Lusting Effects 2: A Pregnant Pause

   Sequel to Lusting Effects. It’s been several months since the events that took place in the first story. Arus is desperate for it’s day in court, wanting to contest the documents Lotor forced Allura to sign. Doom ships hover in Arus air space, but Garrison ships are deployed to keep the Drules from setting foot on the Arus soil

        As if things weren’t bad enough, Allura’s got a secret. One she’s scared to reveal to her friends, the Voltron Force.

Started in 2008.

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  1. What happened between the love for these too? I was really hoping she would come around & what about the baby? I was hoping to see how that affected everything when she gave birth & how she was going to raise him.

    1. I was going through old messages, and noticed I never seemed to reply to this. Just wanted to let you know, this part wasn’t meant to be an end to the storyline, just the end to the second story in a planned trilogy. I;ve even considered doing a Zarkon interlude story between Lusting 2 and Lusting 3. The sad thing though, at the time I really burnt myself out on the lusting effects storyline. basically I had had an idea for a different story, but forced myself to finish lusting 2 first, and by the time I finished this part of the triology, I no longer felt inspired for the other AU idea I had had. Which makes me all sad, cause I thought the idea would turn out pretty epic.

      Lusting 3 would take place after Allura has given birth. Some time after she’s given birth. The Zarkon interlude I have in my head, involves him trying to kidnap a very pregnant Allura, since his only heir is still in a coma, and he wants Lotor’s kid to secure their line to the throne. But I am not sure if I would write a whole separate story for this interlude, or allude to it in flashbacks for lusting three.

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