02 Trust

His wife was a beautiful creature, all peaches and cream complexion, with long blonde hair that was the purest shade of golden sunshine. Many words could be used to describe her, breathtaking, alluring, fascinating, even on occasion innocent. Although innocence was not what was shining in his love’s eyes at the moment. The baby blue of her eyes gleamed with mischief, her lips were turned up in an impish smile as she gazed down at him.

It was a unique situation, Lotor unused to anyone, let alone Allura staring down at him. But the position she had him in simply didn’t allow room for her to be anywhere but above him, the princess straddling his hips as she studied his face. She sat as comfortably on his lap as she did her throne, relaxed where he was not, her weight a heavy but pleasant pressure on his groin.

Lotor tried to ignore the fact that her very nearness still set his body aflame, his cock half hard with want of her. Instead he tried for a mask of indifference, schooling his expression to be calm as he gazed back at her. Allura’s smile was unnerving him, leaving Lotor to remember he was currently unable to reach out and grab her. A situation he very much resented, his arms once again testing the strength of the chains wrapped around them.

They rattled and groaned, but did not give, the manacles pulling tighter around his wrists. They had been line with soft lamb’s wool, a nicety she had allowed him in a show of concern for his well being. It wasn’t just his arms that were bound, Allura had seen to tethering his ankles to the bed posts, legs spread wide so that his body formed an x on the bed.

He must have been out of his mind to agree to this, surely drink or the fact that Allura had distracted him with the feel of her body, dulling his judgment to the point he would agree to do anything for her. If Lotor thought about it hard enough, he could recall being amused at her suggestion, not taking her seriously until the manacles were already locked into place around his wrists.

He had been less than pleased to discover they had been made to hold a Drule, his immense strength doing nothing to crack the metal. Lotor had fought and strained against the chains, to the point he was panting and exhausted, and only then did Allura join him on the bed. She was dressed in lacy lingerie, pink and white frills adorning her body, barely able to cover her generous assets.

It didn’t help that the outfit was new to him, Lotor not recalling ever buying such a piece for his princess to wear. She knew just how to dress to please him, she even went so far as to wear matching pink heels on her feet, a strappy number that criss crossed up her legs, a white puff of fuzziness over her toes. The heels of Allura’s shoes were spiked to a point, and Lotor knew they would feel delicious in the pleasure pain they delivered, driving into his rear.

But aside from dressing up, and tying him down, Allura wasn’t doing much besides sitting on him. She seemed to be taking much delight from watching him struggle, letting the anticipation build between them. She was as still as a statue, and for that he was thankful, knowing if she began wriggling her hips, his cock would swell, bursting free of his trousers.

“All right Allura…” Lotor said, breaking the silence between them. “You’ve had your fun. Now untie me.” He was his usual confidant self, voice a stern command even as he thought of the ways he would pay her back for this.

“Oh Lotor…” His wife sighed, her eyelids lowering so that her expression became one of sultry desire. “The fun hasn’t yet to begin.”

He was nowhere near close to losing his temper, but he let his annoyance seep into his eyes. “Untie me!” A shake of her head was his answer, the movement designed to be artful as it sent her hair cascading back over her shoulders. He tried to keep from showing how entranced that movement made him, Lotor’s eyes narrowing as he looked at her.

“You’ve always been a very demanding…” A pause then, Lotor wondering what word Allura had intended to use. “Husband. One might say even selfish at times.”

“Selfish?” He sputtered, this time not having to feign his anger. “I’ve always been good to you, attentive to your needs, giving you what you need. I’ve never left you wanting in or out of bed!”

“Oh you’ve been very good about that, but I’m afraid at times…you haven’t let me do all that I could to my heart’s content.” He wondered what she could mean, Lotor trying to think where he could have failed his wife. Allura seemed content to let him ponder the question, Lotor searching desperately for an answer.

“What have I done….or not done that you can find complaint in?” He at last demanded, giving another jerk on his restraints.

