Bride of the Monster

Footsteps clanked across the metal walkway of the castle, their owner approaching her side. Allura didn’t look up, didn’t so much as flinch in acknowledgment, the man’s shadow falling over her. She kept right on staring at her knees, fingers pulling at invisible threads on the black Lycra that fit so tight on her body.

“Allura….it is time.” His voice was gentle, sounding almost as though he regretted what was to happen. Allura knew that was a deceit in of itself, knew if Lotor truly regretted his actions, he’d never be forcing her to go so far with this charade.

“I’m ready.” She was not, but there was no other choice, Allura standing, shrugging off Lotor’s attempts to assist her. He let out a sigh, and she heard him murmur for her ears only.

“You cannot even stand to be touched by me? Do my looks repulse you that much?”

“Your looks have nothing to do with the distaste I feel this day.” Allura said, surprised when his fingers touched her chin. His grip was forceful, making her lift her head to look up at him. It still took her by surprise, to see his face distorted this way. To see the metal plate on one half of his face, grated into place to keep from showing the ruined skin below it. The other side was still perfect, azure skin that was flawless. Somehow he had escaped the wreckage of his ship with one half of his face still intact, as though fate wanted to punish him by letting him be reminded of his past glory.

“Here.” Flowers were thrust into her hand, a bouquet of daisies already wilting. “I wanted you to have something…something to make this day feel more like a wedding and not a funeral.”

“Flowers alone won’t accomplish that.” But she held onto the bouquet, not wanting to upset him with her refusal. He held out his arm to her, the one that was still wholly flesh and blood. She touched it almost timidly, curling her arm into place around his.

“Smile Allura…” The witch Haggar from across the room, her voice a shrill cackle as she laughed. “Brides are supposed to be happy on their wedding day!”

Allura ignored the witch, letting Lotor lead her down the walkway of the castle. She dragged her feet, slowing him down, hoping against hope that a rescue would come. As they walked, she thought back on this day, thinking to the events that had led her here.

Arus’ sister planet Ambrose had come under attack, Lotor’s ship the Revenge leading a fleet of skull ships to surround the world, their laser a constant fire of activity. No one had been more surprised than Amalgamus when Lotor’s target became clear, the judge Armistice being kidnapped by the former prince and his witch. Once the diminutive judge was in hand, Lotor had made a quick getaway, leaving behind some skull ships to distract the Voltron Force.

Amalgamus had been besides himself, the cyborg blaming the Voltron force for the judge’s kidnapping. He ordered them to get Armistice back before the day was up, knowing the judge’s presence was needing at the signing of a peace treaty that very night. If the treaty fell apart, the Denubian galaxy would be plunged into intergalactic war, the first war fought in over five years.

Naturally they couldn’t allow that, the Voltron Force scouring the galaxy for any sign of Lotor and his pirates. As the lions flew through the stars, they encountered a small grouping of skull ships hovering in space close to Arus. The lions were ready to attack, Allura concentrating on the battle when she noticed a light. She pointed it out to Keith, but he was more concerned with the fact that the pirates’ ship had picked up speed in an attempt to escape the lions.

With Keith’s permission, Allura broke off from the pack, flying off to examine the light. She had been shocked to discover it was the missing Castle Doom, floating on a small outcropping of rock, with a large bubble shield in place. She tried to contact her friends, but something was blocking her transmission, leaving her with no choice but to investigate Castle Doom on her own.

She forced her way past the shield using her special lion claw to open up a rift in the shield, just wide enough for Blue Lion to pass through. She landed her craft, but before she exited the ship, she activated it’s tracking beacon. It was her hope that if another lion passed by close enough, they would pick up the signal, and come to her aid.

She had been prepared for a fight, walking but a few feet on the outside of Castle Doom when Haggar appeared before her. She held the miniature judge by the collar of his robe, leaving the small brown alien to dangle helplessly above the ground. Threats were made, Allura trying to reach for her pistol, but the threat against Armistice stayed her hand. Haggar’s laugh had been especially grating as she taunted a surprise waiting for Allura inside the castle.

She shivered, recalling the shock she had gotten upon entering the command center of the castle. “Behold!” Hagger hissed, gesturing with the hand that held her staff. “Your beautiful boyfriend!”

Before she could even think to question Hagger’s words, a chair was turning, the command seat before a large computer console. She saw that perfect profile of Lotor’s, Allura taking a moment to realize it was on the wrong side of his face. Her heart had quickened in alarm, time seeming to slow down in response as he completed his turn.

Allura knew she was gaping, her jaw dropping open in shock as she stared at Lotor. He was not the cyborg monstrosity she had been expecting, but the perfect and handsome prince of so long ago. He smiled at her, his eyes lighting up with a confidence she thought to never see again, Lotor pleased by her reaction.

“Welcome…” He got up, gesturing widely with his hand. “My darling Allura.”

She couldn’t help herself, she gasped, hand flying to her mouth as though to cover that sound. “Lotor! Yo…you’re face! You look….”

“Handsome again?” He supplied when she fell silent. “Dashing? Irresistible?!”

The spell was broken by his words, Allura’s tone sarcastic as she spoke. “Hopelessly conceited.”

“He still looks like a freak to me.” A loud whisper from the pirate Queequeg, the female Lafitte snickering in response.

