Untitled Clone PWP

He set his foot down carefully, placing one foot in front of the other, avoiding twigs and pebbles as he moved. He was careful to keep sound to an absolute minimum, body rigid in it’s careful movements, Lotor avoiding brushing up against the bushes that surrounded him. It was difficult to become the silent predator, but the prince made it look effortless. His dark clothing helped, letting him become one with the shadows, Lotor avoiding stepping into sunlight’s direct path as he moved.

He was fortunate his quarry lacked his training, the girl leaving evidence of her flight from him scattered throughout the forest. Broken branches and scuffed up dirt, her shoes leaving muddied foot prints for him to follow. Over to the right of him, caught in the brambles of a bush, was a scarp of pink fabric, material torn from her jogging suit.

He paused now, fingers careful as they retrieved the pink cotton, Lotor smiling as he brought it to his nose. He breathed deeply of her scent, the fabric bearing her perfume, a heady mixture of springtime. He’d keep alert for the scent of it, sure the breeze would betray her, letting the perfume carry on it’s winds.

Almost absentmindedly, Lotor tucked the scrap onto his belt, the memento forgotten almost the instant he let go of it. He resumed his trek through the forest, stalking forward from one pool of darkness to the next.

It was not long before he saw it, a glint of gold, bright and bold compared to the greens and browns of the woods. It stood out, a stark contrast to the muted colors of nature, Lotor’s eyes narrowing as he turned in it’s direction.

He parted the leaves before him, and came to a stop, breath issuing out in a silent gasp. His quarry stood before him in a clearing, her back to him, the girl completely oblivious to her surroundings. It wasn’t surprising, not many could remain alert and aware when locked in so passionate an embrace. It couldn’t be called anything else, the girl enveloped by strong muscled arms, hands resting on the small of her back as they pressed her insistently against a broad chest.

Her own hands were on the man’s shoulders, just resting them there as she tilted her head back, not fighting the kisses that was bestowed upon her. She actually made sounds, soft murmurs of pleasure, a submissive moan escaping her when the man went to kiss the front of her throat.

For a second Lotor was stunned stupid, just staring at his love in the arms of his rival. Briefly he wondered how this could have happened, how she could have given herself to the man, handsome devil though he may be. But more than that, he wondered why she couldn’t tell that it wasn’t him that she held onto, wondered how she could be so fooled by a carbon copy of himself.

“Ah….we….we shouldn’t do this.” Moaned the girl, her eyes half closed as she tilted her head back, offering up the line of her throat to his lips. “It’s…it’s wrong…” It was a half feeble protest she offered, even as she purred out her approval of the man’s actions. A spike of white hot jealousy coursed through Lotor’s veins, even as he told himself she was merely acting this way because she thought that was him she kissed.

Those blue skinned hands of his twin moved, sliding up her back, fingers pulling up her shirt. They revealed a line of flawless skin, hands moving to touch and caress that flesh. Lotor held back a growl, and stepped forward, letting his foot land directly on a branch, crushing it with his weight. The girl barely reacted, still lost to the sensations of being touched, but the clone paused, lifting his head up to peer over her shoulder.

Their eyes met, golden pools staring at each other, Lotor’s angry and accusing. For one brief instant his twin looked guilty, like a child whose hand was caught in a cookie jar. But then his lips were curving upwards, a knowing smirk on his lips. That smirk set off the rage inside Lotor, the prince taking hurried steps forward to close the distance between them.

The clone reacted to his movements, spinning the girl around, ushering her behind his body. Lotor saw the confusion on her face, the girl looking not at him, but at the clone. “Why….why did you stop?” She asked, blushing faintly as she spoke.

“We have company.” The clone said, never taking his eyes off of Lotor. She turned her face then, lips parting to gasp. But at the sight of seeing a second Lotor, she went silent, body going still as stared open mouthed at him.

“Hello Allura.” Lotor said her name, trying to keep the jealous anger from sounding in his voice. “You’re looking well.”