Her pouty lips curled up into a smile, Allura leaning forward till she was mere inches away from his face. “You’ve always been so eager in your needs to touch and please me….you’ve ignored my own desires to do the same to you.”

“What?” He blinked, but she did not laugh, Allura deadly serious. “If that is all, untie me, and I’ll let you touch me to your heart’s content.”

“Oh no.” She tapped one perfectly manicured finger nail against his nose, the pink bearing a shine from the light of the room. “I’ve heard that before. It always ends the same way. You not being able to take it, and jumping on me.” He couldn’t deny he lacked the proper patience to let Allura touch him for long, but Lotor didn’t think she need go to such extremes. “Oh no Lotor. You are going to sit here and take it. Each and every minute of my exploration of you.”

On some perverse level, her words thrilled him, even as he groaned in frustration. To be touched and not be able to return the favor, sounded like the worst of tortures. Especially when Allura was dressed in that flimsy bit of fabric. “Allura…” Lotor began, but then cut his words short. He wasn’t about to beg her, thinking it undignified for a prince, a husband to ask favors from his wife.

She handled his silence well, just smiling as she pressed her chest against his, her arms reaching to the pillows behind his back. She watched him as she rummaged behind him, Lotor unsure of what she was doing until she held up the knife, it’s silver handle encrusted with jewels. Now he spoke, voice harsh as he caught his reflection on the blade’s surface.

“Allura….be reasonable….put down the knife and stop toying with me…”

“It’s no game…” Allura said, and pressed the very tip of the knife against his shirt’s fabric. She started at the collar, where it molded tight to his throat, Lotor going still for fear she would accidentally cut him. Seeing his wife with a knife wielded against him left him feeling helpless. It was a feeling he did not like in the slightest, Lotor wanting to growl at her.

“I’m very….very serious…” Allura continued, knife moving, the fabric giving up to it’s sharp blade. She dragged the tip all the way down past his chest, and onto his waist, splitting the shirt in half. She then used the flat of the blade to carefully lift up one end of his shirt, easing it aside to reveal his muscled chest. The blade was then used on the other half of his shirt, leaving the split material pooled open on either side of the bed.

Allura wasn’t done with the knife, using it’s tip to trace the lines of his abdomen, Lotor daring not to breathe. She didn’t draw his blood, and for that he was grateful, though he growled at her the instant the blade was lifted off his skin. “You’re going too far…”

“But Lotor…” Allura made her eyes wide, lifting the blade to tap against her breast. “You’ve used a knife on me…” He gasped when she suddenly jerked the knife across the thin strap that held up one half of her bra, the material dipping low enough to flash him part of her nipple. The other strap was working valiantly to keep her chest contained, but it wouldn’t take much for it to break.

“You’ve even made me bleed…” She added, and this time she pressed then knife against his chest, and he felt her make the thinnest of cuts on his skin. They both glanced down at his cut, watching as the blood began to well out. Allura suddenly pressed her face there, and Lotor bit back a surprised moan, finding she was licking his wound.

“Don’t….” Lotor protested, feeling her tongue scrap across the cut. “It’s…it’s wrong…”

“Why?” She was looking at him as she licked, free hand holding onto his waist as he trembled against her. “You’ve drank my blood before…”

“But that’s different…” Lotor stated, seeing her arch an eyebrow at him. How could he explain to her that it was perfectly all right for him to do, yet he found it wrong, almost perverted to have his own blood drunk.

He had waited too long to answer, Allura licking at the wound again, her lips staining red with his blood. What she didn’t lick at, dribbled down his chest, his princess starting to follow the blood trail down to his nipple. Her tongue ran across it, and he felt a jolt go through him, Lotor surprised to feel it. Never had he consider his nipple to be an erogenous zone, the prince often chasing Allura’s hands away when she tried to play with him there. He was more the type to want her to concentrate all her efforts on his cock, Lotor knowing for certain what he liked down there.

