01 Fetish

It was waiting for her when she entered the room, a large white gift box that sat situated on her side of the bed. It stirred up her interest, Allura feeling the first tingles of excitement as she stared at the glittering gold bow. No name tag was attached to the box, but Allura knew without a doubt that it was for her. The box called to her, Allura setting down her papers, and approaching the bed.

Her fingers touched the cool surface of the box, feeling the thin cardboard that guarded it’s contents from her. She wondered what was inside, curiosity eating away at her as she pulled on the bow, untying it’s satin sides to loosen the box’s lid. It was too big to contain jewelry, though Allura wouldn’t have been surprised if it hid a smaller box inside it. Her husband was like that, a bit of mischief in his heart as he teased her with his gifts.

Fingers lifted the lid of the box, and something fluttered down into her lap as she set the cardboard down. Allura glanced at it, noting the thick piece of paper, with that same gold color as the bow, silver sparkles decorating the surface. It was a simple message, Lotor not mincing words as the paper read, “Put this on.”

That allowed Allura to guess at the box’s contents, the girl wondering if it was some sort of slinky dress, or lacy lingerie that had caught the prince’s eyes. It would surely be something he had found pleasing to the eye, Allura knowing her husband loved to dress her up in all sorts of outfits. She smiled fondly, fingers touching the delicate tissue paper that hid the outfit from sight.

The tissue paper rustled as she parted it, Allura catching a glance of white vinyl. Her brows lifted in surprise, lifting up one of the boots, it’s surface cool to the touch. She was bewildered, knowing not many of her outfits would go with this type of footwear, and she set down the boot to pull out the other one. A flash of pink on white caught her attention, Allura digging deeper into the box.

Her fingers grazed what had to be spandex, Allura gasping, hardly daring to believe as she jerked the outfit out of the box. She stared at the expanse of white, that was broken up with pink accents going across the collarbone in a v shaped pattern and colored the large shoulder pads. She didn’t have to look to know pink gloves would still remain inside the box, along with a black and gold belt.

It was her uniform, the sight of it bringing up memories she had long thought buried deep in her subconsciousness. It had been years since she had seen her lion pilot’s uniform, Allura recalling how the outfit had been destroyed by her husband. Not in a fit of anger, but in a deeply seductive mood, the prince almost dangerous as he used his lazon sword to cut strips of it off her body.

The memory of what happened after he forcibly stripped Allura of her uniform, always made her blush, Allura shaking her head. She set down the uniform, rising to stand next to the bed. No hesitation in her, she reached up behind her neck, pulling on the lace collar that held up her dress over her bosom. Once loosened, the top quickly fell down, Allura shaking her hips, shimmying out of the dress.

It pooled around her feet, the silk sure to be wrinkled but she didn’t care. Her attention was all for the uniform on the bed, Allura picking it up once more, inserting her right leg into the bottom half. Her left leg quickly follow, Allura jerking up the remains to put her arms into the top half. Here she noticed the difference this uniform had from the original, a long zipper that went from the collar of her neck down past her navel, all the way to reach past her groin. She wondered out that, even as she pulled the zipper up, hearing it make a sharp sound in the silent room.

The uniform was a snug fit, the spandex molding to her body in such a way that had she worn a bra, it would have been visible in shape underneath her top. She reached for the belt, snapping the buckle shut over her belly button. Pink elbow length gloves were pulled on, and then Allura sat, eager to pull on the boots and complete the look.

She felt like her old self once the uniform was on her in it’s entirety, Allura standing and hurrying over to a floor length mirror. There was plenty to be found, her husband loving to look and be looked at. Even the ceiling was made of reflective glass, Allura turning this way and that way to stare critically at her form. She frowned as she realized something was different, Allura staring at her unbound hair, the thick golden curls growing long past her waist to touch the bottom curve of her rear.

~I’ll have to put my hair up.~ She thought to herself, wanting to complete the look of her past memories. Allura turned and walked over to the small vanity that sat situated in the east corner of the room. She began rummaging through drawers, searching for hair pins, the silver hair ornaments long buried under a multitude of various items. Her husband preferred Allura to wear her hair down, and she had gotten into the habit of indulging him in this small matter.

