Pause 16

She was trembling, still tied, and kneeling on the floor of Lotor’s bedroom. It was the stuff of her nightmares, and Allura couldn’t get control of herself to stop her violent shaking long enough to spring into action. Not when her thoughts were turbulent, her heart beat racing. And all because of what had just transpired between her and Lotor. Forget about his molestations and threat of rape, the true danger might very well be in his reaction to her lies.

Closing her eyes, Allura let out a moan. She wondered what she had been thinking to blurt out such a thing to Lotor. To a man who was so obsessed with her, a man who was a possessive Drule with twisted ownership issues where she was concerned. She had seen the way he had reacted, the way he all but forgot about the baby to go off on a jealous tilt about her mystery lover. He wanted a name, a face to put to the corpse he wanted to make of this secret lover of hers. And if he didn’t get one, Lotor had made it known how prepared he was to kill any and all men that had been near her.

That threat frightened her, as well as confirmed how insane Lotor truly was. She had always thought his grip on sanity was tenuous at best. Now it seemed the thought of Allura laying with another would be the final push that sent him spiraling into insanity. What’s worse, she believed in his threat. Allura had read in Lotor’s face how he had meant what he had said, and that left her shaking all the more with the realization she had placed a great deal of people in further jeopardy.

A jeopardy she might not be able to avert without at least some bloodshed. Allura knew what might calm Lotor down from a murderous rampage. But how could she give him a single name, even if it meant saving a great number of people from his wrath? Especially when there had been no other in her bed, not since Lotor had drugged and raped her!

She had dug herself in deep with her lie, Allura wondering if it would have been wiser to just admit that Lotor was indeed the father of her baby? But how could she condemn her child to a life with that monster? The baby deserved a better father, deserved a better life than the one it would have on Doom. As far as Allura was concerned, Lotor was nothing more than the donor, the Drule unfit as father material.

Especially with that temper of his! She could list a myriad of reasons why Lotor would not make a good father. It was close to the same reasons why she felt he would not make a good husband. For her, or for any other woman in the Denubian Galaxy! He was violent, jealous, possessive, and greedy. He took what he wanted, and damned any one who got in his way. Whole worlds had been ruined by Lotor and his people. What kind of values would a child sired by Lotor learn from the Drules? Nothing good, she was sure of it.

Allura felt she was in even more danger now than an hour earlier. And all because his anger and jealousy made him even more unpredictable. Add in a dash of delusional, and it was a dangerous combination to deal with. Allura understood she couldn’t docilely sit here and wait for Lotor to return. Anything could happen then, and he might not show her much care now that he thought she was pregnant with another man’s child.

But she couldn’t stop shaking, Allura letting out deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself. She told herself to focus on one problem at a time, to concentrate on getting untied rather than any future dealings she might have with Lotor. She told herself to think of what would happen when she escaped, how she had temporarily bought a reprieve for her child, and Arus too. As long as Lotor didn’t believe the child was his, Doom wouldn’t be able to claim Arus through it. She could worry six months from now when the baby was born, it’s Drule features making it clear just who the father had to have been.

Another shaky exhale, Allura forcing herself up off her knees. The room was much unchanged, but there was one thing new about it. Lotor had uncovered a hidden bar in the corner. There were many different color bottles laid out under the half open awning. Allura was determined to break one, and use it’s shards to saw open her wrists’ ropes.

Still trembling, Allura made a determined beeline to the bar. She caught the strong scent of some kind of brandy. Lotor had left it’s bottle uncap. She eyed the bottles, and noticed the glass Lotor had drunk out of. It appeared fragile from how he had slammed it down on the table, the glass actually splintering in reaction to it’s rough treatment. Allura thought it her best option, the girl grabbing the glass as best as she could. It was with an awkward throw, that she smashed it against the floor.

Over a dozen small shards lay on the floor. Two larger ones looked promising. Allura knelt down, and carefully felt around on the floor for one of the jagged pieces. She winced, and bit back a cry when the glass bit into her skin, tearing it open. But she did not drop the jagged piece, ignoring the pain and the way her blood slickened her skin as she began trying to saw into the ropes.

Occasionally she’d pause in her attempts to saw open the ropes. That was when she strained and struggled with her hands, trying to pull the rope open. It held tight, though it was fraying in the center. Allura just needed to keep at it, and hope she didn’t cut open her wrists in the process.

Her nervous habit of chewing on her lip had her wincing anew, Allura forgetting herself to run teeth over the injured part of her lower lip. She hissed, and fought the urge to hurry, knowing speed in this moment would only lead her to become clumsy. She couldn’t afford clumsy. It might cause her to saw past the ropes and into her flesh.

