Effects 07

Allura kept her face buried in the crook of Lotor’s shoulder, lips brushing against the material of his uniform’s top. It was soft against her lips, and his personal scent was in her nose, musky with a hint of some exotic aftershave. She focused on trying to identify the smell, an attempt to distract her from the fact Prince Lotor was carrying her towards a bed.

It was a situation of her own making, a desperate ploy to distract him from forcing her signature down on legal documents that would bind Arus to Doom forever. It left her anxious, Allura trying not to tremble as he held her, the girl wondering to herself just how far she’d be willing to go to save her planet from Doom.

Lotor reached the bed far too fast for Allura’s liking, his long legs covering the distance from computer console to the far side of the room in a matter of seconds. She felt him lowering her onto the bed, his arm sweeping out from under her legs so that she ended up kneeling on the soft mattress. He kept his other arm pressed across her back, holding her to him as much as she was clinging to him in return.

She nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder, hearing the soft sounds she made to convince him she was under the effects of the potion. She felt almost silly cooing at him, sickening sweet giggles and gasps, finding Lotor had one hand in her hair, playing with the loose strands. He seemed content to just pet her, Allura returning her mouth to the side of his neck, lips brushing against the collar of his top.

“Oh my sweet Allura….” Lotor murmured softly, long fingers caressing through her hair. He found that with her, even the simple touches meant the world to him, Lotor all but moaning in approval as she nibbled on the side of his neck. Her tongue rasped across his skin, sending shivers down his spine, Lotor having hazy memories of her tongue on other parts of his body.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to be with you…” Lotor told her, hearing her make a sound against his skin. “The agony of being apart from you….the long months waiting and desiring…you’re better than any dream could ever be.”

Allura hesitated over his skin, taking in his words. She couldn’t help but blush, knowing he was paying her a great compliment, even if her actions had been the actions of one drugged. She’d freeze up in embarrassment if she thought about it too hard, Allura wondering how she could go any farther than kisses and a few touches here and there before she reached her limit.

~I’m playing with fire.~ She thought to herself, knowing it was a dangerous game to tease Lotor like this. But what else could she do? Arus’ future was at stake!

Her teeth bit down gently on his skin, Lotor’s pulse speeding up beneath her mouth. Her hands were on his back, she could feel the ripple of muscles beneath her palms, leaving her keenly aware of his strength. She didn’t dare stray her hands any lower, and yet she was at a loss over what else to do besides mouth and kiss at his neck.

It was apparent Lotor had all the ideas, his hands were on her shoulders, gently but insistently easing her back so he could stare into her eyes. “You’re so beautiful. Do you know that? Gods….the most gorgeous creature in all of the galaxy!”

Men telling Allura she was beautiful was nothing new, and yet she flushed and lowered her eyes demurely. “Thank you…”

“What do you see when you look at me?” Lotor wanted to know, his question giving her pause. She raised her head, looking over his flawless features, his azure colored skin, and glittering golden eyes.

“You’re very handsome.” Allura told him, keeping the tone of grudging admittance out of her voice. She nerved herself to touch his hair, sweeping it past his pointed ears. “Your hair is like a fine carpet of snow…so pure in the absence of color…”

“Go on.” Lotor smiled, enjoying hearing Allura talk about him. He saw her cock her head to the side, blue eyes studying him.

“Well…your eyes…” Allura hesitated, Lotor hanging on her every word. “They’re so…hypnotic…..they hold such mystery to them, such power to pull one in with your gaze…And I love your coloring….you’re like…like…”

“Like what?” Lotor asked, seeing her falter. A shrug from Allura, and then she was smiling, a giggle escaping her.

“You’re so perfect and unique, you defy explanation.”

Lotor grinned, liking that very much indeed. “Yes…I am perfect.” He agreed, not at all aware of how arrogant that made him sound. Allura just nodded her head in agreement, smile not faltering as he moved in to kiss her. He pressed against her, and with a nudge of his body toppled Allura onto the bed, the princess landing on her back with a small gasp.

Blue eyes blinked up at him, wide and staring as Lotor smiled down at Allura. He crossed his arms over his chest, fingers gripping the black material of his tunic. With a pull he had it up and over his head, revealing his bare torso to her. He flung the uniform over his shoulder, hearing it thump lightly on the floor as he got a knee up on the mattress.

Every instinct in Allura screamed for her to run away, Allura forcing herself to keep the pleased smile on her lips. She wanted nothing more than to back away as Lotor crawled on top of her, her body breaking out in goose bumps under her uniform.

