03 Payback

His wife lay on their bed, her skin flushed a pretty pink, beads of sweat pearling on her flesh. When he had last looked into her eyes, they had been feverish, the blue clouded, Allura looking as though she was unaware of where she was. But it wasn’t sickness that rendered her witless, Lotor smiling as he eased back the blankets covering Allura’s body.

Her attire would have given anyone else a brief pause, the vinyl a shiny beetle black that looked so out of place on a princess who was known for favoring pink. Instead of a bra, she had straps across her chest, a bold black pattern of x’s attaching itself to her nipples. There was a lump under the vinyl, vibrating at a slow speed against her nipples. Lotor knew if he was to peal back the vinyl, he’d discovered her nipples were rock hard, stimulated beyond belief by the vibrators he had secured to her chest.

They weren’t the only ones, Lotor’s gaze sliding downwards, gazing at the skin tight hot pants that clung low on her hips. The briefest of yellow hairs could be seen curling over the top of the pant’s waistband, bright against the black vinyl. His hand reached to touch them, but he paused in his finger’s movement, hovering them in place an inch above the curls.

Instead he cast his finger further down, touching the very tip to the fabric that pressed into her groin. A sound came from his wife’s lips. Allura letting out a cry as his finger pushed the vibrator more snugly against her clit. It was the hot pants that held it in place, vinyl soaking up her juices, no matter how much she spilled. Even so there was a wet spot on the bed, showing that they had been at this for hours, Lotor only easing up to see to his wife’s other needs.

His finger continued to press the vibrator against her, feeling it tremble at that slow, torturous speed. He knew his wife’s body well, knew the motions of the vibrators weren’t enough to bring her to climax. At best they could only tease her, bringing her to the edge but never over, least of all while he kept the speeds down so low.

“Pl…..please….” She had realized he was touching her, Allura head shifting to the right and the left, trying to dislodge the blindfold. It was black like the vinyl that covered her, blocking out all light as he watched her.

“Please what Allura?” Lotor asked, laying down besides her, his face propped up by his hand. She went silent at his question, her skin too flushed to tell if she colored further. He sighed in disappointment, jiggling the vibrator against her clit with his finger. A sharp cry from her, her head pushing back against the pillow beneath it. “If you don’t tell me what you want…” Lotor’s tone was mild, leaving the vibrator alone to touch the flat of her stomach. “I won’t be able to give you what you need.”

A hint of pink on her lips, the only spot of color since her lipstick had been worn away by his kisses. Her tongue licked nervously across her bottom lip, Allura trying to gain the courage to voice her need. “Please…” She tried again, voice stammering in it’s need. “Let me come…”

He hid his surprise at her question, Lotor having figured she’d need a few more hours of torment before she’d dare ask him that favor. “I’m disappointed Allura.” Lotor said, making no move to bring her satisfaction. “I didn’t think you’d break this soon.”

“Please!” A hint of desperation in her voice, the princess sounding near tears. He shushed her with a kiss, lips crashing down on her mouth, all attempts at artful seduction shoved aside. She opened her mouth to him with a whimper, curling her tongue around his as they kissed. His hands ended up in her tangled hair, fingers stroking through the curls as best they could.

As he kissed her, Lotor thought about what had brought them to this point, the prince remembering how his wife had tied him up a scant few days ago. Although the sex had been mind blowing, great beyond belief, he felt she needed to be taught a lesson for her treatment of him. At the time Allura thought she was safe, Lotor having jumped her the moment she had freed him from his bonds. She didn’t know that his revenge was merely an illusion designed to lull her into a false sense of security.

His real payback had been days in the making, Lotor ambushing her with the promise of romance, stripping her of princessly attire, and manhandling her into bed. She had giggled up onto the point the handcuffs came out, Allura fighting him as he bent her arms behind her back, snapping the manacles into place. They were as black as the vinyl that barely covered her body, and held rings for additional chains, should the whim lead him in that direction.

He had enjoyed dressing her in her new outfit, smearing oils on her body that were guaranteed to bring her to a heightened state of arousal. Once he stoked the fires within her, he had simply….stopped, leaving her to writhe in torment on the bed for hours at a time. He shouldn’t be surprised that her mind was losing it’s battle with her sense of prudence, Allura whispering things she’d never say in a more controlled state of being.

Take now for instant, Allura murmuring a desperate please in between kisses, speaking of how badly she wanted his big, fat cock between her legs. Normally he’d be quick to oblige her, but now? Now a lesson needed to be learned.

She cried out, arching up off the bed towards him when he pulled away from her, Allura making a desperate keening sound. “Why?” She asked, sounding near crying real tears, Lotor once again jiggling the vibrator against her clit. It stole her words from her, Allura making a shocked sound as her body set off writhing on the bed.

