Pause 18

Things weren’t going the way he had hoped. Not since Allura had dropped not one but two bombshells on him. The fact that she was pregnant was something he would have reveled in, but Lotor’s triumph was marred by the princess’ claims that he was not the father of her baby. It was a maddening thought, Lotor feeling infuriated at the idea that Allura could have chosen to lay with someone else. The insult was made all the worse when he factored in the baby, the princess carrying some bastard’s child. Of course, Lotor didn’t know for sure that baby wasn’t his. And Allura wasn’t about to admit otherwise.

The fact that she wasn’t being entirely truthful with him, frustrated Lotor. He had no tolerance for people lying to him. He especially hated it when Allura played the liar, the prince having been burned by the princess one too many times in that regard. There had been times in the past when he had caught her. When he had had Allura at his mercy, the girl making promises to Lotor. Promises she had no intention of upholding.

It upset him, Lotor thinking lies had no place in the relationship he wanted to forge with Allura. But it also gave him a glimmer of hope. If she had lied in the past, why not now? Why not lie about the paternity of the child? Lotor could admit he understood why Allura would be reluctant to name him the father. It would give him the advantage over her, Doom would be able to claim her planet through the baby she carried.

Though right now Lotor had little concern for planet Arus. Let his father worry about that backwater world. Lotor had more important things to do, the chief among them finding out the truth about the baby, and gaining Allura’s compliance. In bed and out of it, Lotor still intending to marry her one day. Of course, with the way he was feeling, the prince was determined to make Allura work for the privilege of being his bride.

She wasn’t anywhere close to wanting to marry him. It was plain to see, even to Lotor, that Allura detested the idea. He was in no rush to step up his game, figuring they had time now. Even with the detour they were taking, the delays it would offer, Lotor didn’t think anyone would be able to come to Allura’s rescue. The side trip might even help her come to grips with what was happening, Lotor hoping by the time they reached Doom Allura would have given up all hope of escape.

As feisty as Allura was, even she had to realize when a situation was out of her control. Set backs aside, Lotor was winning. And he refused to think about how quickly his fortune had turned the last time he had had Allura right where he wanted her.

Back then he had been as close to happy as the situation could allow. He had been about to marry Allura, and Lotor had been sure he could smooth over her hurt feelings about Haggar’s potion and the forced submission of her people. He was happier then than he was now, Lotor staring moodily across the room. To the girl in his bed. Allura lay huddled on her side, the bathrobe she had borrowed from him big and baggy on her thin frame.

Hours had passed since dinner. Allura had looked so pale and pitiful after her most recent bout of sickness, that Lotor had taken mercy on her. To the point he had allowed her the chance to sleep in his bed, without his presence beside her. Allura had been all too quick to seize the opportunity to get some hours free of his molestations. She had clearly realized it was a rare opportunity he had offered her.

Allura had fallen asleep shortly after laying down. It was as though the stress of the day, combined with the drug he had given her, had sapped away all her strength. She slept deeply even now, with only the occasional murmur to show she dreamt. Lotor wondered at her dreams, the prince wanting every thought she had to be about HIM. But more than that, he wanted inside her head, to know exactly what she was thinking. He wasn’t anywhere near to being able to decipher her thoughts, even with the drug Thiopental running rampant inside her.

He was familiar with Thiopental, having used it before. It lowered the part of the brain that was supposed to be creative enough to lie, resulting in one being honest and talkative. A strong enough dose could last for more than a day inside one’s system. He wondered if enough was still inside Allura to make her continue to speak without guarding her words as carefully as she had been.

Lotor felt frustrated that the drug hadn’t gotten him as many answers as he had wanted. Allura’s lips had been loose, but not to the point she carelessly spilled secrets. But she had come close, saying things that hinted at the truth. To the point he felt a glimmer of hope where the child was concerned. He knew now that at least at one point Allura had believed the baby to be his. It made him wonder if she had performed any tests to find out the truth of it’s paternity, or if it was sheer hope that made her believe Lotor couldn’t be a candidate.

