Mask 05

The party was in full bloom, some of the couples having finished for the moment, pausing to take a breather, or to dine on food that was laced with aphrodisiacs. They lounged around on pillows, talking amicably, or eyeing the other participants in Tristan’s debauched masquerade. Some were already making plans to switch partners, eager to engage in new delights with one another.

For the third time that night, the oddity of seeing someone clothed amidst those in the nude occurred, Prince Lotor leading the purple clad princess of Arus through the thick of things. He held her hand, finding she was hardly relaxed by their lascivious surroundings. She betrayed her true emotions in how she held herself, her body stiff and unyielding. The black satin mask was in place over her face, helping to conceal her expression save for the thin pursing of her lips.

Lotor was sorry to have to force her to walk passed this debauch bunch of nobles, but there had been no helping it. In his pursuit of her, he had yet to specify to his two companions an alternative place to meet. And thus he was sure they would be waiting outside the main entrance of the villa, Lotor counting on them to have procured some mode of transport for him and his princess.

Allura wasn’t saying much, walking stiff backed as she stared straight ahead. She was grateful for the mask Lotor had lent her, finding it obscured her vision from the sides, leaving her blind to most of the party’s goings on. Prince Lotor did not press her to talk, merely hurrying her through the crowd of people, their destination the large stair case at the front of the ball room.

She nearly sagged in relief when they reached it, her bare feet touching the red velvet of the rug that descended down the steps. Somewhere during the assault, she had lost her shoes, and Lotor had only been able to find one of her heels. Rather than delay their escape any longer, Allura had decided to accept the loss, knowing she could easily replace her footwear. It was other things, such as their lives and her unmolested state, that were not so replaceable. She tried to keep from shuddering, but some part of her must have betrayed her trembles, for Lotor was squeezing her hand in an attempt to reassure her.

Together they took to the steps, making a hurried ascent upwards. Allura breathed a little easier to have the party at her back, mentally bidding Lotor to hurry as they approached the landing. A paranoid part of her kept waiting to hear Tristan’s voice, fearing he would wake up and summon his guard. Right now her greatest fear was to be dragged back into that bedroom, Allura preferring death to the thought of having to endure that pervert’s touch once more.

“This way.” Lotor said softly, pulling open one of the huge double doors that led outside. He let go of Allura’s hand momentarily, holding open the door for her to squeeze past him. She did so, brushing against his body, Lotor biting back a sigh and closing his eyes as he inhaled her scent. It was still sweet, but tainted, the perfume of her body covered by the musky scent of Tristan’s after shave. Lotor made a fist, and for a second all he wanted to do was rush back to the bedroom and finish Trsitan off. He controlled that impulse, following Allura out onto the paved driveway.

A carriage was waiting for them, the masked duke sitting next to the driver, his arm leisurely poised behind the man’s back. He gave a little wave to the royal pair, Lotor nodding as the grinning Baron hurried to open the carriage door for them. Allura had stopped moving, staring at the carriage, leaving Lotor to wonder if she had second thoughts about leaving with him. He hid his frown, hoping she wouldn’t make a scene and approached her side.

“Problem?” He asked crisply, and saw her jump at the sound of his voice.

“No.” Allura said, and stepped closer to him. It surprised him, seeing her cuddle close to the side of his body, her hands reaching for his arm. A glance at her face showed her looking downwards, the girl appearing meek and quiet in the face of the strangers.

Allura was leery of the men, unnerved by the masked Drules who wore wide grins on their faces, flashing their fangs at her. She felt as though she was being ogled, Allura conscious that she was half naked under Lotor’s jacket. She tightened her grip on Lotor’s arm, drawing strength from him as they approached the Drule standing next to the door of the carriage.

“It’s Prince Tristan’s own personal transport.” Announced the dark haired Drule, Allura lifting her head up at that. The Drule was smirking, pleased with himself. “Stole it and the driver right out of the stables. I suspect he’ll be a little put out with the theft, but it’s all for a good cause!”

