Sun Is Always Gold

Where the Sun is Always Gold
Harmony Winters

My first Lotor/Allura fic
Happy Birthday to my dear friend Lotornomiko! *hugs you*


Allura could always escape in her mind when she needed to. She found life harsh, and hence, she escaped a lot. She created her dreams in a twilight world, her favorite time of day. She loved the transient golden glow the real sunset and sunrise cast over planet Arus. Whenever needed, no matter how ugly life became around her, she could lose herself in her own world, a place where the sun remained suspended in the golden moments that separated day and night.

She used to go there alone. Her dealings in the fantasy world usually surrounded the mundane tasks time didn’t allow: walking, picking flowers, feeling the wind on her face and laying in the grass.

A capture on planet Doom changed all that.

During battle, she found her Blue lion encircled by a tractor beam, and within seconds she was pulled into a cargo hold where Prince Lotor waited. From within her lion she heard him bellow, “Be careful, you morons! I’ll kill you if you so much as harm a hair on her head!”

She emerged, trembling. Her terror made her legs weak, her stomach sick, and momentarily, her head even swam. “What do you want?” she demanded, trying to mask her fear, and stand up straight.

Lotor waved the soliders off. He waited until they left the room, before he informed her. “I want the same thing I’ve always wanted. To make you my queen.”

Allura shrunk against Blue. “I’m a pretty prize to you,” she quipped automatically. “You don’t really want to marry me.”

Lotor strode across the room closing the distance between them. He grabbed her upper arms firmly. “Listen here,” he hissed. She could feel his warm breath on her face, and she dared meet the blue face and flashing yellow eyes towering above her. “Believe me when I say…nobody could EVER love you as intensely as I do.”

Allura stared unabashed. With her natural intuitiveness, she deduced instantly that he spoke the truth. It didn’t lessen the fear of him, or the sick sense of helplessness. It didn’t even lessen her desire to get as far away from him as fast as she could. And yet, when he put a necklace around her neck with a communication device disguised as an amber stone, she did not resist.

She did get away after a heroic rescue from the other members of the Voltron Force. That night they found her slightly quiet but otherwise no worse for wear. In fact, she spent the night looking out her bedroom window, a dreamy smile on her lips, and an other-worldly look in her eyes.

That night, for the first time, Lotor joined her in her little world.

Completely innocent, they basked in the golden sunshine, barefoot and bareheaded, very far away from the people and responsibilities that usually would have made such an evening impossible. When Allura woke up for lion practice the next day she felt renewed, as though her very soul had been bathed in the sunshine as well.

Lotor joined her every night after that. The days passed and her time with him became more intimate and less chaste. Sometimes she even allowed Lotor to walk with his arm about her waist, and give her lingering kisses good night. Nanny tucked Allura in too, and it made her happy to see Allura fall asleep with a smile on her face, and a faint pink on her cheeks. The other members of the Voltron Force, Coran and even the Arusian counsel watched her in amazement, wondering how someone who endured so much hardship could truly be so joyous.

One night with no preface, Keith interrupted her dream time. He loved making speeches with lots of mundane clichés about teamwork and the importance of Voltron. Keith loved his role as the leader, and it suited him well. Allura thought his nobility a tad theatrical, but she cared deeply about him, despite his idiosyncratic ways.

She smiled politely, almost looking at him but not quite, and her mind went on the most fantastic of journeys. Her and Lotor dipped their feet in the almost shockingly cold lake and then the Price of Doom exerted more pressure on her hand, linking their fingers. Lotor became different during their time together; the lines of hardness softened, and the bitterness in his eyes evaporated entirely. Allura discovered with some shock that the Arusian/Drule war taxed Lotor as much as it did her. Together in no man’s land, they could just let their minds intertwine freely, and they could bare their truest selves to each other without shame.

“What do you think about it, Allura?” Keith queried.

Allura pulled herself unwillingly into the situation. “About what?”

