silencing Power.

But she’s a QUEEN!

No. She was a slut.

Using a modified version of the move Allura had put on him, he got Merla onto her back. Then he gave her a dangerous smile that made her shudder and slid inside her in one smooth move.


His next moves cut her off. He fucked her so deeply and expertly that for a few seconds she thought a Drule man was giving it to her. She couldn’t think straight; her thoughts were tumbling in all directions.

Lance sneered. Didn’t she know that she wasn’t the only Blue Babe he’d fucked? He just didn’t talk about it.

And just when she thought he couldn’t do it any better he did…showing her why he deserved his reputation…

Lance kept his mind clear. He wanted this to be over quickly. This was hurting Allura, he knew, and the quiet made it worse.


His eyes widened. He looked at the wrist restraint.

I wonder if…

He whispered one of the syllables of the command Merla had spoken to free him from the restraints in her prisoner’s holding area.

The wrist restraint loosened. Just a little.

He couldn’t believe Merla’s apparently stupidity….no, laziness.

He looked down at her. She was still almost mindless.

He spoke the next syllable. He had to be careful. If he said too much he’d be free too soon.

Patience, patience.

The restraint loosened a little more. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t come back to full awareness.

Patience, patience.

She was going to come. Her excitement had brought it closer, he knew. He wasn’t offended. No, he was PLEASED!

He spoke another syllable. She didn’t stray from the orgasm path, so he said the next one. Still no reaction. Unable to bear it any longer, he spoke the rest of the command.

The restraint slipped off just before she climaxed and let out a yell proving it.

Lance kept on fucking her. Hell, he hadn’t come yet. Pumping and grinding even harder and deeper than before, he soon rewarded her with big bursts of his seed.

“Oh shit…take it all, bitch…ag.”

His orgasm had weakened him a little. He wanted to fall onto her, but resisted the urge.

She was mumbling about seeing stars. Fuck yeah, he’d done her good.

Resisting his pride at that, he slowly pulled out of her.

She moaned at the loss, but her eyes remained closed.

Carefully, he moved backwards and off the bed, making sure the restraint didn’t touch her anywhere.

Almost there…hey look at that, the door’s open. Of COURSE. So Allura could hear EVERYTHING.

Then he got an idea.

Why not use the opportunity?

He crawled back onto the bed and whispered dirty phrases that kept Merla’s mumbling going. Then he oh-so-carefully locked the bottom-right restraint around her right ankle.

“Sleep, Merla, sleep, when you wake up I’ll fuck you again just the way you like it. Mmmm-hmmm. Gonna give you all my cum. Yeah. Hot bitch, we’re gonna do it ALL night long.”

And a little to his surprise, she did indeed fall asleep.

Lance exhaled.


And then he carefully left the bedroom.


As soon as he freed her, Allura flung her arms around Lance’s neck. He held her close; she was shaking.

“I was scared! I was afraid that she would kill you…”

“I’m allright.” He had looked her over for injuries before freeing her, so he knew she was physically okay. Mentally, though…

“And when she made all those stupid noises I thought you were already dead. I did, I did, I’m so sorry.”

Lance sighed. If he didn’t tell her now…

“Allura. Go to her.”

She drew back, her eyes wide.


“You heard me.” He lowered his head. “I’ll take you there, just in case. But…go. Get each other out of your systems.”

She sniffled.

“You do care about me.”

Blushing, he gently pushed her away.

“Hell YES I care! You’re not just a princess, you matter to me! To ALL of us! Now GO.”

She nodded. Shook off imaginary dust. Then she grabbed his hand.



When Merla opened her eyes she immediately noticed the “treachery”.

Fury burned, but she restrained it. It was all her fault. But how was she to have known that the Lance Experience was such a…”trippy” experience? Gods, he had sent her on a mental trip around the universe.

And right now, he and Allura were probably off on their next adventure, eating their fast food and not worrying about tomorrow.

Why did that make her feel sad?

“Hey,” Lance said.

She jerked and looked to see him and Allura in the doorway.

She gasped.


Lance patted Allura’s rear.