“Excellent.” Lotor said, guiding Allura closer to the carriage. The Baron extended his hand to Allura, and she shied away, shrinking back closer against Lotor’s side, much to both of the men’s surprise. Lotor shared a look with his friend, the Baron lowering his hand as Lotor moved to help Allura into the carriage. He tried to keep his hands from lingering on her waist, touching her only long enough to lift her up into the carriage.

“What happened?” whispered the Baron in Lotor’s ear. Lotor shared a look with him that said he would tell him later, but the Baron kept on with his questioning. “Why is she so….scared of me? Where is Tristan?”

“I thought you’d have to carry her unwilling from the party.” Called down the Duke. “Never thought I’d see the day where the princess of Arus would walk willingly arm and arm with the prince of Doom.”

“It’s complicated.” Lotor said, eager to get into the carriage. His tone said he would speak no more on the matter, his two friends sighing in a kind of reluctant understanding.

“I expect you’ll want to be alone with her, so I’ll ride on out top.” The Baron said, hands gripping the back of the carriage as he prepared to haul himself upwards.

“Yes.” Came Lotor’s curt answer, the prince climbing into the carriage. Allura sat huddled at the far side, pressed against the curtain covered window. Her hands were fists in her lap, so tightly held that her knuckles had lost their color. Lotor closed the door to the carriage, the sound of it making her jump in her seat. “It’s just me.” Lotor said, seeing her turn to look at him.

Allura watched as Lotor sat down opposite her, the man leaning back against the cushioned back of the bench. It surprised her that he didn’t choose to sit next to her, Allura not quite frowning at the distance he put between them. She debated saying something, but as her lips parted to speak, a shout was heard, one of the Drules ordering the driver to move the carriage.

They lurched into a brisk trot, Allura hearing the sounds of the hooves on the cobblestones. Lotor said nothing to her, and she sighed, glancing down at her hands. She noticed her nails were ragged and torn in spots, damaged when she had tried to claw at Tristan’s body. The sight of her ruined nails brought an image to her mind, unbidden thoughts of Tristan shoving her legs apart. Allura closed her eyes, but couldn’t stop the images from coming, faster and faster, recalling how it had felt to have Tristan tear at her dress, and the feel of his breath hot and heavy on her neck.

He hadn’t tried to kiss her, and for that Allura was grateful, but he had used his mouth for other things. Depraved acts that left her blushing and ill, a whimper escaping her as she recalled how hard he had bit down on her breast. The sound alerted Lotor to her distress, she heard him speak her name, a question at the end of it.

“Allura? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” She lied, shaking her head no. Her eyes were still closed, her breathing becoming heavier as her mind repeated the events of the night, the horror as fresh now as it had been the moment he had jerked down his pants, revealing his erection to her. A whine of fear issued out of her throat, Allura cringing as her broken nails dug into the palms of her hands, sending pain shooting up through her fingers.

A hand was suddenly on her shoulder, and she screamed, lifting her hands upwards to strike at her attacker. Fingers wrapped around her wrists, restraining her, Allura’s panic rising as she realized she was helpless. “No!” Twisting about, she tried to escape, and suddenly she was being shaken hard.

“Allura!” Lotor’s voice had her eyes snapping open, the princess gasping and staring at him in shock. “It’s okay. You’re safe now!”

“Lotor?” She stared at him, unseeing, wondering if she was going mad.

“Yes, it’s me. You were having a…a flashback of some kind.” Lotor said, and she suddenly sagged, hands going limp in his hold.

“I was so scared…” Allura said, feeling tears start to fall from her eyes. Lotor cautiously let go of her wrists to touch her mask, slowly lifting the satin from her face. She blinked teary eyes at him, Lotor’s expression unreadable as he made a move to brush away her tears. That act of kindness proved her undoing, Allura flinging herself into Lotor’s arms, barreling him back against the bench.

