Bad Girls 3 06

The way to the villages included a forest, which was intentional – it had been planned that way, to give the residents a little memory of how it had been on Arus.

The forest was moonlit this night, which was fortunate because a platoon of Guards was quietly walking towards the forest on the premise that there might be something suspicious going on in it. It was true. Their current mission, escorting the Guard-disguised Allura to the villages, was suspicious.

Nearly three-quarters of the way through, a sudden howling really made the presmise a true one.

Allura jumped. Nothing HOWLED on New Arus!

“Spread out,” one of the Guards whispered, and all but a few did.

Allura shuddered. She was perfectly safe, but that howl had been SCARY!

“We’ll protect you,” said one of the Guards.

Allura. A woman’s voice.

MERLA’s voice.

Allura scowled.

You howled? she asked with a sneer.

Little bitch. But yes. That was me. And-

The Guards suddenly fell asleep. On their feet! Allura was amazed.

And then a naked Merla apepared in front of her.

Allura glared at her.

“Go home.”

“I did. But I couldn’t stay away, even though I said I was going to.”

“Said to who?

Merla smirked.

“Never mind who. Gods, Allura. You’re so…luscious.”

The buttons on Allura’s uniform jacket suddenly popped off. Then it slid off her body. As Allura glared at Merla again, the shirt suddenly ripped in front, and then her front-hook bra unfastened. And then the single button fastening the pants popped off, and they slid down to her ankles.

Allura didn’t bother to cover herself. What would be the point?

“Leave me alone, you slut.”

Merla actually glided over to her.

“No need to be quiet. They’re in a deep sleep. Not even Voltron’s roars would wake them up.”

She grabbed Allura’s breasts and squeezed, making Allura gasp.

“Nipples hard already? Slut. Or are you just so damn happy to see me?”

She bent to suckle and lick while pulling down Allura’s panties.

“So sweet…”

Wincing, Allura held still. She refused to move. Once Merla was satisfied she would leave. And then-

“Wait a minute!”


“Was it your idea to get me out of the Palace?”

Confused, Merla pulled back.

“What are you talking about? I was looking for you and sensed you out here. So-”

She wasn’t lying. Allura sagged.

“Then Lia really does want to see me.”

Merla shrugged, then kissed her way down to Allura’s already hot and wet slit.

“I suppose so. She came when you-”

“Don’t say it!”

“-so maybe she wants you again. You have gotten better. It seems you do better with women, though. Works for me.

She stuck her entire tongue into Allura’s slit. Allura went weak; Merla guided her onto her back.

You’ll be different when you come back. Let’s see if we’ll still want each other then.

Long, teasing strokes tortured Allura, making her grab handfuls of dirt and alternately groan, moan, gasp and yell.

Lia, you bitch-

Merla suddenly bit her clit. Allura came hard, and the volume and intensity of one lone vocalization sent birds scattering into the night.

Merla pulled away. She hadn’t come. But a few of the Guards looked like worthy prospects…no. She had to go home. She had worn Lotor out with sex earlier, and he would want another round when he woke up. When she woke him up.

“I’m going now, Allura. Make yourself decent-”

Huh?” Allura was still coming back to herself.

Merla scowled.

“I said, hurry up and get dressed. My spaceship’s close by, and once I’m off the planet the men will wake up. So get going. I am. See you later. Maybe.

And she vanished.

The consequences of being seen how she was made Allura snap to it. The jacket and pants were fine, but the shirt and bra were ruined; she did the best she could, hoping that the men would think that she’d had some kind of accident with a tree.

Just as she managed to look halfway decent, the men woke up.

Allura grimaced.

I’ll get you for this, Merla!

The men’s headsets buzzed as they looked at Allura. They quickly assured each other than she and they were all right, then they resumed their mission as though nothing had happened.

Again, Allura was amazed. Hadn’t they noticed her lack of clothing? And no ill effects from the forced group nap? These were manly men. And such resillence!