“Get to it, then,” he said, then walked away, ignoring the spark of joy he’d seen in Merla’s eyes.


Allura was soft. Merla was rough. Allura was eager. Merla was greedy.

Their tongues tangled. Their nipples scratched each other. Their breasts and skin yielded to tongue, teeth and pressure. Their fingers traced each other’s backs. Their bellies nuzzled. Their bodies turned. Mounds were kissed. Thighs and knees were licked before they were parted so that tongues could plunge into deep hot wetness.

And sounds of sensation filled the hallways.

IV. Released

They lay together. One of Merla’s hands was resting on Allura’s mound; the other was giving her breasts a slow but most thorough examination.

Still warm and heady from the sex, they felt dreamy and lazy.

Finally, finally…they had had each other! And it had been even better than either of them had thought it would be.

“Heaven’s Ambrosia,” Merla murmured.

Allura chuckled a little. Softly.

“You kept saying that.”

Merla shrugged as best as she could.

“That’s what you are. No wonder Lance is-”

“Don’t talk about others now.”

Merla sighed.

“But we have to. This was our one-night-stand as people say. And did you forget that we’re still enemies? You’ll have to leave here soon.”

Allura grimaced, then slowly wriggled out of Merla’s grip.

“At least Lotor didn’t interrupt this time.”

“But he will come.” Merla watched Allura begin to move off the bed and grabbed her – oh, just one more time, oh, please, exalted gods! – “for me. Not for you. Not this time. Because we’re lovers. He punished me to make a point, but now it will be as it was. You can’t be here for that.”

Allura sighed. Then she looked hungrily at Merla’s breasts.

“One more time, then. To last us all our days. Or some nonsense like that.”

Merla grinned deviously, then reached under a pillow. Her hand came back out with a double-headed dildo that obviously had been modeled on the Scepter of Doom. She squeezed it, and a fruity-scented cream oozed out of one end of it.

Allura gasped.

Merla’s grin deepened.

“A taste of the Lotor Experience before you go. Aren’t I nice? You shared Lance, so I’m sharing a little of my own man.”

“Shared my-”

A manhood with fake seed.

Real manhoods contained real seed.

Both Lance and Lotor had real manhoods.

Oh. No.

Not sharing her sudden concern, thinking only that Allura was nervous about receiving even a false form of the Scepter, Merla hurried to soothe her with strokes before pulling her down and preparing her for it with her tongue.


A deep, heart-tugging moan from Allura brought a fully-dressed Lance running over from the next bedroom, where he’d been lying on the bed thinking about Allura’s future. He’d almost come to a decision when Allura had made that sound.

“WHAT the FUCK-”

Merla, with the double-dildo inside her, was holding Allura around the middle and riding her from behind. Allura was lost in ecstasy, but Merla looked at Lance with a devious grin.

“‘FUCK’ is right. Oh, Lance, don’t look like that. It’s over between her and me, we’re just finishing up here. Up, get it? Ha ha. But seriously, get your things ready. When she comes, you go. Hope you enjoyed your…stay.”

She looked him over slowly to make sure he got her point.

I certainly did.”

Lance didn’t want to get into it. He rolled his eyes, heaved a sigh, and left the bedroom.

It’s NOT over. But you two have had your fun. The next time we see you, it’ll be with weapons in hand.

V. The Future

There was music, dancing, food, and games of all kinds everywhere on New Arus, and it seemed the people would burst from their joy.

Voltron was involved in the festivities, but only as a silent watcher over everything. Still, he had been decorated from head to toe with colorful streamers, and many balloons on strings had been stuck to him with some kind of super strength glue. People were dancing around him, too, and a few picnics had already been set up near his feet.

Four people watched all this from the top-floor balcony of the recently-completed and heavily fortified palace. Keith had his left arm around Allura’s shoulder, his hand covered by her full-length hair, and a few feet behind them, Lance was holding the blond-haired baby Ambra, who had ostensibly been named for her amber-colored eyes.

Allura fondly looked back at Lance over one shoulder.

“You see? I told you you would be a great babysitter.”

He winced, cringed and scowled.

“And I told you not to make a habit of doing this to me.”

