Bad Girls Interlude

Allura was spending a rare day off on a “mall planet”, where anyone could buy any clothes, food, furniture or other home items that they wanted. With each stop, whatever she couldn’t carry or that wasn’t going to be delivered to the Palace was given to the Guard protecting her this day. He would carefully turn and load each lot into the delivery van that was keeping up with them on the streets. Wisely, Allura had rented the deliveryman’s services for the day.

Normally, the Guard’s eyes missed nothing, but with each loading the van blocked part of his view. So he didn’t see who else was keeping up with them from opposite sides of the streets: A casually-dressed, disbelieving and conflicted Merla.


What the FUCK is SHE doing here? Merla wondered, looking over the woman she liked to call The Little Blond Bitch, who looked cute in her flowing, flower-patterned and thin-strapped calf-length sundress.

Gods! It wasn’t fair. She had taken a day off to come here to distance herself from her duties and stress, and one of her main causes of stress was shopping without a freaking care in the whole freaking universe.

Is she wearing a bra?

Merla winced.

I have GOT to stop thinking about her in that way! She’s just a little blond bitch who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, thinks people obey her every word. And she is NOT wearing a bra.

Merla forced herself to look away, but she couldn’t avoid a certain truth. She knew Allura’s body perfectly, just as Allura knew hers. They had spent hot hours getting to know each other’s inches and curves.

But they’re not bouncing that much. There’s some kind of minor tit restraint in that dress.

Merla would know what the restraint was if she ripped off that dress.


But she wouldn’t care about that once she saw Allura’s luscious body, would she? She would just want to lick and suck and bite and kiss that body all the way down to the one redeeming quality about its owner – Allura’s store of ambrosia.

Merla could never ever EVER get enough of it.

She groaned.

Not today, please, NOT TODAY! I just want to shop then go home.

It wasn’t going to happen. Her body was hot, her bosom felt fuller and heavier and her slit was pooling with juices.

All because of that stupid Little Blond Bitch.

I have to have her.

She rummaged in her handbag. When she felt a certain something in there, relief made her sag a little.

I WILL have her.


Allura sensed a heated presence approach her from behind just before it did: A hand lifted the skirt of her dress and stuck a hand in her panties, another hand grabbed one of her breasts and a dildo roughly rubbed against her rear end.

She didn’t panic, although the Guard looked like a deactivated robot. Because she knew the reason he looked like that was connected to the only person she knew who would dare to fondle her in public.

Besides, she knew this person’s touch.

“Merla,” she hissed, although she was already wet.

Merla slid a finger into Allura’s slit, then gasped as though she was the one this had been done to.

“Go to the nearest alley. NOW. Or I swear I’ll fuck you here and now!


They barely made it to an alley before Merla flipped up Allura’s dress, ripped off her panties, bent her over and slid the dildo inside her without caring whether or not Allura was ready for it.

Allura let this happen. There was no stopping Merla once she started doing anything. And besides…she wanted this. Even though she was trying to get over wanting Merla, every now and again she would remember…and need release…

As she was highly excited, Merla came quickly, leaving Allura half-way to orgasm. As though to make up for this, Merla pulled out of Allura, whirled the blond princess around, roughly spread her legs, bent down, and groaned before poking her tongue into her slit, lapping so fast that Allura couldn’t time it or believe it.

The Guard was moving towards them, and Allura looked up at him. He blankly stared back at her. But he was…yes…stroking himself through his pants.

Oh no!

Blushing furiously at that and the size of what was straining to be free, Allura jerked her head away.

He won’t remember any of this. But I’ll never forget THAT – oh, OH!


She came, trembling, her knees weak. But Merla continued to suckle her, and, what was this – her hands were moving.

NO! She will NOT touch my ass!

Merla spread her legs then waved at the Guard.

He quickly freed his hungry erection and slid into Merla’s forbidden hole.

She groaned deeply, then suckled Allura harder.

Allura looked away. She didn’t understand the fascination some people had with anal sex. Lance had done it to her twice, and she had stroked his forbidden hole one time, but all of it had just been to experiment…neither of them had liked any of it.

Merla’s hands were moving again. Allura’s eyes popped open and saw Merla grab the dildo that was still hanging out of her slit. She rapidly moved it in and out while managing to work the Guard’s manhood and not losing a beat on the suckling.

Allura couldn’t believe it. But wait. Was she distancing herself from what was going on? Maybe Merla was losing her touch.

Merla worked herself into a frenzy. The Guard began to moan.

Allura mentally sat back and watched.

Finally, the Guard came, spurting into unfertile ground.

Merla continued to work his member, draining it dry; then she stiffened and had an orgasm herself.

Allura heaved a sigh.

“Finished, now?”

Merla pulled her tongue out so fast it made a “slup” sound, then sneered even though her body was still shuddering from the orgasm.