He didn’t answer her, just watching her move, trying to ignore the way the sight of her made his cock rise beneath his robes. She repeated her question, desperately wiggling to the right, trying to find him with her body. He easily avoided her, rolling out of reach, hearing her weep with frustration.

A knock sounded at the door, Allura lifting her head, lips opening to scream. His hand quickly covered her mouth, muffling her frantic cries of “Help me please!”

“Oh no Allura.” Lotor whispered in her ear, free hand reaching for the gag that lay within reach on the night stand. “It’s not fair to involve others in your little lesson.” He quickly removed his hand, stuffing the silken gag into her mouth, hearing her anguished scream muffled. Lotor then reached for the blanket, pulling it up over her body, hiding it from sight once more.

He rose to stand, making sure his robes fell straight, his erection hidden from sight as he walked stiffly to the door. Lotor didn’t crack a smile as he opened it, servants entering, a chest carried between them. “Leave it there.” He ordered with a gesture, the servants laboring to carry the chest to the center of the room. He waited impatiently as they set up, hooking chains from the metal ring that hung descended from the ceiling.

They bowed when they finished, avoiding eye contact with both Lotor and the bed, the servants hurrying out of the room at Lotor’s growled dismissal. He glanced in the direction of the chest, but knew there would be time enough to explore it’s contents later, the prince striding back towards the bed. He grasped hold of the blanket, jerking it off Allura who had tried her best not to make a sound in the presence of their servants.

“Good girl.” He said approvingly, and slid his arms underneath her form. The act of picking her up jostled her vibrators, a muffled squeal escaping Allura as he carried her over to the center of the room. Even as he held her cradled in his arms, she wiggled, writhing as best she could as Allura tried desperately to achieve her climax. Too much did he like the feel of her in his arms, Lotor feeling reluctant as he began to lower her to the floor.

She ended up on her stomach, chained wrists revealed beneath her long hair. Lotor reached for the chains that hung down from the ceiling, hooking their ends into the rings on her manacles. It was only then that he freed her arms from their secured position by their back, Allura’s arms immediately springing forward as she tried to push herself up off the floor.

Lotor let her rub at her wrists, watching as she reached upwards to snatch out the gag and pull off the blindfold. Her clouded eyes took in the sight of the chains hanging around her, and she gasped, surely even in her dazed state she knew what they meant.

“The hook has always been there.” Lotor’s tone was conversational, the prince’s hands gripping the chains. “But I bet you never really took notice of it.” A small smile crossed his face, Lotor giving a gentle pull on the chains. Allura’s arms immediately were pulled up over her head, the girl being lifted up off the floor the more he pulled on the chain. “Call it a left over from the days before we were married.”

She was really in no shape to stand, her legs shaking and unsupportive, forcing Allura to bear much of her weight on her arms. She let out a sound, it hissed out between her teeth, the reality of her situation forcing awareness into her lust addled mind.

She looked so delectable standing there with the sweat dripping down between her breasts. Lotor was tempted to just abandon his punishment of her, and take her right where she stood, but a glance into the chest showed what a waste it would be to end this lesson early. “I want you to know…” Lotor said softly, forcing Allura to concentrate on his words. “That it pains me to do this to you.”

He dropped his hands into the chest, pushing aside the various toys and devices contained within. All remnants of his days as a bachelor. “It’s pure torture to see you like this, to not do something to ease you’re suffering.” He wanted now more than ever to push off his robes, reveal his rigid cock to her, and give her what her body craved. But then his hands landed on the flogger, Lotor lifting it up to stare at it in consideration.

He’d never truly harm his wife, he couldn’t bear the thought of breaking her skin open. But this? It was a harmless device, silken straps attached to a rubber handle, the end of it phallic in shape. The silk straps would do no more than tickle her skin, Lotor turning towards Allura with a smirk on his face. She gasped to see the device, her chains rattling as she tried to escape. But her legs wouldn’t obey her command, wanting to crumple beneath her.

He walked around to her back, hand reaching for her hair. He actually lifted it up to expose her neck, Lotor moving in close to sniff at her hair. She smelled like the oils he had used on her, Lotor pressing his tongue to the nape of her neck, tracing a wet line across her skin. Allura seemed to shiver and convulse from that touch alone, a keen whining sound escaping her in the process.

Still holding up her hair, he kissed down her bare back, lips pressing between her shoulder blades. More of that delicious reaction from his princess, Lotor using his mouth to trace a path down her spine. He kissed all the way down to the top of her hot pants, and then he stepped back, her hair falling back into place. She seemed to think the worse was over, body sagging slightly in relief. It was then that he struck, arm lashing the silken flogger across her back.

Allura screamed in surprise, Lotor checking to make sure her skin had not broken. He brought the flogger closer, rubbing the straps against the spot just over her bottom. She was too lost in lust to properly appreciate the silk tickling her, nary a giggle escaping Allura as he moved the silk across her flesh. He walked around to the front of her, dragging the straps around to her belly, tickling all over her skin there.

