Let Sleeping Villains Lie

The castle was shrouded in shadows, inky pools of darkness that were only broken up by the moonlight that trickled in through half closed curtains. It lent an almost eerie quality to the surroundings, magnified by the silence, the denizens of the castle having abandoned this floor for the party down below. She supposed it made her job easier, Allura walking quietly through the halls, her body alert for the sounds that would send her scurrying for a hiding spot.

Her feet made not a sound on the floor, the heels of her boots muffled by the thick rugs that covered the stone tiles. And still she was careful where she set her feet, each step calculated to be soft and steady. It was with exaggerated care that she moved, Allura long since an expert at sneaking about. How fortunate for her, the skills she had acquired at home now being put to use in enemy territory.

~I bet Keith would have never thought to be grateful for my sneaking into black lion.~ Allura thought, though she held back her amused snort. Now was not the time for laughter, not when she was on an important mission. A mission Keith would have never approved of, the captain always ready to protect her, even from herself if need be. Unfortunately for him, he was not around to prevent her from going alone into Doom territory, the captain otherwise occupied.

She still could hardly believe it, wondering how a simple recon mission could go so wrong. Keith had been their best shot at ferreting out the secrets of the Doom soldiers stationed on planet Coa. Everything had appeared to be going well, right up until Keith entered the castle. Since then they had had zero communication with the pilot, forcing Allura to move into action.

She knew she technically wasn’t alone, the other three members of the Voltron Force were also in the building. They had been just as reluctant as their captain would be, to part from Allura’s side, but as their princess and acting commander in Keith’s absence, she had overruled them. Allura had been adamant in her insistence that they split up, each searching a different section of the castle.

They had grumbled but agreed, just as eager as she to find their quarry. Their mission was actually in two parts, their main objective to locate Keith. The other, which was just as important, was to find his lion’s key, the four reasoning if he had been taken prisoner, the Drules would have separated him from his personal belongings. To lose the key to any one lion would be a disaster, meaning the Voltron force could not leave Castle Coa without it.

Which left Allura to search the bedrooms, the princess hoping to find the key or Keith, and leave just as quickly as she had come. She was taking her mission seriously, even though she knew they had decided on this floor because of it’s distinct lack of Drule presence. Allura knew they wanted to keep her out of as much danger as possible, and as sweet as that gesture may be, it also annoyed her. It left her wanting even more to find something, the key or Keith, or even a clue to their whereabouts, something, anything that would prove her worth to the team.

She knew her face had to be wearing a determined expression, Allura stepping closer to the wall. Up ahead she could see the bend in the hall, leaving her to guess at what awaited her there. Her back pressed against the wall, Allura inching along it’s plaster side, getting closer and closer to the turn. Her shadow melded with the ones on the floor, Allura holding her breath as she moved her head to peer around the corner.

She nearly gasped, whipping back against the wall. Her hurried action went unnoticed, the Drule soldier never even looking her way. She frowned to see him, Allura wondering what he was doing on this floor. Why he wasn’t with the rest of the Drules who were celebrating their easy victory over the people of planet Coa? She had no answer to that, Allura starting to chew on her lip in nervous habit.

Moving painstakingly slow, she reached for the laser pistol that was holstered at her side, her shaking fingers easing the safety off the trigger. Allura checked to make sure the cartridge still held a few charges to it, and then she was moving, sneaking around the corner to take aim at the soldiers’ back. Something must have given her away, for he began to turn, his hand moving to draw his own weapon.

He wasn’t nearly fast enough, Allura firing off a round of stunning laser fire that left the guard crumpling to the floor. For good measure, she fired off another shot, than hurried over to the Drule’s side. Her eyes were less than compassionate as she stared down at the figure of the soldier, Allura touching his unmoving body with the toe of her boot.

She breathed easier to see he was unconscious, Allura knowing she had just shortened the time in which she had to search. The guard would remain unconscious for only so long, or that another soldier would come across this one’s fallen form. She had to hurry, Allura reholstering her pistol as she stepped past the guard.

This stretch of corridor was just as long as the one she vacated, Allura sneaking forward, noting the set of double doors at the end. With any luck it would lead to the bedrooms, Allura wondering at the odds that one of the Drule soldiers would leave the key hidden in plain view. Perhaps that was why a guard had been here, a soldier left to watch over an important treasure.

Or maybe she’d find Keith, Allura though, pushing open one of the doors. She inwardly groaned to see a row of doors lining the east wall, Allura realizing she would have to check each one. She squared her shoulders, and walked towards the first one, opening the door just wide enough to squeeze inside. The inside was even darker than out in the hall, the heavy drapes pulled tight across the window so not even a sliver of moonbeam got in.

Allura reached for the pen light on her belt, the girl switching it on as she began investigating her surroundings. It was simple, a few odds and ends of furniture, a table here, a dresser there. And of course, a large bed near the rear of the room, canopied frame pushed up against the wall. And a small night stand that bore investigating. She crept towards the bed, and it was only when she was right up at it’s base, did she realize she was not alone.

