Treasure Collection

She stared down at the gown that was currently draped over her knees, the multitude of it’s diamonds glittering. Those sparkling gem stones held her attention, Allura wanting to reach out and run her hand down the length of them. But she didn’t dare, fearing that the slightest touch would upset them from their perch, the princess thinking nothing so delicate could stand the touch of a mortal’s hand.

They were dusted all over the front of her dress, an abundance of them sewn into the bodice, with a few straying further down onto the skirt. She was aware of the super fine material, some silk like fabric that would cling lovingly to her body if only she had the nerve to put the gown on. White in color, it was thin enough that it would allow her skin to be seen through the fabric, hinting that this gown wasn’t the type to be worn in public.

Not that she’d have the nerve to wear it, neither in public or the privacy of her own bedroom. The gown was a masterpiece of feminine delights, screamed of sin and seduction, and Allura knew it would leave her shoulders and much of her bosom bare. It’s thin, spaghetti like straps of silver would barely do an adequate job of holding the dress in place, and Allura realized with a start the silver was real, metal wires meant to help hold the white dress in place.

She felt certain such a gown was not meant to be worn, that diamonds shouldn’t be wasted on a dress. Especially a dress meant for her, Allura shifting, uneasy. “What’s wrong?” A voice intruded into her stunned study of the gown, masculine and holding a hint of amusement.

“I can’t wear this..” Allura whispered, never looking in the direction of the voice. She didn’t need to look in his direction to know he watching her, eyes intent and focused on her with dark intentions swirling in the depth of them.

He snorted, the sound amused. “You will wear it and any other dress I give to you.”

She jerked her head up at that, not liking the reminder that he controlled her so thoroughly for as long as she remained in this room. The room itself was an oddity, more museum than bedroom. Treasures were on display, each and every item carefully arranged to catch the eye. They wanted to be admired, they deserved to be, but Allura knew that like herself, nothing and no one would be seeing the treasure save for him.

It was his collection, his horde of things he had stolen. It wasn’t lost on Allura that each and every item was beautiful, and rare enough to be one of a kind. She felt she didn’t belong, any more than the giant bed she knelt on belonged to this room. She also knew he would argue with her, insist this was her rightful place. Allura wanted to yell, to insist she wasn’t an object to be added to his collection.

“Put it on.” He insisted, voice holding an impatient growl to it. He didn’t like that she was hesitating, he wanted her obedience, wanted her to be quick to react to all things.

Now she looked at him, trying not to be taken back by the gold of his eyes, or the pale blue of his skin. “Is it too much to ask for some privacy then?”

“It’s too much to ask.” He said flatly, and her anger rose. It manifested in the look she gave him, her eyes blue daggers that tried to pierce him with rage. He only smiled back, and gave her a little wave of his fingers. It was clear from his manner, he was tired of waiting, no longer content to let her delay things.

Reluctant, she picked up the dress, frightened it would pull apart at her touch. It didn’t, and she breathed easier, pressing the gown to her breasts. She glared in her captor’s direction, and began struggling to squirm out of her clothing. It was difficult, especially with one hand focused on using the gown as a shield to his eyes, but somehow she managed to get her top off.

“The bra too.” He said, and her face smoldered with embarrassed heat. “It would look funny under the dress.”

“Of course.” She acknowledged bitterly, reaching behind her to snap open the clasp. She let the straps fall down her arms, Allura shifting, awkward as she tried to get the bra off. In her attempts she flashed her midriff to him, but that was the least of her problems. She was already wondering how to get her pants off without flashing any more of her body, and the look in his eyes said he would not wait forever.

“You won’t get away with this you know…” She hated repeating something so overly cliche, her captor looking amused at her nervous attempts at conversation. “The Voltron force will….”

“Will never find this place.” He finished smoothly for her. She frowned at that, wondering how he could be so confidant. What’s more, she wondered how he could make her doubt the abilities of her friends with such a statement, Allura holding back a sigh. She knew she had to keep hoping, had to hold fast to thoughts that rescue would be coming. She just had to hold out long enough for her saviors to arrive.

“Stand up.” The order surprised her, Allura hesitating long enough to hear the next one. “And leave the gown on the bed.”

Now that had her face burning, Allura neither liking nor wanting to obey. “B…but…” Heat crawled all over her skin, she all but clung to the delicate dress as she stared aghast at him. She was bothered by the order, but also by the realization that she was helpless to deny him. Eyes two angry storm clouds, she let the gown slip free of her hands, not caring if it wrinkled, and stood.

He was at the foot of the bed, and she kept her arm pressed over her breasts as she glared at him. He studied her for a long moment, eyeing her bared shoulders, and the quivering globes of her breasts. Her arm could not cover them completely, and his eyes narrowed into focus on what was revealed.

“Now what?” She demanded, perhaps more tartly than she should. He held all the power after all, and Allura knew it wouldn’t take much for him to make this situation even worse for her.

