04 Flaunt

It was a backless gown, slit straight down from the neck to the top curve of his wife’s ass. It left a creamy expanse of sun tanned skin exposed for all to see, her flesh flawless save for the beauty mark that dotted above her right shoulder blade. Lotor was intimately familiar with that beauty mark, he had laved his tongue teasingly over it many times in the past. To see it revealed now so that all who were gathered in this room could see it, rankled something within him.

It wasn’t just the beauty mark that upset him, Lotor’s eyes being drawn to Allura’s shapely rear. The dress looked as though it had been painted on her, the blue silk lovingly hugging every curve, especially that of her ass. Occasionally, when she moved a certain way, the dress revealed just the briefest hint of crack, and the first time Lotor had seen that sight, he had shattered the glass in his hand.

A servant had hurried over to him, gasping in sympathy as she tried to wipe the blood and brandy off his hand. He had shooed her away after a minimum of fuss, Lotor wrapping a towel around his hand to soak up the blood. But his attention had been all for Allura, and that sinfully obscene dress she was wearing.

Just where had she gotten such a creation? It certainly wasn’t anything he had ordered for her, and he couldn’t recall ever seeing it among her closet. He was more than irritated with it’s existence, and the fact that his wife was the one wearing it. Of course if he had known of it’s skin revealing properties, he would never have allowed her to leave their bedroom dressed that way. But the minx had tricked him, wearing a heavy shawl that wrapped around to the front of her body.

Lotor knew now to question each and every outfit Allura would wear in the future. He wanted no further shocks like the one he had had tonight, his wife dropping the shawl, his eyes nearly popping out of his head at the first sight of her back. By then it was too late to complain, they were firmly entrenched amidst their guests, the party seeming to come to a halt as everyone stared at Allura.

He supposed he couldn’t blame them for looking, she was a stunning sight, even without silk decadence molded to her body. Sun kissed skin, and long, golden hair, her baby blue eyes shone brilliantly as she smiled. She was always one to dress sexy, but with the hint of modesty that Lotor demanded of her. He wanted no one, be they man, woman, or other, to see the treasure that was his right to call wife. That she would ignore his rules, and openly flaunt her body before a crowd of their closest friends upset him, Lotor not understanding what the minx was thinking.

The front of the dress was no better, just as tight in all the right places, fabric stretched thin across her bosom. What little it covered at any rate, Lotor scowling as he stared at the peekaboo opening that was cut dangerously low. Two straps went up in a halter style around her neck, the only thing holding the front of the dress up. He supposed he should be grateful the dress was long, flowing down to her ankles with only the slightest slit to the knee on the left side.

It might not have been so bad if she had worn her hair down, but Allura had insisted on wearing an elaborate bun tonight. Almost all her hair was pinned up, save for a few stray curls that teased against her cheeks, and one long tendril that draped down the nape of her neck. He itched to run his fingers through her hair, take down that bun and offer her some of the modesty she had abandoned, by letting her waist length hair cover her exposed back.

But no, to do anything now would cause a scene, and Lotor wasn’t about to argue with her in public. He’d save the tongue lashing for when they were alone, maybe even spank that pert bottom of hers as punishment for taunting him with the dress.

He saw her smile at a man, seemingly oblivious that the fellow’s eyes were glued to her revealed cleavage. Lotor could barely hold in his growl, fisting the towel he had wrapped around his hand. Allura continued her conversation, unaware of the feelings smoldering in Lotor, the Drule glaring daggers at the man ogling her. Such was the power of Allura’s cleavage, that the man didn’t even notice Lotor’s look, the human licking his lips in appreciation of Allura’s charms.

Another man approached them, Allura turning to return his greeting. Lotor ground his teeth together as he saw the hint of crack once more, the Drule knowing for a fact that this was a dress designed to be worn without underwear. At best Allura would only have adhesive in place over her breasts, and certainly no panties to ruin the line of the dress. That she was all but naked under such a flimsy gown drove Lotor mad, and it was not without the usual hint of lust that accompanied him when he looked at his wife.

