He stood before her, looking like something out of her dreams, tall, and handsome, with warmth coloring his amber eyes. His looks alone should have been the stuff of good dreams, but to Allura he was a living nightmare, rendering her terrified before him. It was a terror she feared was apparent, Lotor smiling at her as he held out a wine goblet to her.

She stared at the proffered drink, considering her options for one brief moment. Her hand moved of it’s own accord, reaching to take the goblet from him, her eyes noting how pleased he looked that she would share in his drink. He began speaking to her, Lotor telling her of the fine gowns he had ready for her, the many jewels and hair ornaments picked out especially for her pleasure. The rooms in his suite decorated to suit her appeal of the aesthetic. He was clearly trying to impress upon her the care he had taken in preparing for her arrival, and some part of her was awed that someone would go to so much trouble for her.

But when he began speaking of marriage, acting as though the impending nuptials were a given conclusion to her arrival here on Doom, awe melted away in a flash of defiance. The goblet which had been in her hand was suddenly flung forward, the blood red liquid splashing a generous amount onto Lotor’s face and chest. He looked as shocked as she felt, not even moving as he stood there blinking down at her.

When his eyes narrowed, losing any trace of their warmth, it was then Allura realized she had made a mistake. A big one. Her brief rush of vindictive pleasure faded as she gulped and took a step back, dropping the goblet onto the floor. The silence was broken by it’s clatter, Allura realizing too late she should have held onto the heavy gold cup to use as a weapon against him.

She opened her mouth to speak, but the words wouldn’t come, Allura unable to voice her apologies for her actions. She flinched back when Lotor took a step towards her, his golden eyes growing more turbulent at her reaction. Not even a peep escaped her when he roughly grabbed hold of her arm, Allura making a fist as she considered striking at him.

But the situation would only get worse if she hit him, she realized that, meekly allowing him to drag her across the room, past the table and towards the door. The guards outside the room turned at their exit, looking as startled as Allura felt. Lotor spoke a harsh word to them in Drule, the men nodding as they followed their prince, Allura being dragged through the hallways of the castle.

She tried to study her surroundings, hoping for a chance to escape later, when Lotor’s men threw open the doors of a new room. He burst into it, and the women there glanced up, shocked looks on their faces as the prince strode in. Allura had a brief glimpse of the women, noting they were scantily clad, and human. They were also all blonde, with curvaceous figures and an air of submission to their every move.

Her study of the women was interrupted by her abrupt fall, Lotor flinging her onto the plush carpet of the room. Allura landed on her hands and knees, but did not cry out, pushing up to a kneeling position. Lotor was already gone from her side, and she cast an anxious glance around the room, spying him stalking towards a throne that sat near the rear wall.

“Prepare her.” The prince said, once he was seated, a leg draped causally across one of the throne’s arm rest. His whole manner was relaxed, but there was a stiffness to his face as he snapped his fingers, the gesture moving the women into action.
Before Allura could register what was happening, hands grabbed her by the arms, dragging her up from her kneeling position on the floor. It was the women, holding her upright as others approached her, carrying a small bundle of items. She worried what the cloth covered, but her attention was drawn away by another woman, the lady touching her hair.

The pins were taken out, her bun being unraveled by nimble fingers so that her hair trailed down her back. The one with the bundle laid her package down on the floor, opening it so that Allura could make out the bits of cloth, and heavy ornamental jewelry. She didn’t understand, not at first, not until the woman who had done her hair reached for the zipper on Allura’s uniform.

Allura shook her head, shying away from the woman’s hand, feeling the grip on her arms tighten to hold her in place. The woman tried again, and Allura lost her temper, lashing out with her foot in warning. The kick just missed the woman, the lady looking shocked at Allura’s attack. Her eyes hardened and she reached for Allura’s top, hooking her fingers into the collar.

All attempts at gentleness was lost, the woman yanking the fabric downwards, causing the cloth to rip under her care. Allura wanted to be dignified, but as the uniform was ripped apart before her, she shook, feeling the scream bubble up within her. When her bra was snatched off her body, Allura’s breasts bouncing free under the watchful gaze of Lotor, and the leering eyes of the guards, she screamed. Her struggles were renewed, Allura fighting to the point she was pinned down on the floor, women holding her down as another worked to get her boots and pants off.

Even her panties were ripped off her body, Allura stunned and dismayed to be naked among so many people, but especially around prince Lotor. She wasn’t naked for long, the women began dressing her, though the bits of fabric they covered her with could hardly be called clothing. It was the briefest of bras that went over her breasts, the thin strips of cloth barely hiding her nipples from view. And the silk skirt was slit up high on both sides, leaving only material to hang down over the front and back of her bare bottom.