“Even uglier than you!” That earned her a hit from Queequeg, but Lotor ignored them. Allura did not, turning her back on him, wondering at their words. Why would they say Lotor was still ugly unless there was something she did not know about his miraculous transformation. But before she could follow that train of thought, Lotor was stepping towards her, pressing against her back to land his hands on her shoulders.

“I knew you’d be impressed Allura.” His tone was seductive, a silky whisper that contained none of the derange shouting he was so prone to doing these days. She shivered as he purred into her ear, his breath ghosting along her skin an instant before she wrenched free of his hold. “My only wish is to please you.” He continued as she turned to stare at him in disbelief. “You are my one true love.”

He caught at her hand, lacing his fingers with hers, still wearing that happy smile on his face. She wanted to snatch her hand back, but she controlled that impulse, thinking to herself how she had to play along in order to stall for time. The time that the rest of the Voltron force would need to find her. Which led to her current predicament. Walking down what was a make shift aisle, the Judge Armistice sitting on a crate, his large eyes looking sorrowful.

She had delayed their walk as long as she could, Allura finding herself before the Judge, with no sign of rescue to be on hand. She kept waiting for alarms to go off, to hear the sound of the lions roaring, to feel laser fire shake the castle. But there was none of that, leaving her to despair.

The judge himself looked equally miserable, his mouth drooping downwards as he looked at her. “I am sorry princess.”

“It’s all right.” She assured him, but was unable to muster up a smile. “We must do as they command or else…” It was too horrifying to say, Allura shuddering at the threats Lotor and Haggar had made on the judge’s life.

“It’s wrong. Lotor, this woman obviously doesn’t love you….how can you make her go through with this?” Armistice demanded, looking at Lotor inquisitively.

It was Haggar who chose to answer, the witch laughing. “What’s love got to do with anything?” She stepped towards the judge, the head of her staff glowing green, a clear threat in the way she aimed it at Armistice.

The judge seemed to wilt, face drooping even further as he turned back to Allura. “I am sorry child…a threat against me would not be enough to sway me to officiate this wedding but….”

“But you must survive to make it to the peace treaty.” Allura said. “I understand. We all have our roles to play to avoid war.” Though privately she had her doubts about Lotor letting go of the judge once the ceremony was performed.

“Get on with!” Haggar hissed, shaking her staff in a threatening manner. “No more time wasting.”

Lotor himself was oddly quiet, calm and collected as he stood gazing at Allura’s profile. She tried to ignore the way he was looking at her, the way he smirked and how his eyes were filled with an insane light of desire.

“Very well…” Grumbled Armistice, and he opened his book, the pages crinkling as he turned to the appropriate paragraph. Allura’s mind seemed to wander, she was giving in to despair, not thinking beyond her fears of what would happen once the ceremony was complete. She got through the judge’s brief speech about loving and honoring each other in a daze, barely comprehending when he said those fateful words.

“Do you Princess Allura, take this FIEND Lotor to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I….I…” A glance at Lotor, her ears straining for the sounds of a rescue that was not coming. “I do…” She sighed out in sadness, seeing Lotor’s smirk get bigger.

“And…I suppose I don’t need to ask…” Armistice said, his attention on Lotor now. “Do you Lotor take this woman, Princess Allura to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do, oh I do!” Lotor said, voice eager in his excitement.

It was the judge’s turn to sigh, the little alien speaking once more. “Then you leave me with no choice but to proclaim you man and wife. Lotor….you may kiss your bride…”

A mini celebration of sorts broke out among the crew, Haggar and the two pirates cheering, the witch letting tiny green bursts of energy fly from her staff. Lotor breathed out Allura’s name, hands reaching for her shoulders, to turn her to face him. She lowered her eyes to avoid seeing him bend down to kiss her, feeling his fingers tighten on her shoulders an instant before his lips touched hers.

They were soft all the way through, his mouth still perfect and whole, untouched by the metal. He knew just how to kiss her, a mixture of desperation and longing competing with expertise that worried away at her lips. His face might have been ruined, but he still retained the knowledge of how to seduce a woman’s lips to part. If Allura closed her eyes, she could even pretend this was the Lotor of five years ago kissing her now.

The cheering turned vicious, lecherous taunts as Lotor continued to work away at her mouth, stealing her breath away. Armistice made a sound, a disgruntled humph as he turned away from the sight of the couple he had so recently married. At some point during the kiss, she dropped her flowers, hands raising to touch his chest, to push Lotor away.

“Someday…” Lotor gasped against her mouth, lips still touching hers as he spoke. Allura risked opening her eyes, to see him staring at her, a look of yearning gleaming in his golden depths. “Someday you won’t tremble at my touch. You’ll welcome me and this body of mine.”

“That won’t be today.” Allura told him, pulling back as far as his hands would allow.

“I know…” He whispered, true regret in his voice. His one hand traveled down from her shoulder to her arm, gliding downwards past elbow and wrist, to take hold of her hand. “Haggar, I trust you can handle things from here?”

The witch nodded, an evil smile on her face. “Oh yes….I look forward to sending out the official announcements about your new marriage. Heh…almost as much as I look forward to claiming the castle of lions as our new base of operations.”

“What?” Allura gasped, horrified at the thought of the witch setting foot inside her home.