It was marred by the fact that the other men and women present had to know she wore nothing under that gown. Lotor swore every gaze he met was knowing, the people seeming to smirk at him. They were enjoying the sight of Allura, they couldn’t help but be appreciative of the sex appeal of one of the most gorgeous women in the Denubian Galaxy. It was a rare treat Allura was offering them, one Lotor felt she had no right to give.

A woman approached Allura, the two moving to embrace each other. Lotor’s eyes twitched as he watched the hug go on for longer than appropriate, the woman rubbing her hands up and down Allura’s bare back. It made him see red, and propelled him across the room, Lotor dropping the towel on the floor.

People tried to engage him in half hearted conversation, though their attention seemed all for his wife. He ignored their pathetic attempts to talk to him, stalking Allura through the room. She was on the move, hips swinging in a seductive wiggle that had more than one man loosen his shirt’s collar, or have to position himself behind a plant so as to hide the erection that tented their pant’s material.

He wanted to draw his sword and sliced off any erections that formed in the advent of his wife’s wiggle. Lotor felt they had no right to be getting hard from looking at Allura, it was a privilege to him and him alone. How dare they derive pleasure from the sight of his wife, and damn her for showing off in this manner.

Again he growled, sound low and dangerous, and earning more than a few wide eyed nervous looks from those he passed by. If they followed his gaze, they’d see the cause, Allura having stopped to talk to someone else. But it wasn’t the talking that upset him but the fact that she leaned into the arm of the black haired man, fingers playing absentmindedly on his sleeve.

The man was turning an interesting shade of red, blushing at Allura’s interest in whatever he had to say. Or to be more precise, he was blushing at the cleavage she had on display, breasts actually resting on his arm. It was enough to have Lotor quickly touch the pommel of his sword, the Drule trying to take steadying breaths as he covered the final feet to Allura’s side.

“Allura.” He spoke her name with such displeasure that she turned, a wide eyed look in her baby blues. She wore little make up, just a faint lip gloss and some blush, the blue of her dress being all that was needed to make her eyes shine.

“Husband…” Allura said, looking nervous. The man she clung to, quickly bit out an apology and hurried away, having sensed the mood and turned coward. Lotor would deal with him later, for now he wanted a reckoning with his wife. “Is something wrong?”

He almost snorted then, wondering how she could manage to sound so innocent as she asked that question. She had to know the effect she was having, on him and on everyone in this room. She couldn’t be that naive, and there was a limit to the amount of blissful stupidity he’d allow.

“Everything is wrong.” Lotor said, fighting not to grab her arm. He’d hurt her if he did, his anger was such that he’d leave bruises from his grip on her delicate skin.

“Everything?” She repeated with a slight head tilt, then frowned. “But I thought the party was going well? Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves…”

“Not everyone…” Lotor retorted. “Just what do you think you are doing?!”

He couldn’t tell if her confusion was feigned or not, Allura still frowning. “I’m…mingling with our guests…?” It ended with a question mark, as though she was unsure if that was the answer he wanted. It wasn’t, Lotor letting out a soft but angry growl.

“I’m talking about the dress.” He hissed, voice a low whisper.

“Don’t you like it?” That question gave him pause, Lotor having very strong feelings about the dress. He’d like it just fine if they were in the bedroom, but here in public, where anyone could see her, he HATED that dress. Despised it with a passion that surprised him.

“No.” He said bluntly, and saw her briefly look upset. But she, like him, was aware that everyone was watching them, so quickly schooled her expression to hide that bit of feeling.

“Why not?”

“You know why!” He exclaimed, a little louder than he intended. “Allura, it’s time. We’re going to excuse you from this party, and say that you are sick.” She tried to interrupt him to tell him she felt fine, but he continued talking. “I’m sure if we explain you are unwell, people will be willing to overlook this…moment of immodesty.” Her jaw dropped at that, Allura arching an eyebrow.

“Moment of immodesty?!”

“The dress Allura.” He did a quick once over of her front with his eyes, and even he was not immune to the dress’ appeal. “It is simply not something you wear around other people.”