Lotor made a surprised sound when Allura pushed against him, his arms immediately wrapping around her. “Hey now…” he said softly, a hand going into the rumpled mess of her French twist. “You’re safe Allura. I promise you…”

“I know.” She sniffled, burying her face into his chest. “You’ll protect me.”

“That I will.” Agreed Lotor, and he shifted about, tucking her small body up against his side. “From anything and anyone. You have my word Allura.” It was proof of her upset that she didn’t debate his promise, didn’t issue angry accusations that his word meant nothing to her. Instead she merely sighed and sniffled, cuddling close against him.

For a few moments Allura lay with her cheek pressed against Lotor’s chest, listening to the soothing sound of his strong heartbeat. Her hand lay on his belly, fingers clutching at his white shirt as tried to stop her tears from falling. She forced herself not to think about Trsitan or the party, and instead just enjoy the quiet that was broken up by the sounds of the horse’s whinnying.

Lotor’s arms were around her, a solid piece of strength and warmth, something she took comfort from. She felt certain nothing could hurt her as long as she was within his embrace, Allura wiggling, trying to get closer to him.

Lotor’s breath caught in his throat, finding Allura was pressing harder against him. Even with the bulky jacket on, he could feel her breasts squishing against his body, his sharp hearing picking up the sounds of her skirts rustling as she moved. His long fingers stroked through her hair, rapidly unraveling the remains of her hair style so that the blonde strands hung loose down her back.

He wasn’t sure how long they just sat like that, Allura quiet except for a few sniffles. Tearful sounds he was quick to respond to, Lotor making soothing noises in response to her fear. Soon she was relaxed against him, her fingers loosening their hold on his shirt. He was almost startled when they moved, rubbing back and forth across his belly. A glance down at Allura saw her absentmindedly gazing across to the carriage’s wall, the girl seeming unaware of what her finger’s movements were doing to him.

He tried not to frown, holding himself as still as he could, but as her hand dropped lower, that innocent touch of hers had him reacting. It was too much, her closeness, her need for him, and her touch, Lotor finding the start of his cock’s arousal grip hold of him. It tented his pants, growing to the point it brushed against her hand, Lotor hearing Allura let out a gasp.

He said nothing, just looking straight ahead, grateful that Drules lacked the ability to blush like a human could. Allura moved her hand, but to his surprise, did not immediately leap from his arms. Instead she sat there, leaning against him with her face turned upwards towards his. It was a lesson in restraint not to look at her, Lotor all but ignoring her when she softly spoke his name. “Lotor…”

Allura had been startled when her hand hit against what was obviously a sign of arousal in Lotor. She had to fight not to stiffen up in fear, expecting him to at any moment turn on her. She had been surprised when he did not, the man holding himself still beside her, almost not breathing as he waited for her to move her hand. Such restraint on his part moved her, leaving her both impressed and grateful that he made no demands of her.

“It’s okay.” She said slowly, her hand now resting on her lap. “Really…I…I don’t mind…” A blush had come to her cheeks, restoring some of her color as she looked at Lotor.

“It’s not okay.” Lotor said, still refusing to look at her. “I’m no better than an animal, getting…..excited while you are in distress.” He made a sound, a rueful snort that hinted at his self disgust. “I’m as bad as Prince Tristan.”

“NO!!!” She protested vehemently at his proclamation. “You’re not.”

“I am.” Lotor insisted, and suddenly Allura was sitting up, her hands reaching for his face. She took firm hold of his cheeks, forcing him to look at her.

“You’re not.” She repeated, and raised up to kiss him. It was a soft, gentle kiss, Allura uncertain of the gesture as she tried to convey what she was feeling to Lotor. Gratitude, and reassurance that he was not the monster that Tristan was. She trembled into the kiss, hearing Lotor make a sound, an instant before his hands landed on her arms. She thought he meant to push her away, but instead he pulled on her, almost as though he was trying to merge them into one being.

Lotor couldn’t help himself, when she kissed him all his passions flared to life, the prince of Doom grabbing hold of her. He tried to be gentle, not wanting to scare her, but need made itself known, Lotor deepening the kiss, his lips nipping at hers in a savage fashion that had Allura gasping. The instant her lips parted, his tongue swept inside, plundering her mouth needfully.