But as she continued to lick at his nipple, it sent those electric feelings whipping down straight to his cock. He tried to tell himself it had more to do with the titillating sight of her top coming almost undone, but the feelings were too intense to be from sight alone. His cock grew harder underneath her, and Allura grinned at him, surely feeling it nudging between her legs.

It didn’t help when she began wiggling on top of it, Lotor letting out a curse as he gave a brutal jerk on his restraints. “Ah ah ah!” Allura had straightened up, knife still in hand which she wagged before him. “You’ll only hurt yourself.”

“Put down the knife.” Lotor told her, and she pouted at him. “I mean it Allura! Put it down or else I’ll…”

“Or else you’ll what?” She had the audacity to smirk at him, his princess knowing he couldn’t make good on his threat. “Oh Lotor….you have so much to learn….you’re not in control here tonight. I AM.”

As if to illustrate her point, she made another cut, this one down the center of his pecs. He gritted his teeth at the sting of the blade, seeing Allura set down the knife to touch her finger tips to the cut. She smiled and held up her hand, pads of her fingers red with his blood, the princess wiggling them at him.

“You’re playing with fire…” He said, letting his eyes filled with the promise of what he would do to her when he was free. The promised punishment didn’t cool her playful nature, Allura placing both hands on his chest, rubbing and caressing him as she wiggled in place a top his erection. Again her tongue came licking at his wound, Allura’s pursed lips kissing along the cut.

Her hands moved, reaching up to touch his nipples once more, the princess pinching them tight. It made Lotor jump in place, the prince now knowing why she always let out startled exclamations when he did it to her. Her teeth caught at one, Allura pulling tenderly on his nipple, the attack so unexpected he cried out then damned himself for the sound.

Allura purred while he cursed, rubbing her cheek against his swollen nipple. She then turned, kissing it one last time before moving upwards, to bring her face even with his. “Allura…” His tone was wary, Lotor surprised to find he felt nervous at her actions. She smiled at him, and her caressing hands lifted off his body, grabbing rough hold of the back of his hair.

A cruel jerk had his head tilting back, Allura greedily pressing her lips to his, mouths crashing together. Annoyed with her, he refused to play her game, keeping his lips sealed as she licked her tongue across them. She didn’t seem to care, eating hungrily at his mouth, kissing harder and harder to the point it hurt not to open to her. One hand stayed in his hair, the other gliding down his chest, fingers pausing over his wounds.

Allura kissed him hard, her need as desperate as he had ever been for her, trying to emblazon the imprint of her mouth on his lips. When she suddenly lifted her hips up off his dick, his eyes flew open, an instant before she grabbed hold of him, giving him a squeeze through his pants. That pleasurable squeeze had his mouth opening, Lotor unprepared for it and the tongue that thrust it’s way inside his mouth.

Once there, Allura proceeded to make herself comfortable, licking and stroking at his tongue, Lotor unable to resist playing his back against hers. A few sucks from her had him guiding his tongue into her mouth, Allura just as loving and attentive there as she had been inside him. He made helpless moans as they kissed, forgetting to rattle his chains in protest.

They were both panting when she finally allowed them to part, Allura’s own lips swollen from the attention. She didn’t stop with her kisses, placing them all over his face, even pausing to press soft ones over his closed eyelids. “My love…” Allura sighed, and began smoothing back the hair from his face. He felt a shiver at her next words, Allura whispering in his ear. “I’m not even half done with you.”

“Allura!” He cried out her name in protest, feeling her give a mighty lick at the inside of his ear. Damn the wench, but she knew what she was doing, playing on one of his weak spots. He couldn’t help the purr that rumbled out of his throat, Lotor going relaxed underneath her as her tongue licked all over. She licked all the way to the pointed tip, and once there her lips fastened around it, Allura sucking gently on it.