“Why not?” He felt exasperated at her question, Lotor unable to believe Allura was that naive. “I wore it for you…I wanted to…”

“You should have kept it for the bedroom if you wanted to please me!” Lotor snapped, and saw her blinking rapidly, face coloring in upset. He refused to soften, staring at her angrily.

“Well, maybe you can’t appreciate this dress, but other people can!” It was her hurt that drove her to say that, Allura starting to turn to walk away from him. He made a move to grab her, then stopped, conscious of not wanting to bruise her.

“Don’t walk away from me Allura.” Lotor warned her. “Not unless you’re leaving to change out of that obscene gown!”

“Obscene?!” She had whirled around, voice a little louder than he would have liked. “Lotor, you….”

“Your highnesses!” A drunk had stumbled into their range, drink spilling from his glass as he did a clumsy bow. “So good to see you two.” He said with a cheeky grin, staring at Allura’s chest. Allura shifted, seeming suddenly uncomfortable now that Lotor had made her aware of just how bad her dress was. Or maybe he was reading too much into things, and she was just upset from their heated exchange.

“Come Torvish…” A woman with straight red hair caught at the drunk’s arm, trying to drag him away from Lotor and Allura. “Now is not the time to be making friendly with his and her highness.”

“Nonsense Miranda.” Torvish was uncoordinated, trying to pull his arm away from the redhead. “Your highness, have I told you how ravishing you look tonight?”

“Er….no…” Allura had colored at his choice of words, Lotor inching closer to her. Their backs were to the wall, leaving them to face the Torvish and Miranda. The rest of the party attendees pretended to lose themselves in conversation, though he could still feel their interest focused on him and his wife.

“Well, you do. You look…” He paused to lick his lips, and stress the words, Torvish grinning lewdly. “Absolutely delectable!” Torvish seemed immune to Lotor’s glare, the prince placing a possessive hand on the small of Allura’s back. She gave an almost imperceptible jump at his touch, skin seeming to shiver in response to the warmth of his hand.

“Er…thank you.” Allura was ever polite, and clearly looking to Lotor to get her away from this drunken lout. Lotor pretended not to notice, content to let her stew in the situation her dress had wrought.

It wasn’t just Torvish who was staring now, a few others came to join their group, and soon they were all engaged in awkward conversation. Lotor said nothing, just glared balefully at everyone. He continued to rest his hand on the small of Allura’s back, his fingers caressing absentminded circles. Absentminded until he realized her flesh was goose pimpling, Allura shivering continuously.

It wasn’t the kind of shiver from cold, Lotor was intimately familiar with his wife’s reactions, and thus knew a sign of her arousal when he felt one. A wicked thought came to him then, Lotor’s fingers moving more purposefully. Allura’s breath seemed to catch in her throat, though no one but Lotor noticed. He inwardly grinned, and let his hand smooth down lower, until it touched the top of her ass.

She started to turn her face towards him, but at a subtle shake of his head, Allura resumed looking at her guests. Slowly, he nudged his fingertips under the material of her gown, and heard her let out a shaky breath. He continued to look straight ahead, actually meeting the eyes of each of the people engaged in conversation with him and his wife. His face betrayed nothing of what he was doing, Lotor palming Allura’s ass one handed.

She seemed to fidget in place, which only let his hand slip down deeper. His fingers dug into the plump cushion of her ass, squeezing her. Except for a slight hesitation, she didn’t betray what was happening, a strained smile on her face.

He smiled too, though Lotor wondered if part of it wasn’t tinged with anger. He was still upset about the dress, and the easy access it provided to Allura’s body. Why anyone could come along and molest her in the way he was doing, and that was simply unacceptable. Not that he thought she’d endure a molestation from anyone but him, but Lotor didn’t like the thought of anyone even trying.

He wondered how far Allura would let someone else go before she screamed in protest, the Drule continuing to squeeze her ass. His own eyes narrowed slightly, noting the flared nostrils of her nose. It was subtle, but she was uncomfortable with what he was doing, Allura trying to play it off as though he didn’t have a hand down the back of her dress.

