Pause 14

Allura waited until Lotor had left the room before she let out the shaky breath she had been holding in. With it’s release, tears threatened in her eyes. But she wouldn’t give in to them, refused to give Lotor the satisfaction of her breaking down so completely. Let him have one less victory over her this day. Even as she thought that, Allura couldn’t keep the full body shudder from taking her over.

She was glad Lotor wasn’t present to see how badly she shook. Allura needed to keep him believing she was unaffected by everything he said and did. But her body was treacherous, betraying her in ways she couldn’t control. She shook again, remembering that devilish tongue of his, his mouth pressing insistently to her sex. He hadn’t left her alone until he had wrung out not one but two damnable climaxes, a shame she thought she might never get over.

The sexual release had done nothing to rid her of the tension that plagued her. If anything Allura felt all the more wound up. She was frightened by her response to Lotor’s molestations. She kept trying to tell herself it was just a body’s natural response, and yet she hated herself all the same. There had been very little she could do to prepare herself for that kind of pleasurable assault. Her memories of three months ago were hazy at best, Allura having experienced sex with the filter of Haggar’s potion. It was a filter that had let her remain detached, not associating so closely with any pleasure she may have inadvertently received at Lotor’s hands.

Now she had no such filter, and it made her weak. Weak in ways Allura wasn’t prepared to deal with. But Lotor would. He would revel in that weakness, try to use it to his advantage. Not that Allura could see what he hoped to gain from it. He already had her prisoner, and would use her to take control of Arus. Would Garrison still try to fight Doom? Of course. But there was little left that they could do, considering Lotor held both the damning documents and Allura in his hands.

Her only hope lay in the hands of the Voltron Force and their ability to get to her before Lotor took her to planet Doom. But with the lions engaged on planet Arus, she didn’t think that would happen. Especially when Lotor’s fleet was making it all but impossible for ships to break past their barrier. She sagged in place, trying not to let the hopelessness of the situation depress her.

But she didn’t know what to think on, her every thought troubling. Her agitation only mounted by the fact she was in Lotor’s bedroom, fresh off molestation, and left half undressed. It wouldn’t have changed the situation, but it would have made her feel marginally better if Lotor had seen to pulling down her skirt before he left her. But he hadn’t, and that exposure bothered her. She could think of a handful of reasons why he had left her in this vulnerable state, and not a one boded well for her.

She shuddered again, remembering the look in his eyes as he pulled back from kissing her. His desire had been apparent, but a storm cloud of emotion colored his eyes. He had been angry about something, perhaps her lack of response to his kiss. Whatever the case, he hadn’t proceeded from molestation to outright rape. Instead he had stormed from the room, leaving her confused but relieved.

The confusion was almost stronger than her relief, and partly because Allura knew the inevitable was only delayed at best. Lotor had been shaking with need, and she hadn’t failed to note the erection that had been straining against the fabric of his pants. He practically radiated lust, letting Allura know that for all his anger, he was still obsessed with her. Or at least with her body.

She began struggling with the ropes again, feeling how they chafed the skin of her wrists. Allura never believed Lotor wanted her for the person she was. She was certain he only saw her beauty, her body’s pleasing shape. That he could gain her planet through her capture was just one more factor towards his wanting her, she was sure of it.

Her teeth grit in frustration, the ropes not loosening. Those women he had employed had done their job well, ensuring she could do nothing but hurt herself further each time she tried to get free of the ropes. Even Lotor had seemed to have trouble untying the ropes on her ankles, though bitterly she noted in the end he had still managed to get her legs free.

She couldn’t even celebrate the limited freedom she had gained in the unbinding of her ankles. Not with her hands still tied behind her back. But she’d make good use of her legs, Allura inching off the bed’s edge. She nearly collapsed, her legs feeling unstable on the heels of two powerful climaxes. Allura almost growled then, forcing herself to take one shaky step forward, and then another. She would not let anything stop her from her exploration of the room, even if her body wanted her to lay back in lazy relaxation.

The room was more lived in than she had expected. But then Lotor and the other Drules had been spending the last few months living aboard their ships. It stood to reason that they would see to making their surroundings as comfortable and home like as possible. Allura began eying her surroundings, looking for something, even a sharp edge of a desk, to work open her ropes.

No weapons lay out in the open, but then Allura hadn’t expect Lotor to be that careless. She glanced curiously at the folders that lay open on the desk, but at a sound from the bathroom she hurried to rub her ropes against the desk’s edge. The sound urged her to hurry, though what she would do once free, Allura did not know. But the fact that it sounded like Lotor had shouted, made her frantic, Allura having noted what sounded like anger in his voice.

“Come on, come on!” She whispered under her breath. The rope didn’t seemed to be fraying, and she knew it was a lesson in futility if she did get her hands free. Lotor would most likely tie her up again. But as long as there was a chance he wouldn’t, she was determined to try.

She was still working the rope over the desk’s edge a few minutes later when the bathroom door opened. Allura didn’t even try to hide what she was doing, though she did freeze in place at Lotor’s reemergence. His eyes narrowed in anger, Allura feeling her defiance flare up.