There was more jewelry than cloth to cover her, heavy bangles and armlets, even bracelets for her ankles. Her hair was adorned with sapphire ornaments, and a slave collar was secured around her neck. She fought them hardest when they tried to collar her, Allura ultimately failing as it clicked into place.

Her ordeal didn’t end when they finished dressing her, the women hauling Allura up off the floor. She was dragged before the throne, Lotor leaning back to stare at her, his eyes missing nothing, not even the heaving of her chest. He did a slow nod of his head, a woman lifting a chain up off the floor. It was then that Allura realized it was attached to the arm rest of the throne, the other end being fastened to her collar.

She glared hatefully at Lotor, the women leaving her. Allura immediately set about to testing the chain’s strength, tugging and pulling with all her strength. Lotor looked amused at that, allowing her to tire herself out in the process. She was sure she was red faced, panting from exertion when he gathered the chain up in his hand, giving a none too gentle jerk on it that had her drawn unwillingly towards him.

She fought him, but still ended up on his lap, the chain drawn taut so she could not escape without straining her neck in the process. He said something, and at that terse word, music began playing, the women moving into position before the throne. Allura was astounded to see them dancing, shaking their hips, and gyrating in a sexual manner.

It became apparent Lotor was enjoying the show, Allura feeling a hardness poking against her as she sat on his lap. She tried to shift to avoid it, but her movement tore a ragged moan from Lotor’s throat. No one else seemed to notice, though Allura herself froze. She tried to tell herself if she didn’t move, he’d forget about her, but it soon became apparent that that wasn’t the case.

His hands started to touch the sides of her breasts, a firm touch that squeezed them together, Allura making a soft, dismayed sound as she tried to wiggle away from him. He used her breasts as handholds, Lotor keeping her in place as he squeezed her. She could hear herself saying no, her face flushing redder as he groped her. She tried to lean forward, but Lotor pressed her back into place against his chest.

Try as she might to ignore him, his hands continued their squeezing motions, fingers kneading in the next instant. She nearly jumped when he nuzzled his face against her hair, Lotor’s lips ending up on her temple, pressing kisses on her skin. He kissed down the side of her face, and though he made no move to go for her lips, she jerked her face to the side to evade him. It was then that his one hand let go of her breast, gathering up the chain to her collar, and pulling it tight. She made a strangled sound, feeling her head be pulled into the position he wanted, forcing her to endure the kisses while looking straight ahead at the dancing women.

He was nonchalant as he touched her, Allura feeling ill at ease as his hand left her breast to slip under her flimsy skirt. His fingers on her thigh, he kissed down her neck, tongue licking at the skin just before the collar’s metal. He was forcing his hand between her tightly closed legs, Allura fighting him as best she could. She whispered nos, her voice growing louder in her panic, only to be cut off by the jerk of the collar’s chain.

She gasped for air, feeling as though she was suffocating, and in her distracted quest for breath, Lotor got her legs open. She had enough sense left to panic, feeling his fingers upon her sex, stroking along the outside in a determined way. What little breath she could take came out in panicked gulps, Allura seeing the dancing women pair up, their actions becoming seductive as they touched and kissed their partners.

She couldn’t relax, the tension on her neck was too much, her nerves shot as Lotor caressed along her slit, sending jolts of sensation that wasn’t wholly unpleasant. Still she damned him for the touch, hated him for the situation he placed her in, almost weeping when he spread her nether lips wide open. The skirt hid what he was doing from the distracted women, but the sounds Allura was starting to make left no mistake towards what was happening.

He was still kissing her neck, his fingers starting to move until the pace they set was furiously fast. She found herself unable to remain still, wiggling in place
and hearing her chain rattle as Lotor allowed it to relax it’s grip on her neck. Allura took in grateful breaths of air, hearing her voice whining, one word again and again. “Please.” Lotor’s chuckle was the only answer she got, the prince continuing to toy with her body, forcing her to grow aroused.

The women had stopped dancing, falling to their knees as their touches became more intimate, the women engaging each other in a sexual manner. It wasn’t enough to distract her from Lotor’s fingers, though a part of her knew she’d ordinarily be appalled at what these women were doing. It went beyond kissing, the touches lewd, tops being jerked up to reveal heaving breasts.

They were on their knees, but their legs were spread, and even there the touches continued, hands landing on thighs, easing back skirts and climbing higher yet. Shaking, Allura closed her eyes, trying to block out the sight of the women working each other over much in the manner Lotor was doing to her. She almost came undone when she felt his fangs scrape along the sensitive pulse of her neck, Allura biting down on her own lip to keep from screaming.

Over the music, she could hear the women’s pleasured cries, nothing Allura could do could block out those sounds. She thought it sick, depraved, Allura unable to imagine how anyone could willingly put on such a show, and all for one man’s pleasure. Once again she found herself saying please, but she wasn’t sure what she was asking for. Release from this torment, or from the pleasure that was building in her body.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt Lotor turning her, the princess being shifted to face him. Somewhere during his insistent stroking between her legs, his pants had come undone, his erect cock out in the open between them. It made her panic, Allura fighting Lotor as best she could, which only caused her to grind up against his erection, making him moan.

