Mask 02

Both his drink and his companions forgotten, the Drule in black velvet turned, his eyes tracking the movements of his quarry. He saw her pushing her way through the tight press of partygoers, people turning to look at her annoyed. She barely paused to issue apologies, turning a paranoid head to look back over her shoulder. It merely amused him, to see her desperate flight, the girl shaken and rattled by their encounter.

“Must have been her first time meeting a Drule up close and personal.” A hand clapped down on his shoulder, masculine laughter echoing around him. “For all her fright, she is a pretty little thing, eh Lotor?”

“Indeed.” Prince Lotor of Planet Doom agreed, still watching as the girl in purple got further and further away from him. There was something about the way she moved, taking elegant steps forward even as she squeezed past the crowd, that seemed almost familiar to him. It worried at his brain, Lotor thinking back to their brief encounter, wishing he could have seen her face beneath the mask. The blue of her eyes had all but been lost to the dark coloring of the mask, and yet he couldn’t help but feel he had seen those eyes before.

It was more than just the eyes that bothered him, Lotor noting her scent had been one of jasmine and lilacs. Amidst the room’s overly cloying perfumes, her personal scent had been a fresh relief, conjuring up the smells of a spring’s dawning day. It reminded him of another, a woman he hadn’t had many opportunities to get close too. But it couldn’t be the one he was thinking of, Lotor knowing the princess of Arus wouldn’t be caught dead at a party like this!

But still, from what he could see, the girl bore a striking resemblance to Allura, one that moved him to stare after her, his eyes hungry, his lips curved into a predatory smile. His two companions, a Duke and a Baron exchanged grins, the Baron nudging the Duke in the side with his elbow.

“I dare say our prince has found one to his liking this fine evening.”

“Lower your voices.” Lotor snapped with a hiss. “There are no names or titles to be voiced this night. You know that.”

“Ah forgive me.” The Baron apologized, looking sheepish. “You are right.”

The girl had reached the far end of the room, and only now did she pause, leaning against the wall in relief. She had no idea Lotor was still watching her, concentrating her attention on the dancers out on the ball room floor. She was hardly the type to remain unattached for long, and with a sudden shove of his glass at the Duke’s chest, Lotor was moving, having made a decision.

“Shall we come with you?” The Duke asked, carefully setting down the glass of liquor. “Or do you want to make this conquest alone?”

“Alone.” Came Lotor’s answer, the prince already maneuvering his way into the crowd. He caught wind of his companions disappointed sounds, and smirked. The girl in purple made a fine figure of a woman, enough to make a hundred men jealous of the one she would bestow her attention on. Lotor intended to be that one, finding he was very glad to have been persuaded to attend Prince Tristan’s party after all.

As he made his way through the crowd, women turned to look at him, their eyes leering as they took in the cut of his figure. Lotor knew he looked impressive in his black velvet, holding a hint of white lace that spilled around the nape of his neck and his cuff’s collars. A few hands were brushed innocently enough against him, inquisitive touches as the women, and in one case a green skinned man, tried to catch his attention.

Lotor barely reacted, his eyes all for the girl in purple as he snuck around to the back of her, seeing her now facing a banquet table. Elegant fingers lifted up a croissant, the girl bringing the pasty to lips that were painted a pale red. More salacious touches, a manicured hand brushing against his groin suggestively. The demands for his attention were growing bolder, Lotor noticing that people were starting to pair up, even trios and quartets were formed.

There was a change in the air, a feeling of anticipation as people shared knowing looks. Men worked to unbutton their collars, women pausing to look themselves over in their mirrors. A couple consisting of a man and a woman were approaching his intended target, the woman licking her lips as she eyed the girl daintily eating. Lotor quickened his step, not quite running and just as the couple were poised to swoop down on the girl, he caught her around the waist with his arm.

“Oh!” She let out a surprised exclamation, her lips a round o of shock. She dropped the remains of the croissant, bringing her arm up as though to swing at him. Lotor easily caught hold of her wrist, drawing her closer to his body.

“Do I allow me to have this dance.” Lotor purred into her ear, spinning her away from the disappointed couple.

Those pouty lips of her frowned, the girl squirming in his grip, even as Lotor forced her to dance with him. She lifted her head, chin set at a stubborn angle. “Let me go.”

