Pause 13

found her waiting for him, just as he had ordered. Bound and blindfolded on his bed. From the looks of her rumpled clothing, Allura had struggled. The knots on her ropes would only pull tighter, chafing her skin with her every movement. Once he would have been enraged at the thought of even that hurting her, but now he felt nothing but a superior sense of gloating.

His moment of triumph was at hand, but Lotor did not rush it. Not when he wanted to savor it. Savor every moment that followed. The door hissed closed behind him, Allura’s head turning in the direction of the noise. He didn’t speak, content to let her worry build as she tried to guess just who had entered the room. Did she know it was him? Or did she assume it was her tormentors, Anya and Carla? But he hoped Allura realized just who she was dealing with, Lotor prowling towards her on silent feet.

She kept her face turned towards him. The blindfold hid her beautiful eyes, but left the rest of her face exposed. Her lips seemed to quiver, a betrayal of her nerves. Lotor felt a predatory smile spread across his lips. Her lips would do more than just quiver before he was done.

As he approached her, he noted the handiwork of his pet assassins. They had been careful with the bindings, tying Allura’s hands behind her back, and binding her ankles together. She couldn’t walk, and she couldn’t bring her hands forward, leaving her as defenseless as she was immobile. It suited Lotor just fine. He wasn’t ready for her to attempt yet another one of her infuriating escapes.

She inhaled deeply when he stopped in front her, nostrils flaring as she scented his after shave. He wondered if she remembered it, if she’d know it was him by the scents that clung to his skin. Her lips seemed to increase their trembling, she was frightened now. His mind purred out a good, let her embrace that emotion if it meant she’d become more compliant to what he wanted from her.

He drew out her tension, standing before her without any attempts at speaking or touching. Her chest seemed to heave, the movement noticeable even through that ridiculously oversized jacket she wore. He’d get rid of that garment soon enough, but for now he’d leave it alone. But he wouldn’t leave it’s wearer alone, Lotor at last moving to reach around her in order to remove her blindfold.

Chocolate brown eyes looked at him, the lids blinking rapidly as Allura tried to adjust her sight. She seemed to flinch back at the sight of him, but other than that she did not react. At least not outwardly, Allura seeming to build up her defenses, the girl ready to play the frozen maiden. As if her disinterest, her coldness, would somehow cause him to lose all desire for her. As if that could ever happen. Even now Lotor felt the familiar hunger, the pangs of desire stirring deep within him. As angry as he was with her, it was almost lost to the yearning he felt for her.

He might have frowned at that realization. But he kept his expression as cool as hers, the two of them studying each other intently. For all of Allura’s intent to be indifferent to him, the fear she tried to hide kept her transfixed on him. She hadn’t even tried to get a good look at the room, letting Lotor be the sole focus of her attention. He liked that, liked that his mere nearness could keep her so enthralled.

“I must admit, you’ve impressed me, Allura.” Lotor finally broke the silence. She arched an eyebrow, but not before confusion flashed in her eyes. “Most women would be caterwauling to the skies over the situation you find yourself in.”

“I don’t think crying would help me any.” She retorted, tone even. “It certainly won’t get me free of these ropes.”

“It certainly won’t.” He agreed, and let his eyes rove over her in quick study. “Gods, look at you!” He forced out a chuckle. “I’d never have recognized you if I saw you on the streets….”

Annoyance flickered in her eyes. “You won’t get away with this.” Lotor tsked at such a typical response. “They will notice we’re missing. Nanny is scheduled to be a character witness for today. They’ll come looking for us all….”

“They already know you’re gone.” Lotor told her. “There’s several warrants out for my arrest.” She kept her face calm, not even relief at that showed in Allura’s eyes. “Not that it matters.” He added. “Amestris has no real jurisdiction on Doom.”

“And even if they tried to force the issue…it would only plunge them into war with the Empire.” Allura said tonelessly.

“Clever girl.” Lotor retorted. “And we all know how that war would play out. Even with the backing of the alliance, Amestris would lose. Especially now that Voltron is missing one of it’s pilots.” Allura was oddly silent to that goad. That was fine, he’d talk enough for them both. “Of course, I’m sure you realize by now, this entire farce of a trial was allowed to happen. I’m sure you can guess why.” Still nothing. “I knew you’d come….just as I knew you’d be susceptible to any threats on the life of your beloved Nanny. Heh….you all played right into my hands….”

“Your…goons didn’t harm her, did they?” Allura demanded. “She and my assistant are safe now?”

Annoyance flashed through him. “You should worry more for yourself then them.”

“Just answer my question!” Allura sounded impatient now.

“They’re fine, if a bit hysterical over your abduction.” Lotor told her.

“Then they’ve been found?” She seemed to sag with her relief. “Thank Gods!”

“The Gods had nothing to do with it.” Lotor reminded her. “It was all on you, whether they lived or died.”