Allura was gathering up her hair, a pin placed between her lips, when the door to the bedroom opened. She made a sound, a mumbled greeting as she worked to remember how to pull her hair into it’s once familiar bun.

“Leave it down.” A male voice ordered, footsteps accompanying his command. She started to turn, fingers still trying to wind her hair into the bun, when she caught sight of her husband. The pin in her mouth dropped, clattering across the surface of the vanity’s table. Her eyes went wide to look at Lotor, seeing him dressed in the red, blue, and black of Doom military.

It was a good look on him, one that made her stomach flutter in excitement, Allura looking at the way the material clung to his torso, allowing the lines of his body to be seen. It was a look of yesteryear, Lotor long since forgoing the uniforms that went with a commanding position of one who led armadas. Not since Lotor had been made king, had she seen this uniform on him, and Allura found him as delectable in reality as he had been in her memories.

Her hair slipped free of her fingers, falling down around her as she stared. A slow up turning of her husband’s lips, Lotor smiling, a dangerous and devastatingly sexy look on him. She found her voice, Allura asking a question as she watched her husband stalk towards her.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“This?” A lift of one perfectly trimmed eyebrow, Lotor looking amused.

“Yes, this!” A gesture at her uniform, Allura wanting explanations.

“Ah…” He stopped a few feet in front of her, eyes slowly looking Allura up and down her body. She could see he liked what he saw, the approval shining in his golden eyes. “I thought we could revisit the past.”

“The past?” She echoed, lifting her own eyebrow.

“Yes.” His hands were placed on his hips, Lotor in a relaxed stance though the hungry way he looked at her, spoke of his impatience. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you in that uniform…you look even better than I remember. Sexy.”

She was always surprised at her husband’s ability to make her blush, Allura flushing at both his words and the look in his eyes. “It’s just a uniform…” She began, fingers fiddling with the buckle of her belt. “Standard regulation for a Voltron pilot. Hardly sexy.”

Lotor snorted at that, for one brief instant his look turned amused. “Have you looked at yourself in that outfit? Really looked?” He chuckled then, reaching for her hand. “It always amazed me that that overbearing nanny of yours allowed you out of the castle dressed like that.”

“Dressed like what?” Allura frowned as Lotor led her over to a mirror.

“It clings to your skin Allura. Molds to every little bit of flesh, forming a scintillating picture.” He pushed her in front of him, towering over her as she gazed at her reflection. His hands landed on her shoulders, Lotor pressing against her back, bending close enough to whisper seductively in his ear. “You delight the eyes Allura, under the best of circumstances. But with that uniform on…and the way it looks on you…” A smile curved his lips, Lotor licking at her ear. “It’s not every woman who could wear something so form fitting and look half as good.”

Her cheeks were almost as pink as the color of the uniform, Allura staring with new eyes at her reflection. Lotor continued to speak, practically purring in her ear. “Do you know what it did to me and my men to see you running around in this spandex?”

“N…..no.” She shook her head, watching as Lotor smoothed his hands down the length of her arms.

“It made us feel things. Sinfully wicked emotions.” Lotor spoke, placing his hands onto her hips. He held her still, pressing harder against her back, Allura feeling him do a slow steady grind against her rear. “I always thought it a crime to cover a woman’s body with so much fabric, but this? The way it molded to your body, it left little to the imagination.”

“If…if I had known…..had realized…” She began, cutting off her words with a gasp. Something was poking her in the back, the start of what had to be Lotor’s partially aroused state. Allura knew it didn’t take much to get her husband going, but even for him, this was fast.

“Yes, if you had known, you’d never have worn the uniform again.” Lotor made a tsking sound, still rubbing against her. “And that would have been such a shame. Millions of men would have mourned the loss of the sight of you in that spandex.”