His hands were reaching for her, Allura reacting by sitting up and batting them away. A frown crossed his face, but she flung herself forward, wrapping her arms around him. Her cheek ended up pressed against one pectoral muscle, his skin warm to the touch.

“Allura?” A question in Lotor’s tone had her thinking fast and furious.

“I love your muscles.” She said in a dreamy tone of appreciation. “There’s so many…..you’re so chiseled…like a sculpture…” She nerved herself to kiss just above his nipple, Allura rolling her eyes upwards to look at his face.

“Well, I should hope so.” Lotor said, tone turning boasting. “I spend many hours working out.”

“Oooh it pays off!” Allura told him, more kisses being placed on his skin. She ran her hands across his abdomen, surprised to feel him tremble at her innocent touch. Her fingers traced the lines of his six pack, memorizing the feel of his body.

Lotor settled back on his knees, just watching her with an odd smile on his face as she rubbed her hands along his body. Allura took her time exploring his skin, noticing the hint of white fuzz that began low on his body, and disappeared into his pants. She skirted over it, not willing to delve into the territory of what lay under the snug fitting pants of his.

Instead she touched the sides of his waist, rubbing her way upwards. Occasionally she’d plant kisses on his chest, keeping her eyes fixed on his skin in an intense look of concentration. Her hands were touching the muscles of his upper arms, when Lotor suddenly resumed wandering his hands over her body. “Lotor…” She said, trying to shy away from his hands. “I’m not done looking…”

“You’ve looked and touched enough.” Lotor told her, and even without glancing at his face, she could hear the smirk in his voice. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Your turn?” Allura’s eyes widened, finding Lotor was pushing her back down against the pillows.

“Yes.” Purred Lotor, hand skirting over her belly, soft pressure in the form of rubbing circles into her skin. “Last time I didn’t get to touch you very much. I mean to make up for that now.”

“Oh…” She said faintly.

“Oh indeed.” Lotor grinned, his fingers reaching for the zipper of her uniform. Allura bit her lip, knowing she couldn’t stop him without making him suspicious, her hands itching to grab at his arms.

The zipper came down with a hiss of sound, Lotor pulling it down past her belly. His fingers parted the opening in her uniform, pulling the material to the sides with reverent care. “Pretty.” Commented Lotor, his fingertips running over the lace of her bra.

Allura just nodded, trying to control her breathing as he touched and caressed over the front of her breasts. When he moved to nudge the bra downwards, she reacted by throwing her arms around him, pulling him down tight on top of her.


“Just hold me!” Allura cried out, clinging to him as best she could.

“I’ll hold you later…” Lotor said, pulling free of her arms. “Right now I mean to explore every inch of you.”


“But?” Lotor lifted an eyebrow, looking at her. “Allura….are you feeling all right?” A suspicious look came into his eyes, Lotor’s hand touching her cheek. “You’re acting differently than last time.”

“Am I?” Allura asked nervously, than shook her head. “I just don’t like…sitting back while you do all the work.”

“Believe me, it’s not work.” Lotor said in response, a grin on his face. But he was still looking wary, studying her features carefully. “Perhaps more of Haggar’s potion is needed to help you relax….”

“No…no…I’m fine.” Allura was quick to assure him. “Trust me….I’m loving every moment of being with you…!”

“Then cease this attempts to distract me from my goal.” Lotor told her.

“I’m not trying to distract you.” Lied Allura. “I just want to please the man I love.”

Lotor inhaled sharply, eyes lighting up with glee. “You love me?”

“Oh yes..” Allura breathed out, seeing the silly grin on Lotor’s face at her words. “I do.”

“Say it again.” Lotor ordered her, Allura holding back a sigh.

“I love you Lotor.”

“Again.” Lotor grinned, his hands going to her breasts once more. “I want to hear you say it again and again.”

“I love you….oh! I love you!” Allura gasped as he wrenched down her bra, her breasts spilling free of the lace.

“Yes…” Lotor said, extremely satisfied. “You do. Now tell me how much.”

“I love you more than anyone else in the world.” Allura said, gasping as he bent his face over her breasts. His hair fell forward, white ends tickling across her skin.

“Go on…” breathed Lotor, listening to her intently.

“More than the galaxy! I love you with all my heart and being.” Allura was conscious of his fingers touching her breasts, fingertips rubbing across her bosom, gentle ghost like touches.

“More than Arus?” Lotor wanted to know, and she didn’t even hesitate.

“Yes! Even more than Arus!” Allura confirmed for him, and a stray thought made itself known in her mind. It wanted Lotor to quit teasing her with his fingers, and bring his mouth to bear against her skin. It whispered seductively in her ear, leaving her to wonder where such an urge came from.

