Effects 03


They had tied him to a chair, leather straps going across his broad chest, and waist. His arms were tied behind the back of the chair, bound with a thick cord that was tied in numerous knots. Even his legs were tied, thighs spread open as his feet were tied to the legs of the chair. And still Lotor struggled, muscles straining as he worked to get loose, fingers trying to reach the knots so that his nails could scratch them open.

So far he hadn’t succeeded, Lotor merely tiring himself out as he struggled, trying to break free of the straps. His motions had become more vigorous when the princess of Arus had entered the room, an order on her lips that had the guards exiting, leaving them all alone in the windowless room. Lotor didn’t like how Allura was staring at him, she reminded him of a dog eyeing a tasty steak dinner. Indeed the princess was licking her lips, practically purring as she talked.

“Now don’t struggle so. You’ll only tire yourself out.” Allura said, walking over to drag the table over to the corner of the room. He watched her do it, confused as she climbed on top of the table. She stood, hands reaching for the camera that was screwed into the wall, capturing everything on film from the moment of his arrival. She touched the camera now, to his alarm she shut it off, wrenching the wires free of the wall.

“There…” A wide grin was on her face as she stepped off the table. “Now we can have some privacy.” Lotor just looked at her, not liking being all alone with her, wondering what she intended to do now that there would be no witnesses to this exchange. He feared his worry was showing on his face, Lotor thinking back on all the times he had tried to capture this girl, regretting he had ever had an interest in her in the first place. It had gotten him nothing but trouble, and now seeing her grinning at him like the cat who caught the canary, had him reeling back, wondering what he had ever seen in her in the first place.

“Let me go.” Lotor finally spoke, watching Allura lean against the table. “If you release me swiftly, I’ll arrange for my father not to hear about this….this insult!”

Allura laughed, amused by his words. “Let you go? I don’t think so.” She shook her head no, still watching him carefully. “Not when I went to so much trouble to bring you here.”

“What are you going to do to me?!” Lotor demanded, surprised when she winked.

“Hmm, that is a very, very good question.” Allura said. “What do I do with you? Hmm…I could kill you, but that would make such an awful mess. So would torture come to think of it.” She tapped her finger against her lips, pouting as she thought over the things she could do to him. Lotor wished she would hurry up and get it over with, tell him what his ultimate fate would be.

“Hmm….I could force you to negotiate a treaty….make you give up all rights to Planet Arus. Of course that would leave your father absolutely furious.” She actually giggled, the first time ever anyone had sounded pleased over the thought of Zarkon’s anger.

“There will be no negotiation.” Lotor told her, voice cold. “You’ll have to kill me before I’d ever, ever consider giving in to your demands.” Besides, he knew his father would finish the job of dealing out death to him if Allura and her pet Voltron force didn’t do him in first.

“But….killing you would be such a waste.” Allura said, crossing her arms over her chest. Her fingers played with the zipper on her uniform, the metal jangling. Lotor watched fascinated, seeing her start to pull down that zipper, revealing a hint of cleavage to his appreciative eyes. Eyes that narrowed as he realized she was trying to distract him, the prince tearing his gaze from that tempting sight.

He cursed himself a fool, realizing he still had some marginal feelings for the princess after all. One she would easily exploit if she knew how. Allura noticed he was no longer eyeing her exposed cleavage, a sigh escaping her lips. She uncrossed her arms, leaving the zipper down so that a generous portion of her breasts could be seen. Not surprisingly, her bra was pink, all lace and frills, with a tiny bow. Lotor had often dreamed about her underwear, wondering just what sort of garments she placed over her more delicate bits.

“Lotor….isn’t there something….” She pushed away from the table, walking towards him with her hips swaying seductively. “Anything I could do to convince you to sign a peace treaty with my planet?”

“Absolutely nothing.” Lotor said, turning to look away from her.

“Really?” She stepped back into view, her hand capturing his chin, forcing him to stay looking at her. She smiled happily at him, blue eyes sparkling with interest. “Not even if I agreed to marry you? I know that’s what you want…..you’ve been after my…” She smirked, hesitating over the word. “Hand for such a long time now.”

“Sorry, not interested.” Lotor said, and she frowned.

“Really?” She bent, breasts looking like they wanted to escape her bra, Lotor’s eyes widening slightly as he took in the sight of her creamy skin.

“Really. I’m afraid Allura, there’s nothing you can say or do that will get me to ever consider a peace treaty with you.” He was surprised to see her smiling, Allura laughing once more.

“Oh Lotor, that sounds like a challenge…” Her expression sobered, her eyes smoldering with some unidentifiable emotion. “And I am always up for a challenge.”

“Good for you.” Lotor said. “So what will it be?”


“What kind of torture will you do to try and break me?” Lotor was convinced he could withstand anything she threw at him, not willing to let his family’s honor be defeated by a mere slip of a girl. Even if she did have large breasts and a slim waist.

