Mask 03

With her heart beating wildly, Allura stumbled into the hallway, her hands forming fists around her skirts. The satin and crinoline rustled loudly, lifted up off the floor to flash her ankles as she ran. Behind her she could hear sounds, her name weakly moaned out, pain that was not exaggerated as the man she had attacked slumped downwards. She felt a grim satisfaction at what she had done, silently thanking her Nanny for instructing her on how to stave off an unwanted suitor.

But Allura knew it was only a temporary measure at best, Lotor would recover, and though the fires of his passion might be lessened, he’d be no less angry at being introduced to her knee. She had to get away and fast, Allura feeling a little panicked as she moved down the empty hall.

“Where are the servants?” She murmured out loud, wondering where the many waiters and guards had gone too. It was almost eerie how deserted this patch of mansion was, Allura hearing the faint sounds of the ball room’s music echoing into the hall. With a nod of her head, she followed the music, knowing there would be people there, bodies she could use to put distance between herself and the prince of Doom.

It wasn’t the best plan, Allura cringing at the thought of what Lotor would do when recovered. He hadn’t been in possession of his trademark sword, and that was a small relief, the princess knowing he couldn’t hurt as many people if he was unarmed. But still she worried about his Drule strength, knowing it was a fearsome thing. A Drule was nearly three times as strong as a human, and even a half breed like Lotor could do some damage.

It made her wish she had a weapon, Allura once again casting about for the guards she had seen earlier. She wasn’t even sure a stun blast would stop Lotor once he had her in his sight, Allura thinking of all the crazy things he would do to get to her. A part of her knew that she was putting the party guests in danger just by being here with him, and it left her hesitating, steps slowing down as she wondered if she should risk them further by hiding in the ball room.

She ended up paused right outside the door that led into the ball room, the music muffled through the wood. A gloved hand was raised, Allura knowing the only exit she had seen was past the ball room, and up that grand red velvet stair case. Taking a nervous breath, she prepared to push open the door, just as a hand clamped down on her bare shoulder.

Allura could not help herself, she screamed, her hands letting go of her dress as she whirled about, prepared to land a fist on the one who touched her. A man’s voice cried out, a hand snagged her wrist, grip firm but not hurting.

“Easy there.” Said the man in the jade colored mask. There was gold trimming around the eyes, helping to distinguish the green of them from the mask’s color. He had reddish brown hair, curls that were cut short and clung tight to his scalp. He suit was a darker green, with gold adornments for the buttons and sash. He was taller than her by a good six inches, and his thin lips bore a concerned smile.

Allura nearly sagged against him when she realized it was not Prince Lotor who had snuck up on her. The masked man felt the fight go out of her, cautiously releasing her raised hand. “I’m so sorry.” Allura began, voice sounded breathless as she apologized. “I thought you were someone else.”

“Obviously.” His eyes crinkled with mirth, the man watching her carefully. “I take it you are evading an unwanted suitor.”

“Yes…how did you know?” Allura asked, and the man grinned.

“Ah, we all saw your desperate flight from the ball room.” The man said, making a tsking sound. “Such a displeasing display. Some men really do not know how to handle rejection.”

“How true.” Allura agreed, her eyes darting from his face to peer back over his shoulder. So far there was no sign of Lotor, but she was anxious to get out of this hall, feeling too exposed with little spots to hide in. Her masked companion picked up on her agitation, offering her his arm.

“Shall we return to the party?” He asked. “The evening’s entertainment is just getting started.” She hesitated for a second, chewing on her bottom lip as she stared at his arm. “Please, I promise to keep that man away from you.”

That decided it for her, Allura reaching to entwine her arm with his. “All right.”

“Excellent!” A smile crossed his face, the man stepping towards the door, even as Allura touched her face.

“But I have no mask…I lost it in the escape…” She pointed out, feeling self conscious.

“We can always get you a new mask…” The man was quick to assure her. “However…” A push of his hand had the door opening, the wood swinging inwards to reveal the transformed ball room. “I find it suits my purposes quite nicely if you are to remain unmasked for the evening’s entertainment.”

“What do you mean?” Allura started to say, but her words died down in shock as she got a good look inside the ball room. It was still packed with people, all wearing their colorful masks that hid their identities so thoroughly from each other. That was not what had Allura shocked into silence, the princess of Arus staring as she realized that many of the people had not one stitch of clothing on!