She gave a slight shake of her head, fighting the urge to frown. Instead she concentrated on not tensing up as Lotor continued to touch and tease her breasts, the man smiling at her as he brushed fingertips around her nipples. The teasing touches had an effect on her, Allura’s nipples crinkling in response to warmth of his fingertips. She let her head fall back for an instant, closing her eyes to block out the sight.

They opened almost immediately when something damp flicked across one. Lotor’s tongue was licking over her nipple, swirling around and over that taut bit of skin, the prince’s eyes on her face. Gold blazed in his eyes, the man intent on her reactions, Allura blushing and letting out a gasp. She grudgingly admitted to herself that it felt good, that pink tongue of his moving harder now, pressing down against her nipple in slow, confidant licks.

“Good?” Lotor mumbled a question out in between licks, wanting to hear Allura confirm that he was making her feel nice. He saw her blush and nod her head, a small squeak of confirmation coming from her when he opened his mouth wide enough to latch onto her breast. Her hands grabbed at his forearms for support, Lotor’s own on her waist, holding her in place as he suckled at her breast.

The whole situation was turning him on, but the sounds that escaped his princess further stimulated him into an aroused state. Allura was starting to squirm beneath him, as though she was trying to wiggle free of his mouth and hands. It amused him to see her trying to escape the pleasure he was offering her, Lotor tightening his fingers round her waist, lifting her up off the bed slightly to press her more securely against his mouth.

He didn’t just suck on his nipple, he made love to it, tongue swirling around it, tip tickling against it. He kept his lips tight around her nipple, exerting pressure on it as though he would bite down on her flesh. He pulled with his mouth, playful tugs on her skin, eyes rolled upwards to watch Allura, see how she moaned and let her head fall back, helpless to resist his attentions.

He wasn’t sure how long he spent nursing at her breast, time seemed to flow to a stop with Allura in his arms. He let the nipple pop free of his mouth, lips moving to cover the distance to her left breast, intent on not leaving that one neglected. Allura hardly had time to relax, his mouth was all over her skin, teeth grazing softly against the side of her breast.

His lips fastened around a bit of skin on the top side of her breast, Lotor intent on leaving the mark of his mouth there. He was working the flesh over, when suddenly Allura moved, her arms being thrown around his head, the girl letting out an excited cry as she pushed his head firmly into her bosom. It almost left him smothered, Lotor struggling to pull back.

Allura made a sound, an apology on her lips as she loosened her hold on him. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, making her grab him like that. She was starting to get urges, wild flashes of ideas of things she wanted to do and have done to her. It made her worried, Allura fearing the potion was starting to take effect if she could actually be enjoying what Lotor was doing.

One thing was sure, she tingled wherever his mouth touched her, Allura feeling as though she was burning up and only Lotor could cool her down. She frowned at that last thought, convinced it wasn’t her own but the potion that was telling her these things. She gasped and arched her back mid thought, when Lotor’s mouth took hold of her aching nipple, his mouth open wide to inhale a generous portion of breast.

“Hmmm….” Allura purred, voice sounding sultry. “Mo….more!” She inwardly cringed at the demand that had escaped her, even as she hoped Lotor wouldn’t stop what he was doing. With every pull of his lips, it sent lines of pleasure through her, arching downwards, causing arousal to blossom within her. Her own hands were starting to wander, to touch Lotor’s skin, Allura feeling restless and wanting to pleasure him in return.

So many thoughts were going through her mind, traitorous ones that she blamed on the potion, Allura knowing she was starting to lose track of which ones were hers and which ones were drug induced.

Lotor felt he could spend all day just worshipping at Allura’s chest, but his own need was pressing down on him, making itself known. His hands worked to unbuckle her belt, leaving the leather loop lying on the bed as he lifted his head from her breast. Her eyes were looking as blue as ever, clouded over with desire as she looked at him. She didn’t protest when he began tugging down the sleeves of her pilot uniform, in fact she tried to help him undress her! Working together they had her stripped down to the waist, Lotor moving to pull her boots off her feet.

Even her toes were cute, toenails painted a pale pink color that matched the shade on her uniform. He threw her boots off the bed, eager to strip off the bottom half of her uniform when Allura moved. She slammed into him, with enough force to knock him backwards, Lotor letting out a surprised cry. “Allura!”

A giggle from her, her fingertips hooking over the edge of his pants. “You’re taking too long lover.” She said, ducking her face down to lick at his chest.