Keith’s entire countenance registered disbelief. “About us getting married…?” Allura fell mute, and her blue eyes grew wide. Allura stared, so flabbergasted, that Keith’s composure slipped down a step. “I mean…,” he stammered. “You know I’ll always protect you anyway…and I really think…you know…everyone expects it.”

Keith asked her because everyone expected it?

“Keith, stop,” she begged, rubbing her temples. “Can I have time to digest this?”

Keith went away as asked. Allura’s surface joy was temporarily shaken, but the depths of contentment within her remained steadfast. Once alone, she took her place by Lotor again. He didn’t say much; instead he reminded her, “Nobody could ever love you as intensely as I do.” Then he stopped talking.

Two days later, while working on building a school, Keith got heatstroke and inadvertently helped Allura make her decision. He came in the control room, to look for her, and she resented the intrusion. Watching the space monitor did not necessitate much concentration, and all afternoon she’d been free to be with Lotor. She liked spending time with him, and she even missed him in his absence.

“I have to go,” Keith mumbled. Without further ado, he started to walk away, staggered, and fainted dead away on the floor.

Allura cried out, dismayed. Although she hadn’t noticed him being obviously ill before her, she did notice every line in Lotor’s face, every white hair on his head as it swayed softly in the wind, and every token of affection, no matter how subtle.

She picked up her communicator and called Dr. Gorma. Later she would think that her knee jerk reaction of wanting to pass the situation off to someone else so she could spend more time with Lotor spoke volumes.

And anyway, the doctor and a nurse came immediately.

By then Keith’s dark eyes opened and he tried to sit up. “Everything is spinning,” Keith noted, dizzily. The doctor and nurse hovered over Keith, doing instinctively and naturally what Allura could not.

“I’ll take you to Med Bay, Keith,” Dr. Gorma offered.

Allura nodded. “Let me know?”

She watched them leave and it occurred to her then with certainty she did not want to be inexplicably bound to Keith for the rest of their lives. She didn’t want to have to deal with him ‘in sickness and in health’, ‘for richer, for poorer’ or ‘for better or for worse.’ She didn’t want to know what he thought about deep inside himself, nor did she want to reveal herself to him that way.

Without warning she found there was only one man she could conceive being intimate with.

She wanted…needed…to speak with him. She arose before dawn and started to leave the castle. She turned the amulet over, and saw a small button for turning it on. But she couldn’t do it yet. It wasn’t time, especially not with the sky still so dark.

Allura looked up and saw golden rays snake through the sky. There wasn’t much time.
When she broke free of the castle, she ran to a circle of trees, and knelt in the middle where sweet grass grew. She clutched her amulet, and watched as the beginning golden rays started to filter through the trees. A breeze blew so subtlety Allura had to close her eyes to feel it on her skin. Then she inhaled the sweet smell of living things that wafted around her, until the rays were strong enough to warm her upturned face.

She knew the time had arrived. She held the amulet and realized before the button gave under her fingers she could feel Lotor’s presence as tangible as the things around her. Surely he would be there. He would know as well.



She reveled in the sound of her name from his mouth. While she basked in the rich sound he confessed, “I am glad you decided to use this. I like to hear your voice…too.”

Too? Had he also been there for the walks, swims, dances and daydreams?

Her father once told her anything was possible between soul mates. Lotor allowed her the time to prepare herself for the inevitable. She would always be grateful for that.

A long silence passed where they said nothing and everything. “An iron clad peace treaty,” Allura whispered when she finally found her voice. “And then I’ll be free and we can…”

“Find a place where the sun is always in transition,” Lotor finished. “I promise I will find such a place.”

”I know,” Allura whispered. “I know.”

“Then we can fulfill our destiny…and build the most powerful empire in the galaxy.”

Allura nodded. In time, things would be all right; she’d be able to smile from the inside out. At any rate, she’d be with her soul mate in a place where the sun was always gold. For now, that was something.

That was enough.

~The End~

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