Effects 02

The return home had been eventful, her nanny and her advisor Coran anxiously waiting for Allura’s return. There had been an exchange of tears, her nanny sobbing out her relief at Allura having survived both a crash from such a high height, and her encounter with the prince of Doom. Allura tried to reassure the woman she was all right, but the woman was inconsolable, especially when it was learned Allura had been forced to drink one of Haggar’s potions.

The others had expressed their concern as well, Allura ended up in the medical bay, the Voltron Force her entourage. They watched anxiously as Doctor Gorma examined the princess, drawing blood and listening to her heart. He examined the welts on her wrists, prescribing an ointment to ease the rawness of the red marks. At last he drew back, a grave expression on his face.

“The princess appears to be fine.”

“Appears to be?” Keith was quick to jump on that word, frowning. “So that means what exactly?”

“It means I still have to run tests on her blood.” Doctor Gorma explained. “But for now, I am going to release her back into your care. She will be fine if she doesn’t exert herself too much.”

“Right. No more flying in blue lion!” Her nanny said relieved.

“I can still fly.” Allura insisted, trying not to wince. Her body was bruised under her uniform, having bounced hard against her chair when her lion crashed into the forest.

“Nonsense!” Nanny exclaimed, hands on her hips. “It’s too dangerous for you. The castle is where the princess of this planet belongs. Here we can keep you safe, keep you away from that beast Lotor’s hands.”

“I think we do a pretty good job of that ourselves…” murmured Lance, annoyed at the woman’s implication that they couldn’t keep the princess safe.

“Lotor can get to me at any time. Whether I am in the castle, or in blue lion.” Allura said, looking to others for the support. “Right Keith.”

“It’s true he has broken into the castle on many an occasion.” Keith sighed. “And with Allura in blue lion, we can protect her more easily if he goes after her.”

“Where was this protection you speak of today when she needed you the most?” demanded Nanny. “He not only forced her down, he got her onboard his ship. What if he had succeeded in taking her back to Doom?! Then where would we all be?!”

“But he didn’t.” Allura said, tone still reasonable. “Keith got to me in time.”

“No, you’d never have needed rescuing if you stayed in the castle!” Nanny said. “I’m going to speak to Coran. Surely by now he realizes how dangerous it is for you to fly!”

“Nanny don’t!” Allura cried out, but the woman was already hurrying off. Allura let out a sigh, eyes down cast. “She never listens to me!”

“Sorry princess, it looks like you may be grounded for a few days.” Lance said, trying not to grin.

“Fear not, princess. Just as soon as Doom rears it’s ugly head, they’ll have to let you fly blue lion once more.” Hunk said, trying to reassure her. Allura surprised them all with her reaction, half snarling out a reply.

“They shouldn’t have to LET me do anything!” She snapped, blue eyes blazing with anger. “They should do as I command, and stop arguing with me over everything I want to do!” The men were silent, taken aback by her words. Allura blinked, finding even she was surprised, having never dared utter such feelings out loud before. She started to blush, touching her fingers together in a fidgeting motion. “I mean….I am the princess after all. Shouldn’t my commands be obeyed?”

“Yes…” Keith said after a pause. “You are the ruler of this planet, and as such…your wish should be our command.”

“I don’t think Nanny and Coran see it that way…” Lance said doubtfully. “They’d never agree to such a thing.”

“Then they’ll just have to learn to deal with it, won’t they?!” exclaimed Allura in another fit of temper. She blinked, wondering where this anger was coming from. “Sorry…” She apologized. “I’m just under a lot of stress. Please don’t take my words seriously.”

“Um…okay princess.” Keith said, speaking for the group. “Maybe you should go get some rest?”

“Yes…that sounds like a good idea…” Allura said, slipping off the examining table. The Voltron force parted, allowing her room to pass. “I’ll see you later at practice…”

“Bye Princess.” They chorused after her, Allura sighing as she walked. She passed by servants as she headed for her personal quarters, still thinking about the days events. The potion Lotor had forced Allura to drink had left a bitter taste in her mouth. She could still remember his words, the prince gloating as he said it would change how she felt towards him, make her more complaint. Right now she didn’t feel any different, in fact if anything, she felt more alive, more energetic than she had ever recalled being.