“Oh yes Allura. As your husband, Arus is now part of Lotor’s property. And with it comes the castle and the lions.” She let out a gleeful laugh, surely relishing the look of horror on Allura’s face. “I’ll soon know all of the lions secrets! The magic of Voltron will be mine!”

“Ours witch, ours.” Lotor reminded her, but his eyes were all for Allura.

“Yes, yes…as per our bargain.” Haggar said, waving a dismissive hand in the air. “Now go. I am sure you are most eager to….claim your bride.”

“That I am.” Lotor raised Allura’s hand to his face, pressing a kiss on the back of it. She stared at him aghast, barely protesting when he began to lead her out of the room. “I know this will be hard for you….” Lotor confided once they were out in the hall. “To be embraced by this body….but I will try to make it pleasant for you…” A sigh then, wistfulness at the heart of it’s core. “If only you hadn’t seen through Haggar’s spell….”

“It still wouldn’t have made me accept you into my bed!” She snapped, Lotor falling silent at her words. “When will you learn…” She whispered. “Looks don’t matter to me. It’s the person inside that counts.”

“A pretty statement one could almost wish was true.” Lotor responded. “But I can see the look in your eyes when I touch you, feel the tremors in your body.”

“It was there even when you were disguised by Haggar’s spell.” She pointed out. “Or have you forgotten already?” She hadn’t, the events replaying in her mind. Of standing before Lotor, staring at him in shock as that perfect face of his announced they were to be married.

“What?! You can’t be serious!” Her head shook, and she pulled her hand away from him. “I won’t marry you Lotor.” His face seemed to crumple, an instant later anger replaced that sad look, Lotor gesturing wildly with his hands.

“I don’t understand! I’m handsome again!”

“It’s not your looks that matter!” She shouted over his voice, actually leaning towards him in her passionate response. “It’s who you are inside. You kidnapped me and the judge. You’re still as evil as ever Lotor!”

“Haggar!” He turned away from Allura to glare at the witch, hands clenching into fists. “What kind of lousy spell did you cast?!”

“Spell?” Allura arched an eyebrow, also looking to the witch for answers.

Haggar laughed, but the sound was nervous. “I thought she was supposed to fall in love with me!” Lotor added.

“Hey, I made you look handsome to her! The rest is up to you!” The witch sounded defensive, Allura noticing that this whole time her staff had been glowing, the mark of some spell being performed. She turned suspicious eyes away from Haggar to look at Lotor, seeing his attention was back on her.

“Allura! You must marry me!” Insanity was slipping into his voice, Lotor practically shouting at her. “You MUST!”

She had forgotten her attempt to play along, defiance flaring in her as she echoed his volume and intensity. “Not if you were the last deranged despot in the galaxy!”

Lotor had howled at that, an angry wordless shout that propelled him to seize her by the arms, Allura crying out at the pain of his rough hold. His appearance seemed to flicker, the face plate appearing for a moment, only to be covered by Haggar reinforcing her spell. Lotor tried to draw her against him, Allura could feel the strength in his right hand, realizing that it was enhanced by his bionic arm.

“Stop it!” She cried out, voice a harsh hiss.

“You will marry me Allura, or else!” Lotor said, and she shook her head no, seeing the spell waver once more. His true face was being revealed to her bit by bit, Haggar unable to maintain the spell for much longer.

The witch let out a sigh, dropping the magic completely. “All right, listen up princess.” She said, and now she turned her magic onto Judge Armistice. The tiny alien began floating in the air, an orange field of energy surrounding him, harmless magic for the moment. “Either you wed Lotor or I kill the pip-squeak! No judge, no peace treaty, intergalactic war will be imminent!”

Queequeg and Lafitte approached on either side, aiming their rifles at the judge, adding to Haggar’s threat. They had effectively taken away all of Allura’s choices, leaving her to reluctantly agree to marry Lotor. Even as she agreed, she had held on to the hope that the Voltron Force would find her in time, never dreaming she would actually be wed to the pirate!

Wed, and by the looks of the room he led her into, about to be bedded by him as well. As opulent as anything she could have imagine for the former prince of Doom, his bedroom was large and extravagant, nothing but the finest spread among it’s floors. Rich tapestries, expensive rugs, intricately designed statues, and hand carved furniture. He let her look, just quietly holding her hand as she turned her head to the left and to the right.

“Welcome home, my bride.” Bride. She tried not to flinch at the word, realizing that was what she was to him now. A bride in name, and soon to be in body as well. But he’d not have her heart, Lotor would have to content himself with the knowledge that though he lay claim to her, it was a claim he had gotten by force. It harkened back to days of old, when the Drules would kidnap women to force them into marriage. How typical of Lotor to revive an old custom.

“I thought Arus was to be our home?” Allura asked, eyes falling on the bed. It was a decadent work of art, large enough to fit several people comfortably across the expanse of it’s mattress. it held a brass head board and footboard, the metal shined to a perfection one could only get if one polished it daily. Pillows were spread across the front of the headboard, bright colors against the black silk, drawing the eye in. Sheer curtains drifted down from the ceiling, surrounding the bed in a kind of netting that was tied aside to frame one open end of the bed.

The whole thing screamed of sin and seduction, Allura shivering as she stared. “Ah….We will of course spend some time on Arus, but for now that will be Haggar’s domain.” Came Lotor’s answer, and now he was drawing her deeper into the room. “I think for now, while the Voltron Force is still in commission, it’s best if we remain in Castle Doom. It is after all a near impenetrable fortress.”

