Effects 01

It was a beautiful day on Planet Arus, the sun high up in the sky, with nary a dark cloud in sight. It was typical of this time of year, it was the season of spring, with flowers blooming and the weather turning warm with just the slightest hint of a breeze. It was the perfect time to be out among the fields, tending to work or just relaxing, and yet, the surface was empty, the people hiding away in their homes. For with the perfect weather came another sight that was all too typical on Arus within the past two years.

Ships floated in the sky, an ugly blight of black and dark gray metal. For now they did nothing, but earlier they had rained laser fire down on the planet’s surface, firing on an unsuspecting populace who had quickly fled to the safety of their homes and nearby caves. They didn’t dare remain out on the ground to watch the ensuing battle, there was always a risk that the defenders of their planet could lose.

They were in the sky now, and to some it might appear a laughable defense to see only five ships flying. But the lions of Arus were anything but a laughing matter, sleek metal that had speed, power, and high defensive and offensive capabilities. They swarmed the fleet in the sky, attacking with laser fire, the leader black lion landed on one of the ships, metal jaws biting down into the roof, slowly tearing it open with a shower of sparks. That ship went into a defensive roll, it’s sudden spin knocking black lion free.

But the damage was done, the ship losing altitude, set to crash on the ground below. Black lion quickly sought to attack another, the ships taking evasive maneuvers to avoid the lion’s claws and teeth. And all the while laser fire was exchanged, a fierce battle going on in the sky. Photon beams were fired, explosions going off as they connected with metal, both sides taking damage.

Blue lion was cut off from the pack, ships between it and the other lions. Aggressively they pressed the advantage, trying to bring down the lion. If anyone had been listening to the air waves, they would have heard a female scream, a girl crying out in pain as her lion was blasted with a beam. The lion went spiraling down into the forest below, crashing and taking out several large trees in the process.

One of the larger ship’s opened it’s hanger, a small ship leaving, taking to the air with a roar of it’s engines. It was sleek, compact, and resembled a bat in design. It was the personal fighter jet of the prince of Doom, and it sped off in the direction of blue lion. This too was typical, the small jet pursuing blue lion with dogged determination. A coffin was ejected out of one of the fleet, it crashed into a field, a ray following it.

That ray awakened the monster that slept inside the coffin, caused it to become enraged and triple in size. It was a diversion, the remaining lions left to deal with the monster rather than fly to blue lion’s side. A familiar sight, one that had played out countless times as lions battled robeast in order to save the planet.

It was all going to plan. That was his thought, Prince Lotor smiling as he guided his personal craft to land next to blue lion’s side. He didn’t even wait for the engines to shut off, already he was leaping from the jet, landing neatly on the grass below. Cautious but smug, Lotor approached the lion, sword in hand, the lazon humming a low, ominous sound. A few jumps from him, Lotor leaping from joint to joint on the lions long legs, had him reaching the top of the lion’s back.

He fought the urge to laugh, climbing onto the metallic beast’s head, eyeing the entrance panel on the roof of the lion’s head. With a fierce yell, he was slamming his sword into the metal, sparks shooting up as he began forcing the panel open. It made a grinding noise, a horrible wrenching sound as he forced it, but bit by bit he got it open. His golden eyes gleamed, he took in the sight of the inside of blue lion, seeing the cock pit with it’s pilot laying unconscious in a chair. The monitor was off line, but the radio worked, frantic voices over the air waves, asking if the pilot was all right, calmer voices calling out reports of their progress against the robeast.

Lotor ignored them, sheathing his sword, then dropped down inside the cock pit. He walked over to the pilot, spinning the chair around so that he was face to face with the sleeping beauty. He smiled as he looked at her, his hand reaching for her face, his touch tender as he caressed her cheek. “Finally you are mine.” He said, and began unbuckling the straps that tethered her to the chair.

He lifted her, finding the girl hardly weighed anything at all, a slender package he slung over his shoulder, Lotor climbing from the cock pit. Again he wanted to laugh, preparing to make the leap from the head to the body. The girl stirred, sleepy but rapidly becoming aware of her predicament. Predictably, she screamed, legs and arms beginning to move, kicking and banging her fists against his back. It made Lotor grunt, the prince slapping his hand on her ass to quiet her down.

“Put me down!” The pilot hissed, the slap on her rear having calmed the motion of her body but not her anger.

“Settle down Allura.” Lotor advised her. “You wouldn’t want me to drop you from this height.”

“I’d rather fall to my death than spend a moment longer than necessary in your presence!” She shot back, her words meant to hurt him. Lotor merely sighed, and began the climb down onto blue lion’s back, the girl screaming the entire time for him to put her down. He ignored her shouts, leaping carefully from joint to joint, and soon had her on the ground.

Smirking to himself, he began to walk towards his jet, Allura resuming her struggles, her legs flailing about wildly. “I won’t! I won’t go with you!”

“Yes, you will.” Lotor told her.