Allura stifled a giggle, thinking perhaps Haggar should market that potion as an energy drink. It certainly tasted as foul as those Keith had had her and the other members of the Voltron Force drink. He meant well, she knew that, but Keith had a way of finding unpleasant ways to increase the strength of the team. At least he had given up on trying to force them to do practice drills at four in the morning!

She soon reached her quarters, and with a gesture from her, dismissed the maids that always seemed to hover around her when she was in her bedroom. She quickly changed out of her uniform, putting on one of her pink jump suits instead. And then with a sigh, she plopped down on her bed, laying down on her stomach so as not to put the burden of her weight on her bruised back.

Allura picked up the remote to her holo player, and began flipping through random channels, searching for something to watch. News programs and documentaries were quickly skipped over, the princess wanting something fun to watch. She continued to channel surf, and that was when she found it. A flash of bare skin, Allura gasping in shock. Her eyes were wide as she realized she had stumbled across one of those X-rated channels Lance was always talking about.

Her first impulse was to quickly change the channel, but something made her hesitate. She found herself being curious, wanting to know what went on between a man and a woman behind closed doors. Sure her nanny had told about the technical aspects of love making, but she wanted to know more. So with a blush, and a guilty look at her door, she stayed her hand, staring in sheer and utter fascination at the couple on the screen.

She received quite an education, learning a few things her nanny had neglected to mention to her. The couple on the holo were just finishing up when a third woman entered the room, quickly stripping down intent on joining them. Allura’s eyes were like two saucer plates, fixated on the holo. So enraptured was she, that she didn’t hear the door open to her room, didn’t realize someone was standing there, staring aghast at her until a scream was issued.


Guiltily, Allura quickly shut off the holo, turning to face an angry Nanny. She quickly jumped off the bed, nervous and wary as the woman approached her. “Is this what you do in your free time?! Watch this…watch this filth?!” demanded Nanny, hands on her hips.

“Uh…” Allura flailed about for an answer that would soothe the raging beast before her. “I didn’t mean to…I just came across it. I was about to change the channel when you walked in!”

“A likely story!” Nanny hissed, and now she was rolling up her sleeves. “I’m sorry Princess, but I’m going to have to punish you for this.”

“Punish?” repeated Allura, taking a wary step back from the woman.

“I’m taking away your holo unit.” Nanny said, advancing on Allura. “And I’m going to put you over my knee and spank some sense into you!”

The pit of Allura’s stomach seemed to drop, the girl reeling back in horror as she recalled the last time her nanny had spanked her. Her butt hurt just thinking about it, the girl stepping back fearfully until she was pressed against the wall.

“Don’t be difficult.” Nanny snapped, trying to grab her. “You’ve earned this punishment.”

“NO!” Allura suddenly growled, slapping Nanny’s hands away from her. “I order you to cease this inappropriate behavior at once.” Nanny looked surprised for a second, than her eyes narrowed.

“Don’t order me around!” She snapped. “I raised you from a mere child. I will not stand for any insolence.”

“You forget your place woman.” Snarled Allura, drawing herself to her full height as she glared at Nanny. “I am ruler here, not you. You are just a maid, a servant, and you can be dismissed at anytime!”

Nanny gasped, shocked. “Princess Allura, have you lost your mind?!”

“No. But I’ve finally found my backbone in concern to you.” With a sneer on her face, she pushed past Nanny, plopping back down on the bed. She reached for the remote, turning the holo back on, the sound of three people moaning filling the room. “I will watch what I want, with no further input from you. Now be gone from my sight, lest I have the guards throw you in the dungeon!”

Nanny’s mouth opened and closed in shock, her face an angry red color. “As you wish….your highness,.” Her voice came out sarcastic, she even dropped into a stiff curtsey before going to walk past Allura.