How well she knew that, knowing that only the magic lion claw found in the archives of the castle of lions had been strong enough to break the forcefield that surrounded Castle Doom. The claw had been left inside blue lion, and without it the others wouldn’t stand a chance of getting inside the forcefield.

“You expect trouble even after we’ve been married?”

“I would be a fool not too.” Lotor said, and let go of her hand. “That captain of yours was always tenacious at best. He will try to fight this union of ours. Fight it and fail. The judge himself married us, and no one can deny a ceremony he performed.”

“How true…” She said sadly. Lotor turned towards her, smiling once more. Allura looked away, hearing him sigh.

“Perhaps a toast is in order…” He said, and his footsteps led him away from her.

“I’m not in a celebratory mood.” She told him, and heard him make a short burst of laughter.

“I suspect you’re not. But drink anyway.” She heard the clinking of glasses, turning to see Lotor pouring some type of drink into the cup. “If anything it might soothe your nerves.”

She took the glass from him when offered, staring at the red liquid. She rose it to her lips, taking a tentative sip, and noticed he had no drink of his own. That made her frown, Allura setting down her glass to look at him curiously. “You’re not going to drink?”

“It clouds my mind, fogs my judgment.” Lotor explained. “And with this arm of mine…” He flexed his bionic arm, Allura staring at it’s movements. “I cannot afford for drink to make my actions clumsy. I…I don’t want to hurt you Allura.”

“You’re hurting me just by making me marry you!”

Her reminder pained him, Lotor flinching. “You’ll get over the hurt. I’ll see to it personally.”

“It’s not that simple and you know it!” Allura protested.

“Nothing worth having ever is.” Lotor replied, letting his hands touch her shoulders. She was pulled against him, Lotor leaning in for a kiss. A kiss she blocked by hurrying to take another long sip of her drink, Lotor sighing in frustration. He waited patiently for her to finish, and then took the glass from her, setting it down on a round table top.

“Allura…” A husky saying of her name, Lotor once again trying to claim another kiss from her. Just seeing his face lean in close to her set her squirming, Allura trying to break his grip on her shoulders. It was a gesture of futility, he had always been strong, but now he was like steel, his bionic arm impossible to move without his permission. She reacted in a panic, pure instinct driving her arm as Allura brought up her hand to slap against the perfect side of his face.

It was a good slap too, the full force of her anger and the hopelessness he made her feel in this situation driving her hand, giving her the strength needed to turn his face to the side. The imprint of her hand was on his cheek, Allura taking a step back as his hands left her shoulders.

“That was a mistake.” Lotor said, head still turned to the side.

“The mistake is yours.” Allura said, and now she brought up her hands, fingers curled into fists as she struck a defensive pose. “To assume I would just let you manhandle me into your bed!”

“We’re husband and wife.” Now he looked at her, his eyes annoyed. “It is expected.”

“Only if there is love…..on both our parts.” Allura retorted, watching as he raised his hand to touch his cheek, rubbing at it as though that would soothe away the sting.

“I have enough love for both of us.” Lotor told her, his voice getting louder. “I’ll make you see that….one way or another.”

“Stay back…” Allura warned him when he started to move towards her. He didn’t heed her warning, eyes narrowed as he approached her. She let out the breath she was holding, and then struck him again. It was a punch she aimed this time, hoping to jar some sense into him. But his hand moved, lightning fast, snagging her by the wrist and stopping her assault.

She didn’t hesitate, rasing her other hand, intent on catching him off guard. But it was she who was caught, his bionic arm moving, fingers closing around her other wrist, holding her trapped by both arms.

“If you won’t play nicely Allura…I’ll just have to discipline you…” Lotor said, and jerked her forward. She cried out, trying to pull away from him, her leg itching to kick him where it would hurt the most. But she held back, noting the armor he wore all over his body, leaving only his face uncovered by the protective shielding.

He pulled harder on her wrists, Allura’s feet stumbling as she was dragged towards the bed. He swung her forward, knocking her off balance so she fell backwards onto the soft mattress. Before she could recover he was on her, ruthlessly using his weight and size to pin her in place. His hands grasped at her wrists, raising her arms to pin her hands over her head.

Allura started to scream, struggling hard against him, hating the way his body weighed her down. Despising him as he leaned his face towards hers, staring determinedly into her eyes. His lips pressed against hers in mid scream, muffling her sounds. It gave her clarity of mind, Allura realizing how useless it was to scream here in the castle. There was no one to help her, no one but his minions who would not dare raise a hand against their leader. No one but Armistice to care what Lotor was attempting to do. It made her sag beneath him, the fight going out of her as she realized how hopeless her situation truly was.

Lotor felt it when the fight left her, the pirate pulling back to look at her face. His expression was serious, almost menacing, Allura’s own eyes widening as she stared at him, wondering what he would next choose to do to her.