Some of the women had lacy undergarments on, or sheer body stockings that left nothing to the imagination. There was also leather involved in some of the outfits, and shiny vinyl that reflected the light from the chandelier. For one instant, her mind tried to keep her sanity intact, allowing Allura to focus in on just the bits of clothing that was worn. She tried desperately to ignore the acts that were occurring, seeing the press of naked flesh on top of naked flesh, men’s body’s between women’s legs, their hips surging forward.

Missionary style sex wasn’t the only kind of sex act that was going on, though it was the only type Allura herself was familiar with. Her world was being blown apart, her mind educated to new possibilities, as she stared at the many positions that were to be found. She didn’t even realize a woman’s body could bend in that way, and her cheeks turned red, her mouth dropping open in shock as she stared at people using their mouths to service one another.

There was items out on the floor, phallic shaped devices, whips and chains, paddles and machines she could not describe. A woman was straddling one such machine, bouncing up and down while a red shaped object inserted itself between her legs. It was more than just men and women having sex, men enjoyed men, and women took pleasure from other women.

“Wh….what is this?!” Allura squeaked out, trying to back peddle out of the room. The man’s arm was still entwined with hers, preventing her from getting very far. Her masked companion looked at her, Allura’s cheeks feeling hotter as she stared.

“It’s a party Princess Allura.” The man informed her. “Fear not your highness….the servants have all been sent away. No one will know about this aside from the other nobles. It’s why we wear masks you see.”

She barely heard him, blinking her eyes rapidly as though to block out the sight. She couldn’t understand why the man next to her was so calm and nonchalant about what was happening. “There…..there’s been a mistake….” She managed to get out, a hand going to her face. “I shouldn’t be here…”

“Oh? But you’re exactly where I want you to be.” The man said, and now she looked at him, frowning.

“Who are you?” She demanded, and he let go of her arm to drop into a low bow, never taking his eyes off her.

“Prince Tristan of Alzane at your service.” He said, and as he straightened, he caught at her hands. “I’ve so been looking forward to making your acquaintance.”

“Tristan?!” She gasped, trying to pull back. “You….you invited me to this kind of party?!” At his nod, she continued, feeling angry. “I’m sorry if you believe something else of me, but this is not really my kind of affair…I mean…I could never, ever do this kind of thing….!”

“Ah of course.” He looked disappointed, but recovered remarkably fast. “Forgive me. I did not mean to make assumptions about you. I thought by your agreeing to attend, you knew just what you were getting yourself into.”

“It’s fine….just…just let me go.” Allura said, at the precise moment an angry voice was heard, her name being bellowed forth.


“Lotor!” She gasped his name fearfully, and actually moved further into the room. “Please, prince Tristan, you’re forgiven. Just get me out of here, and to a safe spot!”

“All right my dear. This way.” Holding her hand, he began leading her deeper into the ball room. expertly side stepping the entwined bodies. Allura tried to avoid looking, but it was practically impossible not to see a sex act being performed no matter where she focused her eyes. She nearly stumbled over a threesome, men in the midst of fellating one another.

“Do try not to stare my dear.” Tristan murmured in her ear, guiding her further. “It’s consider impolite at these sort of affairs.”

“RI…right…” Allura said, wondering if it would be best if she just closed her eyes and let Trsitan guide her to safety. It took some time because the ball room was quite large, but at least they reached a side entrance that bypassed the large staircase. “Your highness….where are we going?” She looked longingly at the top of the staircase, knowing escape led that way.

“The carriages have been sent away for the night.” Tristan said, much to her dismay. “I’ll have to hide you in one of the guest chambers until I can phone in a request for one to return for you.”

“Oh….okay…” Allura said, hurrying after him as he led her through the door. She heard Lotor shout, and she forced herself not to glance over her shoulder, letting the door fall close behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief out in the hall, seeing no prince of Doom, and no naked bodies to blush over.

“It’s just up these stairs.” Tristan said, leading her up to the second floor. “You can hide in here.” A door was opened, the prince gesturing for Allura to step inside ahead of him. She did as he bade, looking around and seeing a room that was far to grand to be a mere guest room.

“Prince Tristan, what is this?” She asked, just as the door swung close. She heard the audible click of a lock, Allura frowning as she turned to look at him. He smiled at her, and there was a hint of a predator to his expression, the prince leaning against the door, just watching her.

“I didn’t think it would be this easy.” He said, voice soft as he reached up to remove his mask. There was no doubt about his identity, it really was the prince she had seen on the news holos, bearing a striking resemblance to the portrait of King Xanti.

“Er…what would be so easy?” Allura asked, not liking the mood that was starting to form between them.