Allura laughed as she left the room, the sound mocking and chasing Nanny down the hall. Nanny shivered, wondering what had come over her charge. She was about to go find Coran, when the castle alarms went off, lights flashing as the shrill bells clanged, ringing out that Doom had regrouped and was making another attempt on the castle.

Allura came running out of her room, sweeping past Nanny without a further glance in her direction. She made it in record time to Castle Control, the four men that comprised of the rest of the Voltron Force already waiting for her arrival. She looked them over, Keith and Lance in particular, and she smiled, liking what she saw. “Hello boys.” She purred, putting a swing into her hips as she sashayed past them.

Lance suddenly jumped when she walked by, his eyes wide with disbelief as he looked at Allura’s back. Was it his imagination, or had the princess just goosed his rear? He was certain he had felt her small hand on his ass, fingers grabbing a generous portion of his right cheek as she walked by.

Lance didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he kept quiet, seeing Allura touch Keith’s chest. She trailed teasing fingers across his muscles, the man wide eyed and blushing. “Princess, are you feeling all right?” Keith asked.

“Never felt better.” Allura said, batting her eyes in a manner that could not be called anything but flirtatious. “So, what’s the problem boys? Is the big bad Prince back for round two?”

“Er yes…” Keith confirmed. “He’s back already, with another robeast released.”

“Well, I guess that means we’ll just have to go out there and face him.” Allura grinned, and turned to Coran. “Advisor, if you please.”

“Yes, princess.” Coran was looking at her strangely, but he keyed in the sequence that raised the chutes. Allura ran towards hers, the Voltron Force hot on her heels as they hurried to their respective chutes.

Allura let out an excited whoop as she hung on to the handle bar, being spun around till she was almost dizzy. She felt exhilarated as she was deposited into the cockpit of the vessel that would take her to blue lion’s lair. She was spoiling for a good fight, eager to let out pent up frustrations on the battlefield.

Soon her lion was launched, Allura charging towards the robeast, not waiting for the other lions to join her. Keith’s angry face appeared on her monitor, the man demanding what she was doing.

“Just giving Doom a taste of my wrath!” She told him, blue lion’s claws slashing across the robeast’s mid section.

“Damn it princess, wait for orders!” Keith snapped, and she reached forward, disconnecting the com unit. She didn’t need the stiff necked leader of the Voltron Force telling her what to do. She was the princess, not him!

As she fought the robeast, being quick to dodge it’s attacks, the other lions joined the fight, surrounding her. They tried to guide her away from the robeast, but Allura would have none of it, breaking formation to charge again. The robeast’s lips parted, it’s mouth shooting out a beam that zapped green lion. Allura dodge the next beam, her lion’s mouth opening, chomping on it’s arm.

The other lions followed her lead, each one attaching themselves to a section of the robeast’s body. The monster’s blood flowed, and it howled in pain, trying to shake the lions off. They were too close for it to risk using it’s mouth beams, it would hit itself in the process.

Suddenly her com unit flared on, it’s emergency power being activated, Keith’s angry face on the monitor once more. He looked absolutely infuriated as he yelled at her. “You’re antics have nearly cost us the use of Green Lion! Stop fooling around, and let us form Voltron already!”

“All right Keith.” Allura said, tone light and uncaring of his anger. “You’re the boss after all.” She fiddled with her controls, allowing blue lion to release it’s hold on the robeast. The other lions did the same, getting ready to fly into formation. But Allura noticed a ship being lowered out of one of the fleet’s vessel, letting out a surprised sound as she recognized Lotor’s private jet.

“Hang on Keith, I’ve got an idea!” Allura said, breaking off from the pack to go chasing after Lotor. She actually heard the normally polite captain curse, black lion speeding after her. Surprisingly enough, Lotor did not come after Allura, choosing instead to flee in the opposite direction. She frowned and chased after him, determined to catch him. She ignored Keith’s orders, her lion in dogged pursuit of the jet.

Her fingers typed in a sequence, keying up Lotor’s personal com unit. His face appeared on the view screen, and his eyes looked panicked to see her. Allura smiled, thinking they looked all the more beautiful with fear in them. “Hello Lotor…”

“Princess Allura!” Lotor gasped. “What do you want?!”

