Enemy 03

The Robeast wasn’t one of the more spectacular beings Doom had produced. In fact it looked pretty weak, but the Voltron Force had long since learned to keep from doing quick judgments based on appearance. Even a kitten had claws, sharp and ready to slice open skin.

This robeast had a long sinuous body, composed of six round orbs connected to each. The uppermost orb had two multifaceted eyes like an insect, a bird like beak for a mouth, and long antenna on it’s head. The second and third orbs had little legs lined up on the other side, constantly twitching as the beast scurried about the sky.

Every once in a while it opened it’s mouth to roar out a challenge. Lance was amused by it, Hunk was bored. Pidge was already running a diagnostics program from Green Lion intent on discovering all of the robeast’s secrets. Keith had a deadly serious air about him, as he stared at the robeast, formulating plans and then rejecting them at a high speed rate. Allura was practically bouncing in her seat, hands itching to get her lion into action. Why wasn’t it attacking? And why were the ships from Doom so quiet?

“Okay team.” Keith at last broke the silence, a plan on his lips. “We’re going to hit it hard and fast. Each one of us will attack a section of the beast.”

Hunk sighed, wanting this to be over with. “Why don’t we just form Voltron and get it over with? End it with a quick jab by blazing sword, and have the rest of the day to relax?”

“We have to save Voltron as a last resort.” Keith said. “It’s better to wear the robeast down with lions first. Then it will be easy pickings for Voltron.”

“It already looks like it was beat down.” Lance said pointedly. “Oh well. It would be nice to take down a robeast with just the lions for once. Which section do I have?”

“Take the one under me Lance.” Keith said. “I’m going to see if I can’t severe the head from the body.”

“Wait a second guys.” Pidge said, eyes locked on the onboard computer panel. “I’m detecting high energy readings from that thing.”

“You’re kidding!” Lance said.

“Fraid not. There’s minute traces of radiation leaking out.” Pidge informed them. “It’s not high enough to be considered a danger. However…”
“There’s always a however.” sighed Lance.

“What worries me is…the different chemicals bases in that creature’s body.” Pidge tapped a button filling the other lion’s screens with information. “Recognize the formula?”

“Isn’t that…” Hunk’s brow wrinkled. “Components of nuclear weapons?”

“Yes.” Pidge said gravely.

“Wait…” Allura spoke up. “What’s this element here…this…”

“I know which one you’re talking about princess.” Pidge said. “I’ve never seen that particular one used in any combinations. I don’t know what sort of reaction it would cause.”

“Could it be Doom discovered a way to up the power?” asked Keith.

“God help us if they did.” murmured Lance.

“Like I said, there’s no way of knowing for sure what it does.” Pidge sighed. “I don’t even think it is safe to attack it.”

“But we have to try!” insisted Keith.

“It might be what they’re counting on.” Hunk said. “To cause us to do their dirty work. We don’t even know that anyone is on those ships. They could be robot piloted, and that’s why we haven’t received any hailings.”

“So what do you think we should do?” asked Allura.

“…Stick to the plan.” Keith decided. “We can’t let that thing remain here. It might have a timer to go off.”

“As much as I don’t like dealing with unknown chances, I’d have to agree.” Pidge let out a heavy sigh. “If I’m to have any chance of disarming it, the robeast has to be brought down.”

“I’m for flinging out pieces into space.” Hunk announced. “Or better yet…chunking it all the way to Doom, and letting them clean up after their mess.”

“There’s a thought.” Lance said.

“We’ll consider it later.” Keith told them. “Okay, Hunk you take the fourth section, Pidge gets the fifth, and Allura gets the end. Ready?”

“Yeah…” Pidge said.

“I guess so.” Hunk replied.

“Been ready all my life.” Lance announced.

“It’s all or nothing guys.” Allura said.

“Then let’s go team!” And Black Lion zoomed out ahead of the pack, flying towards his chosen target, a knife materializing in his lion’s jaws. The robeast’s beak parted, a white light appearing in it’s maw.

“WATCH OUT KEITH!!” Allura screamed out the warning, almost too late. The light shot out, and black lion just barely missed getting hit. The lions were forced to scatter as well, and the energy beam continued onto the castle, crashing into the invisible but highly potent protection field. For an instant, the air around the castle wavered, looking as though Doom had at last found a way to knock down the forcefield. But then it stabilized itself, exerting more energy to repair the section hit by the beam.

“Damn!” Lance said, sounding a bit in awe over the robeast’s attack. “I’d hate to see what it could do to something without a forcefield.”

“Change of plans guys…” Keith said, black lion backing away from the robeast. “I think it’s best if we just form Voltron.”

“I would just like to remind everyone that forming Voltron immediately had been my idea.” Hunk announced.

“Hmph!” Keith’s cheeks turned red. “Okay everyone, key in the transformation sequence.” Everyone took their keys off their uniform, placing them into the panels.

“Here comes his usual spiel.” Lance said on a transmission line that was cut off from Black Lion. The other lion pilots snickered.

“Energy readings are up.” Keith’s voice was dripping with satisfaction as his screen was filled up with data from the five lions. “Mega Thrusters are go.”

“Here it comes.” Hunk said in an omnious tone of voice.