She had no sense of time. But eventually the ropes were frayed enough that a little struggle from her had Allura’s hands break free of the rope. She thought about dropping the glass shard immediately, then chose to pocket it as a weapon. She wanted to see to her bleeding fingers and palm, but the first thing Allura did was fix her clothes so that she was presentable.

Her jacket was ruined, sleeves being ripped off the rest of the way so she could make bandages for her hands. She wrapped the fabric as tight as she dared around her fingers and hands, ceasing most of the blood flow. The floor was splattered with her blood, and glass shards were everywhere. Allura wondered if in one of the hidden compartments of the room, she’d find a weapon. Something better than glass. But Allura also wondered if she even had time to do a search of the room.

Deciding she didn’t, Allura hurried over to the door. It was locked, and she kicked her foot against the door in frustration. And then she turned her eyes to the key pad next to it, wondering if she could somehow trigger the opening sequence. She was no expert hacker like Pidge though. Allura wouldn’t know where to begin to work the wires into forcing the door open.

Allura kicked the door a second time, and then moved to prowl about the room. If Lotor had some kind of lazon blade hidden, she’d be able to use it to make the door malfunction. The lazon would fry the computer, and sever the wires that connected it to the door. And thus she began tearing apart Lotor’s room, ignoring the pain in her hands to search for something.

She was head deep inside his closet when the door opened on it’s own. She froze, but Allura did not try to hide what she was doing. She heard more than one set of footsteps, and it made her nervous. The muted sound of wheels accompanied those footsteps, and as she turned around, she spied Lotor with some other Drule. This unknown male had a covered cart he pushed deeper into the room. But at a gesture from Lotor he stopped, the Drule making sure not to look at Allura.

Lotor however, was all eyes for the princess. “Leave us.” It was a simple command, one the other man instantly obeyed. He hurried out the room, and the door slid shut behind him. Allura stared back at Lotor, sure her eyes were defiant. She kept her hands at her sides, ready to slip one into her pocket and remove the glass shard just in case Lotor tried something.

But he wasn’t doing anything just yet. Instead he studied her, eyes touching briefly on her wrapped hands. She let him look, figuring he ought to see what the desperation he had caused in her had led her to do. When he didn’t say anything, Allura broke the silence, her voice practically a challenge.

“You had to know I wouldn’t remain tied!”

“I knew you are resourceful.” He acknowledged. Lotor hadn’t looked to see just what she had used to cut open her restraints. “And desperate.” A cold smile then. “Desperation leads to creativity, makes us go to great lengths to wiggle out of a trap. How unfortunate for you, it all amounts to nothing. You’re still my prisoner.”

“Only for now.” Allura retorted.

“Perhaps.” His cryptic answer made her frown. What was that to mean? Her suspicion must have shown on her face, Lotor let out cold laughter. “You assume the worse about me and this situation…”

“You’ve never given me a reason not to!” Allura pointed out.

“How wrong you are.” Lotor said. She narrowed her eyes at him, and then he was explaining. “I treated you good, the last time you were my prisoner.”

“Only if drugs and rape is your idea of a good time!” She shot back. His expression flickered, it seemed he was fighting exasperation with her.

“I gave you terms of surrender that would see the people of Arus treated well. I was ready to marry you, to lay the Doom Empire at your feet. I even saw to a clause that would prevent those damn pilots of Voltron from being murdered. What more could you want?”

He truly sounded puzzled then. “Everything.” She said bluntly, but did not elaborate. “You won’t get away with this.” Allura added. “The Voltron Force will find a way to rescue me. They always do.”

“I’m sure they will try. But even heroes have an off day.” Lotor retorted. “All those wins…and all it takes is one defeat for them to lose everything. But I’m sure you’re aware of that.”

She was, and Allura hated that awareness. “Damn you!”

“Damn me? For what?” He sounded amused now. “For telling the truth?”

She couldn’t answer, Allura was shaking again. Her trembles only increased when Lotor began to stalk towards her. Without even thinking she backed up, disappearing into the closet. The clothing hid her from sight, Allura fumbling for the glass shard in her pocket. But Lotor didn’t enter the closet after her. Instead he sighed, and called out to her.

“This is foolish Allura. Come out.”

“No.” She tried not to tighten her grip on the glass shard, knowing it’s sharp edges could just as easily tear through her makeshift bandages.

“I’ve had a nice meal made for you.” He told her. “I’m sure you’re eager to enjoy it…especially given your delicate state.”

