Two 13

The image of Lotor laughing–laughing at her, was seared into her mind, nothing would ever be able to compare to the pain and humiliation she felt at this very moment. He had betrayed her…all his talk, his promises to her, had been a lie. Lotor had played her from the start, and like a naive little fool she had believed him!
Allura could barely process how swiftly the change had come about. One moment he was the somber victor, gazing down stone faced at the dead body of his clone, only to transform into the cocky, arrogant prince a second later. “Mine Allura…” He told her, his voice heavy with meaning of what exactly such an ownership would entail. “All mine…”
“No…” Allura said dully, as he advanced towards her, brushing past a grinning Hagger. “No.” She repeated with some force, pulling her knees up against her chest, her hands scrabbling for purchase behind her. “NO!!” She screamed, managing to somewhat stand despite not being fully recovered from the witch’s spell. And with one step backwards, her cry of no went from protest, to wild panic as she felt the ground go out from under her feet.

“Allura–no!” Lotor cried, echoing her panic. His long arm reached out, snagging her by the wrist, keeping her from toppling down the stairs. His golden eyes stared into her blue ones, and she blinked, desperate to keep unshed tears from falling. Oh just let me fall. She thought. It would be easier to deal with death than cold, harsh reality.

But he didn’t let go. Instead, he slowly pulled her in, one arm sliding around her waist. He didn’t crush her against his chest like she had expected, and Allura hated herself for wanting that small comfort. At least then she could bury her face against him, hide away from the leering eyes of the enemy soldiers. Once he was sure she was safely on solid ground, his arm slid away from her waist, the only contact they had being his grip on her wrist.

“Well Hagger?” Lotor said, all business now. “What’s our standing? How are things proceeding?” She was jerked along behind him, brought closer to the wicked witch.

“Our main plan is going along splendidly…even with the unforeseen happenings with the clone…” Hagger said, smirking at Allura. “As you can see…” She gestured at the view screen. “The robeast is proceeding without hindrance, his field making it impossible for Arus to mount a defense.”

“Even if they could, they would not be able to form Voltron.” Lotor said, deeply satisfied. “Isn’t that right, my pretty little captive?”

Allura ignored him, staring at a spot over Hagger’s shoulder. She did not trust herself to speak, afraid she would further embarrass herself with demands that he explain his actions. Be even more of a joke than she already was by asking what of his love for her.

Her silence didn’t seem to bother Lotor in the slightest. “And Captain Akira won’t be much of a problem either.” announced Hagger. “My robeast has taken quite a shine to the young captain…you could say he’s putty in it’s hands!”

Lotor let out a delighted laugh. “Excellent. Two lions down, and the castle about to be demolished. Arus won’t recover from this.”

“Control is almost ours…”

“Almost?” He interrupted. “It is inevitable.” He whirled Allura around to face him, and took hold of her jaw with his fingers, forcing her to look at him. “We shall retire to my personal chambers.” Several of the men on board laughed at this. “And usher in the new leader of Arus with a private celebration.” For one dizzying moment, she thought he was going to kiss her, her legs trembled, her body unable to keep itself up.

“Princesses…” Lotor said with an indulgent chuckle, as he easily held up the swooning princess.


The princess was dimly aware of being carried, nestled in the embrace of strong arms, the smell of spice and sandalwood, with a faint whiff of after shave helping her to identify the man as Lotor. Of course. She thought bitterly, keeping up her pretense of being unconscious. Who else but he? It’s not as though he would allow anyone else to touch his precious prize.
Again she inwardly berated herself for being so stupid, all the while concentrating on keeping her breathing even. The sound of Lotor’s booted heels against the floor came to a stop, he setting her down, but not letting go, trapping her limp body between himself and the wall. He did this, not to molest her, but to open a door, his hands fumbling in his pockets in search of a key to unlock it.

Allura heard the telltale sound of the lock being turned, and felt herself being lifted again. She tried to keep from stiffening up, knowing she needed the element of surprise to get away. She strained her hearing for sounds, footsteps now faint–muffled by a carpet, the door swinging shut, it’s hinges well oiled so as not to make a sound. And the lock? She did not hear it click! Hope surged, that there was a chance the door remained open!