Her mouth opened and closed, Allura struggling to form words. “T…two of you?! There’s two of you?!” A glance at the clone, and then she was looking back at Lotor, eyes wary. “Which one of you is real?”

“I am.” They both spoke at once, glaring at each other in open animosity.

“He’s an impostor.” Lotor spoke quickly, eyes narrowed as he growled. “A clone made by Haggar.” He hissed then, angry words tumbling out of him as he spoke to the clone. “You were supposed to be dealing with the captain of the Voltron Force. Not….not frolicking in the woods with MY princess!”

“I am not yours!” Allura corrected him, face flushing a deeper shade of red.

“She’s right.” The clone smirked, pronouncing each word with a relish. “She’s mine.”

Lotor bristled with rage, and Allura’s jaw dropped in shock. “I am not yours either!”

Now it was Lotor’s turn to smirk, seeing the clone’s face crumple in confusion at her words. He didn’t look away from Lotor though, too smart and alert to the prince’s anger. “But we kissed…you embraced me…we would have had sex if not for this interruption.”

Allura was turning redder and redder, fidgeting in place as she lowered her eyes. “We would have not!”

“We would have.” The clone was confidant. “I am sure of it.”

“No, we wouldn’t have!” Allura snapped, annoyed, and actually smacked the back of her fist against his shoulder. It was a light tap, weak and laughable in it’s attempt to hurt. “Lotor…..” She glanced between the two, still unsure of which one was the real prince of Doom. “Why do you have a clone?”

“One of my father’s ideas.” Lotor explained. “He thought Doom would have more success if there was two of me.”

“Two of you just means double the trouble.” Allura muttered, and Lotor nodded at her words.

“Yes, exactly. Although…I did not think the trouble would be mine to have.” Another angry glare, Lotor advancing forward. “I didn’t think you’d be so…ballsy as to go after what is mine!”

“Why should you have all the fun?” Demanded the clone. “Why must I do all the work, while you get the girl?”

“No one is getting me!” Allura interjected, the two men ignoring her to glower and grumble at each other.

“Because I am your master, your better, your originator.” Lotor retorted, gesturing wildly with his right hand. “I may not have made you, but I can just as easily put an end to you!”

“Your confidence will be your downfall.” The clone responded, tone cold. “Haggar made me stronger, faster….your better in all ways.” A mocking smile, his next words taunting. “It is why Allura reacts to me and not to you.”

That was the wrong thing to say, Lotor’s vision darkening as he lunged toward the clone, his hand already drawing his sword. He heard Allura scream, the clone shoving her away from him, his other hand drawing his own weapon. He pivoted on his heel, turning to clash his sword against Lotor’s. Lazon crackled in the air, a horrible screech emanating from the crossed blades.

“I always knew you were a mistake.” Lotor snarled as they pulled apart. “But worry not, I’ll soon put you out of your misery!”

“That’s my line!” protested the clone, stabbing his arm forward as he tried to impale Lotor on his sword’s tip. The prince of Doom hastily brought his arm down, blocking the blow at the last second. “I’ll kill you, and once you are dead, I’ll take not only the girl, but your crown as well!”

“You can try!” retorted Lotor, thrusting his sword at the clone’s face. “But I will not be so easily defeated!” The clone leaned to the side, desperate to avoid the sword, it’s tip singing off a few white strands of his hair. His eyes seemed to flash in rage at the close call, swinging his arm upwards as he attempted to knock the sword out of Lotor’s hand.

Lotor blocked him, sweeping his right leg at the clone’s feet, knocking him off balance. The clone fell backwards with a grunt, Lotor dropping to one knee as he stabbed downwards with his sword. Allura screamed in horror, the clone rolling out of the way, Lotor’s blade just missing it’s mark.