His words were nothing more than moans and strangled gasps, Lotor’s toes curling up in his boots. He could feel her giggle, the sound vibrating down his ear, making him shiver some more. His mind whirled around in a dizzy fashion, and what little resistance he had at the situation was rapidly fading away, his cock growing harder as she licked and sucked at his sensitive ear.

Allura’s fingers stroked under his chin, soft sensations that were a small delight. It felt like it was hours before she tired of molesting his ear, the princess kissing down past his lobe and back onto his face. Another kiss against his yielding lips, though this one was shorter than the others. Her hands ended up on his body, caressing all the way down until she found his belt.

Insistent tugs from her hands, the belt appearing stuck. Lotor twisted desperately, wanting to help her, his voice urgent as he spoke to her. “Untie me and I’ll get it open for you!”

“There’s no need.” Allura told him, and grabbed hold of the knife once more. He cried out a protest, not liking the sharp blade so close to his favorite part of his anatomy. Allura was all concentration as she jerked the blade against the leather, splitting it in half. The knife was thrown on the floor, blade clattering as it slide across the marble. She was just as urgent in unbuttoning his fly, her hands already reaching for his cock to ease it out into the open.

She stopped to stare, just holding his weight in her hands. Allura liked what she saw, they both knew it from the way she was staring, eyes fascinated and lips twisted into a delighted smile. Her fingers were all over him, touching him reverently, Allura gasping in pleasure as she fondled his heavy balls. When she licked her lips, his cock gave a mighty lurch, Lotor wishing to pay a million king’s ransom for just a moment between them.

“You’re always so big.” She cooed, looking at him through lowered eyelashes. “I wonder how my body can ever handle such a thing on a daily basis…” She gave a squeeze of his balls, Lotor tossing back his head to moan.

“Allura…” He couldn’t think, not with her hand stroking up and down his shaft, fingers a tight but pleasant pressure around him. He was starting to move, writhing in place on the bed, hearing the chains rattle.

Her thumb brushed against the sensitive head of his cock, finger seeking out the slit that was already oozing pre come. Lotor howled in bliss, feeling her smearing the liquid all over his skin. “You’re such a pretty shade of blue.” Commented Allura, tracing her finger down one bulging vein on his cock.

“Not as pretty as you!” He managed to gasp out, shocked when she pressed her breasts against his cock. The silk of her lingerie was cool against his skin, but beneath it’s thin layer, he could feel the heat of her. He twitched harder in her hands, feeling Allura cushion his dick between her breasts. “What….what are you doing?” he demanded, hardly daring to believe Allura was using her breasts to please him in this way.

Even more puzzling was how she had learned to do this, Lotor biting his lip as she moved over him, his hips starting to instinctively thrust upwards into her cleavage. As the head of his cock poked out the top, Allura licked at it with her tongue, a muffled whine escaping Lotor. He began pumping his hips faster, desperate for the feel of her tongue on him, his actions causing the remaining strap on her top to break. Her breasts bounced free, and Lotor nearly lost control to see them jiggling around his hardened flesh.

Allura opened her mouth, taking in just the tip of his cock. Lotor thought he had died and gone to heaven, feeling the softness of her breasts and the warm moisture of her mouth. Especially when she pursed her lips tight together, sucking fiercely on the tip. His hips were out of control, rising and falling as he thrusted desperately, Lotor all but babbling in Drule to her.

Allura’s hands landed on his thighs, digging her nails into his skin as she tried to force him back down on the bed. He continued to thrust, feeling he was so close, when suddenly she grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing him so tight it’d be impossible for him to come.

“Allura, what?” He moaned, staring at her in stunned disbelief.

“Sorry Lotor…” Her voice was anything but apologetic, the princess still gripping him just above his balls. “But you don’t get to finish without me.” Her free hand tugged at the ribbon on the front of her top, pulling it free as he watched warily. His body was on fire, in agony for it’s delayed climax. He was less than pleased when Allura tied the ribbon around the base of his cock, ensuring his gratification would be delayed even longer.