Lotor ignored her request, doing a slow dance out onto the middle of the floor. “You looked so lonely, out there on your own.” A twist of his lips, a smirk on his face. “Did your date abandon you?” Her eyes lowered, the girl realizing she had been caught in a lie. “No matter. I can be your date for the evening.”

“No thank you.” She said firmly, trying to jerk her hand free of his fingers.

“Why not?” Lotor asked, pretending to pout. “Is it because I am a Drule?” A hard look at her then, seeing her lips form a thin line of disapproval. “Dear girl, don’t tell me you are a speciest!”

“What if I am?” She demanded boldly, meeting his eyes with a hard look of her own. “I’d have good reason too, considering what your people have done in the past.”

“Ah but that is then, and this is now.” Lotor answered. “And Alazne is a neutral place, free of the concerns of the rest of the galaxy.”

“But for how long…” She murmured, and Lotor cocked his head to the side. “What?” She asked at the sight of his frown, Lotor shaking his head no.

“Forgive me for staring, but I can’t help the feeling I know you from somewhere.” What little of her face that wasn’t covered by the mask paled, the girl shaking her head no so hard, her ringlets bounced back and forth.

“I doubt you know me.” She insisted, flashing her teeth at him. “I have no Drules for friends!”

“What about as enemies?” Lotor asked, dipping her backwards and low to the floor. She gasped and grabbed onto his arm with her free hand, clinging to his jacket for support. Lotor glanced away from her face to stare down the line of her bare neck, eyes traveling lower to stare at her cleavage which was so generously on display. He bent his face over her, inhaling her sweet scent once more.

She wasn’t answering his question, staring at him as he held her suspended over the floor. A mischievous grin on his face, Lotor pressed his lips against the side of her neck, tasting her pulse point which speeded up ridiculously fast. She made a sound, an outraged squeal, and for a second Lotor stiffened, positive he recognized that sound.

A hand slapped across his cheek, an instant before he could follow that thought, Lotor letting go of the girl in shock. She toppled onto the floor, her skirts puffed up all around her, and even with the mask in place, he could feel the intensity of her glare. “That hurt.” Lotor growled, lifting a hand to his throbbing cheek.

“Good, I’m glad!” She retorted, trying to push up to her knees. Lotor watched her struggle for a second, then held out a hand to her. A hand she ignored, the girl somehow managing to stumble to her feet. “Don’t come near me again!” She announced, and took off running, the crowd of guests parting to watch her flee.

Lotor let out a soft growl, the people at the masquerade wisely turning away from him. He stared at the girl’s retreating back, all but snarling in annoyance. No one made a fool of the prince of Doom and got away with it! With a snort he was stalking forward, practically running as he gave chase to the girl. No one tried to stop him, for the most part ignoring what was going on in favor of seeing to each other’s needs.

The girl left the ball room, and broke out through a door into the hallway. Lotor was fast on her trail, his leather boots silent on the carpet as he followed her. She nearly collided with a waiter in her anxious flight, and then darted to the left through an open door. Lotor neatly side stepped the confused waiter, and followed the girl right into what appeared to be a ladies’ powder room.

She jumped at the sound of the door slamming shut behind him, skirts crinkling as she turned to stare at him. “You!?” A scoffing sound then, a haughty toss of her head. “Just like a Drule, never knowing when to take no for an answer.”

“And I’m sure you have extensive experience with my kind.” Lotor said, advancing towards her. She didn’t back away, placing her hands on her hips as she stared into his eyes.

“As a matter of a fact I do!” She announced, Lotor stopping before her. His toes touched the front of her skirt’s hem, the girl practically going on tip toe as she faced down an angry Drule.

“The more I speak to you, the more I become convinced I know you from some where.” Lotor said, making a grab for her arms.

“Don’t be absurd!” She said, voice sounding nervous now.

“No, your voice, your scent, your very mannerisms…” Lotor pulled her against him, feeling her struggle. “The way you fit against my body, it feels so familiar…..and that slap….”

“What about it?” She demanded, not liking how he held her to him.