“You couldn’t possibly expect me to just sit there and wait for you to return to molest me further!”

“If you had any sense, that’s exactly what you would have done.” He growled out in response. The look in his eyes made her want to shrink back in fear. Instead she straightened her spine, standing tall and proud. Or at least as proud as she could considering her disheveled state of dress. “I don’t think you quite realize the position you’re in…”

“Oh I realize.” Her tone was bitter as she interrupted him. “It’s just not enough to keep me from…”

“From what? Trying to escape?” demanded Lotor. “Such a determined attitude does not inspire trust between us Allura. And until I trust you, the ropes won’t ever come off.”

“You can’t leave me tied up for the rest of this trip!” He laughed at that. She didn’t tried to hide how that laughter made her seethe in anger. “It’s inhumane…!”

“It’s justified.” Lotor instantly retorted. “You have a history of escaping. I’m merely taking precautions to see that you stay put.”

“Until you give me a reason to want to remain here with you, I’m afraid I will never stop trying to run away!” It was the wrong thing to say, anger spiking in him. To the point Lotor stalked towards her, a soft growl escaping him. Allura tried to back up, and came up against the desk’s edge. He noted her frantic scramble to get away, and his eyes narrowed one brief instant before a wolfish smile appeared on his lips.

“You need a reason to stay?” He questioned in a careful tone of voice. It didn’t betray what he was thinking, but Allura didn’t trust it or the look on his face. “I can think of several.” He reached out so that his fingers caught her by the chin. It was a firm grip, no matter how hard she tried to shake free Allura couldn’t. She gave up trying, for the moment settling on glaring at him. It was a dare between them, a do your worst challenge.

It was a challenge the prince was more than ready to take her up on. Lotor leaned into her, eyes boldly staring as he went to claim her lips. Allura forced herself not to gasp, not to soften in any way. She knew he would capitalize on any weakening of her defenses.

It was no less a bruising kiss than the one he had given her earlier. Though this time he tasted different, any trace of Allura’s climax wiped clean of Lotor’s lips. She trembled against him, her tied hands forming fists behind her. He continued to press insistently against her mouth, trying to get her to respond. She refused to give him anything more than the slight shaking she was doing, Allura keeping her mouth firm against his.

It didn’t seem to discourage Lotor, the prince pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. He had released his cruel grip on her chin, using those fingers to trace along the line of her jaw. It was a gentle, teasing touch, like a feather ghosting along her skin. He kept on running his fingers over her skin, while on the opposite side of her face he was kissing his way towards her ear.

Allura found herself bending back against the table, trying to evade his attempts at affection. In response, Lotor’s hand swept into her hair, fingers almost cruel as he pulled. She reluctantly gave in to his urgings, head bowing back as her throat was exposed. Lotor abandoned his quest for her ears to place kisses on the side of her neck. She stared up at the ceiling, trying to ignore what he was doing. It was harder than she would have liked, Allura too aware of Lotor and the insistent way his mouth moved over her skin.

His other hand landed high on her leg, fingers so close to the spot he had ravished earlier. They began to knead on her thigh, Allura breaking out into shivers in response. Her damnable body seemed too eager for any hint of pleasure, a fact that should have made her growl. Instead she stumbled, tone almost breathless as she tried to protest.

“S…se…” To her embarrassment, he had her stammering out a reply. She grit her teeth, and set her lips in a thin line of disapproval. “Sex won’t make me want to stay.” If anything it would make her run all the faster.

“No, but I can leave you too tired to try anything.” Was Lotor’s murmured out reply. She was sure she flushed then, Allura mortified at the thought of what he proposed. For several long moments she said nothing in reply, feeling the sensations as Lotor began to suck in time to the pulse point in her neck.

“What…what you did before…” Further stuttering from Allura, the girl inwardly cursing her tongue for it’s clumsiness. “I…it didn’t make me tired…not in the slightest…”

“Oh Allura…” Lotor tsked, nuzzling her neck with the side of his cheek. “When I want to tire you out, you’ll know.”

She let that idea digest a moment. None of the imaginings it presented to her boded well, Allura scowling. “You’ll soon tire of rape and compulsion.” But she didn’t sound as though she believed it.

“Oh I dare say I will.” Lotor agreed, straightening up to look at her face once more. He smirked at the surprise in her eyes, but then his next words made her shake in anger. “But long before that happens, you’ll be giving me everything I want. Willingly and with a smile on your face.”

“And how do you propose to accomplish that?!” Allura exclaimed. “With more drugs?!”

“Now, now Alllura. I already told you I wouldn’t need to resort to that.” He actually dared to tap a finger on her nose, leaving Allura to blink owlishly at him.

“Then…then how?!”

He didn’t give her as direct an answer as she would have liked. “We both know you’re not as immune to me as you’d like to believe.” Allura made a scoffing sound in response to that. “Just minutes ago I made you scream with pleasure.”