“Who’s a slut that fucks a slut? Hmmm? HMMMMM?”

Suddenly, she grabbed Allura around the middle, rose, shook off the Guard, turned Allura upside down, then feasted on her slit.

Allura yelled in protest, and the Guard blinked as though he was coming out of whatever spell Merla had put on him. But the blank look remained.

“Teach YOU to make me hot and unable to sleep. Teach YOU to be so fucking delicious and sweet…mmmm….oh gods…can’t think straight anymore. It’s all YOUR FAULT…bitch…”

It felt so good. And being upside down and off her feet gave Allura a nice floating sensation.

But oh no! The Guard was raising his hands and-

“No! Don’t touch me! Stay away!”

He went to his knees, plunked his hands on her breasts and fondled them.

She felt Merla’s lips curl into another sneer.

“Want to share?” she asked the Guard.

The Guard didn’t move. Apparently the spell had only so much of an effect on him.

“Oh well. All for me, then.”

“Let me go!” Allura cried out. This was beyond embarrassing!

“He won’t. Because he likes your tits. It wasn’t me he was jerking himself off over-”


“Just like so many other men he dreams about you sucking him then spurting all over you and watching you rub it into your skin. And licking the remainder…ahhhhh…and then you spread your legs…and take him in…and in…and in…”

“Those are YOUR fantasies! You’re a disgrace to womankind!”

“Don’t lecture your pious shit to me.

Allura tried harder to get away. But she was going to come again.


The Guard let go of her breasts to fondle himself, keeping his eyes on Allura’s body.


The Guard worked himself harder. His face contorted. And then he spurted over Allura’s face.

Allura’s orgasm stopped as though it had been shut off. She howled.

He came on…MY FACE…and why isn’t anyone coming to help me?!

Merla cackled.

“He wants you, Allura,” she taunted. “I told you. He’s just another stupid man who wants a fuck from you. Ha haaa.”

She carefully set Allura down, then grabbed her by the bosom.

“I will never be finished with you. NEVER.” She roughly fondled Allura’s breasts, almost abusing them. “You. Are. MINE. It’s your fault, for having that ambrosia. I could suck you dry day and night without a break. And you would enjoy it, too. Yes, you like it when I suck you, lick you, kiss you, bite you, scratch you, spank you, feel you up as they say – no one does it like I do. And no one ever will. That’s why you’ll always want me.”

She dropped her hands, and Allura tried not to wince at how much her chest hurt.

“Fuck me, Allura. You know you want to. I’m right here. Stop resisting it. Here.”

She put the reluctant Allura’s hands on the dildo.

“Do it. Do me. Hard. Deep. Fast. Just as we both like it.”

Keeping Allura’s hands in place, she moved the dildo.

“Ahhhhhh…yes….suck my tits, too. Bite the nipples, yeah, we both like that. And pat my ass. Oh…do it, Allura…do it…”

Allura tried to jerk away, but only succeeded in moving the dildo even deeper into Merla’s slit. And the Drule Queen’s juices were coming out…reaching Allura’s fingers…despite herself, she wanted to lick them clean…

“My TITS, Allura!”

Merla released her bosom, grabbed Allura’s head and pressed it against her chest.

Allura resisted, but Merla’s breasts were so perfect…and…

She kissed the skin, winced, then did it again. And again. And again, all while maintaining her grip on the dildo.

Oh no…

Merla went wild, as though hurrying to get to an appointment.

“Oh yes…oh yes oh yes OH YES! HARDER! HARDER! Uh, uh, UH!”

Her eyes rolled in her head.


Allura worked the dildo as hard as she could, trying to bring Merla over the edge quickly. She wanted to leave.

“Ohhhhhhh…..UH! OH gods – Allura – ALLURA!”

Merla came.

Allura sighed with relief, then pushed her away.

“I’m – I’m leaving now.”

Merla’s face did this and that as she tried to clear her head.


Allura fixed herself up as best as she could.

“I said that I’m leaving now. You got what you wanted-”

“We both wanted it!”

Allura frowned.

I would never force you into doing it. This was a rape, Merla. You continued even after I said ‘no’. I won’t say anything-”

“You CAN’T! What would people say about-”

“-I will finish my shopping, then go home. And that will be the end of it. All. Come on, Guard.”

She grabbed the Guard by the hand.

Merla sneered yet again.

“I put an illusion spell on this alley, you know. Once you leave here people will see what you’ve been up to.”

Allura shrugged.

“The Guard’s member is exposed. Let them think what they want.”

Merla shook her head slowly.

“You really are a slut.”

Allura sneered as Merla had.

“And who’s a slut who fucks a slut?”

Merla seethed, not liking what she had said being turned back on herself.

Allura shrugged again, then led the Guard out of the alley.

By Megs

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