Effects 04

The first thing Allura was aware of was pleasure, intense and surging through her body. It made her moan and gyrate, wiggle about as though trying to capture that feeling. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, pleasure defying thought and description as she cried out for more. She almost missed another voice crying out, masculine and sounding as though it’s owner was also in the grip of pleasure.

She blinked, seeing her surroundings come into focus, Allura noticing the gray walls of the castle’s interrogation room. She didn’t have time to wonder what she was doing there, her attention was taken up with the fact that she was still moving, her body bouncing in place. And not just soft bounces, but vigorous movement, causing her to come down almost painfully on something hard.

She realized she was still moaning, Allura slow to lower her eyes and see just what it was she sat on. She practically stiffened in horror when she saw the face of her enemy, Prince Lotor’s face twisted in a mask of pleasure, his eyes half lidded as he gazed at her body joined with his. Her moans died down in the face of her horror, Allura realizing that somehow, someway they were having sex with one another.

She wondered if she made some sound, some noise to convey her horror, because suddenly Lotor glanced up at her, his lips curving upwards in a smile. It did little to soothe her, in fact she inhaled, a deep gasp escaping her as she tried to climb off of him. Lotor didn’t let her get far, his hands were on her hips, fingers digging into her waist, forcing her to remain in place, and to keep up that infernal bouncing movement.

Allura started to scream, a wordless cry of panic that went on and on, letting Lotor’s smile fade into a mask of confusion. He didn’t stop thrusting into her, and to her utter shame and horror, she felt him release something deep inside her, Lotor arching up off the floor with a half delirious shout escaping him.

She watched as his eyes seemed to clear themselves of the haze in their golden depths, Lotor looking confused for a one brief instant. “Allura?” He said her name, and his eyes did a slow rove over her body, Allura quick to cross her arms over her breasts, cheeks flushing red in shame. She realized she did not have enough hands to cover herself as well as she would have liked, Lotor’s eyes dropping down past her belly, to note how her body was connected so intimately with his. He actually had the nerve to smirk, Allura trapped between anger and mortification at that expression.

“Well….” Lotor said, hands keeping her firmly in place a top him. “This is a pleasant surprise…”

“Let go of me!” Allura said, her teeth clenched tightly together as she glared at him. She very much wanted to slap him, and yet she dare not move to do it. Not until she had some guards in place to run interference between them. The thought of the castle guards arriving to see her like this, had Allura panicked, the princess sending a frightened look at the camera in the room’s corner.

Relief flooded her to see it was disabled, her secret shame going unrecorded for the moment. For now she need only worry about Lotor misinterpreting the situation. “Let me go!” Allura repeated, struggling to stand up. She knew she could pry his hands off her if they weren’t occupied with hiding her breasts from him. And yet she dare not move her arms, some twisted form of preserving some form of modesty keeping them in place.

“Let you go?” Lotor echoed, sounding like he wanted to laugh at the notion. “Shouldn’t I be asking that of you?” She blinked, confused, and Lotor smiled. “You captured me Allura….remember, I’m your prisoner?” A chuckle then, Lotor’s expression wry amusement. “I never expected such….delightful treatment at your hands. Tell me Allura, what else do you intend to do to me, now that we’re engaged?”

“Engaged?” Allura stared at him, eyes wide.

“Yes, engaged.” Lotor smirked, voice practically purring as he talked. “You offered yourself to me as my bride if I signed a treaty with you…a treaty I agreed to if you would let me…ah….how shall I say this….”

“Don’t!” Allura said, positive her blush was deepening, her eyes mortified. It was slowly coming back to her, her behavior of the last hour, seeing the memory of herself behaving like some sort of evil twin. The things she had said, even worse the things she had done to Lotor, made her want to curl up into a ball and hide. A whimper escaped her, Allura beginning a vigorous struggle atop Lotor, squirming about as she tried to get free.

“Allura stop that!” gasped Lotor, eyes wide, his voice sounded breathy and distorted. “Give a man some time to recover first!”

“Let go! Let go!” She repeated the phrase over and over like a mantra, Lotor frowning, but releasing his hold on her. She immediately rolled off him, and backed away to the farthest wall. She hit the metal with a thud, sliding down to the floor, where she hunched in place, knees pressed to her chest. She stared at Lotor, eyes angry as she shivered.