He hoped it was the latter, even as he had noted she had been unable to name who this other lover of hers could have been. She had kept rejecting those he named, and she had been decidedly close lipped about who else she could have slept with. It made him suspicious in another way, Lotor like a dog with a bone, determined to dig to the heart of the truth.

He would be tireless in his quest for answers. The desire for truth was almost as strong as his desire for Allura. He continued to stare at her, watching as her hands clutched a pillow to her. He’d prefer those hands to be clutching at him, preferably while he drove himself into her. Even that brief through was enough to get his lust stirring, Lotor shifting in his seat with a scowl.

Why must he desire the princess so badly? What was it about Allura that turned him into an uncontrollable beast, a man prone to his lusts? He prided himself on his control, on maintaining a tight rein on his thoughts, words, and actions. He was more used to women losing themselves around him, Lotor always dominating them and his desires.

And yet with Allura, it was different. Oh he tried to pretend to be in control, but his libido was what was usually guiding him. Even at his angriest, he had still wanted her. And now, when she was doing nothing but lay on her side, face buried in a pillow as she slept? Just looking at her was enough to get his cock stirring. And with it a kind of madness, Lotor feeling as wild as he was angry as he stood up.

Lotor knew he should leave the room, go elsewhere until he could regain the control he prided himself on. But it seemed such an effort to get dressed, and he didn’t like the thought of fleeing the room. Especially when what he was fleeing from was a mere girl. Even if that girl held his heart, the way Allura did.

Drinking wouldn’t settle these feelings. If anything the drinks would make him more unsettled. He might forget all his plans, and do the one thing he had decided to wait on. The thing he wanted Allura to beg for.

And yet he couldn’t keep away from the bed any longer. A few steps and he was looming over it, staring down at the sleeping princess. She had kicked off the thin blanket. It was after all, a comfortable temperature inside his cabin. But without the blanket, he could stare at her unencumbered. The bathrobe he had given her, reached just past her knees. One leg was bent forward, the bathrobe parting over it so that Lotor caught sight of one thigh.

Allura had been sure to belt the bathrobe tight around her waist. Pity for her at some point the belt had loosened. The front of the robe was open, offering just the briefest of glimpse of her breasts. He could almost make out a rose tip nipple before the cloth obscured his view. Lotor wasn’t the type to wait, he’d take what he wanted. And what he wanted was to see Allura!

He reached out with hand, just a finger tip snagging the front of the bathrobe. Carefully, breath held in anticipation, he eased the cloth back. One breast was revealed to him, Lotor sighing at how perfectly formed it looked. But then, physically it was as perfect as the rest of Allura. She had always been pleasing to look at, with generous curves. He had been haunted in dreams by the memories of how she had looked, naked and willing while on Haggar’s potion.

Of course when she had been drugged, the encounters hadn’t gone the way Lotor had wanted precisely. Allura had been the one wild, and as loathe as he was to admit it, she had been the one maintaining control. To the point she dictated how things happened, Lotor not getting to linger as long as he would have liked on her body. Not with Allura being pouty and grabbing at him, demanding things from him.

Now she wanted nothing from him. Nothing save for her freedom and her planet to be left alone. It was the very things he couldn’t grant her! He scowled again, wondering why they couldn’t find a happy middle. Why there couldn’t exist an Allura who wasn’t the demanding wench of Haggar’s potions, or the Allura who acted so put upon and disgusted by any of his sexual advances.

“Why must you prove so difficult?” He asked her, voice soft as he stared at her face. Her eyelid flickered, but she didn’t wake. Lotor sighed, and pressed the back of his fingers to one soft cheek, stroking her there. She seemed to sigh in response, cuddling her face closer to the pillow. His fingers continued their caress, and then Lotor was stroking down the side of her neck. He paused with his fingers pressed over her pulse point, feeling how slow her heart beat was in this moment. It was decidedly different from the nervous state she normally was in, her heart usually racing around him.