He surprised her with his laugh, leaning further to press his lips to her ear. “You look at me with those beautiful blue eyes of yours, big with fear and apprehension, wondering if I’m going to hurt you.” A lick of his tongue on the inside of her ear, Allura gasping and jerking her head to the side. “But I would never hurt you. I can’t. Love ties my hands in that way. However…” He was nuzzling his way back to her ear, lips rubbing across it an instant before he spoke. “I can guarantee you that before this night is through, when I am done with you, you won’t be able to think of pleasure without thinking of me…”

“There’s more to life than pleasure!” Allura hissed, surprised when he let go of her right wrist. It was only a momentary reprieve, Lotor reaching past her to pull at the bars of the headboard. Something metallic clinked against the bronze, Allura turning her face to see what he was doing. It was then that she saw the manacles, her body freezing as Lotor brought one silver cuff to wrap around her wrist.

“NO!” She cried out, refusing to let him chain her like this. She forced him to let go of her other hand, all in an effort to control her right arm. She may have fought him, but he managed to secure the silver around her wrist, the metal fitting her near perfectly. Allura growled, and flailed about with her left arm, trying to avoid his capture of it. She merely deterred him by a few minutes, Lotor soon wrapping the manacle around her left wrist so that both hands were chained to the headboard.

“Damn you!” She cried out, jerking her arms hard, testing the strength of the metal. They held fast, chains rattling in protest as she came close to hurting herself with her pulls. He just sat on top of her, watching her tire herself out. Allura was left panting, feeling as though she had run a mile, and now she noticed that there was some play in the chains. She experimented, seeing how far she could move her arms, estimating it to be about twelve inches in either direction. It was still more than enough to keep control of her, Allura glaring at him, her words dripping with venom. “I hate you so much.”

“I know.” He sounded so resigned, his hand moving to reach into the holster at his side. “It’s too soon to hope for anything else…” He withdrew a large knife, Allura’s eyes going wide as she stared at the dagger. It’s hilt was ornate, with jewels encrusted in the handle, it’s blade long and sharp.

“Wh…what are you going to do with that…?” She whispered her question fearfully, watching as he brought it to the collar of her shirt. Now more than ever she wished for her armor, wishing they hadn’t stripped her off it. The metal casing wouldn’t have stopped him for long, but it would have deterred him by a few minutes, time she hoped would change to her favor, Allura still wishing for the Voltron Force to make a late arrival on the scene.

He didn’t answer, not in words, using the tip to hook under the material of her shirt. With one clean jerk of his hand, the knife moved, slicing the Lycra open from neck to waist. She shrieked as he did it, screamed and hated herself for that weakness.

“I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you.” Lotor reminded her, looking away from the exposed flesh the knife had revealed. It had torn not only her shirt but her bra, leaving her breasts free to spill out into the open when he lifted the material off her chest. But he didn’t reach for them, not yet, bringing the knife forward to slash at her sleeves. With a few cuts from him, her shirt was beneath her in scraps, only the thinnest bit of black thread remaining on her skin.

Lotor reholstered the knife, his hands reaching for the buckle on his belt. Her breath caught in her throat, Allura watching as he unfastened it, the pirate leaning past her to drop the belt through the bars of the bed. She head it hit the floor, signaling it was out of reach to them both. But she was hardly relaxed by the knife being taken out of play, staring at Lotor as she wondered what his next move would be.

He surprised her completely by ignoring her breasts, his hands reaching to close around her curled fingers. The touch was two opposites, one hand warm, flesh and blood, the other cold metal, Allura finding she preferred neither one. “You need to relax…” Lotor commented, his hand sliding down over her manacles, and onto her arms. A slow caress that went past her elbows and ended up on her shoulders. ‘You’re so tense…” His fingers began massing, trying to work loose her bunched up muscles.

“Can you blame me?” Allura demanded, trying to ignore it as his fingers found one especially tight knot and began working their magic on her skin.

“No….but you’re really not doing anyone any favors by being this way.” Lotor said, continuing his kneading of her skin.

“It’s the only way I can be.” She retorted, angry to see him smile down at her.

“We’ll see. I’ll get you to yield yet.” She opened her mouth to protest that, and he seized the moment. Kissing her before she could make a sound, his lips mastering hers as he took advantage of her open vulnerability. He tasted her, absorbing her breath, her essence, Lotor attempting to give passion back in place of what he stole. His hands left her shoulders, they seemed to be everywhere, touching her with reverent care. A touch across the front of her throat, fingers feather soft and teasing, his metal hand landing on the small of her back, lifting her up off the bed towards him. His flesh and blood hand caressed her belly, rubbing circles into it, and then an instant later her touched her breast, palming just the side of one, fingers raised to avoid touching her.

She was left gasping, breath coming heavy when he tore his mouth away from hers. For an instant she looked at him, seeing past his face to look into his eyes, the gold darkening with desire. She had a second to protest, Allura licking her lips, trying to form the words. Another flash of white teeth, Lotor smiling as he pressed his face against the side of her neck, Allura shivering as she felt the cold metal of the face plate against her warm skin.

“Just….just get it over with…” Tense words, Allura closing her eyes though she couldn’t block out the sensation of his lips rubbing a wet pathway along her neck. “Just be a man and take what you want. Don’t….don’t make me…”

“Don’t make you enjoy it?” He asked, and she could hear the smile in his voice. “Because you will Allura. If there’s one thing I can give you, it’s pleasure…” His fingers closed around her breast, splayed wide so her nipple lay trapped between them. “Pure, unadulterated pleasure…”

“It’s wrong…” She insisted, hating how she started to tremble at his slightest touch.

“How is it wrong? We’re married now!” Lotor pointed out, and she let out a disbelieving snort.

