Effects 08

He got a brief flash of blue, Allura’s eyes brimming with tears that overflowed and slipped down her cheeks. It was shocking to see them, the girl’s features playing out what a struggle it was to remain quiet. Occasionally soft sobs escaped her, the princess unable to keep from weeping openly. Lotor stared at her, stunned and aghast at seeing her like this.

He must have stared too long, she was suddenly turning away from him, rolling over onto her side. Allura was trying to hide from him, hand clutching at a pillow, bringing it close to her face. Even with the pillow firmly in place, his sharp hearing pick up on her muffled sobs, his keen eyes noticing the way her shoulders shook, body trembling as she tried to suppress her tears.

“Allura…” Lotor’s hand hesitated over her back, unsure if he should touch her or not. He was unused to tears, unused to playing the role of comforter. He was even more unnerved by the fact she was crying just seconds after they made love, an experience he had been sure both of them were enjoying. “Please…..don’t cry.” That only served to agitate her further, Allura pressing her face deeper into the pillow.

Brow furrowed, he stared at her, wondering at the change that had come over her so suddenly. He had a sinking feeling he knew what was wrong, making Lotor bite back an annoyed growl. It wasn’t tears of joy that Allura was crying, of that he was certain, which meant only one thing. The potion had worn off, and fast.

A sigh escaped him, Lotor’s hands reaching for her. He caught her by the shoulders, gently but insistently turning her so that she face him. Already her eyes were rimmed with red from her tears, Allura staring at him with a face close to crumpling in despair.

“Allura…” He said her name softly, pulling her up into a sitting position. “Shhh…” He whispered soothingly, pressing her against his chest. She actually wound her arms around him, fingers clutching the hair that hung low on his back, a whimper escaping her. “Shhh…..don’t cry, Allura. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“It’s not.” She sniffled, voice low and holding a tremulous note to it. “It’s not!”

“But it will be…” Lotor said, starting to rock her gently in his arms. “I’ll see to it…”

“How?” She glanced up at him, and for a second anger flashed, chasing away the sadness in her eyes. “By giving me more potion?” He said nothing, schooling his expression to be blank. She let out a cry at his mask of indifference, struggling to escape his embrace. They ended up wrestling in place, Allura squirming about, hands shoving at his chest in an attempt to get away from him.

Lotor held onto her though her angered thrashing made it difficult even for one of his strength. “You will!” She all but screamed out an accusation, glaring at him with wet eyes. “You mean to give me that foul concoction again!”

“…..maybe….” He grudgingly admitted, and was prepared for her hand to go flying, the princess attempting to slap him. He caught hold of her wrist, exerting enough pressure to keep her from landing her blow, but not hurt her. And still she screamed like an injured animal, twisting about in a desperate attempt to get her hand free of his grasp.

“How can you even consider doing this to me again?!” Allura demanded, and the tears started once more.

“….If we could just figure out why the potion keeps wearing off…” He muttered more to himself than her. It was the wrong to say, even if he hadn’t been serious, Allura’s free arm swinging forward to thump a fist against his chest.

“You are as stupid as you are cruel if you can’t figure out what the trigger is that causes the potion to lose it’s effectiveness!” She shouted this at him, smacking her fist against his chest with every other word she uttered.

“Oh?” He couldn’t keep the interest from showing in his eyes, Lotor staring at her intrigued. “And you do know what the cause is?” She fell silent, her hand dropping to her side, Allura looking away from him. “Tell me Allura.” He said, hand reaching for her chin, fingers forcing her to look at him. “You know I’ll find out eventually…until then I’ll keep using it on you to make you compliant.”

“…..you’ll keep using it regardless.” Allura told him, her expression one of pure frustration. “You don’t care about me at all.”

“That’s not true.” Lotor quickly protested, seeing her shake her head no so hard her blonde hair bounced about her face. “It isn’t! I love you Allura!”

“You don’t know what love is!” Allura retorted angrily. “If you loved me, you wouldn’t do these kind of things to me! You take away my free will…you make me act like someone I am not..and the worse thing is, you openly plot to do it again and again!”

He didn’t know what to say to that, caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. “Allura….”

“NO!” Again she shook her head, eyes glaring at him. “No excuses. Stop lying to me, and stop lying to yourself about what you are doing to me!”

“It’s….it’s only supposed to make you react to me.” Lotor said, trying to rationalize to himself and to her. “Make you aware of your true feelings towards me…”

“That’s a lie!” Allura snapped, eyes narrowed as she stared at him. “I don’t believe you! You had some of that potion as well. Are you saying your true feelings make you want to run from me?!”

“I don’t know why it made me act that way…” Lotor said defensively. “I thought it would make my ardor for you grow…”

“You dabble with something you don’t even understand!” Allura shouted. “Did you even bother to get the details from Haggar on just what that potion would do? Or did you use me as a guinea pig?!”

“It’s not like that!” Lotor protested.

“Oh? Then tell me how it is?” She demanded snidely. “You can’t, can you? You just accepted her at her word that this potion would work without any problems or side effects.” She shuddered then, face flushed with her anger. “How could you give me that poison of hers?”