“LET’S GO VOLTRON FORCE!!” They screamed it dutifully, their voices lacking enthusiasm. Not that Keith ever noticed that. He had gotten offended the time they asked him to stop announcing everything when they could plainly see, not to mention read it off their monitors. He had muttered stuff about no sense of tradition and sulked about it for weeks until the princess took pity on him, and said he could go back to his helpful narrating.

The five lions flew up in alignment, red and green lions at the front, blue and yellow at the rear, black lion in the center. Black lion’s paws went limp and slack, as energy crackled about him. “Form feet and legs!” Keith ordered, all four lions’ legs drawing up tight against their bodies. Blue and Yellow Lion started to form a L shape, when Pidge let out a surprised shout. There was activity on the robeast’s level.

The head’s antenna began rapidly spinning, appearing as though it were a whirling disc over it’s head. Between the body segments, a light glowed, and then they separated, truly becoming six different parts. They hovered in the air for a second, and then shot off…in five different directions. Various curses of frustration were heard from the Voltron force, the transformation process halted halfway through.

Keith slammed a fist against the command panel. “Doesn’t that thing know proper battle etiquette? All the other robeasts know to wait until we form Voltron before doing anything!”

“And yet Hagger wonders why her creatures can never win a fight.” Allura said sarcastically, not having a high opinion of the witches’ intelligence level.

“I suppose we better take care of the head, and then go after the other five.” Hunk sighed, realizing his day of relaxation was not meant to be.

“Damn straight we will…” Keith was cut off, as the head suddenly exploded, a fine coating of dust falling to the land below.

“Well…that’s one less thing for us to do…” Allura said optimistically.

“Fine…let’s each split up, and seek out those other parts.” Keith decided.

“I’m downloading into your computers various disarming methods.” Pidge informed them. “Don’t worry, it’s the disarming explosive for dummies edition. But I feel I must all warn you again. Be careful!”

“Whatever you say mother!” Lance teased, red lion already moving off in the direction one of the pieces had gone towards.

“Be careful team!” cried Keith. “Be on the lookouts for any signs of surprise attacks. You especially Princess. You never know when an ambush might lay in wait.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Allura sounded annoyed. “I’m a big girl now, I don’t need to be coddled.” I get that enough from Nanny, she thought to herself. With words of good luck, and several excited, “Go team, go!” from Keith, the remaining four went their separate ways.

Allura typed in some orders in her computer, using the robeast’s radiation against him. Her lion’s sensors would locate any source of radiation in the area…in turn, bringing her right to a robeast body part. It took some time to zero in on one, for even though the lions were capable of hitting incredible speeds, inducing the all too essential for space travel, light speed, she had to drive slowly, so as not to miss anything.

At last she saw it, laying in the desert sands where Yellow Lion slept when not needed. The part she found was one of those with legs, that now lay limp and unmoving. She guided her lion nearer, setting it down. She needed it close in case she had to make a quick retreat. She brought out a portable data pad, connecting to the ship’s computer, downloading the disarming information into it.

Before stepping outside of her lion, she made sure to activate her helmet’s visor, letting the glass extend to encase her skin. She did not want to risk exposure to radiation, no matter how small an amount it was.

She approached the body part, her stomach twisted in knots with apprehension. This was nerve shattering business, and her hand shook as she brought her knife to it’s skin. Squelching cries of disgust, she cut it open, pulling the folds of skin wide, to search inside for the nuclear device. It was there, held in place by the monster’s body fat. She consulted her data pad, and made a face, not wanting to put her hand inside the body. Suddenly, a humming noise sounded, and she gasped. Had she inadvertently triggered something?

Some of the body fat parted, and a chemical, perhaps the one Pidge had not been able to identify fell into the container, mixing with the other chemicals. “Damn it!” Allura cried, and turned to run for her lion. Heart beating rapidly, she ran, becoming aware of a shadowy figure watching her.

Trying not to tense up, as to not reveal she knew someone else was there, she reached her lion, just as he did. He approached her, footsteps silent on the sand, confident he had the element of surprise. It was revealed it was she who had the upper hand, when she suddenly turned, and kicked out her leg, landing a high blow on his chest.

Uttering a gasp of surprise, and he stumbled back, out into the sunlight where she could see him. “Lotor!” She hissed, rushing forward to push him onto the ground. “Why am I not surprised?!” She demanded, dropping down onto of him, straddling his body. “Tell me how to…”

“How to what?” He demanded, laughter in his eyes. “Disarm the bomb?” He chuckled. “Already done, my love.” She glanced away, surprised. While she had not been looking, the body part, along with it’s contents had almost completely dissolved.

“What?” She said, confused.

“Hagger should really be more careful when I’m around.” Lotor grinned. “I slipped in a dissolvent to do that, and a chemical to neutralize the other components. After all…I couldn’t let her blow up the woman I love.”

“OH!! You!” She said, trying to sound angry. But she had long since lost the ability to get truly infuriated with him. So instead she ended up leaning forward, kissing him squarely on the mouth…

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    1. Wow I was surprised to get a comment on this one! It was one of my first attempts at a VOltron story, written in like 2000 or 2002…Def know I have done better since…but it’s still nice to know someone like such an oldie. THanks!

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