She wished she could be like that.

But WHY?

It didn’t matter. Keith would train her to be like that.

And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

Bitch, here I come!


A concerned Lia gave Lance his headset when he, also looking concerned, came out of her bathroom wearing a different outfit from the one he’d come to her house wearing: blue jeans and a t-shirt.

“It was flashing and buzzing,” she told him.

He nodded, then kissed her cheek.

“They’re both on the way here. It’s your turn now. I-”

She squeezed his free hand.

“Just remember that you owe me BIG time.”

He nodded again.

“I mean it. You’re incredible.”

She winked at him.

“You told me that ten times tonight. I think I get it.”

He grinned and blushed a little.

She smacked his ass, then walked towards the bathroom.

“What a woman,” he whispered, then looked out of the nearest window at the night. “Thanks.


Something banged on the door as Lia came out of the bathroom wearing only an unfastened bathrobe.

Lance, on the living room couch, narrowed his eyes.

“It’s Allura.”

He was amazed at how well he’d timed her arrival. He’d known that Merla would find out about the holiday and that she would at least seek Allura out, but he’d hoped that he might be able to slip one into Lia before New Arus’ dear Queen showed up.

Damn, I’m good.”

Keith should be here within the next few minutes, if I’m right again. He won’t be quiet coming here.

Soft footsteps nearby; Lia was walking towards the front door.

She glared at him.

“Yes, you are. Now hide.

He didn’t correct her apparent misunderstanding. He hurried to stand next to the front door.

Lia put on a seductive smile that made the Monster Prick twitch and Lance a little jealous, then opened the front door.

“My Lady.” She didn’t curtsey. She was revealing too much skin already. “Come in.”

Allura didn’t want to go in. It would be too tempting to rape Lia again, and that wasn’t her intention. But wasn’t rape what the little bitch wanted? Showing off that body. How SHAMELESS!

Don’t do it. Just kill her and go. No one will say anything.


Lia pouted.

“Don’t you want me?”

Allura glared at her.

“Not out here, you idiot!” She was beginning to… No. She hadn’t stopped wanting her! NO! This little bitch! What the HELL was going on! She had enough trouble dealing with wanting Merla!

“But my Lady…” Lia looked Allura over. “Don’t you want to get out of that?

But there it was. And there LIA was. Lia, who had tasted like ripe dark cherries.

And Allura DID want to get out of the ill-fitting uniform, but not here! NO!

“Your clothes won’t fit me, fool.”

“Who says either of us needs to be dressed?”

Allura groaned at the words struck her in the crotch.

“Stop. It.”

Lia ran a finger down her own body.

“I’m waiting for your answer.”

“And that answer is NO! You little whore. I – oh NO!”

She was reaching for Lia’s robe.

“No. I WON’T-”

Clippetty-clop, clip, clop, clip, clop, clop, clop.

A horse, slowing down nearby. Very nearby.

Lia looked up with a blank expression, but Allura froze in place.

Who else would ride a horse into the villages alone, at this hour?

There was a faint smacking as the horse’s sides were tapped with leather; the horse blew out some breath, then stopped walking.

“Allura,” said a dangerous angry Keith, “what the HELL are you doing here?”

His anger raised Allura’s own. It also reminded her of what she’d been about to do, and all the issues associated with it.

She whirled to glare at him.

“What the hell are YOU doing here?!” she shouted.

“I followed you, of course,” he lied, and smoothly slid off the horse. “Now tell me. Why were you just about to rip off Lia’s robe?”

She blushed all over.

“Why didn’t you look away! And how do you know her name?”

Keith too blushed all over.

“Of course I know her name!”

“Why are you blushing?”

“Why are you embarrassed? What were you about to do to her?” He glared at Lia. “And why were you going to permit it? Why, you weren’t uncomfortable with it at all!”

You’re not answering my question!” Allura fought the urge to scream as Keith turned his glare back to her. “Why are you looking at a partially dressed woman who isn’t ME?!”

