Bad Girls 3 05

He told Lia the entire plan in the kitchen as they ate the meal she’d cooked.

She frowned.

“But you’ll lose some fans,” she pointed out.

He shrugged.

“Then they weren’t really my fans. Listen – are you sure you’re okay with everything?”

She nodded.

“I’m just upset that there won’t be any ass-kicking,” she said.

He grinned.

“You’re incredible, you know that?”

She’s the best damned thing that’s ever happened to me. Next to Ambra, of course.

Her face became serious.

“Let’s stay in tonight. Wouldn’t we have to come back here anyway?”

He didn’t hesitate. He nodded.


A little after 10, on Lia’s couch, Lance reluctantly pulled his face from between her legs and spoke what sounded like a rapid code into his headset. About ten seconds later, he nodded, then resumed the pleasurable activity.

Four minutes later, a Maid approached Keith and Allura’s bedroom and briefly curtsied. The bedroom door was already open, showing Allura and some other Maids whirling and packing; Keith was in one of his offices, which was already known within the Palace – and that Lance, knowing Keith quite well, had correctly guessed.

“My Queen,” said the Maid, and moved out of the way because a frantic-looking Maid was running out of the bedroom towards the room immediately to its left – a whole-room closet for some of Allura’s clothes, evidenced as that room’s door slid open and then closed behind that Maid. “Your presence has been requested in Prince Alfor’s bedroom.”

This was a necessary part of the plan, which Lance had explained in a generally unknown language because he wasn’t entirely certain that only the person he had been talking to was hearing him. Allura might have been suspicious if it was Ambra’s room.

Allura sagged. She’d been enjoying the whirling and packing. “Why?

The Maid shook her head.

“I do not know that, my Lady. I was simply asked to tell you the request.”

Allura puffed out some breath.

“Why am I the only one who changes his underwear? All right.”

She looked at the other Maids, who were sneaking puzzled glances at each other as they continued to whirl and pack. She wasn’t the only one who changed Baby Alfor’s underwear – in fact, a Maid had done it before he’d been bedded for the night.

What was going on?

“This shouldn’t take long,” Allura said, seeing a few of the glances and unknowingly correctly thinking that they were trying not to worry. “But make sure that my blue evening gown is packed.”

They curtsied, hiding their suspicions that Keith wouldn’t need or want to see her in anything but military clothing. It wasn’t a pleasure holiday.

“Yes, Your Highness,” they said almost as one.

She nodded, then left the bedroom…


…and was immediately approached by serious-looking Guards who almost forgot to bow.

Now she was suspicious.

“What’s going on?” she demanded.

The most senior-ranking man of this group answered, with suspicion in his own voice: “My Lady, we have been notified that a civilian wished to speak with you regarding an important matter. A civilian at this hour…”

His eyes narrowed slightly, and she involuntarily took a step backwards. None of the Guards would hesitate to arrest anyone who was perceived as a threat to New Arus’ well-being – not even Keith could escape that.

“…is it acceptable, Your Highness?”

Was this a test? But her and Keith’s arms and ears were always open, and the Guards were always on duty…

But that wasn’t what the man wanted to confirm, was it? He was wondering if all was well.

She nodded, looking him in the eyes. She was the boss here, wasn’t she?

“Yes. Bring the civilian here.”

Keeping their gazes locked, he shook his head.

That is the most troubling aspect of this matter, my Lady. The civilian wishes to speak with you alone. In one of the-”

Lia. Allura just KNEW it was Lia. That bitch…

This knowledge showed in her face, and the Guards’ fingers itched to restrain her for questioning. But that was reflex. They quickly calmed down.


The man leaned in.

What is going on, Queen Allura? What occured this afternoon?”

He was too close, which was his intention, but it also broke through the shell she had put over the incident. She gasped and then couldn’t seem to breathe. She broke into a sweat. She became dizzy. She got a headache. And her pulse thudded in her ears.


“I – can’t-”


She lightly bit her tongue to sharpen her focus and senses.

I have to regain control. I can’t let him intimidate me! I don’t have to tell him, no, you, Guard man, what happened! I, I am your boss! You do, you do as I command!

She reached out and grabbed the Guard’s forearm. His eyes narrowed to slits but he allowed the gesture and quietly told the other Guards to wait for her orders.

“Then…then escort me there. Quietly! I have an ass to kick.”

Calling me back for more, eh? You’re certainly going to get it.

This made him smirk. The Guards liked action.

“Yes, ma’am.

Keith is bad again!

A tired-looking Keith looked up from some paperwork just before his office door was knocked on.

“Come in,” he said.

The door slid open and a curvy Maid wearing a loosely buttoned and slightly too-tight uniform walked in and stood still as the door slid shut behind her.

Caught completely off-guard, Keith blinked rapidly for a few seconds.

What the-”

I didn’t say ‘Get decent’. What’s wrong with me? Too much damn paperwork. I need a few seconds to clear my head.

Those curves suddenly came within a meter of him. Heat and sweet musk wafted over Keith’s face and more than goosebumps were raised.

He groaned.

“Miss Lia wants you to visit her, my King.”

Keith’s eyes went VERY wide.

“She what? What about Lance-”

Get away from me! No, wait, it’s practically being flung at me. No, wait-

The Maid undid a lower button.

His fingers twitched.

Maybe they had an argument and that’s why he came back so pissed. Yes. She told him what she does, and he stormed out. Then he came back to apologize, but she dumped him. Why shouldn’t I comfort her, let her have me if she wants me? And this one here, I can have any-time-I-want. It’s my right. Shit, it’s practically my duty.

The Maid sat on his lap.

“I will prepare you, my lord.” He liked how ‘lord’ sounded coming out of her mouth. “Take the edge off so you’ll be calm.

He didn’t make her tell him the things he needed to know before he began. He just ripped off her uniform, happily noticed that she was naked under it, properly seated her upon his erection, then began.

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