Sweet Surrender

Victory had never been sweeter than the moment he buried himself between Allura’s legs. It was indisputable fact to Lotor, truth that was as undeniable as the rising and the setting of the sun. Past triumphs blurred together, becoming one faceless entity that held no meaning to the prince as he lost himself to the feel of the warmth that Allura radiated from within.

She was sunshine and purity, the warmth of a summer day, beauty personified and she was his. He couldn’t help himself, Lotor felt his lips curl back in a smirk, a whispered growl escaping him. “Mine.”

She was frowning at him, Allura shaking her head no, blue eyes troubled. He repeated himself, trying to drive the point in to her, thrusting his hips hard enough to tear a gasp from her lips. He loved the little sounds she made, the sighs and the squeals, and especially the moans. It was a sweet chorus that sang of his victory, and he added his own voice to her song, a smooth baritone that moaned out her name.

Everything was narrowed down to this one moment, the outside world shut out of this room, leaving them untouchable in this bed. She looked good laid out on the dark sheets of his bed, her hair splayed out around her, a golden frame for her body. He dipped his fingers into that thick mane, seeing the yellow tresses spill out of his hand, silk like in quality, finer than anything he had ever touched before.

Everything about Allura is perfect, her skin soft and smooth, her body small and slender, with round breasts that fit perfectly into his large hands. Lotor touched her now, marveling at how blue his azure skin looks next to her peaches and cream complexion, even as his hands molds and squeezes her breasts. They are plaint, soft flesh that curve and fit against his palms, Lotor feeling a hint of hardness against the center. Her nipples, aroused to two fine points, rosy dark circles he pinches now, making her cry out in protest.

Yet another sound to savor, his fingers lingering on her skin. She wasn’t fighting him, but neither was Allura a passive lover, some part of her reacting on pure instinct, shaking her hips in time to his thrusts. Yet more proof of his victory over her, these were small concessions on her part as she wrapped her legs around his body, her arms clinging to him rather than pushing him away.

He had always gotten a rush from winning, elation infusing a near orgasmic bliss throughout his body, a heady mix of emotions that Lotor would do anything to experience again and again. Sometimes he thought that was the key to his success, that driving need to experience that emotion. Planet after planet fell before him, Lotor crushing the downtrodden beneath his boots, laughing all the while.

He wasn’t laughing now, he was deadly serious as he gazed down at Allura. Her misfortune was his gain, granting him riches, power, and above all, that intoxicating feeling of triumph. It intensified as she screamed, arching up off the bed, body spasming around his manhood. A heated growl escaped him, Lotor pressing his lips against Allura’s, hips pistoning forward one last time before his own release was had.

He all but roared in contentment, lowering her back to the bed, a smile on his lips. Conquering planets was sweet, but nothing compared to the thrill of conquering Allura.

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