It wasn’t excitement that made it race so. He knew that much. He wished it was otherwise, even as a jealous thought overtook him. Had this mystery lover of hers made Allura’s heart flutter in excitement? Did this man move her in ways that Lotor had not? Did she imagine herself in love with this other man? Just thinking those questions made him want to growl, Lotor breathing open mouth in an attempt to calm himself. But it wasn’t working, the prince sweeping his fingers into Allura’s unbound hair.

He couldn’t keep from seething, Lotor wondering how often did this other man of her do the same thing? How often had he petted the princess’ hair in an attempt to calm or arouse her. Lotor felt that no other man should know the silken glory of Allura’s locks, no other man should have had the privilege of laying so much as a finger on her no matter their intentions.

“You’re mine.” He growled fiercely. She just murmured noncommittally in response. “Mine Allura. Do you hear me?” But again, no real answer, the princess deep asleep.

This jealousy was more than he could take, Lotor unused to caring about a woman’s history with other men. And yet the thought of Allura made him livid, a dangerous mood coming over Lotor. He wanted to find that man, to wring his neck, to hear bones snap as he crushed Allura’s lover underfoot.

That man wasn’t here though. There was no viable target for Lotor’s rage. He wouldn’t dare lift a hand against Allura in that kind of violence, but he could and would turn on her another way. His hands suddenly touched her shoulders, Lotor easing her onto her back. The robe parted even more, the prince reaching to pull open her belt. He’d follow that motion by jerking the robe half down her arms, leaving it open to frame the center of her body.

His breath seemed to catch as he did a slow, leisurely look down the length of her body. For a second he forgot his anger, Lotor more focused on how beautiful and perfect Allura’s body was. Her golden tanned skin, so soft and smooth. She’d taste like honeysuckle if he was to press his tongue to her skin, Lotor licking his lips just imagining it.

And then a growl followed that licking, Lotor seething at the thought that another man could know what Allura tasted like. It was worse to think of that man knowing what she felt like, that he had seen the expressions Allura would wear in her most heated moments. That he would know the sound of her voice as it rose in passion. He found his hands making fists on the bed on either side of Allura’s body, Lotor crawling on top of her.

But he didn’t lower his weight to her, Lotor carefully to hover over her so that no part of him touched her. He stared at her, thinking she slept far too peacefully for all that was happening between them. It was a peace he would not have, Lotor thinking he wouldn’t be at ease ever again, at least not until he killed the bastard who had defiled his princess.

That day couldn’t come fast enough, Lotor wanting to present Allura with the corpse of her former lover. But more than that, he wanted her to forget about any pleasure she may have found in the arms of a lover. He wanted Allura to realize that the only one that could truly satisfy her was Lotor.

To that end, he wanted to do more than just make love to her. Lotor wanted to possess Allura so completely she’d regret ever taking another man to her bed. He wanted to ingrain himself on her, down to every last nerve in her body. There was several ways to accomplish that. Could he maintain his dominance over her without his control shattering, and leaving him in Allura’s thrall?

Only one way to find out, Lotor lowering himself enough to press a kiss to her throat. He was shaking as he did this, shaking from the restraint he was showing. His most base instinct was to just take her, to throw her legs over his shoulders and pound into her. But that would perversely be giving Allura victory over him, and Lotor wasn’t so far gone yet.

He carefully grazed his fangs over her throat, leaving the slightest imprint of their tips in her skin. It wasn’t enough to stir her, the bite more tickle than pain. His hands unclenched from their fists, moving to grip her arms as he continued to lavish licks on her skin. Occasionally he’d give gentle nips, leaving teeth marks behind until her collar was a ring of them. Lotor liked marking Allura, liked leaving behind proof of where his mouth had been. To the point he pulled back to admire the marks, and then froze with a sudden realization. A realization that stole his breath away. Allura had come to him unmarked, no sign of a lover’s affection on her. Now he supposed her mystery man could have been the type to be cold and indifferent to such things, but what kind of heartless creature could avoid leaving skin as fine as Allura’s without even one hickey in place?