“I won’t! I’ll die before I go to Doom!” Allura swore, and grabbed a fistful of his hair, yanking hard on it. Lotor nearly dropped her at that motion, his face holding back a wince as he slapped her on the ass once more. Her pride was more bruised than her body, the girl falling silent once more. Lotor couldn’t resist, he ran his hand over her round rear, feeling out the curve of her ass, hearing her gasp outraged.

“Beast!” She exclaimed. “How dare you manhandle me like this!”

“I’ll manhandle you all I like.” Lotor told her, smirking. “You’re going to be my wife Allura. You’d best get used to me touching you.” He pulled her off his shoulder, letting her body slowly slide down the front of his. He enjoyed that very much, feeling her curves against his muscles, his hands landing on her waist. He looked into her eyes, missing seeing their blue sparkle for the visor of her helmet was in the way.

An impulse struck him, Lotor removing the helmet, tossing it onto the ground to reveal her golden tresses. They were swept back in her prim bun, the girl glaring at him for daring to remove her helmet. She’d be angrier yet to know he intended to kiss her, Lotor leaning in to claim her lips with his own. But before he could steal that kiss, her hand slapped across his face, a stinging pain that reminded Lotor that he had yet to bind her hands.

A misstep that was easily corrected, Lotor reaching for a length of twine on his belt. “No!” Allura shouted, beginning to struggle.

“Yes.” Lotor laughed, wrapping the twine around her wrists, tying them securely. It was a tough cord, it had no slack to it as she tried to pull her wrists apart. He grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her the last step to his jet. He smirked, thinking how delightful the ride back would be in the one seater fighter jet. “I suggest you get comfortable Allura.” Lotor purred, climbing inside the ship. He pulled her in after him, forcing her onto his lap. “It’s going to be a….long and hard ride.” He grinned wickedly at the implied innuendo, Allura’s squirming turning him on.

To his regret he had to ignore her arousing attempts to get free, his arms around her as he reached for the controls of his ship. He knew he would have to wait until they got back onto the main ship of his fleet before he could see about taking his pleasure from her. Past experiences had taught him the hazards of delaying, Lotor eager to get off the ground and back in the air.

His monitor flared to life, an ugly, and wizened old face appearing on the view screen. With the brown hooded cloak the creature wore, it was hard to guess at it’s gender, but it’s high pitched, screeching voice quickly solved that problem. “Did you get her?!”

“What does it look like Haggar?” Lotor gestured at the woman sitting on his lap, the girl glaring sullenly out the glass that surrounded the cockpit of his ship. “Allura is mine now. We will be returning to ship shortly.”

“You have to get her here first.” Haggar said, but she cackled with glee, eyeing the blonde girl with interest. “Hurry up. Even with the robeast distracting them, our ships can’t hold off the lions forever. They are more aggressive than ever since they saw you take off after their princess.”

“I’d be in the air already if your call hadn’t distracted me.” Lotor grumbled, guiding the ship upwards as it began to hover off the ground.

Haggar laughed, throwing her head back that her hood nearly slipped free. “If anything I bet the pretty princess on your lap is more of a distraction than me. But I’ll leave you alone for now. Know this, I’ll have the potion waiting for your arrival. Haggar out.”

“Potion?” Allura asked, glancing at him with worry. “What potion?”

“Merely something to make you more agreeable to my…courtship of you.” Lotor explained with a smile. His jet was accelerating, he guided it past trees and back up into the clouds.

“Courtship?! Is that what you’re calling kidnapping me?!” Allura snorted, annoyed.

“Well, you are a hard woman to get to.” Lotor said, hardly perturbed by her words. “It calls for drastic measures if one wants to win your…favor.”

“If you were truly interested in earning my favor, you would cease these attempts to take over my planet!” Allura snapped. “Call off your robeast, send your fleet home, and I’ll consider allowing you to take me out on a date.”

“A date?” Lotor laughed. “Do you expect me to believe you would do that, that I would be so foolish as to give up the advantage now that I have you in my arms? No, Allura…I won’t do that. I’m after more than just a date.” She stiffened in his arms, not liking his implications. He chuckled, steering his ship toward the open hanger of the main vessel of the fleet.

His soldiers were waiting for them, a cheer erupting as they noticed the prize sitting on his lap. Lotor maneuvered the ship into it’s holding spot, clamps coming down to attach to it’s wings. Engines powered off, Lotor pressing a button that popped the hatch. The soldiers approached, Lotor handing Allura off to them, the prince quick to leave his vessel.

“Bring her.” He ordered, and stalked forward, exiting the vessel’s private hanger, and down the corridor. He could hear Allura shouting, struggling with the guards who were forced to drag her down the hall.

“She’s as feisty as ever I see.” Haggar cackled in greeting when he stepped into the bridge of the ship. “Fear not Lotor, I have something that will fix all that.” She held up a vial, purple liquid sloshing within it.

Lotor and the guards stepped towards Haggar, the prince eyeing the vial with some concern. “It won’t harm her will it? I won’t her compliant, but I don’t want her changed too drastically.”