“I’m not hungry.” She lied, though her stomach was ready to growl out it’s hunger. She hadn’t eaten a true meal since the night before. She had been so nervous about the court trial, she had only been able to pick at her breakfast. And Allura had never gotten to eat lunch, on account of Lotor’s thugs for hire kidnapping her.

“You’re honestly going to make me come in after you?” His voice was full of disbelief. “This is pointless. I’m bigger and stronger than you. I’ll win.”

She said nothing, nor did she make any move to come out. The clothes she hid behind gave her a slight advantage, Allura ready to use the glass shard against him. She heard Lotor grumble in annoyance, and then the prince was parting the racks of clothing. The instant before his eyes landed on her, Allura sprang forward with as vicious a cry as she could muster. And with it, her arm swung towards him, her intent to slash open his throat with the shard.

It never came close, Lotor letting out a startled cry as he reacted on instinct. His fingers closed around her wrist. Rubbed raw from the ropes, and Lotor’s strength squeezing down on her, Allura was forced to relax her grip on the shard. The shard fell to the floor, Lotor’s boot crunching it into ground glass.

“You little fool!” He hissed, eyes blazing with his anger. His lips pulled back, revealing his fangs as he snarled at her. “Are you even using your brain?!”

“Let me go!” She said, trying to jerk away from him. Her free hand tried to smack him, but he quickly caught that one as well.

“Have you any concept what would happen to you if you had killed me?!” Lotor demanded, immovable steel against her struggles. Allura was all set to hiss out a retort about how the galaxy would be a better place without him, but then Lotor was continuing. “You’d have nothing to look forward to but torture and death! You think what I did to you was rape?! You don’t know the true meaning of the word! But you would once my father and his men got through with you!”

“Let go!” She repeated, frantic to escape. “Nothing they do could be any less demeaning than what you did!”

“You truly are a fool if you think that!” Lotor snapped. “Shall I tell you exactly the ways in which a man can hurt a woman? In which a group of men can torture a woman, break her down until she is nothing but the receptacle for their lusts?!” She was shaking her head no, but Lotor was merciless. “It’s a lot different when a man who has no care for you, takes you to his bed. There are ways Allura, things I dare say you’ve never imagined that can be done…Some men view women as nothing more than holes to be used…and they don’t care which one they have….or if they share her with several other men at once…”

She couldn’t help it, her eyes went wide at that. “I’m sure a woman of your status, of your virtue has never so much as imagined being penetrated in three different places at once…”

“Th…that’s not possible…” She stammered, some of her fight leaving her.

“Oh it’s possible.” A grim look from him. “Just imagine it Allura. No rest, no breaks, one man after another. Once they expel their lust in you, a new group takes their place inside you….They’ll use you, until you’re nothing, until you’re broken and bleeding, and covered in their come. And only then do they MAYBE grant you the mercy of death. And that’s if they don’t decide to whore you out for more money.” He abruptly let go of her. “I dare say my father would enjoy selling you off to the highest bidders…Voltron and Arus have made a lot of enemies in the Doom Empire. Ones who would love the chance to pay back Alfor’s daughter.”

Allura thought she was going to be sick, eyes wide with horror and cringing inside from the picture he had painted. He hadn’t even gone into vivid details, but that had made it all the worse, her mind going wild as she tried to comprehend the things he had told her. She dropped to her knees, hands over her face, but she wasn’t crying. She was just that sick. And with it, the urge to vomit came, Allura not holding it back as she began to gag over Lotor’s boots.

Suddenly she was grabbed, Lotor lifting her up and all but running into the bathroom. He didn’t quite make it to the toilet in time, Allura being sick on his shirt. The look on his face in response to the vomit was almost comical, but Allura couldn’t laugh.

“Put me down…” She whispered. He obliged her, and quickly took off his shirt. He stared at it a moment, muttering something about it being expensive before throwing it into the garbage can. Allura couldn’t remain standing, kneeling weakly on the floor. She couldn’t even muster the urge to care that Lotor was shirtless and walking towards her.

She was almost unresisting when he began to undress her. Almost, save for weak slaps that did nothing to keep her shirt on. He’d quickly shuck off her bra and her skirt, and even remove her one remaining stocking. He’d end up naked too, and carry her into the large tub. Keeping a secure grip on her, Lotor sat down in the tub, an almost limp Allura on his lap.

So limp she couldn’t help but lean into him, Allura resting the side of her body against his chest. She wasn’t so far gone as to rest her head on his shoulder, but it took a great deal of energy to hold it up on her own. She felt weak, energy drained and the first hints of the headache that often followed her more violent vomiting was already stirring in her temples. She was truly at a disadvantage, and Allura didn’t know what she would do should Lotor’s interest stir.