She was blushing, a furious burst of color on her cheeks. Lotor ducked his head to kiss the side of her face, lips ghosting along her skin. “I’ve always regretted shredding your last uniform.”

“So why did you?” Allura asked, trembling with excitement at the feel of his kisses on her skin.

“I was hasty.” Lotor admitted, a look of chagrin crossing his face. “I was impatient to have you. To see you laid bare before me.” His hands were on the move, drifting upwards to cup her breasts. A moan escaped her, Allura embarrassed to see the mirror capture the way she parted her lips, a wanton expression on her face. “It’s a move I almost regret.”

“Almost?” His long fingers were kneading her pliant flesh, Allura squirming fitfully against him, watching their reflection as he nuzzled the side of her neck.

“Almost.” He confirmed, giving her a gentle squeeze of her breasts. “I did have a lot of fun cutting you out of you uniform.” A lazy smile crossed his face, Lotor doing a lick up to the side of her face. “It’s one of my most precious memories.”

Her nipples were starting to grow stiff, she could see them protruding against the material of her uniform’s top. She knew Lotor was aware of their erect state, the prince brushing his fingers over them again and again.

“Memories….are you intending to recreate that experience?” Allura questioned, wriggling about due to his fingers insistent rubbing over her nipples.

“No.” That surprised her, Allura half turning in his embrace. “Not when we can make new ones.” He smirked at her, and was suddenly crowding her against the mirror, her back pressed against the glass.

“Lo—!” Her saying of his name was cut of when he pressed his mouth to hers, claiming her lips in that possessive way of his. Her hands landed on his upper arms, gripping rather than pushing away as Lotor hungrily ate at her mouth. His enthusiasm was hard to resist, Allura soon mimicking his passion, her tongue pushing against his, battling for dominance of the kiss.

Lotor’s hands gripped her sides, the prince pressing his body full against her. If he meant to keep her still, he did a lousy job of it, Allura wriggling about. Her wiggling motions put her right against his growing erection, Allura squirming harder against it.

“You’re so excited!” She exclaimed, breath panting out when he finally pulled apart from her. “Is it me or the uniform that’s got you this way?” She placed her hand on the bulge in his pants, giving him a light squeeze so he got her meaning.

“Both!” Lotor moaned, hands gripping her by the shoulders once more. “I’ve got a confession to make.”


“I used to fantasize about you in that uniform of yours.” Allura was pleased, hiding her smile as she kept her hand on his groin.

“What kind of fantasies?” She was truly curious, watching as Lotor fought to keep still against her.

“To take you while you’re still in your uniform.” Lotor moaned, bending to kiss her once more. “To feel your gloved fingertips touching me…I want to feel every inch of your spandex clad body against mine.” His breath seemed to catch in his throat, Lotor almost having difficulty in speaking. “Oh Allura….if you knew even half the things I wanted to do to you while you’re wearing that outfit…”

“What?” She asked softly, seeing him shake his head.

“I need your hands on me.” He was moving, fingers touching the skull buckle of his belt, allowing it to snap open and drop to the floor. Lotor quickly pulled his tunic up and over his head, tossing the clothing over his shoulder. He grabbed at her wrists, placing her vinyl covered hands on his bare skin. “Ah…..yes.” He moaned, and soon she was moving her hands on her own, touching him all over.

“You really like this.” Allura commented, feeling out the lines of his abs, watching him fight back a shiver.

“Of course I do.” Lotor moaned, moving to kiss her once more. Allura evaded his lips, continuing to touch him. His pouting didn’t last long, Allura pressing the denied kiss into his skin, just above where his heart lay. “It’s a dream come true…”

He tasted salty, Allura dragging her tongue down his waist, taking care to lick at each line of his body. Her knees were already bending, the princess intending to drop to the floor an instant before Lotor stopped her. “Lotor?” She looked confused, staring at him as he kept her standing. “Don’t you want me to…?” Her question went unfinished, Lotor biting out a hasty answer.

“NO! No…” He said it more calmly, and though Drules could not bush, Allura swore he looked embarrassed. “I want you to do something for me….something different.”