Wicked impulses made him slide his hand down deeper, Lotor feeling around to the lips of her sex. He was intent on punishing her for wearing this dress, on showing her the error of her ways in choosing such an obscene gown. If it took a little public molestation to make his point, then so be it. Before the night was through, Allura would never, ever think of wearing such a dress like this in public again.

She seemed to stiffen when his fingers probed the lips of her sex, Lotor caressing his middle finger over her slit. There was the slightest hint of moisture there, his wife was getting turned on. He almost smirked then, spreading her lips to touch even more of her, encouraging her to grow wetter. Her voice came out strangled, a distorted sound that had the people in front of them looking worried.

“Your highness, are you ill?” One asked, and Allura nervously waved her hands at them.

“I’m fine, I’m fine!” She insisted, even as her breath came out heavier. She wasn’t quite panting, still holding herself in that rigid manner as he teased her. The shivers wracked her body, fine tremors that transferred to his hand. He could tell not all of the tremors were born of arousal, Allura was nervous and uneasy with what he was doing. But he took no pity on her, teasing her further, feeling her flesh grow wet but not enough to soak his hand.

The conversation continued, their guests keeping a closer eye on Allura’s face. Lotor watched her out of the corner of his eyes, seeing the blush boom on her cheeks. To the untrained eye, she looked feverish and unwell, a bead of sweat slinking down the side of her face. Even her eyes were affected, Allura seeming unfocused, and her bottom lip trembled.

But he didn’t take mercy on her, didn’t offer her a reprieve, instead probing at the entrance of her body. She was tense there, muscles clenching when he inserted two fingers inside her. Moisture continued to leak steadily out of her, and it was all Lotor could do not to chuckle at her predicament. Occasionally he made a comment, talking as though he was not currently brining his wife to the verge of orgasm before them all.

Allura was trying, bless her heart, to maintain her composure, the woman flustered beyond belief as she choked out half worded replies to the things being said. Her chest began to heave, she seemed to be having trouble breathing, and Allura lost her rigid stance to lean into the side of Lotor’s body. Frankly he was amazed she was holding up as well as she did, that her legs had not turned to complete jelly before them.

“Your highness, are you sure you’re all right?” It was Miranda who asked, a concerned look in her eyes. Allura’s answer was lost to a gasp, Lotor choosing that moment to wiggle his fingers as deep inside her as they could reach.

Allura ended up shaking her head fitfully, lips pressed together in a thin line, as if that could hold in her sounds. Her gaze had become glassy eyed, another bead of sweat was on her face, tempting Lotor to run his tongue down it’s wet path.

“Your highness…” Miranda turned to look at Lotor, frowning. “I think your wife is truly ill.”

Lotor pretended to look at Allura more fully, even as he scissored and thrust his fingers inside her. “My poor, sweet Allura…are you unwell? Would you like it if I was to escort you back to our room?”

Dully, she nodded her head, something like a whimper escaping her when he withdrew his fingers from her. She nearly collapsed then and there, Lotor’s other arm moving to catch her before she completed the swoon.

Concerned faces were all around them, no one noticing how wet his hand was. Lotor kept a serious look on his face, explaining the excitement of the party had proven too much for his wife, the Drule lifting her up in his arms. A few of the guests trailed after him as he carried her towards the room’s exit, they were professing their concern for Allura, a concern Lotor quickly assured them was not needed.

“She’s just a little tired, and no doubt feverish.” He explained. “I’m sure a night’s rest will cure her of this illness.” With that said, he strode from the room, Allura practically limp in his arms. The guards in the hall were startled to see her this way, Lotor chasing them off with a curt command.

Instead of returning to their bedroom, he stepped inside a nearby sitting room, Lotor shutting the door behind them. A nudge of the light’s control panel had dim illumination filling the room, Lotor carrying Allura over to a dark leather couch. She opened her eyes once he set her down, but the feverish gleam had not left them.