“I didn’t marry you because I wanted to.” Allura said. “You gave me no choice…”

“And now I am giving you no choice again. You will love and be loved by me…This body of mine will give you all it has to offer and more…”

“It won’t change my mind.” Allura told him.

“We’ll see how you feel after.” Lotor said, and fell silent, concentrating on his attempts to seduce her. He returned his lips to her neck, settling his face comfortably against her, lips kissing and nibbling along it’s surface. His hands moved, now both of them were on her, the touch of cold metal making her nipples react, Allura shivering to feel it on her.

He used his thumbs on her nipples, rubbing them over and over again in a determined fashion. Making them tingle and ache, rendering them two stiff points that stood up noticeably on her chest. Sometimes he used his nail, a teasing scratch across the tip, but mostly he used the pads of his fingers, rubbing faster that even the metal began to feel warm from the friction generated. It made Allura move, wiggle underneath him, the girl wanting to whimper and not from fear.

She held in the sound, damning him for his actions, even as his kisses left her neck, and licked down past her collarbone. That metal hand of his slid around to her back once more, Lotor arching Allura up off the bed and towards his hungry mouth. Her right nipple was enveloped in his warmth, and this time she did give in to the whimper, feeling his lips purse tightly around her hardened flesh.

He was so gentle at first, as though he feared she would break, his lips suckling softly. Her chains rattled, Allura shifting restlessly, fingers clenching so hard her nails made half moon cuts in her palms. Another sound escaped her, then another, Lotor seeming to take that as encouragement, his sucks becoming harder. Soon he was trying to inhale her whole breast, sucking in the skin around her nipple inside his mouth. She found his fangs pressing into her skin, Lotor using not only his mouth but tongue and teeth to manipulate the flesh he held between his lips.

Her eyes flashed open when he shifted, pressing his knee between her legs. He caused her to spread them, leaving her to straddle his thigh, Allura squirming in place at that precarious position he placed her in. The hard metal seam on his leg rubbed against the thin fabric of her body suit, Allura feeling it against her sex. It seemed to rub in just the right place, making her gasp, cheeks flushed as Lotor began grinding her up and down on his leg.

The combination of his mouth and the rubbing of his leg was proving too much for Allura, the princess feeling things tighten inside her. She flopped about, trying to wiggle off his thigh, and that only increased the sensations between her legs. “Stop….I don’t like this…” She was lying, finding her body very much enjoyed what he was doing to her, her panties starting to dampen.

A chuckle was his answer, his voice dancing over her skin, the sound raising goose bumps on her flesh. “St….stop!” She cried again, thrashing her arms about, the chains rattling. She was almost disappointed when he lifted his head, his eyes catching hers, pinning her in place with his dark gaze.

“All right…”

“All right?” She repeated, feeling dull-witted and disappointed. She hadn’t really expected him to stop, and she hated the way her body ached for him to continue his assault against her.

“We can move on…” Lotor said, slowly lowering her back onto the bed.

“Move on?!” She echoed with a gasp, seeing him reach for the fastening on the chest plate he wore. It took some effort to remove it, the metal holding fast, but once open he pulled it free of his body, sliding it across the bed sheets away from them. He wore a white T-shirt underneath it, holes cut in place where they would be sleeves. There was enough material to hide where the bionic arm melded to his body, his scars hidden from her.

Her eyes dropped lower at the movement of his hands, seeing him break off the thigh guards and leg sheathes, tossing the metal onto the floor. He then hooked his fingers into the waist band of his pants, drawing them down slowly, Allura unable to look away. She was surprised to see he wore plain white underwear underneath his trousers, the material resembling cotton and thin, the hint of his blue skin darkening the white.

His erection tented the material, Lotor shucking the pants off and leaving them to hang on the foot board of the bed. Allura tore her eyes away from his bulge, to take note that both his legs were nearly smooth blue skin. Only a few scars were visible on his skin, an especially jagged looking one on his left thigh. But he was whole, the bionics not touching him below the waist.

He let her look him over before her removed his briefs, yanking the material down so that his erection sprang free. A tense situation became more serious, Allura’s eyes widening as she stared at his cock. It was intimidating, longer, thicker than any thing a human could boast. It rose from a thatch of curling white hairs, azure skin bulging with purple veins and a dark blue head that seemed to drip with arousal.

She shuddered, fearing how it would feel inside her, wondering if such a size could even fit her small body. Now she regretted bidding him to hurry, to stop his tease of her, fearing what would come next.

“See?” Lotor touched his cock, using his fingers to caress it in much the manner he had done her breasts. “Still a man where it counts.”

“I never doubted you were a man.” She quickly protested, seeing him smile, his eyes dreamy and half hidden by his lowered eyelids.

“But surely you wondered how far the damage extended.” His breath was rasping out, Lotor’s hand clenched tight around his cock as he stroked himself. He seemed to enjoy teasing himself as much as her, forcing her to watch as his hand moved up and down in slow strokes.