The clone ceased his rolling, and kicked out with his legs, doing a kind of jump that pushed him upwards in one move. He rushed to the kneeling Lotor, the prince bringing his sword up over his head to parry the sword’s strike. The clone laughed, and pushed down harder on his blade, Lotor struggling to keep it from moving his arms back. He could feel the lazon’s heat on top of his head, perilously close to scorching his scalp.

“Stop it!” Allura shouted, and ran towards them. “Stop this pointless fighting!”

With a yell, Lotor shoved the sword up and away from him, swinging his arm in a wild arc. The clone slashed at the air at the same instant Lotor did, and they heard a female scream. That frightened sound made them pause, both men looking in the direction of Allura. She was standing right next to them, face pale, eyes wide as she slowly looked down at her chest. The front of her top was torn open, the lazon searing through the cotton, and severing the bra’s lace in one smooth move.

Lotor wasn’t sure which one of their swords had landed the blow on Allura, and right now he didn’t care. He and the clone both dropped their weapons, twin concern mirrored on their faces as they stepped towards Allura. She was in a state of shock, just staring at her ruined blouse, unflinching when their hands landed on her.

“Allura, are you all right?” They both asked at the same time, pausing to glare at each other.

“Uh….” She made just a sound, and for a second she seemed to wilt as though she might faint. The two men held her up, quick to catch her should she collapse. Lotor touched the singed ends of her top, nudging them aside to peer more closely at her skin. He breathed a sigh of relief to see her skin was unmarked, the blade miraculously missing her body.

“I’m sorry.” Lotor said, and pulled her to him, hugging her close. The clone made a protesting sound, reaching to grab Allura’s shoulders. He forcibly yanked Allura out of Lotor’s embrace, taking his turn to hug the pale princess.

“I’m sorry too.” The clone said gruffly, taking the time to nuzzle his cheek against the side of her face. “We shouldn’t be fighting around you.”

“No, we should not.” Agreed Lotor with a nod of his head. He reached for her arm, trying to yank her back to him. The clone’s eyes narrowed, and he grabbed her other arm, leaving the two Drules to play tug of war with the princess’ body.

That seemed to snap Allura out of her shocked state, the princess shouting as she tried to get her arms free of them. “Stop it, you two! Can’t you get along for longer than a minute?!”

They abruptly let go of her, their eyes locked on each other above her head. Lotor quirked an eyebrow at his clone, the clone slowly nodding his head, a kind of truce being decided.

“Allura…” Lotor said her name huskily, the girl turning to look at him warily.

“What?” She asked, an instant before he hugged her. “Lotor!” A shocked squeal of his name, Allura squirming to get free. “What are you doing?!” He just smiled, and kissed her, hearing her protests muffled by his lips. She pushed against his chest, fingers digging into his uniform’s kevlar, desperate to get free.

He let her, watching as she stumbled backwards, right into the chest of the clone. “Now is not the time for this foolishness!” She managed to say before the clone spun her around, one hand tangling his fingers in the back of her hair. She let out a muffled humph, getting kissed just as thoroughly as before, Allura flailing about, trying to escape the clone’s grasp.

“What is wrong with you two?!” She demanded when the kiss was broken. “Why are you acting this way?!”

“We’ve come to a decision.” Lotor said, not quite smiling as he looked at her.

“Oh?” Suspicion in her tone, she asked, “What kind of decision?”

“Guess.” A lazy smile from him, Lotor looking at her hungrily.

“Oh no…” breathed out Allura, trying to step to the side to evade them both. “No, you don’t…”

“She guessed” grinned the clone, having moved when Allura did. He kept pressed against her, hands landing on her shoulders to pin her in place as Lotor approached.

“Allura is a very smart girl.” Lotor replied, also grinning. “Lucky too…”

“I don”t feel lucky!” She snapped, then went still as the clone nuzzled his lips against the side of her face. Lotor felt the flickers of jealous emotion, but he pushed it back down, placing his hands on her hips as he leaned in to whisper against her cheek.