A few seconds more passed, and the princess felt herself being lowered down, feeling cool silk against what little of her skin was exposed. She didn’t need to feel the soft down pillow cushion her neck, to know he had placed her on a bed. That pervert doesn’t waste any time! She thought, fuming. Her flesh goose pimpled, and it was all she could do to keep on breathing normally, as she anticipated his hands reaching for her body.

But the groping never happened, the torment of waiting seeming unbearable. This is it. Allura thought, feeling more weight added to the bed. If her eyes weren’t already closed, she would have squinched them up real tight. All this tension was for naught, for instead of doing something fiendish to his helpless prisoner, she heard the sound of Lotor rummaging through something.


Allura thought, slowly opening one eye. She saw Lotor had his back to her, digging through the drawers of the bureau by his bed. She slowly sat up, careful to keep from shaking the bed too much, glancing frantically about the stately cabin, and her eyes fell on a discarded bottle on the floor. A weapon!
Eyes darting back and forth from Lotor and the bottle, she eased towards the edge of the bed, cringing all the while, sure the prince would turn and catch her. She couldn’t believe her luck when her fingers grazed against the glass of the bottle. One last nervous look at him, all the while chewing on her lower lip nervously, she took hold of the object.

Lotor was just turning, something clutched in his hand, when she brought the bottle down against his head. He let out a shout of pain, hands flying to cover his face, and she leaped off the bed. She literally flew across the room, eyes burning holes into the doorway that meant her freedom.

“ALLURA!” Lotor yelled, angry, and in pain. He lowered his hands tentatively, and uttered a curse, staggering to his feet. She was pulling on the door knob by then, the door opening a crack. Allura glanced over her shoulder and screamed when she saw Lotor was coming towards her. The Drule Prince managed to cross the room in just a few short strides, grabbing hold of the princess as she got over the threshold of the room. He easily picked her up, and flung her back inside the room, back turning to make sure that this time the door locked.

“I keep telling the guys down in maintenance this door has a faulty lock, but they haven’t done anything to fix it.” Lotor said, and as soon as he looked at the princess, her hand slapped him hard across the face. “You monster!” Allura cried, and slapped him again.

“That’s enough!” Lotor growled, and grabbed hold of both her hands in a one fisted grip. “I’m already going to have quite the shiner from when you clubbed me with that wine bottle!”

“Good, then maybe then your face will match the rest of your nature!” Allura said, struggling to get free, though she knew it was futile. “May you become as ugly as you are evil!”

Lotor groaned, and shook his head in annoyance. He decided he wasn’t going to dignify that with a reply, and began stomping his way towards the bed, dragging the angry princess behind him.

“Deceiver!” She cried, tossing out all the insults she could think of. “Silver tongued devil! Narcissistic pig! You…you lousy son of a robeast!”

“Hey!” Lotor protested, shoving her onto the bed. “Don’t insult my mother that way!”

“I’ll do what I damn well please!” Allura said, and kicked out her feet. “You…you contemptuous evil man!” The soles of her feet connected with his knees, and Lotor swore. “Damn it all Allura, you’re not making this easy!”

“Good! Suffer for your pleasure!” She shot back, and tried to kick him again. He sidestepped this, and pushed her down, forcing her to lay flat on the bed. She began wiggling vigorously, blue eyes wide with anxiety, as he climbed on top of her. He straddled her, his weight keeping her legs down, while his arms pinned her hands to the bed. “And so it ends in rape…” Allura said bitterly, glaring at Lotor. “You’re no better than your clone…in fact, you’re worse than him! Because he never claimed to be my friend…You are worse than the scum scrapped out of the bottom of a robeast pit!”

“You know princess, I’m beginning to think you don’t like me very much.” Lotor said wryly. “Will you just be quiet for a moment!”