At first she seemed confused by the tongue in her mouth, Allura squirming restless against him. But she didn’t try to curl back from his tongue, instead touching hers to his, her actions slow while his were bold. Her hands were once again clutching at his chest, Lotor kissing her until the point she made a protesting whine, relaying her need for air.

He broke apart from her reluctantly, hearing them both panting and swore. Allura look startled at the sound of his curses, Lotor looking away from her. “Lotor?”

“Yes, Allura?”

“You’re not like Tristan at all. He wouldn’t have stopped at a kiss.” She said, and frowned. “Lotor, look at me.” No reaction from him, causing her to glare. “Look at me, or I will kiss you again!” Now his lips twitched, the prince clearly fighting back a smile.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” He wanted to know.

“Both.” She said, and reached up to finger his hair. He seemed to shudder at her touch, and that made her frown, Allura misreading his reaction as a negative sign. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” A confused Lotor asked.

“For kissing you.” She sighed and dropped her hand. “I…It must disgust you to be touched by a woman that’s been used by another…I won’t do it again.”

“Allura no!” Lotor protested, gaping at her in shock. “It’s not your fault what he did….what he tried to do…Even if he succeeded, I’d still want you. I’d still love you!” She was looking down at her lap, seeming close to tears. “Oh hell.” Lotor muttered, and touched her face. She sighed, and leaned into his finger’s caress, looking up at him with wet eyes.

“He wasn’t gentle like you at all.” Allura confessed. “He didn’t try to kiss me, didn’t touch my face or my hair, and he certainly wasn’t gentle where his hands did land.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Lotor asked.

“No…not right now.” She shook her head no. “It’s too soon, the memories too real and painful. Maybe later…when time has had it’s chance to lessen the intensity of my memories.” She caught at his hand, Allura bringing it towards her mouth to press a kiss against his knuckles. “Thank you Lotor. You saved me…kept me from becoming more damaged than I already am.”

“You’re not damaged Allura.” Lotor insisted, using both his hands to smooth back the hair from her face. “Don’t think like that. Don’t let him defeat you in another way!”

She blinked, surprised at the passion in his voice. “I won’t.” Allura promised, staring at Lotor. “At least….I’ll try not too…”

“Try real hard.” He ordered, and that made her smile. a slight quirking of her lips.

“Okay…” She agreed, reaching once more to catch at his face. He moved when she urged him to, bringing their mouths together once more, the kiss no less passionate this time around. He stole her breath away, causing tremors to shake her body in a way that felt good. When they broke apart, Lotor was smiling, a wide grin that was infectious.

“What?” She asked, cocking her head to the side.

“That’s twice now.” Lotor said, seeing her look confused. “Twice you’ve willingly kissed me.” A mischievous look now. “Three times if you count earlier when you lied to me.”

“Oh….” She flushed, embarrassed. Allura didn’t know what to say to that, seeing Lotor stare at her with heavy lidded eyes. “Maybe….it’s because I have the choice now….to do what I want for a change, instead of being ordered and forced. A shy smile then, Allura blushing harder. “I find I like this….having a choice…”

“You speak as though you don’t often have one.” Lotor said.

“I don’t…” She replied, sighing as she continued to touch his face with her fingers. “I didn’t even want to come to this stupid party of his. My advisor and…” She felt embarrassed to admit she still had a nanny at her ripe old age of eighteen. “My caregivers made the choice for me.” A shake of her head, Allura frowning. “They are always deciding things for me! If not for a lack of proper suitors, they’d already have me married and pregnant…and all based on their decisions for MY life.”

“A lack of suitors?” Lotor asked, surprised at the thought of Allura suffering in that area.