A figure was in the bed, Allura stifling her gasp of surprise. Her every instinct told her to back out of the room, to leave now, but then the glow from her pen light illuminated the man. And what a man it was, with azure colored skin that looked even darker a shade of blue in the dim lighting. He had kicked aside most of the sheets, rumpled blankets that lay entirely too low on his waist.

It left her staring at his well defined abdomen, the dimple in his belly, and the lean tautness of his stomach. Further down, she could see the start of white hairs, coarse pubes that left her with no doubt that the man sleeping in this bed wore not a stitch of clothing! Her cheeks immediately heated as Allura realized she was staring, the girl guiltily jerking her eyes upwards.

The view up top was no less breath taking, and this time she did gasp as Allura realized she knew this man. Seeing his chiseled features, both beautiful and exotic in their alien strangeness, Allura immediately recognized him to be the crown prince of Doom, Lotor. But something was different about him, Allura finding she was rooted to the spot in quiet contemplation, trying to figure it out.

It was then that she realized what that difference was, the prince lacking his usual, cocky confidence. No smirk was on his face, indeed his lips were merely parted for breath, the prince letting out a content sound. His eyes were closed, soft lashes against his cheeks, the prince looking innocent in his slumber. Allura shook her head, never imagining the prince could seem so peaceful, so at ease in a moment. She knew it was all an illusion, one that could end at any moment with the opening of his eyes.

Better to leave now, than risk being caught by him. Allura started to turn away, her mission almost forgotten when the light of her penlight hit an object on the night stand. It glinted, reflecting the light, and Allura’s eyes widened as she realized what it was. The key to black lion! She frowned, realizing she was not at all surprised to see it in Lotor’s possession. The prince was sure to not trust such an important item to any of his lackey’s, the man confidant he alone could keep it safe.

Allura knew she could not leave without it, nor could she wait to call up her back up. She had to get that key now, and before Lotor awoke! She forced the light away, turning the device off, and placing it back on her belt. She’d sneak in darkness and snatch back the key, leave before Lotor even knew of her presence besides him.

The plan seemed simple in theory, and yet Lotor was an obstacle that seemed insurmountable if awakened. She began moving to the far side of the bed, knowing her palms had grown sweaty beneath her gloves. Her nerves increased when Lotor let out a sleepy mumble, the prince turning on his side, presenting her with his back. She refused to look his way, keeping her eyes on her prize, even as she feared her thumping heartbeat would be loud enough to wake Lotor.

She waited for him to settle down, then moved once more, almost to the night stand. Her arm was already extending towards the key, fingers intent on grabbing it when something snapped around her wrist. Allura didn’t even get out a startled oh, finding she was being pulled back, tossed onto the bed and pinned beneath a body. She wasn’t left wondering for long whose body it was, the glow of an activated lazon sword cast illumination across the bed sheets, Lotor looking as startled as she.

He stared down at her, and for once she saw his eyes widened with recognition, Lotor quickly casting away surprise to look pleased. “Well, well.” His voice purred out, his fingers tightening possessively around her wrist. “What do we have here?”

She didn’t know what to say to him, but she kept her gaze fixed on his face, not daring to discover if the blankets still covered his lower half. “Princess Allura…” Lotor said when it became apparent her voice had been stolen away. “And to what do I owe the honor of this late night visit?” He was still holding his sword, the lazon almost hurting her eyes with it’s nearness. It left his features aglow, Allura spying the twist of that handsome but cruel mouth, the prince smirking down at her. “Don’t tell me you came to negotiate Arus’ surrender with me…?”

“Surrender?!” That question of his got her to react, Allura sputtering out an angry answer. “Arus will never surrender to Doom!”

“Which is such a pity…both for our worlds, and for us.”

“There is no us!” Allura shot back, glaring up at him.

“Come Allura, we both know that isn’t true…” He seemed to settle his weight more firmly on her, and just that pressing of his body let Allura know that he most definitely did not have the blanket wrapped around him any longer. “There’s always existed that thing between us…”

“You mean hate and loathing?” She tartly demanded. It didn’t faze him, Lotor smiling as he offered up a correction of his own.

“I’m referring to the fire that burns between us, the passion and the love…”

“You’re delusional if you think what we have is love!” Allura snapped, interrupting him mid sentence. Her next words made him frown, Allura all but spitting at him. “I despise you, both you and the world you are from!”

“Careful Allura…” His voice was mild in it’s anger, Lotor sounding far too calm as he advised her. “Do not make the mistake of judging me based on crimes of my world.”

“I don’t.” Allura replied, starting to struggle beneath him. He actually set down his sword to touch her shoulder, pushing her down more firmly when she tried to struggle up to a sitting position. “You’ve done more than your fair share of horrors for me to hate you for! Now let me up!”

Lotor ignored her request, watching her as she continued to squirm beneath him. The movements were clearly a mistake, she could feel a reaction forming in him, one that had her angry face blushing. Lotor was HAPPY to be where he was, a fact that made the situation in Allura’s eyes all the more dangerous. “Get off of me!” She shouted, and Lotor quickly pressed a hand over her mouth.