“Allura please…..” Lotor began, thinking to reason with her. It wasn’t as though his wife was an unreasonable person, surely she could see he was in pain and needed to finish. But she was shaking her head no, rubbing her finger over the wet head of his cock, staring at it like it was an interesting specimen. He began to feel angry, growls escaping him even as Allura crawled back on top of him.

He felt her panty covered groin pressed down on his sex, Allura rubbing herself on his cock. She cooed in delight, even as she worked the ties of her panties open. Lotor was already trying to reach her, chains pulling tight and holding him back, his hips doing an upwards thrust that she avoided. She tsked at him, grabbing gentle hold of his aching cock, purring advice to him. “Patience husband. This will feel good for both of us.”

He didn’t want to goad her into stopping, so he only stared at her with baleful eyes, watching as Allura straddled him, her knees flat on the bed. She guided the head of his cock against her, Lotor finding she was practically dripping wet, the princess excited by all she had done to him. She moaned when he did, Allura slowly easing him into her, her hand keeping him from thrusting it all in, in one go.

With the top half of her lingerie pooled around her waist, Allura took her seat on top of Lotor’s cock, unabashed as she vocally let her pleasure be known. He stared at her, seeing his wife throw back her head as she wiggled in place atop him, her eyes wild with desire. It wasn’t a position they hadn’t ever used before, and Lotor had to admit she looked good riding him.

She tormented him though, sitting without moving, just staring at him as she reached up to squeeze her own breasts. Another moan from her, and he gave an experimental thrust, testing to see if she would object the action. She didn’t, all but shrieking out her bliss, emboldening him to thrust even harder. Her hands left her chest, Allura placing them on Lotor’s stomach, using him for leverage as she began pushing herself up and down.

She bounced and she wiggled in place, letting out wild screams as she rode him, at time slamming down so violently he thought his cock would explode, ribbon be damned. They were both screaming, and only the fact that such cries was a normal thing in the royal couple’s suite, kept the guards from breaking down the doors to the bedroom.

Lotor rattled his chains, wanting nothing more than to grab hold of Allura’s hips, and throw her onto her back, slamming into her as hard as he could manage. He settled for his urgent thrusting, frantic as he felt the climax in him build, the ribbon holding it back from full achievement.

“Gods Lotor!” Allura was wild, hair tossing all around her as she bounced. “I love you, and I love the way your cock makes me feel!”

“You feel so good…!” Lotor moaned back, struggling harder against his chains. He desperately wanted to touch her, to feel all over her body and not be limited to just his cock. He could feel her clenching and squeezing him, Allura’s orgasm on them in an instant, the princess screaming his name. Her back arched, and she fell forward, laying limp against him.

“Don’t stop…” Lotor growled through gritted teeth, still doing his desperate thrusting. He wanted, no need Allura to keep moving her hips, needing that frantic friction that was generated when both their bodies were moving. She let out a weak whimper, moving her hips up and down as she kissed all over his neck. “The ribbon…” Lotor gasped out, mind nearly lost from frustration of his denied climax.

“Oh!” The little minx appeared to have forgotten all about it, reaching down with a hand, to tug at the ribbon. It came free in an instant, and Lotor continued to thrust, one time, two times, a third time before erupting into his climax. Her name was a scream on his lips, his come filling her up fast, and easing down her thighs. It stained onto his pants, but at the moment he didn’t care, a silly grin on his face as he panted.

It took a while for them both to calm down, Allura almost asleep against him when he spoke. “Now will you untie me?” He demanded, and felt her stir, a sleepy kiss being placed on his chest.

“Oh of course.” Allura answered, hands reaching to find the catch in the manacles around his wrists. He was fortunate their vigorous activity had tired her out so, his wife was unsuspecting of his intentions when she went to free him. It showed in the gasp she let out, Lotor lunging forward to grab her the instant his legs were free. He flipped her onto her back, pinning her in place, and with a vicious grin, told her that it was time for her payback.

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