Effects 06


Feet stumbling, Allura was all but dragged behind Lotor, her left hand caught in his right hand’s grip. He was moving them at a brisk pace, Allura forced to run to keep up with him as he stalked through the corridors of the ship. It left her with little opportunity to check out her surroundings, Allura trying desperately to notice any distinguishing marks that would help her find her way back to the bridge.

She thought she caught a flash of purple lights on the East wall, an oddity that stood out in an otherwise gray hall. She didn’t have long to look at it, Lotor was already turning a corner, pulling her behind him. She tried to get him to slow down, pulling back on her hand, but that merely made him tighten his fingers around her wrist, a warning squeeze to not defy him.

At the speed they were going, it didn’t take long for them to reach their destination, Lotor stopping before a large beetle black door. A keypad was to the side of it, at the height of a Drule’s chest. Lotor quickly punched in a code, fingers flying over the keypad, red numbers appearing too fast for Allura to read. With a loud beep of acknowledgment, the door opened, revealing a dimly lit room.

Allura wasn’t sure she wanted to step inside the room, but Lotor was already pulling her in behind him. He actually let go of her wrist, to turn to the door, no doubt locking it with the same code that caused it to open. She took advantage of being free of his iron grip, Allura stepping deeper into the room. She had to squint, eyes not yet adjusted to the dim lighting.

Lotor strode past her, taking off his gloves, and tossing them onto a small, round table. Her eyes followed him, seeing Lotor walk over to the far wall, another keypad melded to the wall. A tap of his fingers, and suddenly a soft hum was heard, shutters parting to reveal the sun lit sky of planet Arus. It filled the room with bight light, Allura seeing her surroundings for what they were. A bedroom.

“Do you like?” Lotor asked, his back to her as he stared out the window. In the distance she could see the castle of lions surrounded by far too many star cutters for her liking. Even one would be too much, but now the sky was filled with several dozen of those ships. “It’s not my usual accommodations, but….your Voltron Force saw to my last flag ship being destroyed.”

She said nothing, just listened to him speak, her arms crossed over her chest as though she was cold. “I’ve had to commandeer these quarters from the captain of this ship.” A chuckle then, the prince amused. “I am sure he is most displeased with me.”

“He’s not the only one!” Allura couldn’t resist snapping, her head held at a haughty angle. Her words had him turning away from the window, his golden eyes meeting hers. She didn’t give him the satisfaction of looking away, she locked gazes with him boldly. “Lotor, this is sheer and utter madness. I demand you release Pidge and myself this instant!”

She felt angry to see him smirk, the man amused by her words. “Ah Allura…you are in no position to make demands….Not until after the wedding.”

“I told you! I will not be your bride!” Allura said, fighting the urge to stamp her foot on the carpeted floor.

“I’ve caught you fair and square Allura.” Lotor said, voice patient and kind as he spoke to her. “You’ve no choice but to marry me. If not for your own sake, then for the good of your planet.”


“Allura….are you familiar with the concept of a war prize?” Lotor asked, and now he moved away from the window, slowly stalking towards her. “Because that’s what you are. Be glad I’m in love with you…it affords you some luxuries anyone else in your position would not have.”

“How lucky for me.” Sarcasm dripped in her tone, Allura watching his approach warily.

“I don’t think you realize just how lucky you are.” Lotor said. “You and your planet.” She made a scoffing sound, Lotor continuing. “Arus will prosper under Doom rule, I won’t allow it to be just another slave planet to be mined of all it’s resources. You and I can change it’s fortunes, together.” His hand raised, finger quickly pressing against her lips to silence her angry retort. “Don’t be so hasty in refusing me…I do not have to see to your people’s welfare…I can always take what I want, and leave this backwater planet to rot.”

She was tempted to bite that finger of his, Allura taking a step back away from him. “You….” She licked her lips nervously, noticing the way Lotor watched her every move. “You said you brought me here to negotiate. That implies some compromise on both our sides….”