“Careful Allura…” He warned, still wearing that maddening smirk. “You don’t want to alert my guards to your presence.”

“You mean there’s more of them?” She asked when he cautiously lifted his hand.

“They’re not all out partying.” Lotor told her, then cocked his head to the side. “And just how did you get this far anyway? There are guards on either side of this floor.”

“I…I knocked out any guards I came across.” She admitted, surprised when Lotor grinned.

“Clever girl.” Unexpected was his praise, but even worse was his teasing. “In such a hurry to see me were you?”

“No!” She shook her head, then hastily added. “I was looking for something.”

“Looking for something?” Lotor echoed, playing dumb. “Whatever could that something be?” She couldn’t help it, her gaze slid to the side, towards the spot where the lion’s key had last been seen. Lotor saw where her gaze lie, and he chuckled. “Why you little thief. Don’t you know stealing is wrong?”

“I am no thief!” protested Allura angrily. “That key belongs to my people. If anything it is you who is the real thief!”

“Ah, but that key was taken off your captain. That boy…” He stressed the word, disdain in his tone. “Was caught sneaking around in Doom territory. Anything he carried with him is forfeit by the right of his captors.” His hand released his shoulder, fingers coming upwards to graze her cheek. “So you see princess, that key is no longer yours. And any such attempt to take it back would be stealing.”

She flinched at his touch, though his fingers were gentle, tracing the curve of her cheek. “What have you done with Keith?”

“Ah, it would be better to ask what HAVEN’T we done to the captain.” Lotor’s lips twisted cruelly, the prince taking pleasure in her horrified gasp. “I’m afraid should you ever meet the former pilot of black lion again, he will be a broken shell of a man.”

“Cruel!” She spat out, thrashing about as she tried to knock him off her. “You are so needlessly cruel!”

“I do what is necessary!” Lotor said, grabbing her again. “The captain knew the risks when he set foot in this castle. You had to know we would take every option available to us to eliminate a threat to the Doom Empire.”

“You will pay!” Allura swore, blue eyes blazing with her promised threat. “So help me Lotor, you will…”

“You will do nothing.” Lotor snorted, disdainful amusement in his voice. “Nothing except what i tell you to do. Now…I’m not fool enough to believe you came here on your own. Those other brats must be here, wandering about the castle.” To her surprise he was lifting up off her, quickly rolling to the side. She heard a click, and light flooded the room, Lotor reaching for the communicator that lay next to the lion’s key.

She cautiously sat up, her body poised to flee. Lotor sensed her movements, thrusting his sword so that the tip of it just missed grazing her chest. “Do not move Allura. Don’t even think of moving one sweet muscle until I tell you too.”

She grumbled but stayed still, listening to the crackle of the radio as the communicator began to establish contact with another of it’s kind. A voice came over the airwaves, recognizable in it’s grating pitch. “Yeah?”

“Ah Cossack…” Lotor seemed not to be looking at her, but sword’s tip was too close to her for Allura to even think of trying to flee. She wasn’t sure if Lotor would use it on her, the girl not wanting to risk adding injury on top of being caught by him. “I’m hoping you can pull yourself away from the party long enough to do your job.”

“Of course.” Cossack’s voice did not sound pleased, Allura catching the barest hint of a slur to his words. “What do you need.”

“It appears we have some rats infiltrating the castle.”

“Rats?” Cossack was surprised. “Shouldn’t you call for an exterminator then?”

A put upon sigh was his answer, Lotor annoyed. “We don’t really have rats, though we do have a pest problem.”

“Again, and this is my problem because?”

“I’m talking about the Voltron force you dolt!” Lotor snapped angrily. “I’ve caught the princess, but there should be at least three more of those meddlers sneaking about the castle. It’s your job to find and capture them!”

“Oh! Right! Sure boss, I can do that.” Cossack answered, sounding eager. “What do you want I should do with them when we find them?” He sounded so sure, as though it was a definitive thing, the capture of the Voltron Force. From her spot on the bed, Allura could see Lotor’s smile, the prince relishing his answer.

“I’ll leave that up to you and your men. Just, I want you to be very creative when you do get them in your clutches.”

“What about you?” Cossack asked. “What will you be doing?”

Lotor chuckled, sending a sly glance towards Allura. “DO you have to even ask?”

“No, I suppose not.” Agreed Cossack. “I know what I’d be doing if I had as lovely a princess to entertain as you do.”

“Indeed.” Lotor had turned his attention away from Allura, the prince switching off his communicator. That sword of his never wavered, not even when he set the communicator down on the night stand. Allura watched his every move, her eyes lingering on the lion’s key, seeing Lotor run his fingers over it. His touch was almost reverent, as gentle as the touch he had used on her cheek.

