Pause 15

Lotor had known something was wrong the instant Allura began acting so strangely about the prospect of removing her jacket. He hadn’t believed her for one damn second that she was that cold. After all, the cabin’s room temperature was pleasant, not too cold and not too hot. Perfect for lounging about naked.

He supposed Allura could have been trying to retain some semblance of modesty if not for the fact he already had her panties off, and her skirt shoved up high. It was ridiculous to think she would fight him so hard about the baring of her breasts when she was already so exposed to his eyes. And thus he began to suspect that she was hiding something from him. He had been right of course, but what he had expected to see was some sort of weapon. Or maybe even a communicator for her to radio for help. Something she could trouble him with. What he got was troubling all right, but in none of the ways Lotor had expected!

He had still been in pain, cock throbbing from the violent way she had slammed her knee into his groin. He had been aroused at that point, his damnable attraction to Allura affecting him even with a few kisses and innocent touches. It didn’t matter that just minutes earlier he had tried to take the edge off his desire, Lotor masturbating a rough climax out of himself before returning to deal with Allura.

Lotor almost welcomed the pain of Allura’s attack, if only because it quickly forced his erection to subside. The last thing he needed was such strong desire clouding his every thought, especially when Lotor was intent on hiding just how powerful his need for Allura had become.

And thus it was with that anger that he pulled her down to the floor, growling out hostile words as he crawled on top of her. He had meant to scare her, but more than that he had wanted the mystery of what was underneath her jacket solved. He had had little patience left when he tore open the jacket. The buttons went flying everywhere, the front of the jacket half detaching from it’s sleeves. Lotor didn’t care that he had ruined the garment, instead watching as Allura cringed underneath him.

Her eyes had been panicked, her lips soundlessly forming a protest. He didn’t linger his gaze on her face for very long, Lotor gazing down the length of her body. Her clothes weren’t as tight as she normally wore, and there was a wrongness about the way the material lay across her stomach. In an instant Lotor had realized what was wrong, a hint of roundness to Allura’s belly.

He had quickly reacted to that, astonishment in his eyes as he jerked up her shirt. He didn’t even care that he exposed her bra in the process, Lotor staring down at the princess’ belly. It wasn’t all that large, but it was noticeable enough for him to hiss. The weight gain was only in her stomach, no hint of fat elsewhere on Allura. He knew what that had to mean, Lotor placing one hand on the bulge of Allura’s belly.

“Pregnant….” He gritted out, voice a soft rasp. Allura said nothing, seeming to sag in defeat beneath him. “How…how long? How long were you going to try and keep this a secret from me?”

He heard her exhale, but he didn’t raise his eyes to her face. He was too busy examining her belly, eyes almost critical as he wondered if she had put on the proper weight for his child to be healthy at this stage of development. A part of him inwardly flinched as he remembered how he had burned down so many of Arus’ farms. Had that affected how much Allura ate? Had he unintentionally starved his own child?!

Anger flared inside him, both at himself and at her. She had tried to keep him from finding out about the baby, THEIR child. She had willfully let it and herself be in danger, for every day the siege on Arus had continued. It mattered not that she had flown blue lion less and less, for the few times she had gone out to the battle field, she had held the potential to be injured. To miscarry or even die.

Lotor thought now he would have done things differently in regard to Arus had he known of Allura’s condition. He would have focused more on trying to steal her away from the castle, rather than work on attacking her planet. This baby, his child, was more important than any piddling planet in the galaxy. It was his heir, it’s birthright the Doom Empire. And Allura had tried to keep it from him!

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Lotor demanded, at last looking up at her.

She started to chew at her bottom lip, then winced as her teeth ground over the spot she had injured earlier. Her eyes looked wet with unshed tears, as though the thought of his knowing about the baby left her distraught. “No.” Allura said at last. His hand went still on her belly, Lotor fighting to control his anger lest he do something worthy of his father. “There was no need for you to know!” She added quickly, Allura having noted the way his eyes flashed with his anger.

“No need to know?!” His voice came roaring out, Lotor unable to control it’s volume. “How can you say that?! It’s MY child.”

“It’s….it’s not yours!” Allura blurted out, and Lotor’s vision turned hazy with red.

“WHAT?” One word, sharply asked through clenched teeth. She flinched, but stuck to her story.

“It’s not….you’re not the father…”

“Allura, I want you to think carefully on what you’re saying.” Lotor told her. “The last thing you want to do is tell me more lies…”

“I’m not lying!” She insisted, voice practically squeaking out. “You’re not the father…’re not the only one I slept with!”

