Pause 12

The scenery outside the transport’s window seemed to blur together, a haze of concrete and gray metal blobs that were formless. It was making him dizzy to watch, and for one moment Lotor wondered how the driver was faring. It was nervous business, traveling this fast. Any wrong move would have them end up a stain on the side of the road, and wouldn’t the reporters have a field day with that kind of story.

And yet he wouldn’t have it any other way, Lotor insisting they break new records of speed as they traveled to the space port. And all because they had a limited window of time to get there. The clock had begun ticking the instant Allura had left the courtroom. It wouldn’t take long for people to notice the princess’ absence, and before that could happen, Lotor and his group had to be gone from the courthouse.

They had left under the pretext of going out to a nearby restaurant for lunch. They actually got as far as inside the building, before they snuck out the back entrance. A new transport had been waiting for them. One with a driver Lotor had personally picked out himself. The man was known for daredevil feats when it came to driving, having made a career on the race circuit of a planet where the sport was still popular. The man had been paid well enough to know not to ask questions, to just drive when told to.

They were breaking all kinds of speed limits, the local law enforcements not able to keep up with the special engines that were built into this transport. Even the fastest ground based vehicle on Amestris wasn’t equipped to keep up with a transport that was modified for the race track.

Lotor had done some speedy driving himself, but nothing that could compare with today’s feat. He was more than a little uneasy, a feeling that didn’t go entirely away once the transport slowed down. They had reached the space port in a matter of minutes. Even Haggar looked unsettled, her skin seeming to turn green in response to the queasiness she felt. Cossack had his eyes closed, as if that could ward off any sick feelings.

The ride through the space port was almost boring, the slowness awkward in comparison to the jarring speed they had traveled with earlier. And yet Lotor couldn’t complain, much preferring to be able to make out his surroundings than view shapeless blurs.

The ships from Doom came into view. The largest, his command ship, had it’s ramp lowered in anticipation of their arrival. Lotor would not be the only one to be boarding. If all had gone as planned, Allura would be delivered as well.

The ride up the ramp was smooth, the transport’s engines still humming from their earlier exertion. The three in the rear of the transport didn’t evacuate immediately. All were in need of regaining their senses. When Lotor finally exited the transport, he found his legs were shaking, a sure sign of how affected he had been by the speed they had traveled at.

No one commented on Lotor’s awkward walk. Behind him, Haggar was stumbling, Commander Cossack putting out his arms to catch the witch before she fell. She immediately began complaining about the way they had traveled, thinking it was an unnecessary risk Lotor had forced upon them. The prince ignored her, walking through the belly of the ship. Drules scurried about, some checking on the transport, others calling out orders. One in particular would approach him, though he waited until Lotor acknowledged him to speak.

“The princess of Arus has now been missing for twenty minutes.” Lotor was informed. “They are begginning to get worried.”

“As they should be.” Smirked Lotor, loosening the cuffs of his sleeves. “Are they doing anything to find her?”

“Our spies at the courthouse say they are doing a room to room search. They have yet to stumble upon the hostages hidden in the bathroom.”

Lotor smiled at that. “No doubt all hell will break loose when those two are discovered. It won’t be long before they come here…”

“We have to be gone by then.”

“We will be.” Lotor assured him. “Have Carla and Anya arrived with the princess?”

“Not yet. But she has been secured, and removed from the courthouse. It shouldn’t be much longer….”

“It better not be.” Lotor warned, though the man he was talking to would not be the one at fault for any delays.

“It won’t be long before they put out a warrant for our arrest.” Haggar grumbled. “You know that maid of hers will talk. She tell them everything they need to know to throw the book at you.”

“It won’t matter. We’ll get away, and Amestris and the Alliance won’t be able to touch us.” Lotor said, unconcerned.

“I would have had them killed.” Haggar continued. “What’s one more murder charge considering all you’ve already done.” She paused, her look shrewd. “Or are you thinking the pretty princess won’t like you if you kill that Nanny of hers?” She tsked at Lotor’s silence. “Oh Lotor. Honestly. You’ve done how many wrongs to the girl? It’s a little too late to think she could ever play nice with you.”

“I refuse to believe it’s too late.” They had entered into the main corridor of the ship, and were heading towards the bridge. “Besides…you’re assuming I want to make nice with Allura.”

“Don’t you?” challenged Haggar.

Lotor gave an uncaring shrug of his shoulders. “It’s complicated. She has much to make up for.”

Haggar chuckled. “They say there is no fury like a Drule scorned. But I wonder if a halfling like you can really maintain his anger.”

Lotor growled, eyes narrowing into a glare. “I am more Drule than human. Never forget that witch!”

She rolled her eyes. “At least this vengeance of yours got us out of court. I don’t think I could have stood listening to anymore eye witness testimonies.”

“Actually…” Cossack began. “After that guard of theirs was done being cross examined, rumor had it they were gonna have some expert debate the legalities of the
documents the princess signed.”