“Yes…” He was actually hesitating one instant, only to blurt out his request in the next. “I want you to use your hands on me. I…I want to feel your gloves rubbing all over my cock.”

“Another fantasy of yours?” Allura was already pulling open his pants, his cock springing forward, a long length of blue skin. She loved looking at it, admiring the darker hue of blue that colored the head of his cock.

“Yes.” Lotor admitted, the word coming out a strangled moan when she touched the tip of his cock with one finger. He was always sensitive there, especially right in the slit of his cock, Allura rubbing her thumb over it in a teasing manner. “Want to feel it….Told you that. Feel you all over me.”

“I wonder if I should be jealous…” She murmured, seeing him flash a questioning look at her. “You seem almost to like my uniform more than me.”

“It’s not true!” Lotor quickly protested, than hissed when she curled her fingers around his shaft in reward. “Oh Gods…!” He got out as she began moving her hand up and down the length of his cock.

“It’s not?” She fixed him with a wide eyed innocent stare, acting like she wasn’t jerking him off as she spoke. “You’ve never turned down my mouth before. And now you’re so hard and eager for my gloved hands to do this to you.”

“This is just special…a one time thing.” Lotor protested, and she felt the shudder go through him, the man fighting for control.

“Really? A one time thing?” She was fighting back a smirk, especially when he let out a moan.

“Well…maybe we could do a repeat performance some time in the future.” She squeezed him at that, Lotor practically growling at her finger’s pressure around his dick. He bent forward to kiss her, Allura never ceasing in her stroking motions.

“Gods Allura, that feels so good.” Lotor exclaimed, voice husky with desire. His hands landed on her shoulders, and once again he was pushing her against the glass. Another kiss, and then she felt him shift, Lotor gearing up to thrust. Allura cried out, not loosening her finger’s hold as Lotor began thrusting into her hand, moaning and muttering things under his breath, half the words in Drule. She didn’t have to understand him to know he was talking dirty, Allura staring wide eyed as he peppered kisses all over her face.

He was gripping her so tightly, even with the shoulder pads in place she could feel it, Lotor growling fiercely as he thrust. Allura continued to squeeze his cock, moving her hand up and down, trying to watch his face in between kisses. With a sharp cry of her name, Lotor’s head tossed back, the prince howling as he came. His come landed on her belly and legs, the hot semen spurting out in thick gobs.

Allura feigned a gasp, almost giggling to think he had gotten the uniform that he so loved dirty. “Ah!! Lotor!” Allura exclaimed, still squeezing him, watching as more come came out. “You got me dirty.”

His eyes snapped open at that, Lotor glancing down at the mess. He look chagrined, though he didn’t offer any apologies. “Thank you Allura.” Another kiss was exchanged, Allura vaguely aware Lotor was pulling open her belt. It clattered to the floor, and then she heard the sound of a zipper easing downwards. She made a move to shrug out of the uniform, but Lotor stopped her.

“I want it on.” He told her, and she nodded, willing to indulge him. He parted the uniform’s material just enough so that her breasts spilled out into the open. Allura’s nipples were still stiff, Lotor kissing down the front of her throat, pass her collarbone and onto her chest. His hands kneaded at her skin, Lotor lifting up her breasts to kiss their undersides, mouthing at the skin.

It made her moan, Allura threading her fingers through his hair, staring down at him with heavy lidded eyes. She absolutely loved it when Lotor paid attention to her breasts, knowing it made her tingle with pleasure to feel him licking and kissing at her nipples. The pleasurable feeling of his mouth made her squirm, forcing Lotor to hold her steady once more.

“AH!!” Allura cried out, finding he had fastened his lips around her right nipple. He was almost feverish as he sucked, each pull of his mouth shooting tingles down her body. It wasn’t taking much to get her wet, Allura whimpering and moaning as she arched her back. “Lotor yes!”

“Tell me what you want.” He moaned into her skin, tongue swirling over her nipple.

“YOU!” She cried out in response, squirming vigorously at the feel of his tongue. “I want you!”