When he turned, she was unprepared for the full sight of him, Allura’s mouth going dry as she stared shock. Lotor was unabashed by his naked state, calm and collected, even proud. He said nothing, letting her stare, and to Allura’s dismay she realized that was indeed what she was doing. It was the first time she had truly seen a naked man, and this time there was no blanket to keep her from wondering how far the white curls extended too.

His body seemed to react to her stare, his half erect state growing even larger, lengthening before her eyes. She forgot all about the sword aimed at her, starting to tremble with apprehension as she realized she was all alone with a naked Lotor, and that most likely no one would be coming to her rescue.

She blinked, and that alone allowed her to tear her gaze away from his erection, Allura jerking backwards on the bed. His sword made no move to follow, Allura’s back hitting one of the canopy poles of the bed. Lotor actually switched off the sword, setting it down and out of her reach. He never took his eyes off her as he did those movements, and still Allura tried to scramble off the bed.

The canopy curtains were tied back, and for that she was grateful, fearing she would have otherwise become entangled in their embrace. She took her eyes off Lotor, and that was her mistake, the prince moving fast, chasing after her. She screamed when his hands grabbed at her, the prince spinning her around to face him. Her face turned redder yet, Allura incensed that she had given in to fear long enough to scream like a madwoman. She knew screaming alone would not get her out of this situation, and she held back the urge to do it again, instead thrashing about violently in his arms.

“Let me go!” She demanded with a hiss, Lotor standing there, watching her struggle. She was trying to jerk back from his arms, but his strength was such that he effortlessly pulled her up against him, each squirm of her body causing her to grind against his erection. She didn’t understand the pleased hiss Lotor let out, or the way his eyes darkened with desire, the prince issuing out a command.


Confused she ceased her struggles, just staring at him. She thought that such movements against his cock would have hurt, but Lotor seemed to be enjoying it. Even worse was his disappointment at her going still, Lotor sighing as his fingers tightened possessively on her arms. It was the only warning she got, Lotor hauling her up on tip toe as he bent to bring his lips crashing down on hers.

It was unexpected this kiss, Lotor forcing his mouth against hers. Hard and needy was his lips, pressing their imprint into hers. She could feel the satin texture, flawless perfection that kissed hungrily at her own lips. She registered what he was doing seconds after he attempted it, Lotor trying to get her to open her mouth to him. She wasn’t prepared to be kissed so thoroughly, Allura keeping her lips sealed even when the tip of his tongue probed the seam of her lips.

Lotor eventually pulled back, and she could see he was breathing just as heavily as she, his nostrils flaring. She opened her mouth then, ready to issue out an angry retort, only to have him kiss her again. This time he took full advantage of her parted lips, tongue thrusting inside her mouth with an authority that frightened her. Never, ever had she been kissed in such a manner, tongue artful as it collided with hers, licking velvet sensations across her taste buds.

Allura had no idea how long they kissed, but she started moving again, trying to escape him. She heard her voice, soft and animal like in it’s squeal, the princess protesting this savage treatment of her lips. Lotor made an answering sound, a deep rumble of pleasure. tongue doing one last caress against hers before retreating. His teeth followed in the wake of his tongue, biting down gently on her bottom lip.

Stunned, Allura tired to recover her breath, Lotor pulling back at long last. But there was no time to get her bearings, he was suddenly moving her, flinging her down onto the soft mattress. Her body bounced in place, Allura laying there dazed for a moment. It was long enough for Lotor to reach for her, fingers snagging the zipper of her uniform’s top.

The sound of the zipper being eased down roused her to her senses, Allura grabbing at Lotor’s wrist, trying to stay his hand’s movement. “Stop!”

“You know Allura…” Lotor glanced upwards, his desire ridden eyes freezing her in place. “This really isn’t a very practical outfit for skulking around castles. Honestly….bright pink and white, could there be any bolder a color when one is trying to blend into the shadows?”

She flushed at that, realizing the truth of his words. “We didn’t have time to prepare…”

“Yes, I’m sure you didn’t.” The zipper was jerked down some more, it’s downward progress impeded by her belt. “I’m sure you and the other Voltron force members were so concerned about the captain, that you rushed to rescue him without thinking things through.” He abandoned her zipper to undo her belt, tossing it and the blaster that was holstered to it over his shoulder. “Even Keith would be disappointed in such sloppy a rescue plan.”

“Of course…” He added with a rakish grin, glancing up at her face. “The captain’s in no position to appreciate much of anything, so you needn’t worry about that.”

“Stop it!” She snapped, glaring. “Just stop your hinting and tell me what you’ve done with Keith!”

“Ah, but it’s much more fun to watch you run through the possibilities in your mind. You’re very smart Allura, smart and inventive. I’m sure you can figure it out.” He was peeling off her gloves now, the pink spandex wanting to cling to her fingers. He got them free all the same, pausing to place kisses on her fingertips.

“You…you killed him, didn’t you?” She whispered fearfully, watching as he did a long lick down from the tip of her index finger to her palm. She screamed again when he voiced his answer, Allura slapping him across the face with her hand still wet from his tongue. “Monster!”