“Gods, that sounds boring.” Grumbled Haggar. Lotor could only agree. Although it had been amusing to watch Allura and her friends get upset as his lawyers twisted around everything that was said, court had still been as boring an affair as Lotor had expected. He was glad to be washing his hands of the whole mess. He was a man never meant for the courts, Lotor preferring to make his own laws and deal out his own brand of justice rather than listen to some judge.

They squeezed into the elevator that would lift them to the floor of the bridge. Another Drule was waiting for them when the doors opened. “Your highness.” A quick bow, the man’s face looking anxious. “Someone leaked the princess’ disappearance to the news casts. It’s on every channel….as is your absence from the court.”

“What now Lotor?” Haggar demanded.

“I’m not concerned with that.” Lotor announced. “They can speculate all they want that my absence has to do with Allura’s disappearance, but they have no proof. Nor will they be able to do anything any time soon.” He smirked. “As far as they know, we are just taking a late lunch. No need to be concerned until they get real proof of my doing something underhanded.”

“I hope you’re right…” muttered Haggar.

He frowned. “You’ve been decidedly pessimistic ever since we got to this planet. I don’t like it.”

“With a track record like yours, can you blame me?” demanded Haggar. That only made Lotor scowl. “I won’t be able to relax until we’re long gone from Amestris. And if you had any sense, you would feel the same way!”

“Oh, I’m hardly relaxed.” Lotor told her. “I’m just a bundle of nerves, waiting for Allura to be delivered.” Haggar gave him a doubting look. He shrugged. “Get the crew ready. We are to start preparations to take off at a moment’s notice.”

“Yes, sire!” Cossack hurried off, ready to whip the crew into action.

“I don’t like this…” Haggar stated. “There’s too much to chance…and you’re relying too much on humans. First that driver, and then those women….”

“They’re loyal.” Lotor insisted. “I’ve paid them enough gold to earn their obedience.”

“They tried to kill you once!” Haggar cried out. “Need I remind you of that?”

“I haven’t forgotten.” His lips quirked into an odd little smile. He remembered when Anya and Carla had first come to him. They had been blonde back then, and dressed in the flimsiest scraps of silk he had ever seen. He had been told they were sisters, virgin pleasure slaves who had been trained specifically for the Drule in mind. They were to be his birthday gift, some token of admiration from a member of his father’s court.

Lotor had been intrigued at the thought of virginal seductresses skilled in the art of pleasuring a Drule male. He had immediately taken them to the nearest available room, intent on testing out their skills. They had put on quite a show, nearly lulling him into a false sense of security. And yet for all the excitement he had felt, he had never let his guard down completely. Not even when they worked together to please him, one suckling the tips of his ear, while the other knelt between his legs. The dual simulation of his ears and cock being sucked had nearly turned him to liquid, Lotor struggling not to melt.

Thank the gods Anya had looked up at him while his cock had been in her mouth. She had been in the midst of deep throating him, when he saw the calculating gleam in her eyes. Worse yet, he saw Carla’s reflection, the woman moving to stab into him with the smallest dagger he had ever seen. He wasn’t even sure when or where she had gotten the dagger, and yet he had moved to stop her.

Struggling back from the lustful haze of having his cock and ear sucked, he had broken Carla’s wrist. She had screeched, dagger falling harmless into his waiting hand. He had quickly brought the dagger’s blade to the blonde’s throat, the threat stopping her so called sister cold. Lotor had forced Anya to finish sucking him off, shooting his seed down deep in her throat.

His climax hadn’t meant the end of the night’s festivities. He had quickly restrained both women, and did a thorough search of their bodies. It was no coincidence they climaxed from his touch, the two proving to be weak to a masterful Drule. They had also turned out to be no virgins, just another lie on a heap of them. He had set out to seduce answers from them, denying them their climaxes as he interrogated just who had sent them and how much they had been paid. He hadn’t been surprised to learn they weren’t the pleasure slaves they had passed themselves off as, but hired hands. Assassins of the highest pedigree.

He could have killed them. But Lotor had been impressed with how they had gotten so close to killing him. He had tripled the gold they had been paid to assassinate him, and turned them loose on the one who had taken out the contract on his life. He continued to pay them, finding more and more jobs for them to do. Anya and Carla enjoyed killing, enjoyed the gold their acts of murder brought in to them. More importantly, they were able to blend in, to easily sneak about the humans. Just like they had blended in at the courthouse today, pretending to be guards employed there.

He had told them what to do, stressing Allura was not to be harmed. But he left Nanny’s torture up to them, knowing they would be particularly inventive in the methods they used to brutalize the woman.

Haggar’s scoffing sound brought him out of his reverie. The witch didn’t understand why he hadn’t killed the two the instant he had discovered their true intent. She thought he was letting his lust rule his thoughts once more. She didn’t, wouldn’t see the advantages working with humans could give them.

“Humans can be useful for more than just sex and hard labor.” Lotor said out loud. Another snort from Haggar. She really thought humans were just too stupid to be of any real use. It was an opinion his father seemed to share, especially after the disaster that was his union with Lotor’s mother. Lotor didn’t know the full details of what had happened, but he knew there had been nothing but heartbreak and misery where his parents were concerned.

