Lotor Allura Gallery

  The Prince Lotor and Princess Allura Gallery


























By Lotornomiko

By Guest Artist Chanee Dawn

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  1. Love the ‘Fuck The New Show’ pic. can only assume that was for Voltron Force, which as a Lotor fan I also disliked.

    Makes me wonder, have you seen the new, new show? Dreamworks has so far done him amazing justice and my obsession has found a renewal… I dearly hope for tension between Allura and Lotor in this reboot.

    I’m so sad you’ve been away for so long… Am reading fics I never saw before here, some that weren’t finished the last time I checked in on the pairing, and some which look like they’ll never be finished now… I hope you find some inspiration to return. ❤

    1. Thanks. Yeah it was that one where they had these teens in it. I think the girl was named Larmina or something like that, and suddenly related to Allura. I haven’t actually seen the Dreamworks show. I’ve seen bits and pieces of season one, but never entire episodes. My friend Paige claims she read an interview somewhere online where the Dreamworks team said Lotor was NOT going to be interested in Allura, so that kinda depressed me and made me lose motivation to even try to watch. -_-

      As for writing, I would be happy if I wrote ANYTHING at this point. Regardless of the fandom. *has been trying to claw out of being in a writer’s slump*

      1. That’s interesting, I haven’t read everything from the Dreamworks team, I know, but I haven’t read that at all and would be very surprised considering how closely they have tried to stick to the original themes while giving them a modern spin.
        All of the characters have been given far more development and dimension. Lotor is no exception, now the intelligent military and political genius he was always meant to be but never fully allowed to be in DotU, and flat out lethal with his sword or in a cockpit. Right now, there is absolutely zero chance Keith could beat him in a one to one fight. With the personality they have been creating for him, and the development against his father and mother, it makes more sense than ever for there to be some kind of interest or attempt at alliance.
        And gods, the way he chased after Allura once identifying a weak link in Blue Lion was just delicious… if that wasn’t foreshadowing I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (and their foreshadowing has been pretty obvious so far, not in a bad way).
        Dreamworks has been caught a few times now, issuing either intentional misdirection or letting members of the team run off into open speculation at conferences and interviews before shrugging it off as “not official” several days later. Particularly once Lotor was announced. I’m not sure I trust anything they say at this point, as he’s only been in about 4 or 5 episodes and won’t really start getting into the series until Season 4 is released.
        In the meantime, to quote a friend on seeing his debut… “Oh, man. This is clearly going to be my next mistake…” Allura or no. Yup. I’ll find a way to cram them together anyway. He’s just that awesome, so far. ^_^

        Sorry. I think I’m just starved for someone to rant about him with. I don’t really know anyone in the fandom anymore, it’s been so long. And this new series has reawakened my own inspiration – though I think nothing I write will be so good as yours.

        I sympathize deeply with the writer’s inspiration block. Never fear, it will come back! It always does. =) I look forward to that day!

    2. Oh it’s fine! You give me hope that maybe what my friend read is wrong, or retracted then! 😀 I do hope he gets interested in her in this version of the series.

      And I am so glad Keith can’t beat him yet in this one. One thing that made me angry to the point I still bought the comics, but I just didn’t bother to read them…was the devil’s due comic. Keith and Lotor had a one on one fight, Keith EASILY won. “My kung fu is better than yours my ass!” It STILL kinda pissed me off to be honest. XD

      Sorry for such a late reply..real life has been distracting, and then I got my writing muse back for Valkyrie Profile last week. I pray it sticks around long enough for me to churn out chapters that don’t have to do with rewriting/reworking early chapters. *wants to put out something brand new for the story* *Still has close to forty chapters to go over* @_@

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