“Yes, I’m aware of the burden you placed on me.” Her tone was frosty. A lesser man would have been chilled by it, but Lotor was used to dealing with Allura’s attempts to freeze him out. What’s more, he was confidant he’d melt her ice, and with it any last attempts at resistance soon enough.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Lotor was snide then. “Do you find yourself troubled by what I have done? I’m sure you can’t possibly understand how you brought this upon yourself, what with your betrayal of me!”


“You made promises to me, Allura. Promises you backed out on.” Lotor reminded her.

“Promises!?” She drew herself back up. “Do you really think I owed you anything after you drugged and raped me?! After you forced me to sign over my planet to your Empire? After you…”

“I treated you well, all things considering.” Lotor interrupted impatiently. “I made a document that would see to the favorable treatment to your people. I even went so far as to agree to see to the well being of the pilots of that damnable robot of yours! I more than played nice for you. And yet you repaid me with deceit, abandonment, and betrayal!”

“Played nice?!” Allura scoffed. “You don’t know the meaning of the word.”

“I know more than you think.” Lotor hissed. “And you’ll soon find yourself yearning for my kindness.”

“I cannot yearn for something I’ve never received from you!” Allura exclaimed. She was starting to struggle with the ropes around her wrists. Her eyes flashed with pain in response to her attempts to get free. Lotor stood back, crossing his arms over his broad chest as he watched her struggle. “Damn it all, are you just going to stand there? Untie me!”


“What do you mean no?” Allura demanded. “Where would I go once free? I’m still a prisoner on your ship.”

“That didn’t stop you last time from leaving.” Lotor retorted.

“I had a little help last time.” Allura reminded him.

“You’ll get none this time.” He stepped in close to her, watching her try to squirm back. “If even one of your pilot friends gets close, I will personally kill him.” Did she pale under the bronze make up coloring her skin? He couldn’t tell, but was appeased by the alarm in her eyes.

“The document you had me sign states the pilots of Voltron are to be unharmed!”

“Oh? Are we back to honoring that document?” Lotor asked her, voice mocking. “How convenient for you. Choosing to uphold it only when it suits you and your friends’ interest. Well, Allura. I’ve half a mind to rend that document null and void and make Arus a slave planet for the Empire.”

“You can’t!” She cried out in protest.

“I can. Don’t test me on this.” A tightlipped smile was given to Allura. “You’ll find that any benevolent whims must be earned before they’re granted.”

“Earned….” She repeated, then shook her head. “Just what do you want of me, then?”

“What do I want?” He held back from touching her, giving her a look as cold as the one she tried to give him. “I want your everything, Allura.” Now he was sure she had paled, her eyes going huge with her fright.

“My everything?” She shook her head again. “What more can I give you that you haven’t already taken?!”

“You’ll find out you’ve only tested the surface when it comes to what you can give me!” Lotor smirked then. “After three months of trouble, of misery and humiliation? The very least you can repay me with is sensual pleasure.”

“You’ve cause me nothing but trouble too!” Allura spat back. “I even tasted humiliation at your hands, and during this trial.”

“It’s all humiliation brought on through your actions!” He snapped back in retort. “There would have been no need for your public humiliation if you had just married me like you promised!”

“I only promised to marry you because you were blackmailing me!” Allura’s voice was raising in upset. It matched his in volume.

“It’s a promise all the same!”

She glared at him a minute, then let out a scoffing sound. “You have a twisted idea of how binding a promise should be.” Another struggle of her hands, and then she huffed out an angry breath. “Are you going to leave me tied up all day?!”

“I’ve a good mind to leave you tied up until we reach planet Doom!” threatened Lotor. The gaping look of astonishment on Allura’s face nearly made him laugh. “That’s how little I trust you, Allura.”

“Fine! I get that you don’t trust me. The feeling is mutual!”

“It may be mutual, but now? I hold all the power.” Lotor smirked, even as she made a face at him to show her strong dislike at what he had said. “And if you want to worm your way back into my good graces, you’ll have to be a very good girl.” Another once over with his eyes, his smirk deepening. “Very good. It’s going to take a long while to build back the trust I had in you…if that’s even possible.”

Allura seemed to grit her teeth together, as though fighting back some nasty retort. “Don’t expect it to be easy.” Lotor continued. “I have been very hurt, very disappointed by your actions. You rejected me Allura. You left me abandoned at the altar. You didn’t even take my calls.”

“Excuse me for not wanting to talk to the man who had raped me!” Allura was sarcastic then.

“It wasn’t rape!” Lotor snarled as Allura scoffed. “Not exactly. You were willing at the time…”

“Only because you forced one of Haggar’s potions on me!” Allura exclaimed. “I would have never, ever done what I did otherwise!”