“Tell me why it wears off Allura.” Lotor said, choosing to change the subject. “Tell me so I can…”

“So what? You can fix it?” She demanded suspiciously.

“Yes! No….I mean….maybe.” Lotor sighed. “I just don’t want you to….”

“To what?” She asked, staring at him. “If it’s a mindless bed mate you want, I’m sure any girl would do. There are countless others who would love to warm your bed.”

“But they wouldn’t be you!” Lotor retorted, his words making Allura let out a bitter sounding laugh. “It’s true…you may not believe me right now, but I do love you. I do want what’s best for you…”

“Correction, you only want what’s best for me if it suits your purposes!” Allura resumed trying to wrench her arm free of his hand, Lotor effortlessly holding on.

“That’s not true, and in time you will see…” Lotor began, but Allura cut him off.

“How? Through a drug induced stupor?!”

“No….no….we’ll figure something out….something that doesn’t necessarily rely on the potion…” Lotor said, but inwardly he was wondering how he would ever get close to her again without using Haggar’s concoction. She shook her head, clearly not believing him. He let go of her wrist, raising both hands to her face to capture wet cheeks in his grip. Allura tried to flinch back as he moved in to kiss her, Lotor gently pressing his lips to her forehead. “I promise you…I’ll make this better…”

“What if you can’t?” She whispered, and Lotor held back a frown.

“I will. I can do anything when I put my mind to it.” Lotor said, wishing he felt as confidant as he pretended to be to her.

“Even the impossible?” Allura wanted to know, and that had him smiling, just a brief hint of it as he nodded.

“Especially the impossible. I specialize in it.”

“The potion….you really haven’t figured out what causes it to wear off?” Allura asked, Lotor dropping his hands to her shoulders. He shook his head no, seeing her blush harder as she lowered her eyes. “It….it stops working when I….when I…”

“When you what?” He urged her to continue, and she whispered out her next words.

“When I climax.”

He breathed out a surprised oh, realization dawning in his eyes. It had taken someone else to point it out to him, but now that he knew, he could see all the pieces falling into place. Both times, immediately following her orgasm she had changed, one time screaming, this time crying. It made him narrow his eyes, glaring at nothing in particular as he thought of Haggar and her twisted sense of humor.

“Lotor?” Allura whispered his name, looking worried at the expression he was wearing.

“Damn her…” Lotor growled, fighting not to dig his fingers into Allura’s skin, not wanting to show any more of his anger in front of his princess. He moved to let go of Allura, turning to slide off the bed’s edge.

“Lotor? Where are you going?” Allura wanted to know, watching as he paced the floor by the bed, seeking out his pants.

“I have a witch to confront.” Lotor muttered, pulling on his pants. He quickly found his boots, sliding them on his feet. So agitated was he, he didn’t bother with looking for his tunic, instead picking his sword belt off the floor. “Allura stay here while I’m gone.” He ran a hand though his hair, sweeping the strands back from his eyes. A glance at Allura saw her huddled on the bed, clutching the sheets to her bare body as she watched him move.

She merely nodded her head, Lotor hurrying out the room, not yet so frazzled as to forget to lock the door behind him. He moved through the corridors of the ship, not quite running, but moving at a brisk speed. He could see the soldiers of the ship pausing to stare at him, the wiser ones hurrying out of his path as they realized his state of agitation.

He soon reached the elevator that led to the bridge of the ship, practically bouncing in place as he impatiently waited for it’s doors to open. It did so with a ding announcing his arrival, faces turned in his direction. They just as quickly looked away, seeing the angry glower on his face, busying themselves with work as Lotor stalked towards Haggar.

“Explain yourself witch!” Lotor snarled, his hand hovering over the hilt of his sword. To the right of him sat Pidge, the pilot’s hands handcuffed behind his back, the runt sitting on the floor. His eyes were open in shock, gaping at Lotor’s half dressed state.

Haggar was far too calm as she looked Lotor over, her eyes lingering on his bare chest. Lotor gritted his teeth, and repeated his demand, seconds away from drawing his sword.

“Whatever do you mean your highness?” Haggar asked, tone as light and innocent as she could make it. “Have I done something wrong?”

“The potion witch!” Lotor said through gritted teeth. “Just what the hell were you thinking?!”

“Problem sire?” Haggar actually smirked at him, her teeth flashing in a wide grin. “Is Allura proving difficult to handle even with my potion?”

“You know she is, Haggar!” Lotor snarled, and stepped towards her. “The damn potion is just making things worse for me….for both of us.” He towered over Haggar, but the witch refused to be intimidated. “What were you thinking?! Making it defective like that?!”

“Love has always been difficult to manufacture, even with the powers at my disposal.” Haggar told him, craning her neck back to stare up at his face. “You should be grateful I am even able to get you a favorable reaction from Allura.”

“It doesn’t last…” Lotor lamented, glaring at Haggar as though it were all her fault.

“And? What’s the problem?” Haggar wanted to know. “Just give her another dose, and be done with it.”