“Oh…I’ll listen to your concerns, and perhaps if they are valid, I will even make some concessions.” Lotor told her, Allura’s eyes narrowing in annoyance. “But the matter is already decided, wouldn’t you say? All I need is for you to sign official documents stating Arus has surrendered to Doom.”

“That’s not fair!” She protested, and Lotor chuckled.

“Life seldom is my dear princess.”

“I won’t just sign over Arus’ future to you!” She shook her head, and began to pace, moving farther and farther away from Lotor. “My people have needs….demands…I doubt Doom will suddenly have our best interest at heart!”

“I have YOUR best interest in my heart.” Lotor told her, his words making her move even faster in agitation. She soon reached the window, with it’s marred view of Arus, Allura staring sadly at her home. “Do you really want to continue things the way they have been? My planet and yours fighting a pointless war?”

“It’s not pointless!” She whispered.

“Doom’s resources are infinite, while Arus is limited even under the best of circumstances.” Continued Lotor. “Please, Allura. It would be to your people’s benefit to join with the stronger power. Think of the wealth Doom would bring in, the money that could advance your civilization, elevate your people from simple miners and farmers. And of course….there is the added bonus of me…”

“You?” A sneer was on her face, Allura turning to look at Lotor. She bit back a gasp to see him right in front of her, his boots silent on the carpet. He was smiling at her, golden eyes proud, the lines of his lips set in an arrogant expression.

“Yes, me.” Lotor told her, forcing Allura to back into the window’s pane as he crowded in close to her body. “What better husband could you ask for?”

“I could think of plenty of reasons why you are not the best husband I could hope for!” She retorted, and moved to slide past him. This time she did gasp, Lotor slapping his palm onto the pane before her, blocking her escape. She shot him an annoyed look, turning back to face him, pinned between his arms.

“And I’m sure you have a list already prepared to read off to me.” Lotor said, hardly dismayed by her words. “But really Allura, what other man makes you feel the way I do?”

“You mean disgust and loathing?” Allura asked in her nastiest tone. She was disappointed to see him smile, Lotor shaking his head no.

“Hardly.” He lifted his right hand, fingers touching the curls of her golden mane. She tried to ignore that touch, staring into his face as he rubbed his fingertips over the strands of her hair. “I’m talking about passion Allura. Fire. I make you feel…I probably make you experience emotions you never even thought possible!”

“Yes, I never thought it possible to despise someone as much as I do you and your father.” Allura retorted, jerking her head to the side to evade his finger’s grasp. Lotor settled for leaving both hands on the glass pane, keeping her pinned before him.

“That’s not true, and we both know it.” Lotor smirked. “Your earlier behavior proved how much you want me.” That got her blushing, Allura shaking her head no, an angry sputter of her voice coming out. “The potion merely enhanced those feelings of yours Allura….freed you from your inhibitions and allowed you to be more honest to me and to you.”

“N….no….” Her eyes were wide open with shock, Allura’s mouth feeling far too dry. “That can’t be the truth…..it’s not possible…”

“Isn’t it?” Lotor demanded, still wearing that infuriating smirk of his. “Haggar’s potion was designed with you in mind….designed to get you to relax, and loosen that rigid hold you have over your emotions towards me. It merely gave you a nudge in the right direction….”

She was staring horrified at him, shaking her head no over and over again. “Ah…” Lotor smiled. “Perhaps those feelings you had for me were so deeply buried, you yourself was not aware of having them? Were you lying to yourself as well Allura?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about…” Allura began.

“Oh do I? Tell me, why haven’t you ever taken a husband then?” Lotor asked. “I know you’ve had no lovers before me…no one to warm your bed late at night. I’ll tell you why. Because you wanted me….you’ve always wanted me, and your heart cries out in pain at the thought of being with anyone else!”

Her jaw dropped, Allura stunned. “You’re….you’re mad!”

“Am I? Or do you say that simply because you do not want to hear the truth of what I speak?” Lotor demanded. “Allura…” His right hand was touching her face, fingers stroking down to her skin to take gentle hold of her chin. “Stop fighting us both….give in to what you need….what you really want….” He was lifting her face upwards, Lotor bending down towards her. Allura could feel his breath on her lips, her eyes growing huge as she watched him advance.