“Don’t be so surprised!” Allura told him, trying to look stern but failing. “It’s because of you and your threats. You’ve scared of all the suitable ones, leaving only those desperate and hardly ideal!” A smile then from her, Allura not quite giggling as she spoke. “I’m glad you know…I cherish my freedom.” Her glance dropped to his lips, her thumb caressing the bottom one. “I want to know what real love is…I want to have the chance to choose for myself…”

“And what would you choose?” He asked, his question giving her pause.

“I’m not sure.” Allura admitted. “No one has ever asked me that before!” She fell quiet, still stroking his lip with her thumb. “Lotor..I can choose this much at least. Please….kiss me again.”

He grinned, and just before he moved to do as she asked, he spoke. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Neither did I.” She whispered, and wrapped her arms behind his neck, pressing against him urgently. She savored the feel of his soft lips against hers, enjoying the play of his tongue inside her mouth, Allura sighing happily. When the kiss was broken, Lotor did not pull apart from her, choosing instead to brush his lips along the line of her jaw. Again she gave that half giggle, sounding breathless as she spoke. “That feels nice.”

“It can feel even better.” Lotor said, kissing up to her ear. Allura closed her eyes, feeling him lick at her ear, her fingers tangling in his hair. When he kissed his way downwards, moving onto her neck she did not protest, instead leaning into his mouth’s touch. She surprised them both with a moan, enjoying the feel of his lips as Lotor nibbled and kissed his way over to her pulse point.

“It’s strange…” Allura murmured, a little gasp escaping her.

“What’s strange?” Lotor asked, voice husky as he continued to plant worshipful kisses on her skin. His hands were touching the front of the jacket she wore, Lotor wanting nothing more than to unbutton it, and peal her out of it’s baggy confines.

“I didn’t feel like this with Tristan.” She blushed, words a hesitant confession. “Hot and needy, and yearning for something. Not even when he forced me to drink that foul potion of his, all I could feel was disgust….revulsion.”

“Potion?” Lotor lifted his head from her neck, feeling a sinking pit form in his stomach.

“Oh yes.” Allura still had her eyes closed, waiting for Lotor to continue his kisses. “It was bitter tasting, and he said it would make me desire him. It only had the opposite effect I think.”

Disappointed, Lotor untangled her arms from around him, a heavy sigh escaping him. Allura looked at him now, confusion in her blue eyes. “He gave you a date rape drug from the sounds of it.”

“A date rape drug?” Allura repeated, seeing Lotor nod.

“Clearly it took a while to work.” Lotor said, fighting the urge to curse. ~Of course.~ He thought bitterly to himself. ~She’d never want you otherwise. It’s Tristan’s drug that is causing her to act this way.~

“I don’t understand…” She was frowning, wishing Lotor would cease his talking and continue to make her feel good. “Why have you stopped? Lotor….I want…:”

“Shhh…” His finger pressed against her lips, Lotor urging her to be quiet. :”Don’t say anymore. Not now.” His expression was back to being unreadable, Lotor schooling his features to be blank of emotion. “You’ll only regret it later….”

“Regret what?” Allura asked. “Lotor, I want you. Please…kiss me! Make me forget all about Tristan and what he tried to do!”

“I can’t. Not when you’re not thinking clearly.” Lotor replied.

“Not thinking clearly?! But I am!” She insisted, letting go of Lotor to reach towards the buttons on her jacket. His eyes widened, Lotor shaking his head no.

“Allura what are you doing?” She didn’t answer, fumbling with the buttons, desperate to get the jacket open. Lotor’s hands caught at hers, covering them as he stayed her movements. “Don’t…”

Now tears welled up in her eyes. Allura frustrated and confused. “You don’t want me!” She accused. Lotor let go of her hands to pull her flat against him, Allura crying bitterly as she pushed and shoved at him, refusing to go meekly into his embrace.

“But I do.” Lotor whispered into her ear, a hand landing on her the spot of skin between neck and shoulder. “More than you’ll ever know.” He pinched her then, Allura crying out in protest, feeling her eyes grow heavy with sleep as she slumped face first against his chest. The last thing she was aware of, was Lotor’s trembling hand petting her hair.

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