Two 07

“Oooooooooh…” Keith groaned, rolling onto his side. “I feel like I went through warp drive with just the clothes on my back for protection…”
He attempted to push himself up with his arms, and screamed in pain, collapsing face down. “JESUS!” He swore, cradling his useless right arm against his body. “It’s all coming back to me! Lotor, that craven dog! He sneak attacked me, had his men knock me unconscious, and break my arm!” Clearly the young captain’s memory was fuzzy on what had went on before!
“I can’t believe I’m still alive!” He manage to get into a sitting up position. “He ALWAYS makes that mistake! I bet it’s cause he can’t stand the sight of blood!”

“Actually, I’m quite fond of blood. The shade of it goes so well with my eyes!” Lotor’s foot smashed into Keith’s face.

“Argh…Lotor…” Keith spat out a tooth. “Come back to finish what your men started?!”

“Men, WHAT men?” demanded Lotor. “I did that!”

“Only because your men held me down!” retorted Keith.

“What are you talking about?” Lotor asked, confused. ‘There was no one else involved in our battle!”

“That’s what YOU’D like to believe!” Keith insisted, getting shakily to his feet.

“I think you’ve suffered one too many blows to the brain.” muttered Lotor. “Allow me to put you out of your misery…and thereby spare the galaxy from any more of your inane chattering!” He advanced menacingly on Keith, when his communicator went off. “One-second…” He flipped it out. “Yes?”

“I’ve located the clone!” Hagger’s voice chattered excitedly.

“I’m a little busy witch!” Lotor hissed into the communicator. “I’ll deal with him after I take care of Akira!”

“But sire…”

“But nothing!” snapped Lotor.

“Don’t you ignore me!” Keith lunged towards Lotor, swinging his left fist at the Dark Prince.

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Lotor smacked the flat of his hand into Keith’s forehead. Since the Drule Prince was larger than Keith, his reach was longer than the pilot’s, easily holding Keith at bay. Keith’s own reach was two inches shorter, and his brain was currently not operating at the full 100 percent, so he could not see a way to get past that hand. He was left with no other choice but to curse impotently, as he repeatedly swung his fist at the prince, trying to push onwards against Lotor’s restraining hand.

“Lotor, are you still there?!” demanded Hagger.

“Yeah, yeah.” Lotor responded, busy watching Keith’s dimwitted attempts at attack.

“The clone! He has stumbled across Princess Allura!”

“WHAT?!” Lotor let go of Keith, and the young captain suddenly raced past him.

“The clone has Allura!” repeated Hagger.

Lotor let out s strew of vile Drule curses. “How did that happen–never mind! I must rescue her!” He pulled out his sword, intent on finishing off Keith once and for all. “If he’s harmed one golden strand on her fair head, I’ll introduce him to torments that will make him BEG for death!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be worried about that.” Hagger cackled. “At the moment, he seems more interested in love than violence!”

“WHAT?!” shrieked Lotor, yet again. “Are you saying he’s putting the moves on MY princess?!”

Hagger only laughed in reply.

“How dare he!” fumed Lotor. “Quickly, send me the coordinates!”

“Um sire…what about Captain Akira’s fate?” Hagger asked.

“I don’t have time to play with that twerp now!” Lotor snarled. “I have to stop him from defiling MY princess!!”


“Go send a robeast or something to deal with Keith!” snapped Lotor. “I’ve got more important matters to take care of!”

Lips locked firmly onto each other, Lotor and Allura softly drifted to the bottom of the river’s sandy floor.

Lost in the feel of each other, the two were oblivious to all else. The fishes swimming by, the water caressing their bodies, the sound of the robeast’s heavy tread growing fainter as it moved away. For one brief, perfect moment, there was nothing in the universe that could break the two apart–except the need for air.
As this urge increased, Allura suddenly reigned in her mind, to see past kissing a handsome man, to the fact that she needed air. Need it now…and they were underwater, with the surface oh so far away.

She became aware of Lotor’s lips leaving hers. He too felt the need, but managed to retain his levelheadedness. He caught her oxygen tube that was attempting to drift free of it’s chain, and gently placed this to her mouth.

She was surprised and touched by this chivalrous display. She wondered how many men would gulp down that oxygen first, taking care of their needs before hers?

Lungs no longer at danger level, she passed the tiny breather to him. He took a longer inhale, but that was understandable, seeing how his was a larger frame. He then let go of the piece, and move in to resume their kissing. She let him, surprised by her eagerness. Even in her wildest dreams, she had never pictured such a scene!