“You even hit like her.” Lotor hissed. “And trust me when I say I’ve been slapped enough by the princess of Arus to know what it feels like.” Her eyes flashed, the girl renewing her struggles as Lotor reached up with his right hand to pluck the mask off her face. She gasped at the same time he did, the two staring at each other in a mixed array of emotions.

“Allura!” Lotor could hardly believe it, shocked working it’s way in his tone. “What are you doing at this kind of party?!”

“What do you mean?” Allura demanded, still fighting against his left hand’s grip on her arm. “I can go to any party I want!”

“Well yes but…” Lotor hesitated. “Does your Nanny know you are here?”

“I don’t need her permission to go to a party.” Allura said defensively.

“No doubt she didn’t know what kind of party this is either.” Lotor muttered, seeing the curious look in her eyes.

“You keep saying that! Just what are you implying about Prince Tristan’s party?!” Allura demanded.

“Trust me when I say there is no need to rush to Tristan’s defense. It’s no slander I offer when I say his masquerades are the most sinful, the most debauched form of sexual depravity in all of the galaxy.” Lotor watched her frown, the prince dropping her mask on the floor. “Do you know why we wear masks here Allura?” She shook her head, expression stony. “It’s to make it all the more exciting. You see princess…” He was staring at her face, relishing in her reactions. “It’s a sex party.”

“A sex party?”

“Yes. Where nobles from all over the galaxy gather to enjoy the pleasure of the flesh. It should be any time now…the guests have all arrived. Soon they’ll be stripping out of their fine garments, and begin the pursuits of pleasure.” Lotor said, seeing her shake her head no, even as her face went white.


“Yes.” Lotor hissed. “Do you know what an orgy is princess? It’s when a group of people engaged in sex. That is what is going to happen at this party tonight. The party you chose to attend.”

“I don’t believe you.” Allura said, and began struggling again. “Prince Tristan wouldn’t have invited me to a party like you describe. Prince Tristan is a good and honest man, the complete opposite of you. He’s not a pervert like you are!”

Lotor broke out into laughter, shaking his head. “Is that what you believe? Oh but Tristan has a good cover for his immoral activities. So quick to let the news paint him as the generous prince. He’s positively squeaky clean on paper. But in his private dealings…oh, his private actions would have your hair stand up on it’s ends if you knew the kind of things he did for fun.”

“Lies!” Allura’s eyes blazed, fiery emotion inside them. “And if it’s the truth, then what are you doing here?!”

“I was bored, and my friends made it sound like it would be a fun time.” Lotor shrugged his shoulders. “I was sure it would be just another night of drunken debauchery, boring and tedious.” A slow grin from him, Lotor letting his eyes travel down Allura’s body. “I never expected to encounter you here. Quite a bit of luck on my part. Never thought I’d have to rescue my bride from a bunch of lechers intent on deflowering her at an orgy.”

“I am not your bride!” Allura was quick to protest.

“Oh?” A self satisfied smirk was his expression, Lotor practically purring as he spoke. “You’ve walked into my arms so to speak, by coming alone to Tristan’s party. There’s no friends, no Voltron Force to get in my way. You’re out of options Allura, you will be my bride, and if I have to carry you kicking and screaming out of this building, then so be it!”

She looked as though she was about to protest, and then her features softened. “You’re….you’re right. You’ve won. I…I should accept that and behave in a gracious manner.”

Lotor was surprised, staring at her as she spoke. “Allura, do you mean it?”

“Yes, Lotor…yes I do.” He smiled at that, and with his hands on her arms, he pulled her on tip toe, bending to meet her half way for an explosive kiss. She trembled against him, but did not try to pull back, almost melting into his embrace. Cautiously, Lotor let go of her arms to run a hand down her back, rubbing his palm in circles against the soft fabric of her dress.

She was totally relaxed against him, which he why he wasn’t expecting for her to suddenly pull back and slap him once more. “Allura!” Lotor growled out, an instant before she brought up her knee, slamming it painfully into his groin. With a loud uff of escaping air, Lotor hunched over, feeling pain arc through him even as he made a grab for her. Allura easily evaded his arms, and took off running, sweeping past him back out into the hall. The door swang shut as Lotor fell to his knees with a moan, his eyes crossing in pain.

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  1. lol..Thankyou for writing these! I have been a fan of Lotor and Allura since I started watching Voltron as a child.

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