“Time will prove the falseness of that statement.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Allura, before I’m through with you, you will know desire. You will want me, and that want will lead you to do many things. You’ll find the idea of bedding me less abhorrent than you find it now!”

“And just how do you intend to do that?” She demanded. “With more of Haggar’s potions?!”

“No. No drugs, no potions, no manipulations. Just you and me.”

“It’s impossible otherwise….” She said slowly. Was that a tremulous note in her voice? He smiled at hearing it.

“You’re very naive if you think I can’t make you want me just by touching you.” She started her struggles with the rope again, the princess near frantic to get free. “You’ve felt the passion between us…I awakened in you once, the passionate woman within. You may have buried her deep, but I will bring her out again.”

“No.” She shook her head, still struggling. “NO!”

“Really Allura. Such an over dramatic reaction to what I promised.”

A glare was tossed his way. “It’s no less a real reaction to a proposed violation of my body!”

He forced himself to sound uncaring. “You’ll get over it in time.”

Her glare didn’t lessen. “Time does not heal all wounds…”

“But it lessens the impact of them all the same.” Lotor told her, still speaking in that bland tone. He dropped to his knees before her, hearing her gasp in response. He reached for her legs, his hands feeling the thin hosiery she wore on them. An exploratory slide up her skirt revealed them to be stockings that ended mid thigh. That knowledge pleased him, Lotor letting his hands smooth down the length of her legs. His fingers touched the coarse rope tying her ankles together. Allura stopped moving, and though Lotor did not glance up at her, he felt her eyes on him.

With his face devoid of expression, he began working the knots loose. There was many, and his fingers were more impatient than he would let on to Allura. He found himself fumbling over the knots, but did not give in to the desire to slice them open with a knife. Instead he took his time, letting his anticipation build as each knot was worked free.

Predictably, the instant the ropes came off, Allura tried to kick him. She wasn’t fast enough, crying out as he grabbed hold of her ankles mid kick. “Don’t try that again.” Lotor warned her. She looked ready to be defiant, though some of that faded at his next threat. “Not unless you want me to tie you down to the bed spread eagle.” Another gasp from Allura, the girl looking outraged at the thought. He might actually do it anyway, though right now he was intent on his prize.

Her legs shook. He wondered if it was fear that caused their trembles. Or maybe she was simply shaking from the effort of holding back her attacks. It mattered not to him, Lotor changing his bruising grip to one of beguiling touches. One leg was let go, though tension coiled within him in anticipation for an attack that might not come. His outward appearance was calm, as though confidant Allura would behave now.

He almost let out a sigh of relief when she did nothing more than sit there. Both his hands touched her right leg, stroking up and down the length of it. The stockings were silk smooth, and would easily tear underneath his claws if he wasn’t careful. Perhaps later he’d be in the mood to damage her clothing, but for now he exerted care. Another glide up her leg, Lotor lifting it so he could press a kiss on her knee.

Not so much as a gasp from her. A look upwards showed Allura wasn’t looking anywhere at him. She was staring past him, as though the room held more fascination than what he was doing with her leg. But Lotor felt sure that was all just a pretense. And one he would quickly shatter.

He resumed his stroking, each caress of his hands bringing them higher up on her leg. Until he was touching the fastenings that held the stockings in place. He quickly unfastened the garter, and then slowly worked the stocking down her right leg. Her flesh seemed to goose pimple in response, Allura shivering when he kissed the top of her bare foot.

Her skin was just as cool and smooth as the stocking had been. He remembered that the inside of her thighs had been soft, and with it came an eagerness. “Open for me, Allura.” It was a command, Lotor already trying to pry her legs apart. She struggled with him, her legs remaining annoyingly closed. That annoyance spiked through him, Lotor sitting back on his knees with a sigh.

“So it’s to be the ropes then?” There was no response, not even a blinking of Allura’s eyes. He made a move for the ropes, and suddenly she reacted.

“No…no ropes…” Shamefaced and tense, Allura allowed her legs to part. She didn’t do it wide enough for his liking, Lotor helping her the rest of the way. Her skirt rolled up, her panties being flashed to him. Delicate and plain, the white fabric was hardly one to excite a man’s appetite. And yet Lotor felt excitement all the same, the prince settling in between the princess’ legs.

He didn’t go right for her panties, instead touching her thighs. His fingers caressed over the inside of them, and then he was pressing kisses there. He forced himself to linger there, learning her every taste and texture of her skin. Save for a relentless shifting of her body, Allura did not react. She was very much into playing the ice maiden, steeling herself to ignore what he was doing. He bit her thigh then, an angry thought following. ~Let her ignore this then.~

She jumped, though the bite hadn’t been harsh enough to break the skin. But it turned red from where his fangs had been, and would turn darker yet before he was through. Nails digging into her legs, Lotor began to suck insistently at the segment of skin he had just bitten. Her breath seemed to hitch in response to that, her restless shifting continuing.

