Bad Girls 3 02

Within a week Sven was reestablished as Blue Lion’s pilot and this morning he and the other V-team members were patrolling the planet as part of a training session.

Allura didn’t like officially being replaced, but she couldn’t fight it. One of Keith’s terms and conditions for marrying her had been total control of Voltron. But not only had her dear husband kicked her off the team, he had, with the silent backup of the male-favoring Viray Treaty, “asserted his role” and put his foot down regarding her behavior.

“You are a Queen and a mother. And you are an icon whether or not you like it. Act accordingly,” he had said before rushing out to greet Sven on the morning that he had arrived on New Arus.

She thought that she understood “act accordingly” perfectly. She knew that her behavior regarding Lance had been selfish and reflected badly on everyone. But that didn’t mean that she was going to stop trying to find out who he was seeing. She was just going to have to change her tactics.

But she had time to do that. Now, she was preparing to use the bath that was next to her and Keith’s bedroom, the two rooms separated by a door.

Wearing only the towel she’d just put over one shoulder, she opened that door – and wasn’t very surprised to see Merla on her back on one of the floats in the huge circular tub.

Arousal filled her, but she glared at the Drule Queen.

“Get out!” she said.

Merla pouted.

“Is that any way to properly greet someone who’s gone through a lot of trouble to see you? Really, now.”

She played with her breasts. A few seconds later, a little milk dripped out.

“Come suck it. It’s full of nutrition…ahhhhhh, Allura!


“I missed you. Oh gods…Allura…”

“Go home,” Allura commanded, then realized her eyes were glued to Merla’s breasts and winced. “Don’t you have duties to do and children to raise?”

Merla sneered.

“My biggest child is a coward. He can’t exile or divorce me because I gave him his Crown Prince, so he married his Bitches to diminish my importance. He doesn’t give a shit what I say or do.”

“Yes he does.”

“Ah, you’re still soft-hearted. Idiot. You don’t understand.”

“Yes I do. And-”

“Pissed that I called you an idiot? You’re my idiot. Come, let’s fuck.” Merla closed her eyes and pantomined cullingus.

Allura turned to leave.


“You will,” Merla was suddenly serious, and Allura gasped as her mind filled with images from her and Merla’s previous sexual encounters. “And I am not leaving until both of us are completely satisfied.”

Allura moaned.

Merla sneered.

“And neither are you.

Allura barely heard this.


Merla hurried to get out of the bath and to get Allura onto her back.

“You’re MINE,” she hissed.

The visions disappeared. Allura blinked; then her eyes widened as Merla slipped a nipple into her mouth.

“Suckle me,” Merla commanded.

Too tempted to resist, and curious about how Drule babymilk tasted, Allura obeyed, uttering a soft happy sound as the rich sweetness flowed into her mouth.

Merla moaned. Allura’s technique had improved. But then she had a willing husband to practice on…a man who had become very hungry since his son’s birth…

“AH. Allura…!”

Allura was biting as well as suckling now. She paused, pulled back, then showed Merla a pair of very greedy-looking eyes.

Merla knew what that look meant, having seen it often enough. She turned to give Allura full access to her slit, and slid her tongue into the slit she craved more than any other.

“You’re mine, ambrosia queen.”

Allura moaned. She was close to an orgasm already.

“Mine, mine, mine, MINE.”

Allura’s body bucked; she gasped three times; then she came, making Merla frown. It was too soon. She’d wanted to drain Allura dry.

“Damn it…”

When her contractions ceased, Merla pulled away from her and turned around so she could have a little fun.

“Milk!” Allura commanded.

Instead of obeying, Merla rubbed her breasts against Allura’s, making both of them groan with pleasure.

“You like that, little slut?” Merla breathed out.

“MILK!” Allura commanded.

“Not yet.” Merla moved to rub a hand over Allura’s now very milky breasts; she rubbed the hand all over Allura’s mound, then suckled it.

“AHHHHHH!” Allura yelled.

Merla brought her to another orgasm. Then another, then another.

“Ah, you come so QUICK! Got the men wrapped around your slit, don’t you? I bet they play with themselves in bed…thinking of all that sweet cream…messing up their bedsheets…you want to suck their bedsheets, don’t you? Or rub that sweet seed all over your delicious body? Well don’t! You’re MINE. Make Keith’s babies but that’s the ONLY other person you’ll fuck, do you UNDERSTAND ME? You. Are. MINE! Now FUCK ME!”

She flipped onto her back and the dazed, nearly crazed Allura went wild on her, having no mercy on her, just as both of them liked. Merla soon returned the behavior, and then they alternated. They brought each other to and through four orgasms, and ended up scissoring their legs and mashing their slits together as though Existence would end if they didn’t come right now…

And then Allura happened to look up and see the digital clock on a shelf a meter or so away from the tub.

Oh NO. Two hours had gone by.

The surprise cleared her head and ended her lust.

“Two hours?! I’m in TROUBLE!”

She stopped grinding, enraging Merla, who’d been on the edge of another orgasm.


Allura moved away and struggled to get up.

“You have to leave. NOW.”


Merla reached for her. She missed.

“You’re a selfish bitch, Allura! I. Am. Not. Satisfied. Come back here!”

Allura wobbled, managed to stand up, then wobbled again.

“Y-you got yourself in. You can – you can let yourself out.”

And she somehow got herself out of the bathroom.

Merla couldn’t believe that she’d missed grabbing her.


Then she remembered something.

“By the way! Her name is Lia. L-I-A. So you can stop bothering everyone now!” she called out.


Allura was scolded for taking such a long bath, first by Coran, then by Nanny, then by Keith in one of his offices.

She didn’t care. The first chance she got, she was going to check out the name Merla had called out to her.

Pretty name. Pretty bitch? I HOPE she’s a bitch. So I can rip her apart for taking Lance away from me.

It didn’t bother her that she’d practically gotten the name in exchange for sex because it had been with Merla, who she had missed more than she had realized.

Drule babymilk gooood, she thought as Keith concluded his speech.

“Keith,” she said respectfully.

He raised an eyebrow. She hadn’t been giving him her full attention and he was wondering why. “Yes?

“I wish to go shopping,” she said.

He exhaled.

“What is it with women and shopping? Some men too, I know.” He rubbed his chin. He didn’t trust her request. Didn’t trust it at all. “All right. But come home before next year.”

She glared at him.

VERY funny, she thought, but didn’t say it. He might punish her if she did. As though he was her father.

“Yes, my lord.”

He winced.

“Damn it, don’t call me that.” He was still humble about that at least. “Now attend to the duties you so carelessly neglected.”

“Yes, dear.

She curtsied, then left the office.

He sighed again.

“She’s too much.”

He stuck his head out of the office and summoned over a lone patrolling Guard.

“Find Merla,” he said in a casual tone that belied how he felt about Allura’s suspicious behavior; unlike his wife, he cared whether or not he caused a stir. “And I’m going out for a while. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

The Guard saluted.

“Yes, Sir.” Keith didn’t like to be called “Sire” or “Your Highness” either. “We’ll find her, Sir.”

“I know you will.”

There’s your excuse for executing your wife, Lotor. She snuck in here somehow and seduced MINE. Although both of us know what CAN’T go on the public record.

Whatever Allura thought abour Merla, the Arusian Queen was just another name on the surely VERY long list of people Merla could be “coaxed” into revealing just before the fatal movement was applied to her.

Keith scowled. Merla was truly a selfish slut.

“But I need to get moving. I’m wasting time.”

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