He was positive she was lying, even as insecurities filled him. He remembered how earlier she had made claims that any man could have brought her to climax. A claim he had dismissed as the princess’ pure desperation. But now a moment of doubt had been born in him, Lotor wondering just who else she could have slept with. And with that wonder, came violent jealousy, a low growl escaping him as he imagined Allura finding fulfillment in another man’s arms.

“WHO?!” He demanded, his hands grasping her by both arms. He practically spit in her face as he snarled, eyes flashing as he fought to retain control of himself. “Tell me who else you laid with?!”

“WHY?!” Somehow she remained defiant, even in the face of her fear. “So you can kill him?!”

“Yes.” Lotor said, then changed his mind. “I’ll do more than just kill him. I’ll torture him first, until he’s begging for death. Until he regrets ever torching you. Until he HATES you for seducing him into your bed!”

Her jaw dropped at that. “If you think I’d give you a name after that, you’re crazy!”

Crazy with jealousy and the wanting of Allura. Because he still did want her, even pregnant and touched by another man. “Who was it, Allura? One of those pilots you surround yourself with?!” She was shaking her head no, projecting rapid refusals at everything he said. “I’ll just have to kill each one of them then….and every other man you came into contact with these last few months.”

“You can’t! That’s insane!” Allura gasped as he shook her.

“What is insane is you thinking I would ever allow you to be with another man!” He shook his head, strands of hair settling wildly around his face. “As if I would ever let you waste your love on someone unworthy of it!”


“I am the only one for you. The only one who can ever satisfy you, the only one who can truly love you!” Lotor continued as though she hadn’t spoken. “You’re mine Allura! All mine, and I will move the heavens and the earth to ensure you stay that way!”

“You’re crazy!” declared Allura, shaking in his grasp. “No one can belong to another….not in the way you seem to think!”

“The Doom Empire would argue that you’re wrong about that.” He retorted coldly. “Our whole empire is built on people owning other people. On placing a monetary value on a life….”

“So you don’t want a wife, you want just another bed slave!” Allura retorted, eyes narrowed in anger. But that anger couldn’t match the intensity that was burning through him.

“If I wanted you as just a slave, I could have ended this months ago!” Lotor shouted at her. “This goes beyond mere possession, the need to own you, to master you. Damn it, Allura, I love you!”

“You are obsessed with me, nothing more!” She screamed at him. “If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t do the things you do, you wouldn’t hurt me the way you do!”

“My love is different from anything you know.” Lotor countered. “It doesn’t mean it’s any less false just because I don’t go about your human ways of courtship. You can’t judge me based on your human standards. I am a Drule first and foremost, and we go to any lengths to keep what we want, what we love.”

“You can only hurt me.” Allura insisted. “I’ll never be happy with you…”

He wasn’t feeling particularly happy with her either. Lotor gave her a tightlipped smile, that held no humor or warmth to it. “You’ll learn to deal.”

“Is that the Drule way?” She was snide now. “To take what they claim to love, and damn it and everyone else to misery?”

“Why can’t you accept me?” Lotor demanded. “I would be good to you…love and cherish you…you’d want for nothing…”

“You’re a murderous, psychotic rapist!” She retorted. “How am I supposed to get over that?”

He wouldn’t flinch at the words she had used to describe him. “You should love me despite my faults…”

“I don’t love you at all!” She exclaimed.

“So, I’ve noticed.” He was bitter then. “Tell me Allura, how long did it take before you went seeking out another’s bed?” Another glance at her belly. “It must have been pretty soon after, considering how far along you are.” Stone faced silence was his answer. “Come now, you should be eager to torture me with the details of your illicit tryst.”

“I’m….I’m not that cruel.”

He flashed her a bleak look. “Sometimes I think you’re the cruelest woman I know.” Her jaw dropped at that. Lotor let out a deep sigh, suddenly infinitely weary. He let go of her, and Allura immediately sagged against the carpet. Her stunned look slowly change to that of wary appraisal, the princess watching as Lotor got up off her. He ignored the way she looked at him, actually turning his back on her to walk over to the bar hidden in the corner.

It was then that Allura tried to sit up, her eyes boring into him. “Wh…what are you going to do now?” She finally asked, in a tremulous tone of voice.

“Now?” He began pouring himself a badly needed drink.

“About us…about this situation…?”

“I’m not letting you go, if that’s what you’re hoping for.” Lotor told her, staring at his glass.

“Why would you still want me? I’m damaged goods…I’m pregnant with another man’s child…that will surely bring shame to you….” She trailed off at his growl, Lotor quickly drinking down the brandy.