Lotor sat up as best he could, considering his legs were still strapped to the broken remains of the chair’s lower half. “I suppose asking you for your assistance is out of the question?” She said nothing to that, which made him sigh, and mutter something under his breath. Allura just sat there, watching as he sat to work on undoing the leather straps across his thighs. She wasn’t thinking clearly, her dismay and upset thoughts making her slow to react. If anything she should have hurried to get dressed, and rushed out of the room while Lotor was still somewhat incapacitated. Instead she just sat there, watching him make quick work of the straps, and move on to the restraints on his ankles.

“There…” Lotor said, smiling to himself as he got himself free of the chair’s remains. His hands were busy tucking himself back into his pants, the zipper closing with a buzz of sound. He shoved his tunic downwards, hands smoothing down the material so his uniform was wrinkle free. Lotor glanced at her, before walking over to where his sword and belt lie, quickly putting them into their proper place around his waist.

“Get dressed.” Lotor said, buckle clicking into place.

“Dressed?” She repeated dully, still huddled in place against the wall.

“Yes…I won’t have my future bride being seen in such a manner.” Still she made no move, and Lotor frowned at her. “Come now Allura, you are acting like a frightened kitten, when moments ago you were a fiery tigress.”

“That wasn’t me…” She whispered, watching as Lotor moved towards her clothing. He gathered pants, panties, and belt in hand, and stepped towards her. “It wasn’t me!” She repeated, shouting this time. She didn’t even look up at him, when his legs appeared directly in front of her face, shaking her head no over and over.

“Allura…” Lotor sighed, kneeling down before her. Her discarded clothing was laid across his lap, Lotor’s hand reaching for her face. She flinched at the gesture, Lotor’s eyes narrowing slightly in annoyance. “I’m not going to hurt you, if that’s what you are worried about.”

“Aren’t you?” She demanded, blinking wet eyes at him. He looked taken aback to see the hint of her tears, Lotor not responding to her question. “This is all your fault!” She added, misery in her tone.

“My fault?

“Yes!” Allura exclaimed. “It has to be….you tricked me….drugged me…” She saw the realization in his eyes at the same moment an earlier memory crossed her mind.

“The potion!” They both gasped together, Allura dismayed to see Lotor smile, looking far too pleased with himself.

“So Haggar’s concoction does work after all!” Lotor grinned, and Allura’s fingers curled into claws, the princess wanting to scracth and tear at the gleeful expression on his face.

“Are you proud of yourself?!” Allura demanded bitterly, settling for clutching at her bare legs instead of his face. “Drugging a woman to sleep with you….you’re despicable!”

“I had no idea the potion would work so well..” Lotor blurted out, then quickly tried to backtrack over that last statement. “I mean it was merely meant to make you more compliant towards me….not…”

“Not turn me into your whore?!” She cried out, and now it was Lotor’s turn to flinch. She wasn’t mollified to see the guilty look in his eyes, she all but wailed out in anguish. “It’s what you’ve done….you’ve made me into something I’m not…made me do things I would never, ever do!”


“I hate you!” The tears were flowing down her cheeks, and with a sob, she pressed her face against her knees, crying out her grief. “And I hate myself even more!” For one brief moment, all was silent except for the sounds of her sobbing, Allura sniffling and mourning her loss of innocence.

“Allura…” Lotor was speaking, his voice low in an attempt she realized, to be soothing to her. “You are not a whore…” She just continued to cry, surprised when his hands touched her shoulders. “You are not a whore.” He repeated, pushing her back so that she was looking at him. “Not for me, not for anybody.”

“I don’t believe you.” Allura told him, blinking through a fresh wave of tears.

“Please don’t cry anymore.” Lotor told her, and she shook her head no.

“I can’t stop…” Allura said, not failing to notice how frustrated Lotor looked at her words. “Just….just go away….”

“I can’t….won’t leave you…” Lotor said, his hand finding it’s way to her cheek. His fingerpads were soft against her wet skin, smearing her unrestrained tears away. “Not like this..”

“You must.” Allura insisted. “After today I never want to see you again.” She saw his lips twitch, a harsh look coming into his eyes. His hand fell away from her face, but Lotor remained kneeling in front of her.

“Then we have a problem, because you and I are going to be married.” Lotor told her, making Allura shake her head in denial. “Yes, Allura, you offered yourself to me, potion or not, and we have consummated that deal. To do anything less than marriage really would be to defile you in the worse way possible.”

“You’ve done enough!” Allura snapped, glaring at him. “Leave me be. I’d rather die than tie myself to you in such a way!”