“No never…”

“Never? Hmm…disappointing to think you never wondered about me the way I did you…OH Allura…” His breath caught on her name, Lotor letting his head fall back as he moaned. “I thought about you….every single day. Sometimes every hour. Especially when I was in my cell at Bastille Twelve. There wasn’t much to do but think, and thoughts of you kept me from going completely insane…”

She wisely kept quiet, eyes moving back and forth from his stroking hand to his face. “I knew that one day I would possess you…make you mine in all the ways that counted….I’ve dreamt of this moment for what seems like an eternity…and now that it’s here…ah…”

Maybe if he kept on touching himself he’d climax before he could use that monstrosity on her, Allura holding her breath, watching as Lotor shook in place, the head of his cock leaking faster now.

“It’s almost too much to bear…” Lotor said, and abruptly stopped his hands movements. “I want to take you hard and fast, and yet part of me wants to savor this moment, relish this joining of our bodies….”

“Possess me?” She seized upon something he said, trying to distract him. “I am no possession, I am not a thing you can own Lotor!” He didn’t rise to the bait, Lotor leaning over her once more, his hand reaching to touch the waistband of her pants. He slid that hand of his underneath the thin material, and for a second he pressed down on her belly, as though he was trying to comfort her.

She took none, Allura’s breath hissing out as his hand slid lower, cupping her sex with his hand. He smirked, victorious, feeling the damp material of her panties, Lotor wiggling his fingers against that fabric. “You’re wet Allura…” He sounded so smug, so damn satisfied. “You’re body is already giving in to me. Won’t you do the same?”


“Never is a long time…” She bit her lip, hard enough to bleed, trying to keep her cry in he stroked his middle finger down the covered center of her slit. “And nothing is impossible.”

Abruptly his hand left her, Lotor shifting about to reach and pull down both her pants and panties in one swift movement. She glared at him, seeing him lift off her so that he could ease the material down the rest of the way, pulling her boots off in the process. The moment her one foot was free, she raised it upwards, seeking to lash out and plant it firmly against him.

But it seemed he was prepared for that, catching her by the ankle, a smirk on his face. A pull on her foot had her legs spreading apart, revealing her most secret place to his appreciative eyes. He just sat there and stared, eyes seeming to memorize every detail of her, Lotor acting as though he had never seen a woman before. If her hands hadn’t been chained, she would have brought them down to cover herself, to protect her from his eyes. But such was her predicament that she was forced to lay open to him, and all his foul intentions.

He crawled closer, leaving her legs to be spread around his body, Lotor reaching with his good hand to touch her. Gently, an airy caress that had her tightening up in response. Another touch, this time down the very center of her, every female nerve seeming to react to his firm stroke.

“Never have I seen anything so beautiful.” He was whispering, speaking as though he was in a confessional, still touching her in a manner that only got more moisture to flow out of her. “So pretty and pink…” Allura gasped, finding he was inserting a finger inside her. A finger she tightened around involuntarily, holding him in place as they both moaned. “And swelling as I touch you.”

For one brief instant, Lotor’s eyes closed, his face a picture of intense bliss as he enjoyed the tightness of her body. His own chest seemed to heave, his breath coming out ragged, his finger withdrawing from her slowly. Her body mourned it’s removal, even as Allura came alive with urgency, lifting her foot to kick at his chest. She hoped to catch him while he was still unaware, render him breathless and knock him back. She wasn’t sure what she would do beyond that, but she felt an angry satisfaction at the thought of getting the drop on him.

Instead Lotor snagged her ankle, using the motion of her leg to leverage her up off the bed. With a startled cry, she found him flipping her onto her stomach, leaving her wrists to cross, the length of chains tangling around each other. Her face was pressed against the pillows, Allura letting a defiant scream out as he raised her hips, bringing her up on her knees and elbows.

Her whole body was shaking with rage, and she started to curse him when she felt his warm fingers returning to her womanhood. He used her own arousal to slick his thumb, bringing it to rub circles against her clitoris. She gasped and whined, fingers grabbing at the blanket of the bed, fisting the material in response to the pressure on her clit.

“Stop……don’t touch me there!” Allura cried out, willing herself not to buck against his hand.

“You need to be wetter Allura.” Lotor told her, his thumb mercilessly as it teased her. “Or else it will hurt when I enter you…”

“I don’t care…” She moaned, chewing on her lip as her head sagged downwards. It was a struggle to keep from pressing against a pillow, Allura wanting to just leave her ass in the air, with her sex spread open to his every whim and desire. “Just stop…!”

“I’m not going to rush and hurt you because you can’t wait.” He sounded amused, and that made her snap open her eyes, anger flashing in them. She wasn’t eager for him to have sex with her, she just wanted to ensure that whatever he did she didn’t enjoy it! She tried to tell him that, but her words came out meaningless babble, finding he was inserting a finger inside her. It was long, reaching deeper than her own fingers ever had, and it was strong, warm as it rubbed against her insides.

He toyed with her like that for a few heart beats, Allura moaning at the sensation. Her head nearly flung back when he added a second finger inside her, feeling it push deep to join the first one. It made her hips convulse, Allura moving them desperately. She heard a voice begging, and realized it was her, please coming from her lips over and over.

Those fingers of his began moving more vigorously, Lotor pulling his fingers back, only to press them back in. Again and again he thrust them, and while he did it, he played with her clit, using thumb and forefinger to capture it, and give it a pinch. It proved her undoing, Allura screaming as the orgasm blasted it’s way through her insides, warming her and sending her shaking.