Of course, that was assuming she had been with this lover of hers recently. For all Lotor knew, she could have dallied and then dismissed the man from her bed. But he didn’t think Allura the type to pull a man into her bed, and then be rid of him at the first convenient moment. Especially if he proved to be the father of her child. This time when the anger flared, he ignored it. Instead he stared down at Allura’s face, puzzling out her mysteries.

If she had a lover, why had Doom not heard about it? Why had this tidbit of information so effortlessly evaded his spies? Why wasn’t Allura planning to wed the father of her child? Things didn’t fit together as neatly as Allura would like him to believe. Lotor cast a critical gaze over her body, wondering again about the claimed lover and the timing of her pregnancy. It made him want to shake her awake, to question her while she was still on the drug Thiopental.

But a sly thought filled his head, Lotor thinking to increase his chances for the truth by questioning her while she was drugged and groggy on both sleep and pleasure. Triple the attack for a more effective attempt at answers. And it was no hardship to give her pleasure, Lotor placing his hands on her sides. He began rubbing them up and down her body, watching Allura’s face as he caressed her.

Again the flickering behind her closed eyelids, Allura letting out a murmur that didn’t betray how she was feeling. He kept right on touching her, hands raised so that only his fingers caressed up over her breasts. It was a feather light touch he used, carefully circling his fingers around her flat nipples. The tease had almost has much effect as if he had put his mouth on them, the little buds stiffening slowly. They enticed him closer, Lotor continuing his slight touches across her skin. His hair fell forward, ends of it tickling across Allura’s chest. He’d quickly scoop his hair back, holding it in place with one hand as he brought his mouth to hover over her right breast.

A roll of his eyes showed Allura still asleep, completely unaware of what was happening to her. Her head would do a sudden thrashing when his mouth closed over her one nipple, the sweet honeysuckle taste filling him as he began to suck. He wasn’t slow, nor gentle, Lotor turning ravenous the instant his mouth tasted her. He suckled greedily at her breast, tongue rapidly licking over the taunt nipple in his mouth.

Allura’s lips began to part, her chest heaving with accelerated breath. The slightest moan escaped her, Lotor smirking around his mouthful. It was as he said earlier, her body was more honest than her words. Tossing his hair over his shoulder, his hands began massaging her flesh. The left breast was kneaded and fondled, Lotor rubbing his thumb directly over the nipple so that it wasn’t neglected.

His other hand slid under her back, helping Allura to arch up against him. Her thighs were nudged open by his knee, Lotor settling between them. It was a most dangerous position for them both, the prince erect, his cock yearning and seeking the heat of Allura’s body. But Lotor didn’t so much as rub against her, torturing himself as he kept his prick away from the place he wanted to bury inside.

Allura was really starting to make a lot of delicious sounds, shifting fitfully beneath him. When her hands touched his shoulders, Lotor knew she was awake. Allura, who had finally remembered to remove her brown contacts, stared at him. Groggy with sleep, and something very much like dawning horror was trying to chase the arousal out of her blue eyes.

“Greetings love.” Lotor had let her nipple pop out of his mouth. Her breast was slick with his saliva, his breath rasping over it, making her nipple continue to stay stiff. He didn’t quite smile at her, feeling a kind of smug satisfaction to have made her moan in such a way. Even if it had been done while she was asleep.

“What are you doing?!” Allura cried out, her hands shoving at his shoulders as she began to wiggle. She brushed up against his cock, both of them letting out gasps. But it was two very different kinds of reactions, Lotor pleased and Allura frightened.

“Careful love…” He warned her. “Keep that up, and I’ll be inside you before you know it.”

“No!” She stated the word very firmly, her head shaking with a frown.

“Then I suggest you hold very, very still.” Lotor advised her, and latched on to her nipple once more. Her body stiffened immediately, Allura’s hands grabbing at his head. She tried to pry him off her by his hair, but Lotor ignored the pain to continue his mouth’s molestations.

“Stop!” Allura exclaimed, her voice sounding more lost than authoritative. “I don’t like that!” He rolled his eyes up towards her face, eyebrow arching in mocking question. She flushed in response, but stuck to her story. For a moment he turned insecure, wondering if the drug was still working on her. And if she really hated her breasts being loved. Or if the act was detestable because it was he who currently did it.