“Oh I disagree. You are a very…” A lick then, Lotor’s tongue playful as it moved along her flesh, heading towards her ear. “Very lucky girl. After all…” A husky whisper in her ear, Allura seeming to tremble at the sound of his voice. “You’re about to live out the fantasy many women have only dreamed of.” A throaty chuckle followed his statement, the clone amused but in agreement with his words.

Working in tandem, they each took an ear, lips fastening onto one perfect lobe, gentle bites that had Allura gasping. Again that quiver of movement, the princess unsure of where to move, trapped between two hard bodies. Lotor decided to steal away her wiggle room, pressing himself firmly against her front, leaving her sandwiched securely between him and his clone.

He heard her let out a shuddery breath, Allura making a sound as she tried to form words. “Lotor….you…I don’t even know what to call you…” She said to the clone, his tongue planting right behind her ear, a quick flick of it that made her gasp.

“You can call me whatever you like.” The clone purred out in response, once again nuzzling his lips against the curve of her ear.

“Stop that!” Allura exclaimed, but she didn’t sound like she meant it, her voice all gasping and hesitant. “We are not doing this…”

“Doing what?” Lotor asked mischievously, feeling Allura’s hands pushing against his chest.

“This!” She said more firmly, then let out a whimper as he began running his lips against the line of her jaw. “I’m…..ooooh…I’m not going to sleep with you….with either of you!”

“Sleeping is the furthest thing from my mind.” Lotor smirked, enjoying the salty taste of her skin. “What about you?”

“We can sleep later.” Said the clone, his fingers flexing as he attempted to knead out the tension in Allura’s shoulders. “But for now….”

“Now?” prodded Allura when he fell silent, seeming anxious for him to finish his statement.

“Now we fuck.” The clone was blunt, Allura gasping at his words, beginning a vigorous struggle that had her body rubbing against both of theirs. Lotor didn’t know about his clone, but for him his body instantly reacted to the feel of her flesh moving against his. The first flickers of desire centering itself in his groin, cock twitching with awakened interest as Allura brushed against it.

:Oh no….oh no…” She repeated her words, shaking her head no, eyes tightly closed. “This is not happening…I know…this is a dream….I’m back in the castle, in my bedroom having a nightmare.”

“I think I’m insulted.” Lotor pouted, hearing the clone echo his sentiments.

“Me too.” The clone suddenly bumped his groin against Allura’s rear, grinding hard against her. “Does this feel like a dream to you?”

That set off a new wave of tremors, Allura’s eyes still closed as the clone wriggled against her, a moan escaping him. “No dream, no nightmare…” Lotor told her, his lips now by her mouth, each word brushing them together, a kiss unclaimed for the moment. “I can assure you that we are only too real, and hungry for you.”

“But…you can’t…I mean…” Lotor noted the blush on her cheeks as Allura fumbled for her words. He waited patiently for her to finish, though his hands were not idle, brushing fingertips across her belly. The clone had his hands in her hair, quickly unraveling her bun, the silver pins being dropped carelessly on the forest floor. “There’s only one of me, and two of you!” That last was said high pitched, Allura nervous and red-faced. “It…it won’t work….I mean….uh…”

“She’s so innocent…” chuckled the clone, giving her scalp a nuzzle.

“Yes, she is. Isn’t it endearing?” asked Lotor, his hands working to undo her belt. Allura made a protesting sound, a noise he ignored to drop the belt onto the ground. “My dear sweet Allura, I—we have so much to teach you….about men and women…..and the way three can share in pleasure…”

“What if I don’t want to learn?” She asked, but he could hear the intrigued note in her voice.

“Then we’ll….stop.” Lotor said, and pulled back, seeing the stunned look on her face. The clone jerked his head up, a question in his eyes.

“We will?” he asked at the same time Allura spoke, disbelief in her tone.

“You will?”

“Yes. We will.” Lotor said, putting regret in his voice. “It’s your choice Allura….we can continue….or we can….simply stop.” She stared at him, blue eyes looking disappointed, Allura licking her lips as she considered her words.