Lotor’s eyes darkened, a brief hint of rage in them at her slap. “That was a very foolish move princess.” He hissed angrily, gathering up her wrists in a one handed grip. “Keep this up and you’re liable to make me angry.”

“I don’t care!” She snapped, Allura trying to twist away from his glare. “You killed Keith!”

“A necessary casualty of war.” Lotor remarked, his other hand working to jerk her uniform’s top up over her head. For an instant she couldn’t see, and the uniform tangled around her arms, Lotor releasing his grip on her wrists long enough to work the garment free. He went right back to holding her wrists, staring down at her bra, an infuriating smirk on his face. “More pink? Tell me princess, do you not ever get tired of that color?”

“I happen to like pink!” She retorted, trying to sink into the mattress as he reached to graze his fingers against the fabric of her bra.

“I happen to like many a thing, but you don’t see me overindulging myself to the point of madness.” Lotor’s fingers traced along the curvature of her bra, Allura not quite flinching at that touch. She was less than happy to see him smile, the look genuine in it’s happiness. “It is pretty though…..and the lace is almost as soft as you…”

“I am in no mood for compliments from you!”

“You’ll get them all the same.” Lotor told her, abandoning his inspection of her bra. There was no time for relief, Lotor letting go of her wrists to reach for her boots. He shifted up off her body long enough to remove one, Allura slapping her hands against his arms. He ignored her attempts to beat him, the prince then snagging hold of her other foot. The boot came off as quickly as it’s twin, leaving her barefoot and angry.

“Allura…do stop hitting me.”

“Never!” She shot back, smacking his chest for good measure. He suddenly grabbed her, pinning her down against the bed, his voice a fierce growl.

“If you don’t want me to tie you up, you’ll cease this tantrum immediately!”

She gasped, her hands stilling in shock. “Tie me up? You’d do that?”

“In a heart beat!”

“You have no heart!” She retorted, but she let her hands drop back down to her sides, Allura growing docile beneath him.

“‘That’s better.” Lotor nodded his approval, fingers hooking under the waistband of her pants. The spandex stretched, Lotor snagging not only her pants but her panties as well, the prince tugging them both down her body. Allura shifted, trying to pull back from him, her movement accomplishing little save to quicken the ease in which he disrobed her. Her garments ended up bunched by her feet, Lotor taking the care to slip them off the rest of the way.

He had watched her while he did it, careful to gauge her reaction to his removal of her clothing. Allura stared back at him stone faced, trying desperately not to betray her embarrassment by coloring any further. She almost lost the battle when he smiled at her, a furtive secretive smile that bespoke of naughty intentions. Lotor’s eyes flickered for a moment, the gold almost swallowing the black slit as he lowered his gaze to focus in on her body.

She didn’t want him to see her, Allura crying out a protest as she grabbed at his face, the grazing of her fingers on his cheeks, casting his eyes upwards once more. “What’s wrong?” He asked, tone concerned.

“Don’t.” She bit out, word terse and full of agony.

“Don’t?” One perfectly shaped eyebrow arched, Lotor looking amused. “I’ve yet to do anything more than look.”

“That’s bad enough!” Allura cried out, incensed when he chuckled.

“Dear girl…” He had lowered himself on top of her, putting his face just above hers, his hot breath heavy on her skin. “There’s more to be had before this night is through. You’d best get used to my gaze, and…” A smile curved his lips upwards. “My touch.” As though to illustrate his words, his hand touched her belly, laying palm flat against her skin. His flesh was warm, but she broke out into a cold sweat, shivering badly.

“No.” Allura shook her head, her hands pushing at his chest. To her surprise he moved, just enough that she was sitting up, the prince straddling her hips.

“Yes.” He was just as insistent as she, locking his arms around her, to hug her close to him. She stiffened in his arms, but that didn’t dissuade him, Lotor pressing his nose into her hair. She heard his deep inhale, the prince taking a long sniff of her scent. “You smell so good Allura…” He seemed to be nuzzling his face into her hair, words whispering across her scalp. “I could just eat you up.”

His hand caught at the back of her hair, locking her movements so that he controlled how she positioned her head. “In fact…” Lotor purred, lips behind her ear now, tongue flicking out to taste her. “I’m going to do just that.”

“What?” She hissed out, confused. “You’re going to eat me?!” She was alarmed, thinking back on the tales of the Drules, and their penchant for blood and flesh. Laughter rumbled out of Lotor, adding to her confusion, Allura pressing her hands against his muscled chest.

“I’m going to taste you….ALL over.” His voice held a warning to it, Allura trembling to hear it. He followed up those words with a nibble on the curve of her ear, Allura twitching slightly to feel his lips gentle mashing. Lotor’s teeth caught on the lobe of her ear, the prince giving a firm tug that had Allura attempting to jerk back in surprise. His arms wouldn’t let her complete that movement though, Lotor chuckling as he placed kisses down the side of her face.