“NO!” She cried out, and this time she brought up her arms, shoving at him. She couldn’t move him, but her motions disrupted the kiss, Lotor pulling back in annoyance. Allura took advantage of that to step away from him, running across the room to it’s door. She let out a sound of frustration, but was not surprised to find it was locked.

“I’m very disappointed in you Allura.” Lotor’s voice, the man taking his time in following her across the room. “I thought you could be made to see reason…”

“Sorry if I don’t brainwash so easily!” She snapped, spinning around to glare at him. Her eyes widened, Allura seeing Lotor hand on his belt, fingers opening one of the pouches. He removed a vial, purple concoction catching the light and twinkling as he held up the potion Haggar had given him.

“What are you going to do with that?!” She demanded, edging to the side, looking for something to use as a weapon against him.

“Isn’t it obvious?” A condescending laugh from the prince. “You’re going to give me everything I ask for, starting with that declaration of surrender.” Lotor was advancing on her, vial clutched in his fist.

Allura backed up to a dresser, a delicate looking vase with a pretty blue and white pattern on it’s surface. Her hands were already reaching for it, Allura seeing Lotor quirk an eyebrow in amusement. “Really Allura, resistance is futile at this point…”

She lifted the vase by it’s slender neck, holding it before her as threateningly as she could manage. “Don’t you come near me! Not you or that potion of yours!”

Lotor sighed, one hand lifted to his brow as though he felt the start of a headache. “Put down the vase Allura.”


“I said put it down!” Lotor growled, lunging forward with surprisingly fast speed. Allura shrieked, and lifted it up over her head, intent on smashing it into Lotor’s face. Instead it ended up on the floor, shards of it being crumpled under foot as Lotor grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. “Allura, Allura…” Lotor made a tsking sound, pressing her against the dresser. “So troublesome….and all because you won’t take your medicine.”

“Anything that comes from Haggard is poison in it’s purest form!” Allura said bitterly.

“That’s not true.” Lotor replied. “Haggard makes many useful things….and I’d never allow her to give you something harmful.”

“You don’t consider what it does to me harmful?!” She was aghast, staring at him with miserable eyes.

“No. No, I do not.” Lotor said, pinning her in place with his body. He let go of her arm to twist off the cap of the vial, Allura alternating between beating at his chest, and feeling along the dresser’s top for something else to use as a weapon. Her fingers slid along a smooth surface, finding nothing of use, even as Lotor’s hand gripped her face. Her head was tilted back, Lotor pressing the vial to her lips.

Defiantly, she kept her lips sealed shut, Lotor’s eyes narrowing in annoyance. “Drink it Allura….drink it or else…” She didn’t fall for the trap of opening her mouth to ask just what his threat would entail, she merely glared at him, lips tight together. “I’ve been very patient with you Allura…” Lotor continued, wetting her lips with some of the potion. “You promised me utmost obedience in return for your little friend’s life. Was that a lie?”

Still nothing from her, Allura refusing to rise to the bait. “Very well….I guess Pidge will have to die then.” Lotor said, tone uncaring and cruel. Her eyes widened, she fought against the grip he had on her chin, Allura trying to shake her head no.

“No?” Lotor questioned with a laugh. “You don’t want the runt to die? Then open your mouth and take a good swig of this potion.”

“I hate you!” Allura managed to get out before Lotor tipped the contents of the vial down her mouth. It tasted bitter, and she tried not to gag on it, Lotor watching her carefully to make sure she didn’t spit it out.

“You only think you hate me, but this potion will have you changing your mind all too soon.” Lotor said, taking a step back from her. He left the empty vial on top of the dresser, Allura staying pressed against the piece of furniture.

“Now what?” She asked, using the back of her hand to wipe away traces of the potion from her lips.

“Now?” A grin from him, Lotor turning and walking over to the computer console that sat situated in the left corner of the room. “It shouldn’t be long before the potion takes effect….It’s best to be prepared, don’t you think?” Lotor bent over the keyboard, fingers flying as he typed out commands. The large monitor flickered on, encoded words being written across the screen.

