When I first started this site, I had a very small fan art gallery. It’s since grown by leaps and bounds, to the point I felt it time to split up the gallery into several serperate ones.

    There is of course the Lotor and Allura gallery, but also galleries dedicated to the other Drules in my life, my OC’s Sabbath and Ryder, and their lady loves Romelle and Alexandria. (Another OC) There’s even a miscellaneous for odds and ends, and a few comic galleries too!

As always I am accepting submissions if you want to contribute your own artwork. Just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll get back to you. 🙂



11 thoughts on “Imagery

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  1. Woah-ho! Naughty! Good pics. I’d love to add a few of my own, but I don’t have a scanner. Lol, I don’t even have a digital camera.

    1. Hello! Ah, I’ll have to check out your pics when I’m not on my home computer. Deviant art keeps giving me infections, so I no longer use my home computer to visit that site. But thank you so much for drawing! Is it okay if I post them on this page? *hopeful look*

  2. Yeah I’ve had that happen a lot when I visit DA, after each visit I run my virus protection religiously. >.<

    And of course you can post it here! 😀

    1. Hello again! Love the pic. Makes me want to write something about gold chains! Anyway, just a note to let you know I’m updating (As I type this no less!) now with your pic! 🙂 Thanks again!

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