“Never! You may have my body, but never my silence!” shouted Allura. “I’ll deafen you with my screams! I’ll shout out such a fuss that youmpgh…” His mouth was on hers, cutting off her half-wit protests. She let out a whine of outrage, trying to move her head to the side, trying to deny how good his lips felt on hers. My body is as much a traitor as he is!

He finally pulled away, staring down at her with an expression she couldn’t read. Allura glared up at him, trembling in rage. “How dare you!” She cried. “You think everything can be solved with a kiss!! Oh, I can’t believe I was starting to have feelings for you!!”

“Feelings for me?” Lotor asked with a small smile. “What kind of feelings?”

“Besides, hatred? Nothing!” Allura snapped back. She was gratified to see what appeared to be hurt appear in his eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way…” Lotor let go of her wrists, and climbed off of her. She sat up, and scooted as far away as she could get from him, noting a vial of smelling salts had joined the bottle on the floor. “I guess my act was a little too convincing.”

“You’re damn straight it was!” She snarled. “You are a…a…” She trailed off, blinking. “What did you say…an act?” Lotor nodded. “That was an act?!” Allura repeated. “I…I don’t believe you! You’ve prove just how easily lies spill from your lips!”

“Okay…I guess I earned that…” Lotor sighed, hating how she was looking at him. “But believe me when I tell you, I’m on your side.”

“Then what the hell was that earlier?!” demanded Allura with a sneer. “Why didn’t you call off the attack?!”

“If you hadn’t been so interested in condemning me, I could have explained sooner.” Lotor sighed. “I had to play the part of the evil prince. After all I can’t let Hagger and my crew know I am going to help Arus.”

“And why not?!” She demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Because, Crown Prince or not, to help the enemy achieve victory would be considered mutiny.” Lotor replied. “You have any idea would they would do, what my father would do?”

“So what you’re saying is you’re not going to keep your promise after all!” Allura frowned.

“Of course I am, but I’m going to do it secretly!” Allura was still looking at him doubtfully, not understanding his need for secrecy. “I’m going to help you escape…”

“That’s good, but what I really need to do is save my people by stopping that robeast!” Allura cried. “And I can’t do that if Voltron is unable to operate.”

“So we take out the robeast.” Lotor said.

“But how?!” Allura asked, a bit of whine to her tone. “How can we fight something without technology?!”

“We poison it.” Lotor said simply.

“Poison?!” repeated Allura. “Lotor, do you have any idea how many gallons that would entail for a creature that size?! Where are we supposed to get that much poison?!”

“It just so happens I have that area covered.” Lotor grinned at her. “Hagger has made a special concoction in case of the eventuality of a robeast going berserk and attacking us. It’s contained inside several missiles loaded onto a fighter jet.”

“So…If I can land a direct hit on the robeast, it will die?” asked Allura.

“Not die, weaken.” clarified Lotor. “It won’t be able to maintain it’s field, it’ll be too sick. You can then cut it down with Voltron.”

“And will the ship be able to fly with the corrosion field still up?”

Lotor nodded. “Both my ship, and the fighter have been adapted by Hagger to be able to remain unaffected by the field. It’s all just a matter of having a good aim.”

“Then Arus might have a chance after all!” exclaimed Allura excitedly. A bright smile on her face, she stared at Lotor, thinking she would kiss him if she wasn’t still mad at him for tricking her earlier. Lotor smiled, pleased to see her look happy at last, and the sight of that made the princess’ resolve melt. Best to let bygones be bygones. She thought, and moved to embrace him.

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    1. I always thought there was only two chapters left for this one. However, I don’t think I’d ever finish it. My writing and style has changed too much, and I could improve upon this story so much if I was to rewrite it. I feel my writing is so different from 2002 when this story was being written originally, that it would be harring to try and write out the last chapters NOW. But also, back in 2002 I wasn’t that true to Lotor…I made him little better than a blue skinned Keith, in terms of trying to make him a good guy. There’s also the matter, I could have had so much more fun with the clone, and I got rid of him so fast in this one.

      So if I was ever to return to this one, it would be to completely overhaul and rewrite it from scratch. ^^”

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