“That was just pure physical reaction….any man could have gotten such results!” Her claim didn’t anger him as much as Allura had expected, Lotor not losing his smile.

“Any man? How little you know, dear girl.” She found herself fuming in response. “It’s a fact that I made you come, not once but twice. And I will make you come again and again. No matter how much you try to deny it, to tune me out, your body will respond. It can’t help it. The fact of the matter is, you are not immune to me and what I do to you. And that knowledge will eat away at you like acid.”

She was absolutely furious in response, glaring at him as she sputtered. “You…arrogant, over confidant…it was just chance…it…”

“If you really abhorred me…really hated the things I do to you, then you’d never be able to find any true enjoyment at my touch.” Lotor’s voice was smooth, as confidant as she had accused him of. “There’s a part of you that likes me. I can use that part to make the rest of you compliant.”

“Allow me to add overbearing to the list!” muttered Allura. But inside she was terrified, wondering if what he said was true. She didn’t have much experience with sex. In fact, other than today, the only other sexual experiences she had had, had been with this man. And all while she had been drugged to act in a manner so alien to her normal nature. Maybe Haggar’s potion had done more damage than she had realized at the time. Maybe it had left her so twisted up inside, she really would react in a favorable manner to Lotor’s touches.

She couldn’t know for sure, and Allura wondered if the witch would ever be forthcoming with answering any questions she might have had about the potion’s side effects. Allura wondered if Lotor would even let Haggar near her. The prince seemed determined to keep her tied up at his disposal for the entire trip back to Doom. She shivered again, wondering what plans towards her rescue were being made.

Lotor smirked at her, seeming pleased by the way she was trembling. Allura would hiss and bare her teeth at him when he began touching her again, hands rubbing up and down the length of her arms. Another part of her wondered if what he had said wasn’t just some attempt to manipulate her, to play on any fears and insecurities she might have had. And she was full of them, rapidly becoming insecure the more he touched her, the more she thought about the climaxes she had had.

But any doubts and worries had to be pushed aside, Lotor reaching for the top most button on her jacket. “Don’t!” She cried out, trying to jerk away. But Allura was pinned between Lotor and the desk, and had little room to wiggle away.

“Now is not the time for maidenly shyness.” Lotor said, one hand holding her still as the other worked to unbutton her jacket. “After all, I’ve seen it all before.”

Her cheeks flamed at the reminder. “I’m cold.” She told him. But it was a cold inside her that had nothing to do with room temperature, and everything to do with the discovery Lotor would make if her jacket was opened.

“I can warm you up.” Lotor’s tone was husky. He actually leaned in to kiss her again, and Allura debated the merits of kissing him back. If only to distract him from removing her jacket, and discovering her tummy.

Shaking, she closed her eyes, letting her lips soften and open to his tongue’s prodding. But instead of distracting Lotor, her response made him frown, the prince pulling back from her. Nervous, she gazed back, frowning all the while. “You don’t want to kiss me?”

“I’ll never tire of kissing you.” His admission was raw and honest. “But the fact that your suddenly eager for my kiss is something I find strange and suspicious.”

“It’s not that strange.” Defended Allura. “You said it yourself. I respond to you…”

“I did. But you weren’t ready to hear that, let alone accept it so quickly.” Lotor’s eyes narrowed. “There’s something more going on here. Something you’re not telling me…”

“Maybe I just realized it’s useless to fight back…”

“Would that that were true.” Lotor countered. His eyes seemed to dip down to her chest, the jacket barely unbuttoned that far. She felt panic when his hands went for the jacket, Allura trying to evade them. “Allura?” A questioning look, his hands grappling with her body. “Just what are you hiding? What don’t you want me to see?”

She realized her behavior was only making him more suspicious, and that more determined to get the jacket open. But what else could she do?

“You’re not hiding a weapon in there, are you?” He was half joking when he said that.

“No, of course not!” Allura exclaimed, still struggling. “I was searched at the courthouse, same as you!”

“There are ways to sneak a weapon past sensors, as I’m sure you’re aware.” Lotor retorted. “Now then, you’re…” She went to her last resort, bringing up her knee to crunch painfully between his legs. Lotor’s eyes seemed to cross as he howled in pain. The instant he dropped down to his knees, Allura lurched past him. She didn’t know what else to do, the girl positive the door that led outside this cabin was locked.

She only got a few inches away when a hand grabbed her around the ankle. Lotor had recovered enough to yank her down to the floor. His face looked absolutely furious as he crawled on top of her. “That was stupid.” He growled through clenched teeth. “And ultimately a time waster…”

“N….” Allura started to speak, but got no more than the first syllable out. Lotor’s hands had gripped hold of her jacket, and with a mighty wrench, tore it open. The buttons went flying, the jacket ripped half off her so that even the sleeves had torn. Lotor had been looking at her face as he did that move, but now his eyes dropped down to inspect what the jacket had revealed. Allura wanted to cry as a look of astonishment crossed Lotor’s face, the prince jerking up her shirt to expose her belly.

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