“Oh, pshaw.” She waved her left hand dismissively, and her wedding ring caught the sunlight and glinted.

He shook his head slowly. He’d been suckered into babysitting Ambra for good reason: She was his and Allura’s daughter. Keith was the only other person who knew that; everyone else, including Hunk and Pidge, who were enjoying one of the picnics by Voltron’s feet, thought that Ambra was Keith and Allura’s daughter.

Lance’s decision, finalized as he’d gone to “get things ready” as Merla had requested, had been that Allura should marry Keith. Both Keith and Allura had almost violently protested this decision, but they soon realized why Lance had made it. The marriage was for appearance’s sake; they were still good friends, and had to rehearse each public gesture of affection so they wouldn’t burst out laughing when they performed it. But the marriage made New Arus look good, it gave an impression of continuity, the idea of Allura marrying “the Captain of Captains” was by itself a reason to celebrate, and best of all, where Keith was Voltron was.

Ambra’s birth, which had been nearly eight months after the marriage, had of course been a major reason to celebrate. New Arus hadn’t been fully “finished” yet, but that didn’t matter. And it seemed the bills from THAT series of parties would never end…

Lance moved closer to Allura. The two adults shared a quick secret smile, then Allura looked forwards again.

There were sudden chants for Keith to do something.

Plastering a smile on his face, he patted Allura’s tummy. His seed was growing in there, which was the reason for this day’s celebrations; a future King of New Arus, Nanny often said without proof, and had said so again this morning before hurrying off to the Kitchen to fix Coran a cup of his favorite tea.

Lance still couldn’t believe that Keith and Allura had sex. It was a suspension of belief that Keith had lost his virginity…but Allura being how she was, she had easily won over the helpless blundering idiot on their wedding night – before that night actually, because they had wanted to make Ambra’s birth date convincing. Poor Nanny had had to live with it.

Lance shifted the baby a little. Yes, Keith and Allura were expecting their own child, and Keith knew about Ambra (and was perfectly all right with it or so he said), but there was a secret only he himself and Allura would share between themselves. There was one other who might have already guessed what that secret was, but that person would never mention it to anyone else.

He moved to stand on Allura’s other side and enjoyed the day along with his friends.


A blue woman’s left hand wearing a wedding ring reached around the folded full-color newspaper the other hand was holding and reached for a slice of toast that was sitting with others on a porcelain plate on a table.

“Hmmmm, they went for it,” said Merla with admiration, and the toast traveled from the plate to behind the newspaper. A few seconds later, the paper moved in time with chewing.

A growl from the other end of the table indicated a much-annoyed Lotor, who had a full breakfast in front of him. He was also wearing a wedding ring.

“Shut the fuck up and look at me,” he commanded.

The newspaper slid down as Merla lowered it. She looked at her husband with a mixture of amusement and pending scolding.

“Watch your language, dear. It’s bad for the baby.”

“Shut the fuck up, I said!”

The paper went back up.

“And they named the baby ‘Ambra’. How sweet.” It was as though Lotor hadn’t spoken. Of course, he didn’t like that, and reached out to grab the paper.

“You will talk to me.” He snatched the paper away.

Merla sighed.

“Then that’s what you should have said, instead of acting like a brute.”

HMPH.” He straightened out the paper, then gasped.

“The child is a spitting image of the father,” he said with a touch of wonder as he stared at the close-up photo of Ambra. “How could they-”

“They did, that’s what I said, they went for it.” She went for another slice of toast.

He cursed.

“That’s a fucking big secret for them to keep.”

She smiled softly.

“I think they can handle secrets.”

His eyebrows went up, and he looked at her.

“Why the mysterious behavior? What ‘secrets’ are you talking about?”

She reached over to pat his free hand.

“That’s their business, isn’t it? Now put that down and eat. You need your strength.”

He growled, but complied.

She watched him with a small smile. She knew what ‘big secret’ was being kept, and it wasn’t about the fact of Ambra’s birth. It was her name. It wasn’t hard to figure out. It was a shortened version of “Ambrosia”.

Allura really was a slut, wasn’t she?

ENDE (or IS it?)

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