Of course in this position, it seemed inevitable that it would happen. How long could Lotor hold back his disgust over the mess she had made on his shirt, when he had her naked and seated on his lap? She shivered, and then realized the tub was filling up with warm water. Lotor hands were busy lathering up with soap. And all too soon those soapy hands were on her, the prince touching her waist’s sides.

She made wordless protest, the sound not deterring him. He rubbed the soapy foam onto her skin, and slowly began a crawl upwards. She’d nearly jump when Lotor’s fingers grazes the sides of her breasts, Allura frowning. This felt like nothing but trouble, and she immediately tried to stand up, weakness be damned. In response, Lotor secured a grip on her waist, hauling her tight against him. One arm remained around her, holding her in place, while the other hand began a leisurely cleaning of her breasts.

He lingered long enough for her nipples to grow tight and ache, as though they needed something more than just his soapy fingers rubbing across them. Allura refused to dwell on what that something could be, and she most definitely did not moan. Though out the corner of her eye, she caught a hint of smugness in Lotor’s eyes in response to the stiffening of her nipples.

Certainly she tried not to think on Lotor’s earlier claims of how her body responded to the things he did to her. But her cheeks began to burn with the blush of her humiliation, her head seeming to throb even more. It was a relief when Lotor began pouring water over her breasts, washing the soap away from her skin. He’d pay the same care to her arms and shoulders, raising goose bumps on her flesh as he rubbed and caressed the soap onto her.

But she couldn’t relax, not even for a moment. Especially when Lotor began reacting to what he was doing to her. His erection began pressing insistently against her bottom, and Allura tried her best not to fidget. She was all too aware that all it would take was a slight shifting of her body, and then Lotor could slip inside her. She was determined not to allow it, not to even encourage it.

But he made no move to lift her up, to force her to straddle his cock. He continued as though he wasn’t so visible aroused, the soap being washed away from her skin again. He bent his head downwards, grazing his teeth on a newly cleaned shoulder. Further prickles of unease went through Allura, and she tried to shrug off his bite. His arm pressed her more firmly against him, the other hand on her belly.

That hand was sliding lower, and a glance down showed it had been cleaned of all soap. And still he persisted, touching the golden curls that covered her mound. “Lotor…” An uneasy saying of his name, her upset increasing when he said her name in a level tone. “Stop….I’m clean enough…”

In response he bit harder on her shoulder, enough so the imprint of his teeth remained behind. She made a sound. It was supposed to be a growl, but came out more a helpless mewling. Again she tried to stand, and again he held her down, fingers trying to nudge between her closed legs. She realized he was going to have his way with her, and she wouldn’t be able to stop him. Not unless she could deceive him anew. So she began to gag, pretending the urge to vomit was strong upon her.

Abruptly his hands fled, Lotor hastily shoving her away from him. She nearly went under the water, ending up on the far side of the tub. His expression was twisted, Lotor intent on getting out of the tub. She continued to cough, maintaining the illusion until he was out, and had a bathrobe on. She placed a hand to her mouth, not sure her act wasn’t set on becoming a reality after all.

He watched her as she tried to control herself. Somehow she just managed to keep from being sick. Lotor seemed to sigh, the sound holding exasperation to it. “Better now…?”

“I’ll never be better.” Allura told him. She gave him a bleak look. “Not so long as you hold me prisoner.”

“That’s not something that will be remedied any time soon, so you best learn to accept it.” He was dispassionate then.

Now she sighed. “You’re heartless.”

“No, Allura. The problem is I have too much heart where you’re concerned.” He walked over to the cabinet over the bathroom’s sink, and began rooting around it’s contents. She watched him, sitting there shivering in the warm water. He’d find what he was looking for, Lotor approaching her with gauze and ointment in his hands. He’d set them down, and take hold of her hands, unwrapping the bandages she had made.

He hissed in displeasure at the sight of the cuts, and began running a cloth under the tub’s faucet. The blood was cleaned up, and some kind of cleansing liquid was poured on the cuts. The liquid burned, making Allura grumble in pain. The ointment however was pleasant to the touch, Lotor massaging it into her cuts. “This will prevent any infection from setting in.” He explained as he began winding the gauze around her hands.

She nodded and watched as he examined her wrists. There were no cuts there, but the skin still looked rubbed raw from her struggles. For good measure, Lotor rubbed the ointment onto her wrists. “You’re damn lucky all you have is a few cuts.”

“Would that my luck would hold up long enough for me to escape…” He had no retort for Allura’s murmured out comment, Lotor abruptly standing. He’d go so far as to leave the room without another world, and only once he was gone did Allura realize he had taken her clothes with him.

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