“And what of our child?” Lotor asked, and that made her pause, face twisting into an expression of horror. “We used no precautions against making one.” Lotor told her, her eyes staring into his golden ones. “Already you may be carrying my heir…do you think I would allow my—our child to grow up a bastard, and without a father?” Her mouth was moving, opening and closing as she sought the proper words to speak. Lotor merely smirked at her, a twinkle in his eyes as his hands touched her bare legs. “It’s the honorable thing to do…” He continued, trying to straightened out her legs. “Marriage between us will not only benefit the child, but Arus as well…”

“No…” Allura said, shock making her limp enough for him to maneuver her legs to his heart’s content. He was starting to dress her, sliding the panties up her legs when she regained her senses. She snatched at the material, Lotor letting go so she could dress herself. Quickly she pulled on her pants, all but growling at Lotor as she grabbed her belt from him. “I don’t need you….our child—if I am carrying one, doesn’t need you either! I can raise a baby on my own!”

“But I won’t let you.” Lotor told her, and grabbed her by her upper arms. He jerked her up as he stood, Lotor towering over her. She began struggling against his grip, hands pushing against his chest, as Lotor stared down at her face. “Face it Allura. You and I are going to be wed, one way or the other. You can be my willing bride or…”

“Or what?!” She demanded, pausing in her squirming to glare at him. “You’ll drug me again?!”

“Not a bad idea.” Lotor smiled at her, and she screamed at him in fury. “It could use some fine tuning, but Haggar will pleased by it’s results.”

“Monster!” Allura snapped, moving to stamp on his foot. Lotor evaded her with a curt laugh, his hands still holding her, when she suddenly let out a cry of pain.

“What’s wrong Allura?!” Lotor asked, alarmed as she tried to hunch over in place. “Are you in pain?” Concern was in his tone, but his next question had her seeing red. ‘I didn’t hurt you when we made love, did I? I know we were both a little too….enthusiastic…”

“That wasn’t love making!” Allura screamed, rearing back with her arm free. She managed to slap him across the cheek, watching the events in slow motion as they happened. Lotor looked as shocked as she that the blow had landed, and then his eyes turned angry, Lotor grabbing her arm, fingers digging into her skin cruelly.

“You’ll have to learn to control that temper of yours, princess!” Lotor snarled, and dragged her over to the locked door. His free hand withdrew his sword, lazon humming in the air as he pointed at the door. “Now unlock that door. We’re leaving.” She said nothing, her jaw set at a stubborn angle, forcing Lotor to shake her.

“I think the first order of business is getting you to learn to obey your husbands’ commands!” Lotor muttered, and jabbed the tip of the lazon into the lock’s panel. Smoke poured out of the metal, the lazon melting it’s way through the structure, making slow but steady progress to get the door open. Allura kept testing his grip on her arm, Lotor shaking her in response.

Minutes passed in silence, but eventually the lock was destroyed, the door quickly opening to reveal the palace guards standing there, along with Lance, Hunk and Pidge. They had been pressed against the door, working with their own tools, and for an instant both sides just stared at each other.

“Lance!” Allura cried out in relief, thinking they would somehow save her from Lotor. “Hunk! Pidge!” She tried to take a step forward, when Lotor hissed out a retort.

“Oh no you don’t!” He jerked her against him, her back pressed against his front. Quickly, his sword hummed, lazon being held in front of Allura. “Nobody make a sudden move!” Lotor threatened, Allura’s eyes switching rapidly back and forth between the lazon and her would be rescuers.

“You wouldn’t hurt the princess!” Hunk pointed out. “You may be evil, but some part of you thinks you love her.”

“Maybe…maybe not…” Lotor laughed. “At this point I am a desperate man….and desperate men do desperate things. Can you really risk that I won’t harm your princess?!”

“If you kill her, we’ll kill you.” Lance threatened, as Hunk and Pidge exchanged doubtful glances at each other.

“I’ll keep than in mind, pilot.” Lotor sneered, then barked out a cold order. “Back away from the door….slowly!” Again the men were glancing at each other, but they did as Lotor commanded, moving slow, and keeping their eyes on the royal pair.

“Where do you think you’re going Lotor?” demanded Lance. “You won’t get far like this….”

“Oh really?” Lotor demanded. “I think I’m the one holding all the cards. You fools won’t dare risk doing anything to endanger Allura…” She didn’t risk turning her head to peer up at Lotor, but she was sure he was smirking as he said that.

“What do you want Lotor?” Hunk asked, being the voice of calm reason.

“I have a list of demands, but right now I’ll settle for a quick get away.” Lotor answered. “Now, take me to your control room. And be quick about it. I want no dawdling, no taking the long way.”