“Lotor…” She all but moaned his name, sounding needy and desperate. He sat down besides her, having loosened his shirt’s collar and sleeves. “I ache…” She actually pouted then, reaching for his hand which she pressed against her breasts. “You didn’t let me finish…”

“As if I would allow those miscreants you call friends see your face in climax.” Lotor retorted with a snort. She was without comment on that, bringing his hand up to her face so that she could suck on his fingers. Each pull of her lips had his eyes narrowing, sensations traveling down low in his body. But he refused to lose the anger that had brought them to this point, Lotor watching her suck and lick at his fingertips for a few seconds more.

“Lotor please…..finish me.” Begged Allura, and it was then he grinned, a sharp toothed expression that was more vicious smirk than turned on smile. Even in her current state, she was able to recognize the danger in that grin, a nervous shudder shaking through her. Another suck of his fingers, Allura trying her best to turn his anger into arousal, whining when he took his hand from her grip.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Allura.” Lotor told her, hovering his hands down the sides of her body. “And bad girls must be punished.”

“Wasn’t bad.” Allura protested, trying to scoot back as his hands took hold of her waist. That she tried to deny her badness just made Lotor all the more determined to punish her, the Drule pulling her face down across his lap. Allura knew immediately what it meant, the woman trying to climb off him though he held her steady. “Lotor no!” She protested, voice a little too loud.

“Quiet Allura, unless you want the whole party to come in here and bear witness to your punishment” warned Lotor, already jerking her dress up over her ass. Just as he had known, she wore no panties underneath, and his anger flared. Allura tried to make a protest, but it was lost to the red haze in his mind, Lotor lashing out with his hand to smack it resoundingly across her pert bottom.

“AH!!” She cried out in surprise, still trying to scramble free of the position he had her in. “Lotor…that hurt!”

“Did it now?” He asked, and smacked her again. “No matter…it can’t compare to the hurt I felt tonight.”

“Wh…what?” She sounded confused, then cried out again at the next slap of his hand.

“The dress Allura. Seeing you parade yourself in that way, flaunting yourself for all to see. It HURT me.” Lotor told her, and continued to spank her.

“I didn’t do it to hurt you!” Allura protested, sounding tearful from his constant abuse of her ass. “I just wanted to…to wear something different. To please you.”

“You should have known it would have the opposite effect on me.” Lotor hissed, hand’s movement continuos. Her darling bottom was turning a vivid shade of red, and truth be known he felt guilty to see that color, Lotor wanting to kiss the pain away. But a lesson needed to be instilled within her, Allura needed to know that certain things were unacceptable so long as she belonged to him.

She started to say something, it distorted into another protesting, pained cry. Lotor was without mercy as he spanked her, all but growling out his anger to her. “Did you see how they looked at you?” He demanded. “Did you see the open lust on those men’s faces? No, don’t deny it. They wanted you Allura, wanted my wife in a way that is forbidden to them. Even the women were not immune to the lust you inspired, how many fantasies did you cause tonight? How many will use your image in their mind to bring themselves to satisfaction?”


“It is unacceptable Allura!” She cried out as he smacked his hand harder on her ass, Lotor’s temper flaring. “No one has the right to think of you in that manner but me!”

Thankfully she didn’t try to object that bit of possessiveness in him, Allura just whimpering pathetically as he spanked her. He was using more force than was possible for her to feel aroused from this treatment, Lotor wanting her to understand just how angry he was. It pained him to do it, Lotor wanting nothing more than to lovingly caress her cheeks, and soothe away the sting of his slaps.

She was wiggling, trying to get away from him, but he easily held her in place. He paced the spanking so that each slap came a few seconds after the other, never allowing her a moment to not feel the sting of his hand. She was conscious of the fact others would come to investigate if she made too much noise, Allura biting down on her lip to keep her shrieks muffled.

The wiggling movements of his wife, along with the sight of her firm ass, sent arousal in Lotor. Allura seemed to gasp as she felt the erection tenting against her breasts, and then she was squirming even more, trying to slide over. “Lotor…I’m sorry…really I am…” Allura apologized, and he gave her another smack.