The brandy burned going down his throat. The drink didn’t make him feel better in the slightest, Lotor scowling as he slammed the glass on the table. It splintered but did not break. This day had rapidly gone downhill with the discovery of Allura’s condition. He should have been enjoying his victory over her, seducing her as he broke down all remains of her resistance to him. Hell, the baby she carried should have been his, right now he should have been celebrating with her it’s creation.

“I need to think.” Lotor finally said out loud. His voice was hoarse, throat hurting as though from all the shouting he had done. He didn’t look at Allura as he walked past her, Lotor intent on leaving the room.

“Will you at least untie me?” Allura asked, voice small and plaintive.

He didn’t answer her, at least not in words, Lotor walking out of the room. He heard her cry out in protest, and knew she was not sad he had left her. She just mourned the fact she was still tied. No matter, she’d deal with it. She’d probably ransack his room as best she could, all in an attempt to find something to free her of the ropes around her wrists. He didn’t think there was anything there that would be of use to her in her quest. But then Allura was determined, a condition that always seemed to aid her in her escapes from him.

And yet he made no move to order someone to his room to watch over the troublesome princess. Not even his pet assassins were summoned. Lotor might wonder if he was tempting fate, if he wasn’t in some way trying to enable Allura’s chance to escape. But the simple fact was his mind was reeling, her revelations making him angry and tormented inside.

He wasn’t kidding when he said he needed to think. And he needed to do it away from Allura. When he was close to her, Lotor lost all sense of reason. Desire consumed him, even when he was at his most angry with her. And he was angry, Lotor scowling as he stalked through the corridors of his ship. His thoughts tormented him, Lotor replaying the moment in his mind where Allura has insisted the child was not his. That had hurt, like a lazon dagger being stabbed into his heart. He didn’t know what was worse. That she was pregnant with a baby that should have been his. Or that Allura had chosen to waste her affections on some other, unworthy male.

His look was absolutely murderous. Every Drule present in the corridors took one look at their prince, and quickly dove into the nearest room or side corridor. All to avoid becoming victim to the prince’s rage. Once Lotor would have been amused to see the way they feared his anger, but now he felt nothing but the rage burning in him. He was very close to drawing his sword, and leaving bloody path of destruction around him in an attempt to soothe the beast inside him.

He realized that it would do no good to turn his sword against his own crew. Not when the person he wanted to kill was Allura’s mystery lover. But he needed an outlet for his rage, and thus he found himself in the ship’s small gymnasium. Many of the soldiers present tried to clear out when they caught sight of Lotor’s face. He growled and ordered them to continue their exercises, all the while intent on joining them in their sparring.

He tried to control his temper. He truly did. But bodies still ended up on the ground, bones broken from well placed kicks, and brutal blows. There was a body in front of him, the man leaning heavily against the wall. His face was both bloody and wet with sweat, the Drule wheezing. Lotor realized he had been pummeling the same man over and over for the last ten minutes. No one else was around that wasn’t too injured to offer up a way to stop the prince from beating a man to death.

Abruptly he stopped, stepping back from the soldier. The man was still alive, but his ribs were most likely broken judging by the wet rasp of his breathing. It was beneath Lotor to offer an apology to a subordinate, even when he was in the wrong. So he said nothing, just walked past the fallen. Once inside the shower area of the gym, he’d radio for someone to come and bring the injured to the ship’s infirmary.

Lotor didn’t wait to see if anyone came to heed his commands. Instead he shucked off his clothes, and stepped into one of the shower stalls. The water came out freezing, but he made no adjustments to it. It felt good to be pelted by the cold water, Lotor wondering if this would be the balm that would at last take off the edge of his anger.

Unfortunately his anger was flaring every time he thought about Allura. Especially when he remembered the moment he had jerked up her blouse, and revealed her stomach. He had been shocked, but shock had quickly given way to upset. There had been no time for smug triumph, no time to revel in the fact he had gotten Allura with child. Too many worries and accusations had come to him, and in turn she had turned his world upside down with the claims that he was not the baby’s father.

Anger and jealousy had filled him, and it was as though he had been unable to focus on anything else but the fact that Allura had lain with another. He hadn’t questioned her anywhere as closely as he would have liked, the girl evasive when it came to giving him answers. Nor had he wanted to think what the child she carried meant if it really was a baby by some other man.

But he wondered. Was this really another man’s child? It was as he said. Allura must have slept with someone else pretty soon after she had slept with Lotor. The timing was suspect, and Lotor wondered if some weak human’s sperm could really have a better chance than his own seed at getting Allura pregnant. He stayed under the cold spray of water, finding that though his anger remained, he was starting to think more rationally. Allura could very well have slept with another man, and his jaw clenched at the idea. However, how could she be sure the baby was not Lotor’s? Had she performed any tests? Or was she clinging to a hope she badly needed, unable to face the idea of the thought of carrying the child of the man she viewed as a monster?