Hunk glanced at Lance, who grimaced and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine…do as he says….for now…” A gesture from Hunk had the guards backing out of the room, Lotor gesturing for the Voltron Force members to walk ahead of him. Allura didn”t miss the sound of Lance’s words, the red lion plot muttering under his breath, “Keith is going to kill us for this!”

“Move slowly Allura…” Lotor’s voice in her ear, his breath warm against her skin. “I don’t want you accidentally slipping against my sword…”

“You’re not going to get away with this…” Allura retorted, but took his advice, stepping carefully through the dungeon’s corridor. “They’ll find a way to stop you…”

“You hold steadfast to your convictions. I find that endearing Allura.” Lotor told her. “But this time they won’t win…no…..we’re going to get far away, and then talk things out…plan our future together…”

“We have no future…” Allura insisted, dismayed to hear him laugh.

“I’m sure once I get you away from the castle, and onto my ship, I’ll be able to persuade you to see otherwise.” Lotor said, the pair reaching the staircase that led up to the main level of the castle. Lance and Hunk were still on the steps, waiting for Lotor and Allura to follow them. “Remember…” Lotor shouted to them. “No sudden moves.” Allura could see Lance gritting his teeth in annoyance, and Hunk nodded his head.

The four of them climbed the stairs together, finding Pidge and the guards were waiting at the top for them. Lotor kept a firm grip on Allura, waiting to be led to castle control. They made an odd entourage, palace servants stopping to gasp and stare at their princess being held hostage by the enemy. Allura couldn’t even muster up a smile to reassure them, she merely stared straight ahead, keeping her expression blank as they walked.

Eventually they reached Castle Control, and she heard Coran before she saw him. “What is the meaning of this? Lance, why have you brought the guards here?!” Before Lance could offer up an explanation, the man was letting out a surprised shout. “Princess Allura?! Prince Lotor?!”

“Good day advisor.” Lotor said. “I’ll give you the same advice I gave your subordinates. No sudden moves, or else I’m afraid I can’t be held responsible for what happens to Allura.”

“Don’t listen to him Coran, he won’t hurt me!” Allura said, but Lotor was speaking over her.

“Raise the platform for the lions.”

“What are you planning?!” Coran demanded, making no move to do as ordered.

“It’s quite simple.” Answered Lotor. “Allura and I are going for a little joy ride….I need a get away vehicle, and what better ship is there, than one of the fabled lions of Arus?!”

“You can’t do this!” Allura protested. “To take one of the lions will leave Arus defenseless!”

“Do hurry up advisor. Time is a wasting!” Lotor said, prodding Allura forward with his body. Coran stared at Allura, and then let out a heavy sounding sigh.

“Forgive me your highness…” He said, and was turning towards the computer’s controls, typing in a command sequence. A slight rumble was heard, the platform raising to reveal the chute that led to the lions.

“You there…..runt.” Lotor said, speaking to Pidge.

“Don’t call me that!” Pidge snapped. “I have a name.”

“I’ll call you whatever I like!” Lotor laughed, the sound mocking. “You’re coming with us.”

“What? With you?” The boy frowned, eyes wide as he looked at Allura.

“We need someone to fly the lion.” Lotor explained. “And you’re just the pilot for the job.”

“If you think I’ll be easier to control just because of my size…” Pidge began, but Coran quickly interrupted.

“Go with them Pidge.” The man urged.

“But Coran….” Pidge protested.

“Please Pidge…” Coran begged. “Go and keep an eye on Allura.”

“I think Lotor’s the one who needs keeping an eye on…” muttered Pidge. “But fine, I’ll do it.” He smiled at Allura, but the look was strained. “Don’t worry princess, I won’t let him try anything while I’m around.”

“As if you could stop me.” Lotor said, tone haughty. He was already guiding Allura over to the chute, turning his head slightly to peer down into the darkness. “This leads to green lion?”

“Yes. You have my word on that.” Coran said.

“For Allura’s sake, I better.” Lotor said, sheathing his sword. The guards immediately moved to take action, but Lotor was already tipping himself and Allura backwards into the chute. She couldn’t help herself, she screamed, and clung to his waist, thinking they would fall to their deaths. But instead, a weightless feeling came over her, Allura glancing up to see Lotor’s free hand was holding onto the trapeze swing.

“Princess!” Several males shouted, as they swung lower and lower into the chute. Allura looked up, to see the Voltron force’s worried faces peering down at her, Lotor’s victorious laughter heavy in her ears.

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