“You’ll have to be more specific love.” Lotor chuckled, and it was enough to make Allura to frown. It was quickly covered with a mischievous look of her own, the princess reaching out to grab his cock. She felt it twitch with interest, the prince well on his way to making a fast recovery.

“I want this part of you!” Allura told him boldly, squeezing him once more. “Thrusting inside me!”

“I think I can manage.” Lotor told her, and she found he was untying the sides of her panties, plucking them off her body. Allura badly wanted to climb out of her uniform, but Lotor was insistent it remain on her, the prince having eased the zipper down as far as it could go. She realized then the uniform had been modified to allow him easy access to her body, Lotor brushing his fingers through her curls.

“Oooooh!” She cooed softly when his fingers touched the slit of her sex. Lotor’s gloved fingers came away wet, the material damp with her arousal.

“So wet Allura.” He teased, leisurely caressing his fingers over the furled folds of her sex. “You’re more than ready for me.”

“But are you ready for me?” She asked, even as she gasped, finding his thumb was brushing over clit.

“I believe I can manage.” A rakish grin was on his face, Lotor playing with her clit for a few seconds more.

“Now then!” Allura cried, even as she tried to push back against his thumb. “Give it to me now!”

“All right love.” Lotor’s hands were touching her leg, lifting it up to hook over his hip. “I’ll give you what you need.” Working together, Allura was lifted off the floor, back pressed against the mirror as her feet dangled. She could feel Lotor pressing his cock against the entrance of her body, and she fought back a hiss, excited.

“Hurry! Ooooh hurry!” She was practically wiggling on his cock, trying her best to push back on it.

“There’s no rush Allura.” Lotor told her, even as he eased another inch into her. “We have all the time in the world to do this.” She kept quiet, not wanting to bloat his ego with the admittance that she needed this, and needed it now. Another two inches were sunk into her, Allura digging her nails into his shoulders as her body stretched to accommodate his thick girth.

Her blissful moan was cut off by his mouth on hers, Allura’s voice muffled for the moment as Lotor thrust in the final inches of his cock. Allura let out an ecstatic sound, not caring for the hardness of the mirror behind her as Lotor began thrusting in and out of her. Allura locked her legs into place behind him, resting her heels on his butt. She used her feet to push him faster, Lotor’s thrusting speeding up, building a frantic friction between her legs.

“YES!” Allura cried, Lotor nibbling at her shoulder, mouthing the fabric of her uniform. “Oh Lotor….love…I love you.” It was her turn to start speaking gibberish, Allura wishing she had a language she could switch to. It always embarrassed her the things she said in the heat of the moment, though Lotor never laughed at her for speaking so passionately.

“More! Give me more!” Allura cried, clinging to him, her nails digging in hard enough to leave imprints in his skin. Lotor began slamming into her, so powerful was his thrusts she felt it all the way down to her toes. Toes that were curling in her boots, Allura biting down on Lotor’s shoulder to muffle her squeal. When he brought her to her roaring climax, she all but shrieked, his name being screamed as she squeezed tight around him.

It didn’t take much for his second climax to come, Lotor thrusting a few more times against the tight clenching of her body. He howled her name, his cock shooting off deep inside her. Lotor’s weight pinned her against the mirror, the prince panting heavily, staying inside her. Allura petted his hair, a serene smile on her face as the pleasurable waves of her orgasm slowly began to dissipate.

“Hey…” She said softly, still petting him. “We should take a bath now.”

“Yes.” Lotor agreed.

“And maybe get a maid to come clean this uniform.” Allura added.


“After all, we don’t want to get a one time use out of it!” She exclaimed.


“Is that all you can say right now?” Allura asked.”

“Yes.” Lotor said with a smirk, making her giggle. He pulled out of her, but didn’t set her down on the floor, cradling her close to his chest. She snuggled against him, a content look on her face as he carried her to the bathroom. She found she liked this uniform fetish of her husband, and couldn’t wait to experiment other ways to turn him on.


The End.

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