“We….three can really share in pleasure at the same time?” She couldn’t keep the curiosity at her voice, Allura looking to Lotor for the truth. He nodded, and smiled, a wicked look that sent her shivering once more. “How?”

“Why tell you when we can show you?” The clone whispered in her ear, his hands back on her shoulders.

She fell silent, staring at Lotor, the clone molesting her ear with his lips and tongue. Slowly she nodded, blush back on her face as she whispered, “Show me.”

Triumph flared in both men’s eyes, Lotor stepping towards her once more, his hands on her sides as he pressed his lips against her mouth. She seemed to sigh against him, softly yielding to the pressure he exerted, lips parting when his tongue licked across her bottom lip. He tried to be gentle, but his need for her had him pushing hard against her, lips sure to swell from the force of his kiss.

Her own tongue was clumsy as it tried to mimic the movements, Allua inexperienced at giving anything more than chaste pecks on cheeks. Her tongue faltered and slid around, Lotor curling his around hers in an effort to guide her into a more ordered movement. Slowly she picked up on the technique, her velvet muscle turning to lavish caresses against his.

The clone made a sound, impatient for his turn, Lotor releasing Allura’s lips with a sigh. Before she could recover, the clone turned her head, capturing her lips with his. Lotor couldn’t help but wonder which one was the better kisser, seeing Allura melting against him, her hands moving to touch his face. Lotor hid his annoyance by burying his face against the side of her neck, mouth quick to fasten on skin just above her pulse point. His lips moved, kneading and sucking at the skin between his teeth, working to darken her skin into a bruise.

A sound from Allura, she was trying to break the kiss, her moan growing louder once the clone let her up for air. He smiled at her, brushing his thumb against her bottom lip, voice sounding pleased as he spoke. “That was nice.”

“Yes…” She faintly agreed. “Nice…..ah!” Lotor had bit down on her skin, pressing the imprint of his fangs into her flesh, stealing her attention away from the clone. Her hands dropped from his face, moving one to touch Lotor’s shoulder, the other being caught in the clone’s grasp. He lifted that hand of hers, bringing it to his lips, placing kisses on her palm in a show of reverent respect.

Allura stared at the clone, watching as he mouth chose a finger, kissing along the length of it until Lotor distracted her by working to pull off her shirt. “Lotor!” She gasped out his name, eyes on him as he exposed her collarbone and shoulders, his lips pressing against the newly revealed skin. Lower went the sleeves of her top, until they slid over her hands, the material fluttering as it fell to the ground.

Her bra hung in place, awkwardly ripped open by the lazon, just barely keeping her breasts covered. Lotor reached for them now, his hands pealing the bra back so her breasts spilled out into the open, his kisses still on her shoulder.

“Wait…wait…” Allura sounded breathless, worried. “Too fast….you’re moving too fast for me….AHHH!” A loud moan from her, Lotor palming her breasts in his hands, squeezing and kneading her pliant skin.

“Not moving fast enough.” Said the clone, and he grabbed the back of her bra, giving a jerk that had the straps on her shoulders tearing. The shredded remains of the lace was thrown to the ground, the clone pressing a kiss to the back of her shoulder. His own hands slid to the front of her, moving upwards to brush against Lotor’s hand, trying to knock them away so he could have his own feel of ample charms.

Lotor reluctantly let go of one breast, allowing the clone to take it in hand, his own fingers moving to pinch her right nipple into a hardened peak. Allura let out a squeak at the pinch, trying to pull back. It only drove her against the clone’s chest, his hand groping her left breast, palm pressed against her nipple.

“I think it’s time we get a little more comfortable…” Lotor decided, letting go of Allura. She looked at him uncomprehending, her whole face a sensual look as she moaned from the clone’s squeezing.