Lotor shook his head no. “It’s not that simple witch….I’m hurting her every time I give her the damn thing. Just what exactly does this potion of yours do?”

“What does it matter so long as she has sex with you?” A muffled sound of shock from Pidge, the gag preventing the pilot from speaking. But his eyes were wide, staring at Lotor and Haggar, intent on every word they spoke.

“I don’t want her for just sex!” Lotor snapped. “I want her to love me back.”

“You may not be able to have that.” Haggar told him. “If love potions really worked, somewhere out there would be a very rich wizard or witch. The best you can hope for is lust.”

“Is that all it is? Lust?” Lotor questioned with a sigh. “Is that all it makes her feel for me?”

“Don’t look so down, Prince Lotor.” Haggar smiled, cracked lips revealing her yellowed teeth. “If your pretty little princess wasn’t such a….prude, the potion would never have inspired lust in her in the first place.”

“What do you mean?” He asked suspiciously. “Just how does this potion of yours work?”


“Find a way to explain or else!” threatened Lotor, making Haggar’s smile fade.

“Fine…it inspires neither love nor lust, but causes a person to act in the opposite way.” She said, gesturing with her hand. ‘It would make a slut act like a shy, inexperienced virgin, make a coward be brave, make a happy person depressed and angry.” Haggar gave him a look, smirking. “I would have thought you’d have caught on to it’s true nature when it made you run from Allura’s attention.”

Lotor took a step back, digesting this information. “I could, of course….tinker around with the potion.” Haggar offered in the face of his quiet. “Try to find a way to fine tune it, but I’m not sure I can. At best I could make things worse….she might end up hating you.”

“I think she already hates me.” Murmured Lotor softly, Haggar looking at him critically.


“It’s nothing.” Lotor told her.

“Do you want me to try and adjust the potions’ effectiveness?” She glanced at Pidge, and cackled. “We already have a suitable guinea pig available!” Lotor also looked at the pilot, considering carefully. But at last he sighed and shook his head. “No….no…” A scowl was on his lips. “You’ve done more than enough.”

“Thank you sire.” Haggar smiled, but his next words made her flinch.

“I didn’t say it as though that was a good thing!” Lotor glared at her. “No….you and your potion have just made things worse for me.”

“That may be true….but…” Haggar’s tone was bold, eyes staring back at him. “It was you who used it in the first place. If anyone is to blame for this mess, it’s you. Allura may hate me for creating the mixture, but it’s you who she’ll despise for using it on her.” He stared at her shock, seeing Haggar smirk. “You should have thought more carefully on the matter before you resorted to using it.”

“Damn you…” Lotor hissed, fingers closing around the handle of his sword. Haggar was calm as he drew it, the hum of lazon in the air as he pressed the tip to her chest. It seared a hole in her brown robe, the smell of burnt wool wafting int he air. “You knew I would be unable to resist using such a thing! You should have never offered it to me in the first place!”

“Excuses, excuses.” Haggar did a lazy shrug of her shoulders. “Much as you wish otherwise, you really have no one to blame but yourself for this current state of affairs. Now…tell me, did you at least get her to sign over Arus before you bedded her?”

“No…” Lotor was slow to admit this, seeing Haggar’s annoyed look. “We were distracted.”

“I’ll bet.” Haggar groused, shaking her head. “You’ve always been easy to manipulate with the promise of sex. It’s no surprise even your naive princess has learned how to manage you.” Again he was glaring at her, flashing his teeth as he snarled wordlessly. “It’s the truth!” Haggar insisted. “If you would think more with your head, and less with your libido, we wouldn’t have so many problems with the invasion of planet Arus.”

“It’s my heart I am thinking with now!” Lotor retorted, lowering his sword away from Haggar. “I have to find a way to fix this….and get everything I want in the process.”

“Yeah. Good luck with that.” An unsympathetic Haggar said. “Oh and in the meantime…” She reached into her robe, withdrawing another vial of purple liquid. “You may want to keep this on hand. At the very least, it should get her to sign the documents for you.”

“She’ll hate me if I do that.” Lotor said, hand hesitating over hers.

“Ah but she already hates you.” Pointed out Haggar with a smile. “You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” Lotor just stared at the potion, still making no move to take it from her. “Her planet Lotor….Voltron….think of it at your command….you’ll be able to put an end to this war…and get laid in the process.”

“Damn you witch!” Lotor snarled, snatching the vial out of her hand.

“I’ve been damned long before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eye.” Cackled Haggar. “Do try not to let that bit of conscience you have interfere with your fun your highness.”

More swearing from Lotor, the prince turning to stalk towards the elevator. Even when the doors closed, he could still hear Haggar’s laugh, the witch highly amused by his dilemma. Lotor stared down at the vial in his hand, wondering how and if he could really give it to Allura a third time. He thought of how he had last seen her, the tears in her eyes, and the angry, disgusted way she had looked at him. It made him curl his fingers around the vial, a clenched fist that needed just a little more pressure to crush the glass into shards.

“Damn it all!” Lotor growled to himself. “What am I going to do?!” He just didn’t know, and that worried him all the more….

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