Lotor chuckled. “I thought I was supposed to be the impatient one?” She was tugging down his pants, impatient pulls with her hands, wrenching it down far enough for his erection to spring free. Allura’s eyes lit up with excitement, her hands reaching for it, even as Lotor grabbed at her wrists. “Come now Allura, you had your fun last time. It’s my turn to tease you.”

“But it’s so big…” She said in a breathy tone, eyes staring down at his cock. “It looks so swollen with need. It’d be cruel to leave it alone any longer…”

“I can last a little bit longer, I assure you.” Lotor said, finding he was pushing her down onto the bed for the umpteenth time. She tried to escape his grasp, seeming intent on his cock, her body struggling against his hold.

“Lotor…!” She outright whined his name, eyes looking desperate as she arched and strained against his hold. “I want it…!”

“And you shall have it.” Lotor assured her. “Just be patient…”

“I can’t!”

“You can and you shall!” He said, amused by her impatience. He cautiously let go of her wrists, eyes watching her carefully to make sure she didn’t try to tackle him again. She was pouting, but otherwise behaved, Allura laying there as Lotor reached for her pants. He made sure to yank down her panties at the same time, shucking the clothing from her so that she was completely nude before him.

He looked her over, eyes appreciative, Lotor feeling the pride of ownership as he laughed. “You’re amazing. Perfect and beautiful, and all mine.”

“Yes!” Allura cried out in agreement, hands reaching for him. She pulled him close, wiggling against his erection. “Yours! Now take me!”

“How can I resist an invitation like that?” Lotor murmured, his hand going to slide between her thighs. Allura reacted instantly, spreading her legs wide to give him better access to her. His fingers stroked along her center, finding she was wet and ready for him. He wanted to tease her some more, but she was begging him, a constant flow of entreaty he found hard to resist.

With a sound of contentment, Lotor pressed his cock against her, the head of it already pushing inside her. “AH!! Yes!” Allura cried out ecstatically, tightening up all around him. It made Lotor gasp, pleased as he thrusted, going deeper inside her. Allura was grabbing at him, wrapping her legs around his waist as she pulled him close, raining kisses all over his face.

Lotor laughed at her enthusiasm, finding her lips brushing against his cheek and chin, his own eyes closed as he just enjoyed the feel of being inside her. He apparently was still for far too long, Allura was wiggling about, making soft squeals and urging him to move. “Lotor…! Please…..move! I need it….need you…”

“All right my princess…” Lotor grinned, and began moving his hips, working in and out of her. Allura let out an ecstatic cry, pushing her own hips against his movements, trying to match his rhythm.

“Yes! Oh yes!” Allura cried out, proving to be vocal with her approval of his sexual prowess. “Harder! Oh go harder!”

“Easy Allura….let’s take our time and enjoy ourselves…” Lotor said, wary of hurting her if he caved in to her demands. She just whined in frustration, body almost frantic as she moved against him. He was moaning, nearly biting his lip as he enjoyed the friction and warmth they generated together.

“Oh! OH!” Allura was gasping, shaking with excitement as he made love to her. Suddenly she said something that nearly caused him to break his rhythm. “Oh I love you, my big blueberry stud muffin!”

“Wh…what?!” Lotor wasn’t sure if he should laugh or not, staring at her aghast. She merely smiled at him, writhing in place. “We’ll have to work on your idea of pet names later…” He muttered, and continuing moving his hips.

He surged forward with his body, pushing in as deep as he could go. Allura kept her legs tight around him, making it difficult to move when she was so intent on keeping him close to her. But somehow he did, cock twitching and thrusting inside her, his balls brushing against her entrance.

He felt it when she came, her whole body shook, a powerful shudder that left her breasts jiggling. Her insides tightened even further, constricting in a pulsating waves around him, Lotor letting out a groan seconds before his own release came about. He shot his come deep inside her, enjoying the feel of being drained dry. It wasn’t his intent to collapse on top of her, but Allura was still clutching him so tightly to her, practically pulling him down on top of her.

Lotor sighed in contentment, his hands finding their way into her hair. He petted her, whispering silkily in her ear. “I love you Allura.” He thought to hear her say it back, instead he got the unexpected. A sob then, choked out as though she didn’t want him to hear, her whole body trembling as she buried wet eyes against his bare shoulder.

“Allura?” Lotor asked, concerned. He wanted to pull back to look at her, but she was clinging so tightly to him, hiding her face. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s…it’s nothing.” Her tone was pure misery, and now Lotor fought to disengage her body from his, pulling her arms and legs free. He was shocked to see her cheeks stained with her tears, blue eyes sad and tormented, leaving him puzzled as to what was going on.

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