She didn’t like that, didn’t like the apparent excitement in his voice, or the look he wore in his eyes. The look spoke of demand, of greedy possession and a need that would not go undenied. It tightened things low in her body, but not in pleasure but in fear. Lotor said something then, but it was lost to her panic, Allura finding he was gripping the back of her hair, hauling her towards him for a kiss.

It was the first time he had tried to kiss her since all of this had started, and for one dull second she let him, feeling his lips press insistently against her. All her perceptions shattered when he began working her lips, forcing her mouth to open for his tongue’s penetration. She whined in protest, feeling his amusement reverberate through her as his fingers tightened their grip on her hair.

Her hands beat at his chest, ineffectual blows that had him gathering her wrists up in his one hand. And still Allura persisted, trying to get free in the only way still available to her. She bit him, hard and fast, tasting the copper tang of his blood. With an incensed growl, he jerked back from the kiss, and his blood stained his lips crimson on the blue.

She didn’t have time to react, seeing his anger spike in his eyes. And then she was falling, Allura shoved off his lap, and onto the floor. The music seemed to
stop, and she heard the women gasping, but she couldn’t see them. Face down on the ground, she was dazed, and slow to push up. She heard Lotor stand, his voice shouting for the music and show to continue, and then his hands were on her.

Allura cried out, trying to push up off the floor. She got a brief glimpse of the harem slaves’ faces, but they were averting their eyes from her predicament. Lotor’s hand touched between her shoulder blades, lacking all gentleness as he shoved her back down to the floor. She struggled on the carpet, trying to push up against that restraining force, even as she felt him kick her legs apart.

She panicked all the more, shocked to think he would go this far, that he would treat her in this manner. Allura screamed when she felt his cock rubbing against her sex, the girl trying harder to crawl away from him. But that hand effortlessly held her down, and then he was thrusting inside her, Allura crying out at the same time Lotor did, their voices one in the loud projection of their feelings.

It hurt, he hurt, too large, too wide for an untried girl’s first time. The pain stole her breath away, Allura going limp beneath him, so that her head rested on the carpet. She was no longer interested in moving, and did not want to see anyone, not the pity on the women’s faces, or the lust on the guards’.

Lotor seemed to sense the fight had left her, his hand leaving her back so that both could grip her hips, and haul her into a better position. Her ass was raised up off the floor, Lotor beginning to thrust, moaning things, some of it in Drule. What she could understand mortified her, Allura not liking that he talked about tightness, and taunted her with the fact that her body betrayed her with it’s wetness.

His fingers dug cruelly into her hips, she was sure she’d bear the mark of them for days to come. She could feel the rhythm of his thrusting, sending friction and
pain rippling through her. There was no pleasure in this act for Allura, she just lay there doing her best not to give into tears, wishing for it to be over. Her nightmare would go on, Lotor lasting an inordinate amount of time, his stamina far greater than a humans.

It was almost a relief when he came, the warm rush of hot seed filling her. She was numb to the moans of the harem slaves, barely seeing when Lotor lifted her upright, the women laying in a tangle of limbs as they pleasured each other.

A jerk on her collar’s chain forced her to look up at Lotor, and a shudder went through her at the look in his eyes. He looked half crazed, some insane God who held all the power over her destiny. She wasn’t that far off, Lotor reaching out to snag an unruly curl, finger toying with it’s length before he spoke.

“Wouldn’t it have been better to accept the dresses, to accept the jewels, and the love that came with them than to have been reduced to this?”

She couldn’t speak, Allura just numbly nodding her head. The gifts he had offered her wouldn’t have compared to the feelings he made her feel here in this harem. Here she felt cheapened, as though he had reduced her to nothing more than his whore. At least in the other room she had had the illusion that he loved her, that he wanted to make her his bride.

“I trust then…” Lotor continued, letting the curl snap free of his finger. “The lesson has been learned.”

She could only nod again, knowing he was right. She had learned her lesson where Lotor was concerned.

2 thoughts on “Lesson

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  1. The part that you wrote “she learned her lesson where Lotor was concerned” what does that exactly mean? That Lotor doesn’t really care if Allura is wife or whore as long as he has her? Also I was wondering if maybe there is a lesson for Lotor to learn himself, now the the smoke is clear and allura sees him with fresh eyes. If Lotor had a 10% chance of winning Allura’s heart that’s gone now, he lost forever his chance. Do you agree?

    1. I don’t even remember this one, so can’t answer except to say I don’t always write things to be romantic happily ever afters. So for all I know, my intent at the time of this was not to have him win her heart.

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