He hissed slowly to himself, nodding. There were ways to find out just who the father of the baby was. The tests were risky, but what was life without a little risk? Lotor needed to know for sure, needed to erase all doubts where the child Allura carried was concern. And he wasn’t content to wait six more months, waiting to see if the baby came out blue and with pointed ears.

He’d still have to deal with the fact Allura may have been unfaithful. And if she had, her lover would pay for her mistake, whoever he was. He took no pleasure from the thought, for though Lotor would kill this mystery lover of Allura’s, the truth of the matter remained. He’d much prefer if she had not slept with anyone at all. It didn’t make him want her any less, it just made Lotor sick with jealousy!

The water was still pelting him, Lotor not yet shivering under it’s icy assault. He tensed as he heard someone enter the room, but the person had made no attempts to hide their entrance.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Haggar’s familiar hiss demanded. Lotor scowled though she could not see him. “Those are good men you beat…at a time when we’re low on soldiers no less! What would you do if we’re attacked now?”

“Calm down Haggar, I only injured what? Over a dozen men? We have more than enough left over to man the star cutters should an attack come.”

“Even a dozen could make the difference between a win and a defeat for us! You shouldn’t be so careless!” Haggar growled.

“Considering the way I feel, I say a dozen injured is fortunate. I could have killed those men…and a lot more than just those twelve.” Lotor told her.

“And do you care to share the reason behind this tantrum of yours?” Haggar asked, tone as snide as ever. When Lotor didn’t immediately answer, she grumbled. “You have what you’ve been wanting for months now…One would think you’d be fucking the pretty princess until she couldn’t stand rather than running about attacking people! Or is her tongue more tart than you remember? Is that it? Do you need one of my potions to make things work better between you?”

“I am not resorting to any potions that manipulate feelings and lusts.” Lotor snarled. “That’s how this whole mess started in the first place.”


Lotor paused a moment, but Haggar had no more to say. “She’s pregnant, witch.” A sharp inhale from Haggar. It seemed the witch was as surprised as Lotor.

“Yours?” She wanted to know. He hesitated a moment.

“Might be.” He grimaced. “Allura claims to have taken another lover….though she won’t name names.”

“That’s a problem if she carries another man’s child.” Haggar’s words made Lotor snort, the prince knowing all too well how problematic it was. “She’ll bring disgrace to you if you marry her while she’s pregnant with some human’s brat.”

“Our people won’t accept a queen who cheats on their king.” Lotor agreed.

“If it’s not yours….we’ll have to get rid of it.” Continued Haggar. He said nothing, inwardly aghast at the thought of aborting a baby that was half Allura’s. Even as angry as he was, the thought had never crossed his mind. “Lotor…you must know…must realize we can’t allow a child that isn’t yours to be born. Forget about the disgrace, the humiliation you’ll suffer. Allura will be able to name the child the heir of Arus…and of Voltron…You won’t be able to claim them through your marriage…”

“Right now, I’ve bigger problems than capturing Arus and Voltron!” shouted Lotor, switching off the shower.

“Your father won’t tolerate your problems of the heart as having precedence over the Arus problem!” reminded Haggar. “You know what you must do.”

“I know no such thing.” Lotor lied, wrapping a towel around him.

“Forget about the child she carries. If you were smart, you’d abort it, and set about to making a new one with her.” Again he saw red, Lotor lunging out of the shower towards Haggar. His sudden dash forward took her by surprise, her mouth open in an o of shock as Lotor’s hands close around her throat.

“Don’t you ever, ever suggest to me to abort a child that may just be mine.” He hissed in her face. She was beating her hands against him, trying to pry free of his choke hold. “The child may be that of another man’s, but there’s just as big a chance it’s mine. As long as that chance exists, I will never bring harm to it or Allura.”

“Si…sire…” Haggar wheezed, gasping desperately for air.

“If I ever hear you so much as look funny at Allura or the child she carries, it will be the end of you. Do you understand me witch?” Lotor asked, shaking her by her neck. She gagged and choked out a feeble yes. “Good.” He dropped her to the floor, Haggar landing on her knees. He heard her gasping on great lungfuls of air. “Keep this quiet from my father….and alert the crew….our destination’s changed.”

“Changed….but why?” Haggar couldn’t sound as demanding as she surely wanted to.

“We don’t have the proper equipment in the infirmary to run the tests I have in mind.” Lotor told her. “We’ll have to stop at one of the worlds the Empire holds….We are not returning to Doom. Not until I know one way or another whether Allura’s baby is also mine!”

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