Lotor didn’t like feeling insecure, and he growled, Allura letting a full body shudder in response to his sounds. She’d squeak in shock when he bit her, Lotor leaving the imprint of his fangs on the fat of her breast.

“You don’t like it?” He questioned levelly. “Then what do you like?” Stone faced silence was his answer, Lotor frowning. “Come now Allura. There has to be something you like…”

“You not touching me.” She instantly retorted. His frown only deepened, Lotor caressing his hand down her front. It slid over the slight bulge of her belly, Lotor caressing a few circles over it before moving lower. He didn’t smirk as he felt the damp curls of her sex, though elation spread through him to find her wet.

“You liked something I did.” Lotor said, holding up fingers that were wet with her juices as proof. She turned even redder, Allura shaking her head no.

“That’s just my body reacting….”

“So you say.” Lotor said flatly, and returned his hand to her groin. He did the slightest of touches over her slit, and then was spreading them open with two fingers. His other hand continued to support her back, holding her half upright off the bed. She squirmed, but didn’t do the hard thrashing that she had done upon first awakening. “Or do you mean to tell me your body likes my attention, but your heart does not?”

She immediately nodded, and he laughed. “I can work with that.” It was clear she was fuming in response to his next words. “The heart can quickly follow the body’s desires and become one.”

“I’m not like that. I’m not that easy!”

“Oh Allura, I never said anything about you was easy.” He was rubbing his fingers over her folds, feeling out every inch of them as she wiggled in response. She wiggled not to encourage him but to get away. But his arm was like a vise, locking her into place.

“And I suppose you enjoy the challenge?” She asked, and it made him pause. In a way Lotor supposed he did. It was why he had pursued her so relentlessly. A lesser man would have been discouraged by the obstacles Allura put in his way. But Lotor merely thrived on them. In some ways it made him wonder if he was a masochist, enjoying the troubles Allura caused him.

He did a quick nod in response to her question, and pressed a kiss between her breasts. Her fingers immediately clenched on his scalp, Allura ready to pull him away should he try more. But he didn’t dare, not while he had questions to ask her. But questions only needed his mouth, his fingers were free to do as they like. And they did, Lotor probing at the entrance of her body with one. It earned a gasp from Allura, her fingers pulling on his hair in response.

Lotor hissed, though it wasn’t in reaction to Allura’s weak attack. Instead he was marveling at the snug fit of her passage, his finger wiggling in as deep as it could reach. For a girl who claimed to have taken a lover, she was rather tight, as though she had barely made use of her sex in the last three months. He pushed a second finger inside her, rubbing the tips along her inner walls.

Allura wasn’t pulling at his hair now, but clutching it in a fitful manner. Her eyes had squeezed shut, and her white teeth grazed over her bottom lip. He had to remind her to breathe, a fact that made her let out a shaky, whimpery laugh.

“Stop it.” She ordered, and made a frustrated sound when Lotor told her no. He was still rubbing his fingers inside her, feeling her squeeze all around them in a tight grip that hinted at how loathe her body was to relinquish it’s hold on him.

“You know Allura…” Lotor tried for a casual tone, as if he was commenting on something as inconsequential as the weather. “For someone who has a lover, your body is remarkably tight.” A glance at her face showed her eyes had opened, her expression turning even more troubled. But she said nothing in response, Lotor inwardly grumbling. “One would almost think you haven’t had sex in months….”

She bit her lip harder, as though trying to stop herself from answering. Lotor hid a smile, and tried a different tactic. “Your lover, whoever he is must not be very good, or attentive. Why your body could barely handle my fingers….” He locked eyes with her. “Did he not play with you at all? Or…did he lose interest once he got you with a child?”

“I can say with all honestly, he did not lose interest upon finding out I was pregnant!” That still didn’t tell Lotor what he wanted, the prince extending his thumb to brush it over her clit. She gasped, Allura seeming to flinch in his arms.