“Why are YOU looking at ANY woman who doesn’t serve us?” Another glare at Lia. “And why were you ALLOWING her to look at you?” His eyes narrowed to slits as a suspicion came to him. “You know her.”

You fucked her.

He glared at Allura again, to whom the same suspicion had come.

“So do YOU,” she hissed.

Too furious and jealous to say more, they glared at each other.

Lance cleared his throat.

They jerked, then turned to look.

He had an arm around Lia, whose robe was now closed. But what unsettled both Keith and Allura was the look on Lance’s face. It wasn’t angry or even irritated as it should have been. Instead, it was knowing. Far too knowing. And it confirmed their suspicions about each other and Lia.

They glared at each other, then realized that they had been well-tricked. But they couldn’t blame Lance. They couldn’t even look at him again, because he still had that look on his face. And because they were guilty of more than being very naughty to Lia.

What had they done? Lance knew what. That was in his face, too. And slowly they realized it: The real reason each of them had taken advantage of Lia was because each of them had wanted to ruin her and Lance’s relationship. Neither of them wanted to “lose” Lance. And now look at what both of them had done!

If they had succeeded…the situation would repeat. Over and over and over again. Until…

Lance suddenly grinned, with a pride that he truly felt.

Justice is being served.

“Your Highnesses. I don’t need to tell you her name. But…”

His voice revealed anger though, at them, and the Highnesses cringed.

“This is Lia Ledon. My girlfriend.”

Keith and Allura winced. He’d made the relationship public. Lia would soon be watched almost everywhere that she went. That meant that neither Keith nor Allura could get close to her without having to explain themselves.

Lance looked at them as though he was trying to read their minds. But he didn’t have to. He could see that the plan had worked. Justice had been done. Shame would keep them from revealing what they had done to Lia even to each other, and guilt would keep them away from her along with the “public relationship status”. And there was no need to make any part of what had happened public. That would only make the situation worse and, perhaps, never-ending. They didn’t deserve that.

“Con-congratulations,” Allura muttered, then turned away. Her shoulders shook; she was struggling against a feeling of great loss.

Keith glanced at her, and Lance could swear he saw budding love briefly flash in his eyes.

This situation is making him realize the truth, Lance thought just before Keith hurried to shake his hand and clap him on the back.

“Lia’s a brave, strong, true woman. Take good care of her. She already is, of you.

Lia seemed to glow. Keith wasn’t going to bother her any more! And Allura wouldn’t either. She too had seen the flash in Keith’s eyes. He would keep her reined in if he had to keep her pinned to a bed.

“Yes, Sire,” Lance joked. Keith was being friendly and informal, but Lance needed him to make a certain something certain.

Predictably, Keith winced. “It’s just us here. So Lia, you can call me Keith. I can’t speak for my wife, though.”

There was a gentleness in “my wife” that made Lance’s jaw drop and Lia put a hand over her heart. Even Allura reacted to it, slowly turning to look at Keith with complete surprise.

Does he – even after-

Keith let go of Lance and bent to kiss Lia’s hand, then bowed to both of them.

“Lia, come to the Palace after Lion Practice tomorrow. And Lance, don’t hurry home because of us. The briefing won’t take long.”

Both Lance and Lia blinked. He’d temporarily struck them dumb. From jerk to male whore to…just what was he now?

Had love soothed this savage beast?

“Y-yes, K-Keith,” they finally said as one, then bowed.

He waved all of this aside.

“I already know you’ll comply. And my personal expense account is yours tonight. We’ll leave you now. Come, Allura.”

Lance and Lia tried to keep their jaws up as Keith walked over to Allura and gently escorted her towards the horse.

“Let’s celebrate in our own way,” he said.

“Celebrate…what?” she whispered, unable to believe this change in his demeanor.

He winked at Lance and Lia, then swept Allura up onto the horse.

“Life,” he said, then got on behind her and gently coaxed the horse away from Lia’s house.

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