“Oh I think you know what I want. But first I want you to have that witch of yours call off your robeast.” Allura said, and Lotor shook his head no.

“‘Never! That robeast is the only thing keeping you away from me!”

“That’s funny.” Giggled Allura. “Right now it seems to be very busy with my friends.” She couldn’t help herself, she smirked. “Right now I think you would have been better off remaining on your ship, rather than trying to escape back to Doom.”

“You haven’t caught me yet, you fiend!” Lotor snapped back, annoyed.

“I’m just playing with you!” Allura retorted, speed increasing. The monitor went dead, Lotor switching off his com unit. It made Allura pout, the princess having enjoyed speaking to him. She’d just have to catch him, she decided, a smile lighting up her face. She liked that idea, like the thought of having him at her mercy, the princess shooting out laser fire that was meant to disable but not damage his jet.

Lotor’s jet did a barrel roll, trying to avoid her laser fire. She charged him, missiles flying, taking out one of his engines. It had an immediate effect, his vessel slowing in speed, Allura gaining on him. Keith was shouting at her, ordering her to come back.

“Stuff it Keith!” Allura exclaimed, rolling her eyes in annoyance. “I’m taking Lotor down!” Her lion was true to her words, hitting his ship, landing on the curved left wing. Her weight made the jet go lopsided, she could see Lotor panicking as her claws dug into the wing. Using her jets, she lifted up into the air, taking the ship with her. Lotor had no choice but to go along for the ride, Allura proudly carrying her prize back to the castle of lions.

She dropped him on the rooftop, guards rushing to the landing pad to secure the ship. Only then did she rejoin the fight against the robeast, laughing in triumphant glee as they formed Voltron. The robeast, badly injured and bleeding, stood little chance against Voltron’s sword. It died a pitiful death on the end of their blade, the team letting out cheers, relieved that this most unusual fight was at an end.

The return to Castle Control was interesting, Keith throwing his helmet down on the floor as he ran towards Allura. “Just what did you think you were doing?!” He demanded, grabbing her by the arm. She spun to face him, expression cool indifference as she leveled a pointed glare at his hand. He got the message, letting go of her.

“I was doing what you have failed to do for the last two years.” Allura announced, to the shocked gasps of their friends around them. “I’ve put an end to this war. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go negotiate the terms of Doom’s surrender with our guest.”

“You’re not going to face him alone!” Keith said, going to follow her.

“Captain, I will do what I like.” Allura said. “Need I remind you I rule here, not you?”

Keith’s jaw dropped open in shock, never had the princess pulled rank on him before. “Fine, do what you want.” Keith said, sounding disgusted. “Just don’t expect to come crying to me when he hurts your feelings.” With that Keith stalked out of the room, the remaining members of the Voltron force exchanging shocked glances. Allura seemed unbothered by his words, reaching up to take off her helmet. She did more than just remove her head gear, she took the time to take down her hair, doing a slow motion shake of her head that had her hair bouncing about her face.

“How do I look?” She demanded, turning to glance at the three men who were watching her like she was a stranger.

“Beautiful….as always.” Lance finally said, and Allura smiled, pleased.

“Good.” With that she stalked from the room, moving with a sinister purpose as she disappeared from sight. Lance exchanged glances with Pidge and Hunk, shaking his head no.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but whatever it is…” He began. “Nanny and Coran aren’t going to like it!”

“Yeah. No kidding.” Said Hunk. “Should we follow her?”

“Do we dare not to?” asked Lance. “Come on.” With that they went to follow Allura, their movements stealthy as they made their way down to the castle dungeons. It was only a few minutes delay, but by the time they got down there, they found the guards milling about uncertainly in the hall, Allura having dismissed them from their posts. What’s more, the door that led to the dungeon’s interrogation room was locked, leaving the princess all alone with the prince!

“Nanny’s really, really not going to like this.” Sighed Lance, slapping a hand against his forehead as he stated the obvious.

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