“Comfortable?” asked Allura, Lotor already undoing his belt. It dropped to the floor with a thump, the prince of Doom already reaching to remove his tunic. The clone mimicked his movements, Allura staring wide eyed at two bare chests, perfect physiques with flawless blue skin. She flushed, embarrassed, bringing her arms to cover her own breasts.

Lotor let her keep that attempt at modesty, kneeling down to spread his tunic across the forest floor. The clone added his to the pile, Lotor gathering Allura’s shirt, and using it to cover more ground. It was a makeshift blanket they made for her, clothes meant to cushion her skin from the pebbles strewn about the dirt. Lotor remained kneeling, one hand patting the center of the blanket.


“I…” She was hesitating again, and the clone made a sound of impatience, hands touching her sides.

“Sit.” He ordered, a hissed out command as he dragged her down to the ground with him. She ended up between his spread legs, back pressed into him as he hugged her close. His hands moved, the clone reaching to take hold of her breasts, gentle but insistent touches that left Allura writhing and moaning.

Never one to sit out on the action, Lotor crawled forward, moving his body up against Allura’s. Their torso touched, bare skin sending an electric thrill through Lotor, Allura gasping and looking at him. A grin from Lotor, he brought his face to her belly, kissing at her stomach. He took the time to dip his tongue in her belly button, Allura jerking back from the sensation of it wiggling about.

The clone continued to knead her breasts, his mouth on the crook of her shoulder, lavishing attention on it. But Allura’s attention was all on Lotor, watching the prince as he left a moist trail of kisses up her stomach. He kissed all the way between her breasts, one hand batting the clone’s away as he moved to place attention on her left breast.

The clone lifted his head, watching curiously as Lotor began kissing the curve of one perfect breast, mouthing at the tender skin, lifting it upwards to nuzzle his face against the underside. Allura broke out into goose bumps, her head falling back as she moaned out Lotor’s name. His lips stayed puckered against her skin, kissing around in circles, moving ever closer to her nipple.

He licked teasingly on the darker skin of her areola, deftly avoiding the nipple that seemed to grow harder from want of attention. “Lotor…” Allura moaned, trying to force her nipple against his lips. “Don’t tease me…”

He did one brief lick against that hardened bit of flesh, and then let his breath blow on it, making her shiver. “Teasing, who is teasing?”

“You are!” Allura said, practically pouting. “Please….I need….need…”

“What do you need?” Lotor asked, lips brushing against her nipple as he questioned her.


“Good girl.” He praised her, fastening his lips onto her nipple. She made a happy squeal, arching her back so that her breast pressed more firmly against his mouth. Lotor smirked around the nipple in his mouth, using suction to draw on it, lips making a smacking sound as he sucked. Somehow, Allura’s hands ended up in his hair, fingers stroking through his mane as she murmured encouragements to him.

He didn’t just use his mouth, he put his tongue to good use, letting it wash over her nipple, pushing against it teasingly. Allura seemed to really like that, crying out, “More!” as she petted him more vigorously.

“I want to try.” The clone said, giving her breast one last squeeze. “It looks….delicious.”

“It is.” Confirmed Lotor, the clone helping him to lower Allura flat onto their clothing. The clone shifted about, moving to crawl so he was side by side with Lotor, the two men leaning over Allura. For a second uncertainty flashed in her eyes, Allura look worried at seeing two princes of Doom grinning down at her. But before she could voice a protest, they each took a breast in hand, mouths descending to capture her nipples.

Birds took flight at her shriek of ecstasy, Allura arching and grabbing at their heads. She pressed them so close to her, they could have suffocated against her flesh, both men dutifully sucking. An unspoken competition opened up between them, Lotor increasing the speed of his sucks, hearing Allura moan and feeling her shake. He had no way of knowing what the clone was doing, just hearing Allura as she pleaded for mercy.

“Please, oh please…” Allura was panting, half moans escaping her as she begged for something. Lotor had a pretty good idea what she was wanting, needing, his hand going down her belly. A light airy caress, and then his fingers were slipping under the waist band of her pants. “Ah no!” Allura squealed, trying to close her legs around his fingers.