“To get you all alone in a room.” Tristan answered, causing her frown to deepen. “You know….I really have to thank Prince Lotor for choosing to crash my party. I doubt without his interference, I would not have gotten this opportunity.” He walked towards her, and Allura immediately backed up, ill at ease at his words. “We should offer up a toast to the prince of Doom.” He said, passing her by.

“I’d rather not.” Allura told him, turning to track his movements. Tristan gave a lazy shrug of his shoulders, heading towards the make shift bar near the bed. He poured himself a drink, and turned to look at her, the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile.

“You’re very beautiful Allura. Even more so than those holo images of you led me to believe.”

“I’d rather not discuss my beauty with you.” She said, uncomfortable. “Please your highness, make the call.” The hair on the back of her neck was starting to rise up, Allura feeling uneasy at the way he was talking.

“All in due time.” He finished his drink, setting the cup down. “Ah Allura, as you know I am in the market for a bride.”

“If it’s my hand you are after, then please submit an inquiry through the proper channels.” Allura said, Tristan once again advancing on her.

“Propriety is over rated wouldn’t you say?” She backed into the wall with a little gasp, Tristan suddenly placing his hands on either side of her shoulders. “Why wait, let us cut out the middle man and make an agreement between us.”

“I will not be intimidated into making any such agreement!” Allura snapped, pushing a Tristan’s chest.

“Ah, I heard you were difficult when it comes to selecting a husband.” He shook his head slowly, refusing to be moved from her. “Which is why I came up with this scheme to force you to marry me.”

“Force me to marry you?!” She repeated his words as a question, her eyes starting to narrow into a glare. “You’re as bad as Prince Lotor if you think you can make me do as you wish!”

“Heh…” She didn’t like hearing Tristan laugh, finding the sound was a nasty snicker. “Allura, it’s a simple matter to get your consent, and all I have to do is leave you….compromised.”

“Compromised?” A lift of her eyebrows, Allura confused. “What do you mean?!”

“This.” He suddenly kissed her, closing the distance between them, his hands now gripping her upper arms, and keeping her trapped against the wall. She immediately set to fighting him, squirming about and attempting to lift her leg. But his leg was there, pinning hers down, forcing her to squeal impotently. His tongue tried to worm it’s way past her sealed lips, Allura jerking back so that she hit her head against the wall hard.

Seeing stars, she felt Tristan lifting her up off the floor, carrying her towards the bed. Allura began flailing about, kicking out her arms and her legs, trying to slap him hard enough so he’d drop her.

“That’s enough!” Tristan growled, throwing her onto the bed. He followed her fall, moving to crawl on top of her, hands grabbing at her wrists and pinning them down to the mattress. “Allura, you are going to be my bride. I’m going to make love to you, with or without your consent. And once your virginal state is gone, you’ll have no choice but to marry me!”

“You’re mad!” Allura cried out, straining against his hold. “This won’t tie us together, it’ll be an act of war of your planet against Arus!”

“And will you be willing to let loose your secret shame? Hmmm? That you willingly attended one of my sex parties will look bad. It will be your word against mine, and I’m sure you don’t want that humiliation. People will either think you asked for it, or that you wanted it and then had second thoughts, and all because you attended this ball.”

She went silent at that, glaring at him, frustrated beyond belief. Trstan smirked and continued. “Of course perhaps the people of Arus will believe their princess is innocent, but what of the rest of the galaxy? Hmm?”

“Why are you doing this?” Allura whispered, seeing him bend over to kiss her neck. “Why me?”

“Ah, that is a good question. Arus may be a piddling insignificant planet, but it’s not without it’s charms. A beautiful princess, but what’s more, it has Voltron.” He looked at her, green eyes gleaming with greed. “Just the thought of that mighty robot in my power gets me excited. Alazne would be an unstoppable force with the lions at it’s disposal!”

“So you’re just another wanna be conqueror, thirsty for more planets to add to your empire.” Allura said bitterly.

Trsitan laughed. “Well yes. Now enough talk….it’s time we get this unpleasantness over with.” He let go of her hands, Allura immediately making fists and beating at his chest. He ignored her blows, gripping hold of her dress, a loud grunt emerging as he tensed and shred the bodice open. It was split down to her waist, leaving Allrua clad in just a strapless bra.

“Nice and big, just the way I like them.” Admiration was in Tristan’s tone, his hands reaching to push her breasts together. He bent over her chest, tongue coming out to slobber over her skin, and that’s when Allura lost all sense of bravado. Her hands hitting at him wildly, Allura began to scream for help, even as Tristan laughed and told her no one would be coming to her rescue.

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