“What if I don’t believe you?” He demanded, watching as she maneuvered herself so that her face was near his groin. “What if I require more proof of just how sorry you are?!”

She knew what to do to earn forgiveness, her fingers deftly undoing the button fly of his pants. He spanked her again, but the action was far gentler than it had been previously, Lotor staring down at her as she huffed a breath over the tip of him. Already moisture had beaded on the head, her warm breath bringing a sharp, contrasting sensation on his wet skin. He didn’t close his eyes however, too riveted towards watching every action of Allura’s.

She blew again, lips pursed together as she rolled her eyes upwards to stare at his face. He kept a stern expression there, letting her know it would take a lot more than that to get him to forgive her. She wasn’t stupid, she understood the look in his eyes, Allura letting her lips part. Her tongue came out, teasing against the head, his wife lapping up the moisture there. It only encouraged more to flow out, pre cum oozing out of the tip.

Allura made a hmmm of sound, seeming to delight in the taste of him. His own breath seemed to come faster, Lotor’s eyes darkening as he stared down at her. Her tongue laved about the head, Allura making sure to taste every bit of his skin, and then dig into the slit. That nearly proved his undoing, Lotor’s head going back with a moan.

Encouraged by that, she kissed her way down the length of his shaft, tongue tracing a prominent vein that seemed to pulsate in response. He was no longer trying to spank her, just resting his one hand on her ass, enjoying the foreplay of his wife’s mouth.

Allura licked her way down to the base of him, taking time to mouth at his balls. She kissed and sucked at one, mouth mimicking a massage that had Lotor groaning. She stared at him while she did it, and only after a minute or so of her assault on his balls, did she speak. “Do you forgive me husband?” She sounded breathless now, sneaking kisses up his shaft a she questioned him. “Will you allow me to take penance for my actions…?”

“It depends…” Lotor gasped out, feeling her give a firm lick of his cock’s head. “Are you truly sorry for what you’ve done?”

“Oh yes…” Allura breathed out, opening her mouth wide to suck his cock’s head inside her. He moaned at the feel of her mouth, warm and moist, Allura being careful not to scrape her teeth against his flesh.

“More.” Lotor managed to say, Allura seeming to hum around him as she allowed another inch to enter her mouth. His one hand went to her hair, gripping the top of her bun as she twirled her tongue round the underside of his cock.

She began to suck on him in earnest, bobbing her head lower so that more of him entered her. His toes were fighting not to curl in his boots, Lotor almost purring in pleasure. Her tongue kept laving attention on him, making sure the underside did not go neglected as she sucked. Allura began to make noises of her own, whiny, needful sounds that had Lotor responding, the Drule reaching between her legs once more.

Allura made a happy sound when he began to stroke the flesh between her legs, and the sounds she made vibrated down his shaft, sending shivers through him. Her head bobbed even more eagerly on him, Lotor biting back a gasp of her name as he sought out and toyed with her clit. That little bit of flesh was stiff, Lotor rolling it between two fingers, Allura wiggling her hips in response.

It became a race to see who would bring who first, Lotor pinching and rubbing her clit, Allura working him over with her mouth. Her hands joined in the action, Allura gripping the base of his cock with one, and massaging his balls with the other. She massaged and squeezed, encouraging his seed heavy balls to help release their load, and Lotor became more determined to bring Allura to climax first.

It was close, but she did erupt into her orgasm with a scream just seconds before his stamina gave out. His seed flooded her mouth, Allura moaning and trying to drink down as much as possible but it was futile effort. It dribbled down the sides of her mouth, and onto his pants, Lotor sighing and sinking back into the couch’s cushions.

Allura swallowed, and then did one last lick of his flesh, trying to clean him up with her tongue. Lotor smirked at that, bringing his wet fingers to his lips, so that he could lick Allura’s climax off them. Both were content now, replete with the joyful satisfaction that came after an orgasm. He hadn’t forgotten the reason behind his anger, but at the moment it wasn’t a concern. Allura had been punished, and both of them satisfied. He might even allow her to wear the dress again, but only in the privacy of their bedroom.

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