She tensed up further when he reached her neck, kisses being alternated with short licks of his tongue. At one point he did a long lick down past her pulse point, Allura praying he did not feel how quickly her heart beat at his actions. Nervous sweat was on her skin, Allura feeling Lotor pause to lap up one of the droplets of moisture, tongue swirling about in a circle.

His arms relaxed around her, hands moving to push her back down on the bed, Allura laying flat beneath him. He followed as she went down, mouth latched on to the front of her throat, sucking in a sweet rhythm that would be sure to bruise her pale flesh. She made a sound, a half protest that was swallowed up with a gasp, Lotor’s fangs grazing across her skin. Allura was conscious that he was taking care with her, making sure not to break open her flesh on the sharp point of his teeth.

And still she could not settle down, Allura shifting restlessly beneath him as he kissed a path over to the crook of her shoulder. His hands moved up and down the length of her arms, rubbing warmth and friction into her skin. They could not compete with the heat she felt radiating from his mouth, Lotor’s lingering kiss making her gasp once more.

Another rub of his hands, and then his fingers wore hooking under the straps of her bra, Lotor lifting them up off her shoulders to ease down her arms. He licked across her collarbone, hands urging her bra down the rest of the way, leaving her breasts revealed. When Allura tried to cross her arms over her chest, Lotor snagged hold of her arms, issuing out a protest of his own.

“No! No…” He softened his voice, rolling his eyes upwards to look at her face. “Don’t try to hide from me…”

“The lights…” Allura said, struggling with him. “At least turn off the lights. I…I don’t want you to look at me…”

“I’m afraid I can’t oblige with the lady’s request.” Lotor told her, smiling. “I intend to learn every inch of you before this night is through.” His eyes smoldered, a dark promise in them, the prince resuming kissing her body. Even as she shuddered at his kisses, Allura was aware of new sensations coursing through her body, heightened feelings being left behind at each grazing of his lips.

She was shaking by the time he reached her breasts, Lotor’s large hands cupping her curves, squeezing them together. A sharp gasp was her response when he rubbed his cheek over the point of her push together breasts, the softness of his cheek and his loose hair caressing over her nipples. He noted her reaction, Lotor repeating the movement, nudging her breasts upwards so he could nuzzle his lips at their underside.

She thought the worst part was he watched her as he did it, golden gaze locked onto her face, those mocking eyes never missing a second of her reaction to him. Allura stared back at Lotor, lips parting to speak. What she intended to say was lost in an instant, his tongue flicking across her left nipple. The feel of that wet muscle against her, set a jolt of awareness through her, Allura letting out a shocked sound.

Lotor smirked at that, and licked her again, tongue pressing insistently downwards. Once thoroughly wet, he pursed his lips together and blew, a warm breath cascading over her damp nipple. It felt exquisite, Allura feeling a tingling as her nipple began to pebble under her watchful gaze. Lotor licked her again, urging that bit of flesh to harden further.

Distressed, Allura cried out, shaking her head no. “Don’t….no more!” Lotor’s response was to settle his mouth over that hardened peak, lips pursed together to do a drawn out suck. “AH!” Allura nearly screamed with embarrassment at that wanton sound that came out of her, her hands moving. But they were active only towards clamping over her mouth, Allura stifling her gasps, trying to muffled her voice before any more embarrassing sounds were made.

It was worse that Lotor laughed, his chuckles vibrating against her skin as he suckled at her breast. She could see his cheek becoming indrawn from the force of his suction, the prince increasing the strength of his mouth’s pull. What was worse was it felt like a line threaded it’s way throughout her body, setting her nerves aflame with each suck of Lotor’s lips. She could feels tendrils of some unrecognizable feeling shooting downwards, locking into place in her groin.

She whimpered behind her hand, Lotor’s eyes seeming to cloud over even further, the black slit almost engulfed by the gold of his eyes. He looked almost blind with lust, the prince transferring his mouth to her second nipple, rolling it around with his tongue. Those tendrils of desire crackled through her, blossoming further as she felt a trickle of moisture seep between her thighs.

He didn’t leave her first nipple neglected, his thumb and forefinger moving to capture that bud between them. She felt him pinch it, rolling it between his fingers as he tugged. Lotor continued to pull on her nipple, growing satisfied only when she twitched in reaction, her voice coming out louder even with Allura’s attempts to muffle it. Another long suck of her nipple, and then he was allowing it to pop out of his mouth, Lotor licking his lips as he gazed down at her breasts.

His eyes went lower still, Allura fighting not to reach down and cover her groin with her hands. Lotor lifted up off her, positioning himself on his hands and knees so that he crawled backwards down her body. It left her a direct view of his body, Allura spying his erection, that organ seemed to be a tower of vein and flesh, making Allura bite her lip in worry. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he intended to do with that erection, Allura wondering how something so massive could ever hope to fit inside her body.

Even as she worried, Lotor was moving, his head bent over her belly. He licked and kissed all around her belly button, even going so far as to dip his tongue inside it. It didn’t succeed in distracting her fully, not with his hands touching thighs. Once again he was rubbing warmth into her cold skin, heating her up with their movements. She grew more nervous still when his hands changed from lazy caress to determined purpose, Lotor gripping her legs just above the knees.