“I think I’ll start off slowly.” Allura said, and to his shock she kissed him, lips pressing against his with bruising force. Lotor made a sound, a not quite gasp, feeling Allura’s lips work to coax his mouth open. He refused to give in, keeping his lips tightly sealed. She eventually grew tired of kissing him, the girl pouting at his unresponsiveness.

“Hmm….well that didn’t work.” Hands on her hips, she eyed him, eyes looking thoughtful. “I guess I’ll just have to try harder.”

“Please don’t.” Lotor said through gritted teeth, but she ignored him. Her hands reached for his tunic, easily pulling it upwards for his sword belt had been removed. He glanced at the table, seeing his sword laying sheathed on it’s surface. So close and yet so far, leaving him to sigh. That sigh turned into a gasp when Allura licked him, her pink tongue coming out to lap out the lines of his abdomen.

“What are you doing?!” Lotor demanded, wide eyed with shock. Allura peered up at him innocently, her voice a throaty purr as she spoke.

“Don’t you like it?”

“No, I do not!” Lotor said, even as she licked him once more. Her tongue tickled across his skin, teasing him, the princess placing kisses on his stomach. Her hands touched his waist, she was dropping to her knees before him, fingers hooking into his pants. Her tongue ended up in his belly button, the girl wiggling it about, making Lotor fidget.

“Stop this foolish behavior at once!” Lotor ordered, seeing Allura reaching for his zipper with her teeth. She made a low purring sound, using her teeth to pull down his zipper. Her right hand reached into his pants, warm and fondling as she grasped hold of his cock.

“Oooooooh….!” Allura’s grin was absolutely wicked as she gazed up at Lotor. “Someone is a big boy. I should have known from your size that you would be well hung.” She gave him a little squeeze, Lotor biting his lip to keep from making any sounds. Her hand guided him out of his pants, eyes looking at his cock, studying it intently. To Lotor’s growing horror, his cock started to react to her attention, stiffening slightly as she continued to handle him with her hands.

“That’s it.” Allura said, voice ripe with approval. “Show me what I’m working with…” Her fingers were curled around his dick, squeezing and stroking him, working him into an erect strength. She all but squealed in appreciation when his cock reached it’s full hardness, bringing her face close to nuzzle her cheek against the tip. Lotor twitched, still biting his lip as he tried to keep quiet.

Allura turned her face, placing a kiss on the tip of his cock. She was still watching him as she did it, wearing that strange smirk that was so unlike the Allura he knew. Such thoughts fled his mind when her tongue flickered out, a quick lick against the tip. When she licked him in earnest, Lotor nearly bit through his lip, tasting blood in his mouth.

Allura continued to play her tongue against his cock’s head, the tip of it finding the slit that was glistening with a hint of his arousal. She lapped delicately at that wetness, tongue encouraging more to flow. “Hmmm, tasty.” She announced, her hands reaching to fondle his balls. Her fingers kneaded, they rolled them in place, Lotor giving a restless jerk of his arms, trying to get free.

A part of him wanted to push her away, but another part, a part that he was rapidly losing control too, wanted her to continue. “Allura…” Lotor said, hating how ragged his voice sounded in the moment. “Stop. This is madness. I won’t sign a treaty with you, even if you do this…”

“You won’t? Oh my, oh my…” She grinned. “I guess I still haven’t convinced you. Better do something more drastic.” One hand grasped firm hold of the base of his cock, the other still playing with his ball sac. Allura dragged her tongue down the underside of his dick, Lotor starting to sweat as he fought not to enjoy it. She licked down to her hand, then licked back up, taking care to flick her tongue against the head.

Her tongue continue to lick him, tracing the veins that bulge on his skin, the princess licking him like he was a lollipop that she greatly enjoyed. Lotor’s toes curled in his boots, enjoying the way she lavished attention on him, finding he was wishing she would do something more than just lick him. “Allura….” He started to say her name, when her mouth opened. Lips parted wide, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, Lotor crying out, “Oh Gods!”

Just the head, and he was moaning, enjoying the warm, wet feel of her mouth. Allura gave a few experimental sucks on the tip of his dick, Lotor reeling back, seeing stars. “It….it won’t work…” He managed to sputter, hoping it would goad her into taking in more of him.

She did so, almost greedy as she let more of his dick slide into her mouth, Allura pursing her lips together so they formed a tight seal around his cock. She began bobbing her head up and down on his lap, Lotor fighting against the straps, trying to thrust into her mouth, wanting to go deeper. She had barely taken in half of him, there was simply too much for her to deep throat but the girl certainly made a valiant effort at trying.

She hummed as she sucked, the vibrations sending shivers down Lotor’s spine, the man giving another jerk on his wrists. He’d rub his wrists raw from the cord at this rate, wanting nothing more than to tangle his fingers in her hair. Allura looked at him as she sucked him off, blue eyes lidded and heavy with desire. He knew she could see him sweating, see the pleasure crossing his face as he moan and twitched, his head shaking no as he tried to convince himself this ploy of hers wouldn’t work.