When he was done, Lotor looked at the mark he had left on Allura. It was a perverse thrill that filled him, to see it in so intimate a place. His fingers caressed over the mark, the gesture almost reverent then. His eyes lifted higher, to the plain white panties she wore. There didn’t appear to be any dampness on the fabric, but that would change soon enough.

Reaching to hook his fingers under the waistband of her panties, Lotor began drawing them down. Allura held herself absolutely still for this, legs not so much as twitching. He knew they wouldn’t be still for much longer, she’d be shaking all over from his attentions. A hot flash of pleasure went through him as Lotor imagined Allura screaming her release with his head between her legs.

But he didn’t go immediately for her revealed sex, instead kissing her other thigh. It was as much torture for her as it was for him, Lotor eager to sample her. To see if she tasted as good as he remembered. His cock had turned rigid in his pants, throbbing with need. He didn’t let on to the fact he needed her that badly. It would be a mistake, one that would give Allura power over him. He could not allow it, could not let her know how easily it would be to rule him through manipulations of his body and his desire for her.

~Control.~ Lotor thought to himself, his breath huffing over Allura’s sex. ~I have to remain the one in control.~ How better to retain that control than to shatter hers? With that thought in mind, he moved forward to lick her. It was no shy, hesitant laving, but a long, luxurious lick. Immediately, the rich, heady taste of her filled him, far stronger than that of her skin. It was all he could do to stifle his moan, Lotor’s nails digging in deep into her legs.

She was better than his memories of that time, more luscious and mouth watering than he could have dreamed. His tongue wanted to do furious motion, to bury deep inside her and seek out the nectar of her body. He controlled himself, forcing his tongue to move painstakingly slow along her slit. Allura made a sound deep in her throat. Lotor couldn’t tell if it was protest or encouragement. Either way, it didn’t matter, for he couldn’t stop.

He feasted at her center like he was a starving man. Allura wasn’t as immune to him as she would have liked to believe. Moisture began to pool there, and with the first tasting of her wetness, victory trumpeted through him. He licked again and again, occasionally pausing to draw on the pulsing center of her. This time when she moaned, he had no trouble interpreting the meaning behind it. Pleasure.

Elation joined the triumph. He used his entire mouth, tongue and teeth being called into action as he explored her cleft. Allura made another sound, she was trying to hold in her moans. It just made Lotor more determined than ever to wring those sounds out of her. She wiggled and squirmed under his hands’ grasp, her body seeming to undulate under his mouth’s torture.

A new tension had taken over Allura. One that had nothing to do with her anger and fear. Lotor knew how to read a woman’s body. It was that same expertise that let him know all her tension was from an approaching climax. One he would give her, Lotor concentrating all his attention now on her clit. He sucked that tasty morsel between his lips, tip of his tongue tickling it over and over until Allura bit her lip in an attempt to hold back her scream.

Convulsions followed that strangled scream. Lotor didn’t stop. Even as she quivered from her response, Lotor began building her up to another climax. He wanted her world to change, to remind her of all she had turned her back on. To make it so she never forgot him, to cast away any impulses she had to abandon him a second time.

The second scream she was unable to stop, her lip torn and bleeding as she gave voice to her glorious release. Only then did Lotor pull back, mouth damp with Allura’s moisture. He wanted to smile in the moment, to laugh in cocky triumph. Try as Allura might, she wasn’t indifferent to him. Her body would betray her again and again.

He slowly stood up, watching her eyes which were unfocused in the moment. His hands reached for the wig she wore, auburn hair and cap being tossed aside so her glorious blonde mane fell down her back in luxurious waves. He caressed fingers through that golden sunshine, and pulled herself closer to the edge of the bed. She was just coming back to herself when his tongue licked over her bleeding lip. The blood there was nowhere near as tasty as her climax, but he worried at her lip all the same. Allura let out a whimper in response, and then Lotor was kissing her, lips still damp with her juices.

The urge to fall on her was strong now. His erection threatened to tear through his pant’s fabric. It would be so easy to pin her, to finish this. And then they’d be right back to where they started. He would be in her thrall once again. What’s worse, she would know it, and use it to her advantage. This wasn’t the way Lotor wanted things to play out. He wanted Allura to be the one needy and begging. To have her rendered so lost, she’d do anything to be with him. He could tell from the kiss she wasn’t even close to that breaking point.

It took all of his strength to pull back from her. This time he was the one shaking. Shaking from the restraint he was exerting, and from the desires running rampant through his body. His cock didn’t care if he ended up Allura’s slave, it just wanted the satisfaction of her body. His pride wouldn’t let him take that satisfaction, not yet at least. With a muted curse, he turned his back on her. She didn’t even look dazed or confused, a fact that contributed more to his anger. Trying not to growl, Lotor left her to flee to the relative safety of the bathroom.

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