He had pulled back from his kisses, Lotor and Allura both tensing up as he tried to pry apart her legs. On some level Allura knew it was futile to resist him, Lotor was all muscle, his body’s every move boasting on how easily he could over power her. But still she tried, lowering her hands to grip the bed sheets, and locking her legs tight together. That earned a growl from Lotor, the prince locking his gaze with her.

‘You’re mine.” He said, voice low and feral sounding. “You’re not going to hide from me.” He was through being gentle, no longer trying to coax her legs open. Now he used his full strength, a fact that had Allura realizing nothing could have kept him from splaying her open.

Allura made a low, mortified sound, her legs still tensing to close though Lotor prevented her from completing the movement. For one long lasting instant he just stared down at her, Allura finding she was all too aware of the moisture that steadily leaked out of her. Even worse was Lotor taking note of this, his voice ripe with satisfaction as he brought his fingers to her sex.

“Ah…” He purred, fingers immediately sliding up her drenched folds. “You DID like what I was doing.” The evidence was right there, though still she tried to deny it.


“Yes.” A proud hiss, his finger continuing to move up and down the crease of her sex. It made her want to wiggle, Allura biting her lip as his fingers danced sensations through her, new and intense and far more profound than any she could have ever generated on her own. And then, then he touched her clit, just an experimental touch, but it was enough to have Allura hissing sharply.

“And that…” Lotor smirked, all bold confidence. “Is something you like even more. Am I right princess?” Allura didn’t answer him, covering her flaming face with both her hands. She felt ready to suffocate herself, anything to end this humiliation. Even worse was the feel of Lotor adjusting her, his actions so confidant it conveyed the fact that he was used to moving people around at his whim. Did it come from fighting, or from the many bed partners he was rumored to have had? She did not know, Allura finding Lotor was hooking her legs over his elbows.

This position left her hips hitched up off the bed, Allura not daring to look to see what was doing on. Her hands feel away from her face with a gasp when Lotor buried his face against her sex, tongue diving into her. She moaned, the sound pure in it’s pleasure, Allura so lost to the divine sensation of his tongue lapping over her, she almost didn’t realize Lotor was making sounds too.

He was actually groaning, guttural sounds of pure pleasure, the prince getting off on what he was doing. Each time he repeated that sound, it felt as though heat cascaded across her wet flesh, Allura feeling the vibrations shake within her. His tongue sought out her clit, teasing against it, making her dizzy with need. She made another sound, a noise he took as encouragement, Lotor growing greedy as he licked at her pleasure point.

Allura herself had to fight not to reach down and grab his head, the princess wanting to clutch him to her. She registered her voice as a continual moan, instead using her fingers to clutch at the bed sheets, hearing them tear under her nails. He actually started to suck at the folds of her flesh, Allura writhing as best she could considering her awkward position. She lost her balance further when Lotor’s suckling mouth latched onto her clit, the girl taking in a desperate lungful of air.

“Th…there!” She gasped, losing what little of her sanity she felt she had left. “Stay there!” His mouth continued to suckle, tongue playing her clit like a practiced piper, Allura buzzing with pleasure. She had time to think Lotor must be very practiced indeed at such a task, and then her orgasm was ripping through her, making her shriek and shake, screams resounding through the room.

She heard Lotor growling, his mouth locked into place, his body doing strange jerking movements. She didn’t understand, Allura forcing herself to think past the pleasure to truly look at Lotor. Her mouth fell open in shock, seeing the reason behind his jerking. Unable to be inside her in this moment, his hips were pounding, making a desperate sort of love to the air.

She thought she’d faint then and there, Lotor continuing to piston his hips, lapping up the juice she was gushing. His tongue actually curled inside her, Lotor getting a generous tasting of Allura. Her whole body was limp with pleasure, Allura moaning helplessly. A few more licks from Lotor, tongue moving surely about her, and then he was setting her back down on the bed.

She couldn’t even think to move, Lotor quickly covering her body with his. Her legs remained open, feeling Lotor sliding his erection over her soaked folds. He moaned at the first touch of heated tip to her sex, Allura wondering how he had held back from taking her for so long. Especially with the way his cock was throbbing, the prince grinding furiously against her.

“This’ll hurt.” Came his warning, Lotor’s lips descending on hers. She got a taste of her own essence, Lotor’s lips wet with the moisture she had produced. It almost distracted her, the girl feeling the prince’s cock probe he entrance. He moaned into her mouth at the point of entry, Allura shrieking in surprise. He had taken her virginity in one smooth stroke, her soaked state easing him inside her.

Allura could feel him inside her, stretching her, filling her all the way. He was simply too big and too hard to do any less. It would have hurt more had she not been so wet, had she not been feeling the pleasurable after effects of her recent climax. She was lucky she wasn’t suffering needlessly, for Lotor was too far gone to stop, not even waiting for her to adjust to the odd sensation of being penetrated for the first time.