“Keep your hands to your sides.” Heat was in his voice, his eyes holding an anticipatory gleam. “I do no want them moving unless you plan to touch yourself.”

“That would please you, wouldn’t it?” She growled through gritted teeth, hesitating to drop her arm.

“Allura…” Her name was a warning, she forced her arm away from her breasts, and didn’t miss the pleased gasp he let out. He stared for an extraordinary amount of time, his tongue snaking out to lick across his lips. She missed none of his reaction, staring almost challengingly at him.

His eyes lovingly roamed her exposed flesh, and his hands at his side seemed to twitch, as though his fingers yearned for the touch of her. She didn’t know why he wasn’t, but she was grateful to escape his touch for as long as she could manage.

“Now the rest of it….” He said throatily, after a small eternity had passed.


“Don’t play dumb Allura.” He warned, gesturing at the lower half of her body.

Her temper flared, she made no move to pull off her pants. “I am not here to give you a free peep show!” His lips quirked at that, but she was still shouting, anger and embarrassment making her braver. “I don’t know why I’m here in fact, save to be one of your treasures!”

“And I like to LOOK at my treasures.” He replied. “Sometimes for hours at a time. I admire them, their form and their beauty. As I will admire you.”

“I am not a treasure.” She protested, feeling unsettled.

“But you are Allura. You’re MY treasure. The greatest of all my collection. Perfect and without match to your beauty.” A fanatical gleam was in his eyes, and she nearly sank back down to her knees. He noticed, and frowned, his words a threat now. “Take off your clothes or I will come there and do it for you.”

She couldn’t quite hide her gasp, knowing he would make good on his threat. What’s more, alarm was racing through her, Allura knew better than to allow him close to her while she was in any state of undress. She could almost imagine what he would do if he got his hands on her, and it made her sick with worry and fear.

“ need…” She stammered, and with shaking hands jerked off her pants. They flowed unimpeded over her legs, her boots gone long before she woke up to this nightmare. Once free of her pants, she only had her panties in place, and her tormentor was gesturing for even that to be removed. Allura closed her eyes, praying for strength as she jerkily moved the panties down her thighs.

She straightened, glaring at him with all the anger she felt, her hands curled into fists on her hips. “There…are you happy now?!”

He just stared without saying anything, his hands coming forward to grip the footboard of the bed. She heard wood splintering, and realized he was cracking the footboard from the force of his grip. It made her uncertain, even more than anything else had since awakening as his prisoner. And the way he stared at her! As if she was the only woman in the universe that mattered to him.

Color high, she stared back at him, feeling the minutes tick away. If not for his breathing, and the blinking of his eyes, she’d think he’d have turned to stone. She tried to be as unmoving as he, but occasionally Allura fidgeted, unable to bear his gaze on her.

At last he spoke, the words husky and being forced out with some difficulty. “Nothing came compare to your beauty Allura. None of the creations I have in this room, and even that dress pales in comparison to you.”

“Thank you.” She said it because it was expected of her, not that she felt any gratitude towards him. “May I dress now?” He nodded, and she quickly bent, snatching the dress off the bed. She hurriedly pulled it on, and it was like she had expected, fitting snugly over her curves. None of his tension left him when she covered herself, his fingers clenching harder on the wood.

“Tonight I will sleep with you.” He announced, and though she should have expected it, she was still startled by his intentions. “Tonight and every night. You will lay in my arms, and I will feel you.”

“No…” She whispered in protest.

“Yes…” With a smooth, fluid motion he pulled himself up on the bed, and crawled to her. She back all the way to the bed’s headboard, delaying him only by seconds from touching her. It was odd to see him down on his knees before her, her captor looking more like supplicant than the tormentor that he was. His hands reached for her, and when he laid them on her legs, she felt the tremble in them.


“Please? Please what?” He asked, hands gliding higher up her legs, slipping behind them to reach up and cup the curve of her rear. “I would never hurt you Allura. Never do anything to cause you pain.” He pressed her to him, his face about even with her belly, gazing up at her with an adoring expression.

“But you ARE hurting me.” Allura said. “With everything you’ve done tonight. With everything you continue to do…” She saw he didn’t understand, Allura frowning at his words.

“I’ve done nothing to cause you pain. I’ve been the utmost of careful to keep my treasure intact.”

“Lotor…” She sighed then gasped, he was pulling her downwards, forcing her to the bed. “Don’t…” She struggled beneath him, leery and afraid of this new position he placed them in.

“Don’t be afraid..” He whispered, pinning her wrists over her head. “I will never do anything to damage my precious treasure.”

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  1. please write the rest of this fic.
    I’m curious as to how Allura was captured and what else Lotor plans to do.

    1. I have to admit, I totally don’t remember this one. I’ll have to make time to at least reread it, but it could be it was intended to be a one shot…Sorry.

    2. Yes, I checked my own site, and found it was listed in the one shot collection. Sorry. ^^’ I guess I never intended it to be more than a brief glimpse into this particular situation.

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