“I wonder what else he’s neglected.” Lotor murmured, delighting in her reaction.

“Neglected?” A question instead of an answer, Lotor continuing to rub his thumb over her clitoris in small, circular motions. She was shuddering violently, the bit of stimulation having a great effect on her.

“Your body is starved for affection.” Lotor pointed out. “It’s as though you haven’t been with a man in months…” Again that mauling of her lip, Allura fighting the words that wanted to come out. “Have you not known any pleasure in months?”

“No, none.” It was a raw, honest answer that came out. It surprised them both, Lotor staring at her, though his fingers did not stop their molestation.

“None?” Lotor asked, listening to the way Allura’s breath turned ragged. His fingers began a slow slide in and out of her, his thumb pressing down on her clit the entire time.

“There’s been no time…”

“There’s always time for pleasure.” Lotor interrupted her. Even with the arousal in her eyes, Allura managed a bleak look.

“Not when your planet is besieged, and you spend every day living in fear…” He felt sorry to hear she had been so scared, but before he could say anything, Allura was continuing. “It wasn’t just Doom….” Her voice was breathy, so at odds with what she was saying. “There was other concerns…”

“Other concerns?”

“The baby.” She clarified. “I had so many concerns, so many worries about it. About the child’s future…about how others would react to it’s creation…..and I had no one to turn to…”

“No one?” Lotor was surprised at that. “Not even your lover?”

“There was Pidge…” She was evasive. “He knew…he tried to support me in my time of need, but really…there was only so much he could do….” Another gasp, followed by a moan. Her body was really enjoying what Lotor was doing to it. “I spent months worrying…holding off on telling the others about my condition…”

It made sense. If she had kept quiet, then no wonder his spies hadn’t learned about the pregnancy. “But they know now.” Lotor pointed out, and she nodded.

“I couldn’t keep it a secret forever. I had to tell them before someone else realized the truth behind my illness….” Another full body shudder, Allura’s eyelids fluttering. “It was nearly a disaster…they were so upset….Keith was so angry…He actually…actually…”

“Actually what?” Lotor prodded.

A shake of her head, her hair falling everywhere. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me.” Lotor insisted, starting to plunge his fingers faster inside her.

“He…they….had expectations to how I would handle this pregnancy.” Allura finally said. “They couldn’t possibly understand why I would want to keep this baby.”

Another sliver of hope, even as Lotor was aghast. “They wanted you to get rid of the child?” Allura nodded, seeming not to realize the suspicions she was building up in Lotor. “Why?” He asked softly.

She met his look with a bleak one of her own. It should have been all the answer he needed, but Lotor wanted to hear the truth from Allura’s lips. But she seemed dead set on denying him that much. So he tried a different tactic, abruptly ceasing his finger’s assault on her. There was a day…a day where black lion went wild. Without any provocation, it plunged into the heart of my fleet….Keith nearly got himself killed….along with the other lions who tried to rescue him. I always wondered what had brought that on. He had to be pretty desperate….or angry….”

“He was angry.” Allura reluctantly admitted. “Angrier than I had ever seen. He wanted to kill you that day. He still does…”

“He’s always wanted to kill me.” Lotor pointed out, wiping his wet fingers on the bathrobe.

“No, he’s wanted to see you brought to justice. That time was different…”

“Different how?” questioned Lotor. She again looked like she wasn’t going to say. “Allura….what is it? Tell me?” He was sure they were on the verge of getting a full confession, Lotor learning everything he needed for a peace of mind.

Allura’s mouth opened and closed, her eyes starting to fill with tears. “He…that is…” A quick shake of her head, Lotor deflating as she burst into tears. “He was angry because he found out you had raped me!” And that was all she would say about that, Allura breaking down and covering her face with her hands. Lotor could only hold her close, rocking her in his arms in a feeble attempt to comfort her. She was no longer in a position to be questioned, Allura letting out gut wrenching sobs as she dealt with her pain. And yet even as he tried to comfort her, he felt irritation to note he was no closer to the actual truth than he had been an hour earlier.

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