He refused to dwell on their past though, not on the eve of his triumph. Instead he looked for something to keep himself busy as he waited, Lotor striding to the nearest computer terminal. The news reports he viewed were all speculating on the missing princess and prince. They were very close to the truth with their speculation that Lotor had run off with Allura.

He smirked at as one reporter said the authorities were unable to do anything just yet. He’d continue to listen to the news reports, right up until the news broke that Nanny and Miranda had been found, bound and gagged inside a bathroom stall. It sent everyone into a frenzy, the reporters bringing in the details as they were discovered. They were in the midst of speculating on just what the rescued pair would reveal when the bridge’s elevator dinged an arrival.

Lotor turned away from the computer in time to see his pet assassins make their way onto the bridge. They were still dressed as courthouse guards, uniforms neatly pressed. He lifted a brow in question, and the currently black haired Anya smiled. A tension he had not been aware of eased, Lotor shouting out a command. “Begin lift off procedures at once!”

Answering shouts, the Drules hurrying to do just that. The assassins sashayed over to him, their every move a planned seduction. He couldn’t help but admire the way their hips swayed as they walked, though his desire was all for Allura.

“Well?” Haggar’s screechy voice was a rude interruption. “Where is she?”

Carla spoke, but not before flashing the witch a dark look. “The princess is currently resting inside the prince’s private chambers.”

“You left her alone?” Haggar was aghast. Lotor supposed he couldn’t blame her. Allura did have a history of escaping.

“She’s securely bound.” Carla retorted, annoyed. “She’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.”

“You’ve done good.” Praised Lotor. “Expect a bonus in your bank accounts this month.” The two assassins smiled, eyes lighting up with greed. They appreciated money like nothing else, and Lotor was always generous with his bonuses.

“Thank you, your highness.” The pair spoke in unison, offering him deep bows of respect. The ship would begin to move, forcing itself free of the clamps that had secured it in place. Immediately outside alarms went off, the space port being alerted to an unauthorized take off. It wouldn’t even take a full minute for space port security to contact the Drule ship.

Lotor took his time in responding, walking over to the command seat first. Once comfortable, he gave the signal to put the call up on the monitor. Immediately a man who was red faced with anger appeared.

“What are you doing?! You’ve been given no permission to depart!”

“Oh my, did I need permission to do as I please? I hadn’t realized….” Lotor was sarcastic, even as the man cut him off.

“You are to land immediately! You are not cleared for take off, and you are wanted for questioning in the disappearance of Princess Allura of planet Arus!”

“Allura is missing?” Lotor smirked. “I wasn’t aware…”

“This is no joke!” The man exclaimed.

“Haggar, do you hear? The princess is missing.”

“Then I suggest they put more resources into finding her, rather than harass an innocent Drule.” Somehow Haggar managed to keep a straight face as she said that.

“Prince Lotor, incoming message from Amestris’ local authorities.”

“Let the call through.” The view screen split to allow the new call. A woman was there, dressed in a burgundy colored military uniform.

“Prince Lotor….why am I not surprised to find you fleeing in the wake of a crime.” She said. Lotor started to make some smart retort, but the woman talk over him. “We are prepared to shoot you down if you do not land your ships at once.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.” Lotor told her. “I’m sure you’re aware, that would be an act of aggression against Doom. As such, we would be forced to retaliate, and my father would move to take over the planet. Are you prepared to risk that?”

The woman hesitated, and all the while the Drule ships continued their ascent. “Land your ships…let us settle this peacefully.”

“I’m afraid peace is not an option for us.” Lotor said. “Do it.”

“Yes, sire!” A beam shot out of the command ship, exploding one of the smaller buildings that made up the space port. Rubble became airborne, flames licking at their sides. Even more alarms went off, another beam firing upon a different building.

“What are you doing?!” The woman exclaimed. The man from space port security had disappeared from the monitor’s view, but Lotor could hear him screaming orders in the background. “There are innocent people in the space port…!”

“Anyone is fair game when it comes to me getting my way.” Lotor retorted. “We’re prepared to burn this space port to the ground, innocents and all, should you make a move against us.”

“You bastard!”

“Language miss.” Chided Lotor with a laugh. The Drule ships continued to fire, taking out buildings and ships alike. “What will it be?” Lotor asked. “Will you let us go, or will you fight?”

“Damn you….” She shook her head. “Garrison will stop you…”

“I’m afraid Garrison will have it’s own problems to deal with.” Lotor told her with a smirk.

Her eyes widened. “What have you done?”

“Won’t it be more fun to wait and see?” Lotor asked her. Her lips pursed together, the woman looking as though she had tasted something foul. “Consider yourself lucky this day.”

“Lucky?!” She sputtered.

“The loss of lives is minimal at best. It could have been much worse.” He smirked. “Still can be. Walk away miss…this is not a fight you want to take part in.” She was still sputtering in disbelief when the communication was cut short. Lotor leaned back in his chair, smiling. With the sabotage on Garrison’s ships, and the threat against the space port, it seemed no one would be interfering with their get away. Everything was preceding according to plan, and this time Lotor wouldn’t let victory slip through his fingers.

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