“It will only make her eager to be with you.” Promised Haggar, and Lotor placed his hand on the sword hanging off the side of his belt. Her eyes widened, the witch taking a fearful step back.

“For your sake, that’s all it better do!” Lotor said, and snatched the vial from her hand. The vial was warm in his hand, the liquid heated to room temperature. He closed his fist around it, and turned, smirking at his beautiful captive. “Now my dear….”

Allura let out a cry of pain, his guards tightening their hold on her so that she could no longer thrash about. She could only do slight squirming, her face one of worry as he approached her. Lotor went to press the vial to her lips, attempting to tilt it back into her mouth. Allura kept her lips tightly sealed, refusing to drink and he frowned.

“Be a good girl and open your mouth!” Lotor snapped, annoyed.

“Hmph!” Just a sound from her, but it conveyed her non compliance, Allura turning her face to the side. Lotor growled, and gritted his teeth, grasping her by the chin. He turned her face back towards him, once again trying to make her drink. And still she refused, leaving Lotor frustrated, and Haggar cackling.

“Problem?” She asked.

“Just a minor setback.” Lotor grumbled, trying to think of how to make her drink the potion. Minutes passed, and then a thought occurred to him, Lotor smirking at Allura, who grew nervous at his expression. He brought the vial to his lips, tilting back a generous amount of the potion.

“What are you doing?!” Haggar said alarmed, but Lotor didn’t answer her. Dropping the vial on the floor, he grabbed Allura’s face with both hands, and forced his mouth onto hers. She gasped in outrage, Lotor taking advantage to transfer the potion into her open mouth.

Unfortunately for him, it was at that moment the ship shook, Lotor swallowing some of the potion as well. He broke the kiss, an angry bark issuing out of him. “What was that?!”

“Sir! Black Lion is on the roof of the ship! It’s…it’s cutting through the metal!”

“Well, stop him!” Lotor snarled, using the back of his hand to wipe at his mouth. He turned to glare at a stunned Haggar. “Well?! Why are you so surprised witch? If the potion will make her desire me, it should only make my own lust for her increase.”

“Er yes…” Haggar said, trying to school her expression to be blank. “The potion should have no discernible effects on you my prince.”

“Good.” Lotor said, then turned to Allura. He gestured for the guards to release her, Lotor approaching to unbind her hands. “Now my pretty little princess…” He purred, bending down to kiss her once more. “Show me how you really feel about me.”

His lips barely touched hers, and suddenly a knee was between his legs, Lotor letting out a grunt of pain as his eyes widened in shock. Before he could recover, she was slapping him, taking a step away from the shocked prince.

“Oooooh I hate you!” Allura exclaimed, just as black lion ripped the roof off the ship. Their hair whipped about, papers going flying as Drule soldiers panicked. They ran about, trying to get in position to shoot at the lion, but their blaster fire did little to dent it’s metal hide.

“Princess!” The pilot of Black Lion shouted, lowering his head down into the ship. “Climb aboard!” It’s mouth opened, Allura was running, Lotor making a grab for her that just missed snagging her by her hair.

“Someone stop her!” Lotor shouted, drawing his sword as he ran after Allura. But over the roar of the wind, the sound of the blasters, and the sheer terror of the men, no one heard or paid him any mind.

“Keith!” Allura cried, leaping into black lion’s mouth. It quickly snapped shut, the head lifting out of the ship, black lion leaping off it’s roof.

“Sire! We must get out of here before the ship crashes!” Haggar was tugging on his arm, trying to move Lotor back towards the hanger. Lotor growled and batted her away, the witch looking annoyed at his actions. “Let the robeast take care of them. We must leave!”

“Fine.” Lotor snapped, and began following her down the corridor. Soldiers ran past them, trying to access the damage. “Witch, your potion failed. You have much explaining to do.”

“Later sire! Later!” Haggar said, not quite able to keep from sounding nervous. “We must move quickly!” The witch actually broke into a run, Lotor jogging to keep up with the spry old woman.

It was a day of indignities, Lotor reaching his private plane, Haggar of all people ending up in his lap. She cackled as she sat on him, Lotor grumbling under his breath as he began firing up it’s engines, power lifting it up as it hovered across the hangar floor, heading for the ramp that led outside.

Once outside he had a spectacular view of the battle, blue lion and black lion quickly rejoining the others. They broke away from the robeast, going into formation to form Voltron. A shield went up around them, the robeasts’ attacks bouncing off it harmlessly, Black Lion floating as red and green lion changed, forming arms that attached themselves to black lion’s side.

Yellow and blue lion formed the feet, adding themselves to the body of black lion. The Lion’s mouth open, revealing the hated face of Voltron, the robot striking a pose in mid air. It didn’t take Voltron long to subdue the beast, blazing sword severing it’s mid section cleanly in half.

Already Lotor’s fleet was pulling back, quick to retreat in the face of Voltron’s might. Lotor sighed as he guided his jet to land on another one of the ships. All in all, it had been an all too typical day on Planet Arus, the taste of defeat bitter in his mouth.

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