Her eyes closed as she climaxed, Allura sagging forward onto the bed, dimly aware of Lotor withdrawing his fingers. Colors swam behind her closed eyelids, and she was aware of her breath coming in fast pants. She just lay there, hips raised, and felt Lotor probing against her wet core once again. But not with fingers, her sex swollen with need and spreading to accept something that was thicker than his two fingers combined.

It drew a whimper from her, Allura feeling Lotor work himself inside, the crown of his cock working to spread her open, force her to adjust to width of his length. His way wasn’t eased by her body, it was tense as it continued to constrict, still in the midst of orgasm and sending delightful shivers through her. Both his hands were on her hips, metal and flesh holding her in place, Lotor letting out a triumphant hiss as he suddenly, almost vicious plunged the rest of the way inside her.

The penetration hit her like a lightning bolt, Allura squealing, trying to escape his hold on her. Her hands reached for the brass bars of the head board, Allura pulling herself closer, feeling Lotor withdraw a little in the process. The brass was as cold as his bionic arm, competing with the heat of his hand and the cock thrusting between her legs. She shivered and moaned, finding Lotor was moving, working her body hard, his moans and howls a symphony for her ears alone.

Allura thought she was too spent to feel good, but she was wrong, finding her own hips were starting to move. She tried to find a rhythm of her own, to ride him just as hard and bring herself to another orgasm. But he would have none of that, sliding his arm around her waist, reaching under to press and hold her belly. He went deep inside her, controlling her motions with his hands and his cock, making her move for him, with him, all in an attempt to satisfy his needs.

His motion became more controlled, Lotor doing deep but slow thrusts, inciting flames inside her. Allura gripped the brass bars of the bed, seeing the color bleed out of her knuckles, her own voice a loud wail of need as she panted, her body desperate for another climax. The fire she felt sizzled on every nerve, Allura feeling Lotor lean over her, pressing his T-shirt clad chest against her bare back. His breath blew on the back of her neck, hot, causing the hairs to rise.

“Say my name Allura…” Lotor commanded her, pistoning his hips harder. “I need to hear you say it.” His own breath was panting harshly, his voice holding a desperation that had her cry out.

“Lo…Lotor!” It was a victory she gave him, almost mindless with lust, feeling the power thrum to him as he began pumping his hips faster. The backs of her legs were slammed into by his body, Allura could hear the sound of wet flesh on flesh, obscene noises that would have made her blush if she wasn’t in such a frenzy of her own. He pushed in so deep she nearly cried tears, feeling him touch the innermost core of her with his cock.

For a second he seemed to freeze, leaving her to feel him in place inside her. So delicious and full, throbbing, and gone in an instant when his motions became frantic. He pulled at her body, dragging her with him on his quest for satisfaction. Her chains rattled, Allura wondering if it was possible to pull the bars free of the headboard, her hold firm as she moaned.

The orgasm hit her just as hard as his body did, ecstasy exploding into tiny fragments, leaving her body to convulse with pleasure. Lotor moaned out her name, “Allura!”, his breathing seemed to stop for just an instant, quiet reigning in the room. And then with a growl that was more animal than man, he plunged inside her one last time, his come shooting out to fill her up inside.

She was beyond protesting, taking it all, feeling it burn her with it’s heat, Lotor holding himself steady above her. They both were beyond speaking, just crying out wordlessly, caught in the grip of completeness.

She wasn’t sure how long it took, but the panting resumed, both their breaths mingling together in a gasping sound. She was content to lie under him, content until the laughter started, rich with satisfaction and victory. She stiffened, even as Lotor pressed a kiss against the back of her shoulder, the pirate slow to withdraw from her body. He continued that awful laughter as he kissed down her spine, his hand still holding onto her belly to keep her in place.

Her cheeks burned, Allura hating how smug he sounded. When he flipped her back onto her back, her chains tangling even further, she glared at him. The look on her face killed his amusement, Lotor sighing.

“Come now pet, don’t look so upset.” He made no move to unfasten her manacles, leaving her to lay there with her hands forced above her head, the chains shortened from all the tangling they had done.

“Untie me.” She ordered, dismayed when he shook his head. “You can’t leave me tied up!” Allura snapped, watching as Lotor lifted his hand to his hair, smoothing back the ruffled locks.

“I can and I will, so long as you are angry.” Lotor said, and now he lay down next to her, his arms reaching to pull her against him. She fought him, refusing to be docile and go into his embrace willingly.

“If you won’t untie me, then at least release Judge Armistice!” She said, trying to remind him of the reason they had married in the fist place.

“Oh I will, I will.” Lotor said, and now he smirked. “But not until tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow will be too late!” gasped Allura, shaking her head no. “The treaty will fall through without the judge present to reside over the signing. The galaxy will be…”

“Plunged into intergalactic war.” Lotor’s voice said in unison with hers. “I know. I’m counting on it.”

“You promised…”

“I promised to let the judge go. I never said when Allura.” Lotor pointed out, making her eyes go wide with horror.

“No.” She whispered, and he chuckled.

“The galaxy is about to become a very different place Allura. And you will have a ring side seat to witness it’s change.” Lotor nuzzled his cheek into her hair, Allura feeling some of the strands escaping her tight bun. She could only stare at him in shock, realizing that for all her sacrifice, she had failed to prevent war from happening after all. With an anguished cry, she wilted in his arms, feeling the onset of hopeless tears bloom in her eyes.


An ending….

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