Instead he was moving, almost rougher with her than he had been with the air, body pounding hard into her. His first thrust had been deep, but the ones that followed even more so, until Allura feared she’d run out of room for his cock to roam. There was no pause in between thrusts of his hips, movement and speed seeming to be what the prince needed.

He bent over her as he fucked her, lips capturing a nipple, his mouth reawakening the ache she had felt earlier. Allura arched up off the bed, greedily pushing her breast into his mouth. Her own legs squeezed around Lotor’s waist, the princess locking her ankles over one another behind him. Both their cries continued, each one shameless and needy.

So lost to the pleasure, they almost didn’t take heed of the cheers, voices shouting in an alien language. Allura realized with a start it was Drule, Lotor’s people celebrating something. They continued to make noise, to the point even Lotor looked curious though he didn’t stop pounding into her. “Here…” He said, grasping hold of one of her arms. “Place your arms around me.”

Confused she obliged, feeling his hand return to her hip. He shifted his grip, hands sliding to take firm hold of her bottom, Lotor grinding himself several more times into her. She bit back a sharp hiss, feeling how her body molded to the shape of his cock, the princess clinging to Lotor. Her breasts were pressed against his chest now, nipples rubbing across his smooth skin.

Unprepared was she for Lotor to suddenly stand, the prince lifting her up in the process. It changed the angle of penetration, almost proving too much for Allura as the head of his cock bumped against the entrance to her womb. She cried out, voice distorted in pain and pleasure, Allura tightening her arms and legs around him. She feared he would drop her, but such was Lotor’s strength that he began walking with her, his thrusting stopped for the moment.

His cock throbbed inside her, Allura not knowing how he was able to keep still for the time it took to reach the window. She ended up pinned against the drape covered glass, Lotor relaxing one of his hands to tug the curtain aside just a fraction of an inch. Allura cried out a protest, panicked that the crowd outside would see them. “No don’t! They’ll see us!”

“Let them.” Lotor said amused, his strokes almost absent minded as he gazed out into the courtyard the castle overlooked. “Well!” He sounded smug, doing a roll of his hips that had Allura squealing. “Fortune does indeed favor Doom this day.”

“What?” Allura asked, feeling Lotor began to reestablished his earlier rhythm. It made it hard to think, the girl moaning, digging her nails into his back. Her own body bounced against the window, Lotor’s hips slamming into hers.

“Take a look.” Lotor said, pulling the curtain open even more. She didn’t want to, but like a moth drawn to a flame, Allura turned her head, her eyes widening in horror. The remaining members of the Voltron force were among those in the courtyard, the youthful trio currently tied to stakes, hands bound behind their backs. Soldiers wearing the uniform of the Doom Empire surrounded them, flame lit torches in their hands.

“They mean to burn them alive!” Allura cried out, and she began to push against Lotor, trying to get free.

“So they do.” Smirked Lotor, easily holding onto her body. Each thrust into her body had the window rattling, Allura fearing it would break.

“You have to stop them!” She exclaimed, not liking when a calculating look appeared in Lotor’s eyes.

“What will you give me if I do?” He asked, and she frowned.

“Haven’t you gotten enough from me?!”

“This is just a taste…” Lotor moaned out, and she felt the start of fluid leaking inside her. “I want it all…Arus, Voltron, and your hand in marriage…!”

“You ask for too much!” She protested, breasts bouncing as he grew even more aggressive in his thrusts. The curtain fell close, blocking her sight of the courtyard though she could see hear the taunts of the soldiers.

“it’s a small price to pay if you truly value your friend’s lives.” Lotor told her, his hips practically a blur of movement. “Well, Allura, what will it be? Do they die tonight, burnt alive, or do they live on as slaves of Doom?”

She tried to tell herself it would be better if they lived, reasoning they might find a way to escape and end Doom’s tyranny. Even if they hated her for the choice she was about to make, Allura could not let Hunk, Lance, and Pidge die. “Very well…” Her whole body was sagging, defeat radiating off of her. “I accept your conditions.” Allura was unprepared for the kiss that followed her words, Lotor purring out his approval.

He was happy in more ways than one, his cock giving two more jerks inside her before spurting off his seed. She tried to control her revulsion to Lotor’s coming inside her, Allura whimpering weakly into his mouth. He kept right on coming, sperm flooding out of her to dribble down her legs. Lotor’s whole body shook with satisfaction, the prince kissing her eagerly.

Allura was barely aware when he pulled out of her, the prince setting her back down on the floor. His hands stayed on her waist to steady her, Allura gripping the curtains for support. It wasn’t until he walked away from her, a leisurely stride that brought him over to the night stand, that the realization sunk in. She had given in to Lotor, all in an attempt to save her friends. She let go of the curtains, and sank to her knees, not quite crying as she listened to Lotor contact Cossack, his voice oozing with cockiness as he ordered the Voltron Force to be spared of the fire.

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