His eyes flew open as he felt her breasts nudging his cock, the lace of her bra feeling good against his exposed skin. She wantonly rubbed her chest against him, he could see her nipples were standing out, protruding through the material of her bra. She continued to hum all around him, increasing her suction as though she would suck the life right out of him.

He could feel his release building up in him, with each draw of her lips she brought him closer to orgasm. He started to mutter, to plead with her, half delirious with need, his hips trying to move. He nearly wept when her mouth suddenly opened, his cock springing free, still so painfully hard.

“Not yet.” Allura said, a cruel smile on her face. “You don’t get to come just yet Lotor!”

“Allura, please!” Lotor said, ashamed that he was close to begging her.

“Hmm, begging is a good look on you Lotor.” She giggled, flicking her finger at the tip of his cock. It sent a jolt through him, Lotor almost whimpering with need. “Gods, seeing you like this….so hard and desperate….it does things to me.”

She began removing her belt, Lotor watching amazed as she yanked down her pants and panties, leaving them crumpled on the floor. The golden haired temptress climbed onto his lap, hovering her body over his erection, looking him in the eyes. “Still don’t want to sign a treaty with me?” She asked, bringing her lips to bear against the side of his neck.

“….n….no…” Lotor whispered, moaning as she licked and bit at his pulse point.

“Such a shame.” Allura said, rubbing herself against his erection. He could feel how wet she was, she was practically dripping with desire, Lotor trying to thrust into her. “Ah ah ah!” Allura laughed, lifting herself up off him once more. “Say the words I want to hear….say it and all this can be yours…”

“I….I ooooh….” Lotor moaned, once again trying to get his arms free. He wanted nothing more than to grab her by the hips, and ram her onto his cock, Lotor’s sanity hanging on by a mere thread.

“Say yes Lotor.” Allura said, her tone seductive even as she gave him orders. “Say you will sign the treaty and I’ll let you have me…”

She wiggled on top of him, grinding onto his cock, and Lotor groaned out his assent. “Yes!! Yes, damn you, I will sign your treaty, I will do whatever you want me to do, just so long as you let me fuck you!”

“Good boy!” Allura said, giving him a quick, approving kiss on the lips. Without warning, she lowered herself down onto his erection, trying to take him all in with one movement. He saw her face twist up in pain, tears in the corner of her eyes as she gasped. “It….it hurts..”

His concern for her was lost as he felt himself sinking into her moist depths, her body like satin that curled tight around him. He had torn through her virginity, Lotor letting out a loud growl as she tightened and clenched all around him.

Allura was whimpering, her hands on his shoulders, not moving as she settled herself on his erection. She took a few moments to compose herself, each second feeling like an hour to an impatient Lotor. Finally, mercifully she began to move, bouncing herself up and down in his lap. Together they moaned, gasping and panting, Allura writhing on his lap as the pain faded away, leaving only pleasure in it’s wake.

She wiggled, she bounced, her breasts popping free of her bra. Lotor ducked his head down to place kisses on her bosom, Allura squealing in response. Her hands went to his hair, urging him closer to her chest as she rode him, legs wrapped tightly around him and the chair. Their motions caused it to move, soon it was toppling over backwards, Lotor stabbing deeper into Allura.

The back of the chair broke, the straps on his arms coming undone. He was able to break free of the cord, his hands reaching forward to grasp hold of Allura’s hips. She was still on top of him, Lotor laying on the floor, shards of the broken chair poking into his back. He didn’t care, focusing only on Allura and the pleasure she was giving him.

Hands on her hips, he began slamming her hard onto his cock, Allura gasping, crying out again and again. “Again! Harder Lotor, harder!” She moaned, wetness dripping out of her with each thrust from him. Lotor watched her bounce, enjoying the view of her breasts bobbing up and down, loving the way he was plunging his cock into her.

The experience was undeniable, friction intense, Lotor grunting, desperate to feel more. Allura was shaking her head, doing little squeals, her hands on his stomach, using him for leverage as she rode him. Suddenly her back arched, she let out a pleasured cry, body tightening up even further. She purred out her release, gyrating wildly in place on top of him, Lotor growling a response, continuing to move her up and down.

Seconds flew by, Allura panting, opening her eyes. He smiled up at her, lips parted to moan watching as her eyes widened in alarm. She let out a shrill scream, scrambling to get off him, but Lotor held her in place desperate to finish. She was still screaming when he came, leaving Lotor utterly confused as to the reason why.

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  1. *Cackles* I love this whole chapter. Especially this bit:

    “It….it won’t work…” He managed to sputter, hoping it would goad her into taking in more of him.

    hah! Lotor always with the evil ploys. 😉

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