An upwards stroke had them touching her breasts, Allura shifting, shaking her head no. Lotor looked at her disappointed, his voice a soft question. “No? Then maybe you’ll like the other end….” He held it up for her inspection, Lotor pressing the mushroom shaped head against her lips. Her blue eyes stared at him, Allura not understanding what he wanted.

“Come on, open.” He urged softly. “Get it nice and wet, and maybe I’ll stick it inside you. You’d like that wouldn’t you Allura? Something this thick thrusting inside, reaching the spots that are dying for some attention?”

That got through to her, Allura hesitantly parting her lips. He gently eased the rubber into her mouth, seeing her purse her lips tight around it. “That’s it…” He cooed to her, his hand petting her hair. “Suck it good…”

He thrust it gently in her mouth, allowing her to slick her tongue over more of the rubber. His cock hardened watching her mouth the flogger, Lotor wishing he had had her do this to his cock when she was down on the floor. He let her suck some more on the flogger, listening to her urgent whines, her hips wiggling once more.

Easing the rubber out of her mouth, Lotor bent, setting the flogger on the floor. His fingers hooked into the sides of her hot pants, pealing them off bit by bit to reveal her body to him. Her poor little clit looked swollen beyond belief, vibrator humming against it. She let out a distressed sound, Lotor glancing up at her face as he pulled the hot pants off the rest of the way.

“Lotor please….give it to me. Your dick or the flogger, I don’t care what, just please!” She was almost screaming, Allura desperate beyond belief. “Stick something inside me!”

Never had he heard her beg as desperately as she did now, his cock tenting the material of his robe. Seeing her like this, sopping wet and dancing from foot to foot in need, Lotor abandoned all his further plans. Allura had suffered enough, the prince plucking the vibrator free of her body.

Allura misunderstood his gesture, openly starting to weep as she assumed he was leaving her to suffer once more. “Shhh…” Lotor soothed, standing up to kiss her tears away. “Sweet one…..your torment is over with…”

“You mean…” She sniffled, feeling him lift one of her legs, hitching it over his waist.

“Yes.” Lotor hissed, parting his robes, so that his cock was out in the open. She let out a gladdened squeal, and it was all Lotor could do to hold her in place, pressing closer against her. She was beyond teasing, Lotor positioning himself against her entrance, hips ready to do a powerful thrust inside her. And yet he hesitated, a bit of anxiety showing on both their faces.

“Who do you love?” Lotor asked, needing reassurance that after all he had done to her, she still cared for him.

“You!” Allura cried, wiggling in place on top his cock. “I love you.”

Her kiss was his confirmation, passion and desperation in her lips as he impaled her on his cock, their moans mingled together. Allura’s was pleasured relief, he could feel her squeezing tight around him, his wife’s body shaking with delight. He chuckled and nuzzled his way down the side of her neck, feeling her heart’s frantic beat against his lips.

“Did you come just from me putting it in you?” He asked, hearing her chains rattle in her impatience.


“Yes, sweet one, I’ll move……move enough for the both of us.” He took hold of her other leg, making sure to lift it up so both her feet dangled off the floor, Allura’s legs wrapping tight around his waist. It rested her feet on his ass, and he regretted the fact the she wore no heels, the prince loving feeling their points dig into his skin. His hands found the curves of her ass, fingers digging in tight as he geared himself for the intense pounding he intended to give her.

Her body continued to convulse around him, Allura moaning wildly, not at all satisfied with one climax alone. Lotor began working both their bodies hard, hearing her chains rattle with every thrust. He grunted and growled, listening to her screams and passionate cries, Lotor burying his face in the crook of her shoulder, licking there. The vibrators on her breasts continued their soft humming, adding now to her pleasure.

She was too weak to properly push back against his thrusts, but Lotor generated enough friction for the both of them. It was searing heat all around him, wet and tight, reminding him of why he loved his wife’s body best of all. When she came a second time, he heard her whisper more, begging him sweetly to bring her a third time. He did not disappoint, Lotor continuing, forcing back his own orgasm to give his wife the pleasure she deserved.

She finally had enough, panting out the words, “Enough my love, enough…” It was as though she had given him permission to come, Lotor nipping at her shoulder as he let loose with his sperm. He held her as close as possible, just emptying his seed, even as his one hand reached to peel back the vinyl, and free her breasts of the vibrators.

It ended with them on the floor, Lotor having freed Allura from the chains. She was snuggled up in his arms, too exhausted to be mad at him. He was planting kisses all over her hair, arms wrapped around her body which still trembled, Lotor whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Never would he dream that Allura was already considering payback options of her own.

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  1. Hello Lotornomiko:
    It was about time that Allura taught Lotor a lesson. Such a husband needs tough…and naughty…love.

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