One arm slid down, pressing against her lower back, as the other caught at her hair. Allura too began sliding her arms around Lotor’s body, pulling closer to him…when she stiffened. What was she doing?! Making out with Lotor when the castle was so vulnerable–her people in imminent danger?! She pulled her arms away, but he did not notice, or just didn’t care.

No matter how adequate–all right, he was MORE than adequate!–a kisser, Prince Lotor was, she couldn’t allow herself to fall into this trap, the most seductive trap of all…love–lust.

Setting her jaw in grim determination, she kicked her leg out as best she could in the motion restrictive water. It connected with his groin, and his eyes widen in shock and pain. He let go of her, reaching to grab at his aching crotch, and she swam out of reach.

Stuffing the mouth piece into place, she swam as best she could manage, glad that her skills, though rusty, were still well remembered. “OH!” Her head broke through the surface, her hair plastered to her skin. “First thing tomorrow…” She began dog paddling towards the river bank. “I’m issuing a decree that I resume the swimming lesson Nanny forced me to stop taking at age 12!”

She heard a splash behind her, and a large intake of air. “Wait!” She didn’t bother to turn, she knew WHO that was. Keith’s voice was NOT that deep! Switching to a breast stroke, Allura frantically tried to out distance her ardent pursuer. He didn’t make a sound, except for his smooth, sure strokes breaking water.

Reaching the shallows, Allura stood, attempting to run onto the shore. Her desperation, and the fear she felt that if he kissed her again, she WOULDN’T run away, made her clumsy. She fell to her knees, letting out a little curse of frustration.

She regained her footing, and made it onto solid land, just as Lotor stood up in the shallows. He didn’t trip, as he advanced on her at a brisk pace. He didn’t run, he knew he DIDN’T have to. A lascivious smile on his face, he reached her, all the while staring at her with those intent, golden cat’s eyes of his.

“Now Lotor…” Allura’s voice squeaked out, much too high for her own liking. “Let’s not do anything rash…!”

In reply, he scooped her up into the air, her shapely derriere resting on one arm, while his other hand slid behind her neck. To avoid toppling from that precarious perch, the girl reluctantly (yeah right!) hooked her legs around his waist.

“Scandalous!” She managed to mumble, before they were kissing again.

Desperately now, as though they were trying to suck out each other’s life force, their very being.

Her arms began to move, and uttering a feral growl, he roughly grabbed hold of her wrists. She let a small whimper of protest, but offered no other form of resistance, kissing him eagerly, tightening her legs grip on his waist.

He relaxed, realizing this wasn’t a ploy of hers to escape. He let go of her hands, retaking his grip on her body, as her arms wrapped around his neck. Suddenly the sky titled dizzily, and they were flat on the ground, he on top of her.

Her finger’s caught at silky strands of Lotor’s hair, as his hands began to rove all over her body. Allura let out a moan, as he rained kisses on the side of her neck. One hand playing with his marvelous mane of hair, the other slid across his chest, attempting to memorize the lines of his body.

“Lotor never mentioned anything about this…” He sighed into her ear, thinking how all his dealings with people on Doom had been with MALES. Hagger had been the only female, but she didn’t look anything like the one beneath him! Nor did she have the curves, the hair, or the lyrical voice! He now understood why an area of Lotor’s mind had been closed off to him!

As for Princess Allura, she heard the clone’s words, but could not make sense of them. What did Lotor forget to tell himself…what did it matter, she wanted more of these new, wonderful sensations!

This time SHE sought out his lips, pushing her tongue out to meet his. A deep part of her was trying to point out the situation was rapidly getting out of hand. She told it to shut up, and enjoy the ride!

His fingers touched the torn material of her uniform. Pushing it aside, he caressed bare skin, causing Allura’s back to arch. “Oh yes!!” She cried, eye lids fluttering. “Touch me…”

“ALLURA!!” screamed an anguish stricken Lotor.

“Hmmm…Lotor!” sighed a pleasure happy Allura.

“Lotor!” Snarled the man above her.

“Lotor?!” gasped Allura, doing a double take. “LOTOR!!”

“Allura.” said the one on top of her, lovingly smiling down her. He was please to have finally learned this water vixen’s name!

“How…Dare…You…” Lotor gritted out each word one by one, his face rigid with anger and disbelief. “YOU BASTARD!!” With an inhumane scream of fury, Lotor launched himself forward, landing on top of the clone’s back.

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