“Prepared for what?” Allura asked warily, watching him from her spot across the room.

“To sign the official documents of course.” Lotor said, glancing at her over his shoulder. “I already have the terms of Arus surrender written out in legal form. If you’ll look them over, you’ll find nothing is missing detailing Doom’s merger with Arus.”

“Merger?” Allura couldn’t help herself, she let out an indignant snort. “Don’t you mean conquest? That’s what it is…Doom is calling all the shots if I sign that!”

“If you prefer I not sugar coat things, then yes. Doom will hold ultimate power over Arus.” Lotor said, gesturing for her to come closer. “But I’ve gone to a great deal of pains to make sure this is not your typical subjugation of a kingdom.”


“Why?” Lotor looked at her, expression serious and lacking his usual mocking smile. “Because I love you. I want to prove that to you….prove that with me things will be better for you and your planet. Now…are you ready to sign this document?”

She was shaking her head no, Lotor catching her arm and bringing her over to the chair that sat before the keyboard. She stared at the devices laid out around it, a red pen and reader strip, a thumb print identifier, all devices made to transmit the legal signature and identifying features of a person over space’s air waves. She need only sign her name, and the war would be finished. Arus would become part of the Doom Empire, for better or worse.

Lotor’s shadow was over her, his hands on her shoulders, the prince pressing against the back of her chair. He was patient, just waiting for her to pick up the electronic pen and sign her name to his legal documents. Allura chewed on her lower lip, hesitating, wondering what she could do to delay this. A glance towards the windows revealed no help was coming, no sign of the lions in the sky. It was up to her, and her alone to do something to save Arus.


“Lotor…” Allura hesitated, still gnawing on her bottom lip, her thoughts racing. Suddenly she straightened in her seat, head held proud, eyes glittering with a crafty light. “Hmmmm…..!” She let out a throaty laugh, turning her face to look at Lotor. The corners of her mouth curled upwards, a please smile on her face as she looked Lotor over. “Hello lover…” She purred at him, seeing the question in Lotor’s eyes.

“Are you feeling all right Allura?” Lotor asked, Allura’s smile widening.

“Never felt better.” She told him, batting her eyes flirtatiously at him. “Now come here, my big blue stud!” She was touching his hands, covering the backs of them with her own, her head tilting back as she looked at Lotor. Her lips parted in invitation, Allura watching him through half lidded eyes as he bent down to claim her mouth with his own.

It was an awkward way to kiss, Allura tilting back further, until the chair nearly toppled backwards if not for Lotor grabbing at it. “Careful!” He said, a smile on his lips as he admonished her.

“Don’t wanna be careful…” Allura told him, now free to spin around to face him. “Wanna be reckless…..wanna be with you.” She was grabbing at his arms, pulling him back down over her, her lips seeking out his in a needy expression of her desire. Lotor seemed just as needy, kissing her back, lips working furiously against hers, their mouths half open already.

“Hmmm Allura…” Lotor sighed, turning his face to the side so that her kisses landed on his cheek. “We can’t do this….not yet at least…:”

“Why not?” She whispered her question in a breathless tone, her hands moving over his waist, finding his belt. She was already undoing the clasp, his tunic loosening slightly as the belt was slid off his waist. “There’s a bed here….and you and I are all alone…”

“The document…” Lotor moaned, Allura pulling at him, pressing his body between her spread legs. “You have to sign the papers first…”

“I’ll do it later….” Allura said, her hand sliding over the fabric of his tunic. She pressed her palm against the crotch of his pants, exerting slight pressure on the bulge that was growing there. “I need you…..now….desperately…”

It would seem the placement of her hand was all the incentive Lotor needed, the prince letting out a strangled moan as he scooped her up out of the chair. Allura giggled and cooed, wrapping her arms around him and pressing close to his body. Her hands were clinging to his back, the princess working at his neck with her lips as Lotor hurried towards the room’s bed.

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