Her actions just left his hand trapped against her center, Lotor doing a soft touch down her panty covered slit. The material was damp, Allura wet with arousal and moaning for more.

The clone barely acknowledged Lotor releasing his hold on Allura’s breast, his hand quick to claim the abandoned nipple. His fingers pinched and rubbed it, determined not to leave it neglected.

Lotor himself was determined to see to a part that was surely aching for attention, his hands tugging down Allura’s pants and panties. He pulled them over her sandals, leaving them crumpled on the ground, his attention focused on her wet womanhood.

It seemed to glisten, moisture on her slit, Lotor’s hands forcing her legs to part wider as he settled himself in between them. He felt the tremble in her thighs, Allura fighting against his hold, Lotor smirking as he lifted one shapely leg. He pressed his lips against the back of her knee, kissing down and to the inside of her thigh. His tongue traced patterns on her skin, licking up the saltiness, lips pursing to mark her on the sensitive inside of her thigh.

He licked across that mark, his tongue moving higher up her leg, Lotor nuzzling his lips against the crease where leg joined her body. His hair fell forward, brushing against her womanhood, Allura reacting to that soft caress. She cried out, Lotor smirking as he brought his mouth to bare against her center.

Just a pressing of his tongue, droplets of moisture transferring from her to him. He licked at her folds, trying to lap up each and every drop, though she seemed to produce more wetness from each stroke of his tongue. Her hips shook, Allura gasping and squealing in glee from each movement of his tongue. He smiled to himself, just having gotten started, tongue seeking out the liquid honey that seemed to flow out of her in droves.

He teased, he tormented, doing slow drags of his tongue that sent her trembling, her voice almost fitful as she begged him to stop. His fingers spread her lips, opening her wider to his tongue, Lotor determined to leave no spot untouched. He moved his muscle from side to side, wiggling it back and forth then changing tactics completely. Up and down it would go, sure confidant strokes, sliding slippery along her wetness.

Allura made all kinds of sound, loud and praising, crying out for more as she wiggled against his face. He couldn’t see what the clone was doing, had no way of knowing if he was annoyed with the reaction Lotor was causing in Allura. Lotor simply focused on his task of pleasing the woman that he loved, licking his way to her clit, hard strokes of his tongue that had Allura bucking her body, trying to pull away from him.

He grabbed onto her hips, drawing her more securely against his mouth, tongue teasing that tiny nub of flesh almost viciously so. Allura’s voice was garbled with joy, the girl seeming incoherent as she moaned and whimpered nonsense. Lotor let out a moan of his own, tongue twirling around her clit, teasing circles a moment before he fastened his lips around it.

She really thrashed about, fighting against his hands, her scream of pleasure dying down, leaving Lotor confused. He sucked harder, determined to hear her cry out again but nothing came, though her body trembled and seemed to drench itself with her desires.

One last flick of his tongue, his chin wet, Lotor raised his head and saw why she was so quiet. The clone had taken her mouth, lips pressed against her in a desperate attempt to silence her. His pants were open, his one hand holding onto her wrist, forcing her fingers around his revealed erection. Allura was no limp wristed damsel, moving her hand, fingers curled and squeezing as she stroked the clone’s cock harder.

A jealous surge converged on Lotor, his eyes narrowing as he watched them kiss, his own cock reminding him that he had needs to. Needs he not wait on, Lotor unzipping his pants. His own cock was thick and long, ready for action as he pressed it against her womanhood.

Allura did not, could not look to see what he was doing, the clone’s other hand in her hair, holding her trapped against his face. Lotor stifled a growl, and with a triumphant shout, thrust inside her, penetrating her in one swift movement.

That got Allura’s attention, the girl’s muffled shrieks erupting against the clone’s face as her hymen was torn apart. The clone sensed the change in her, lifting his head to glare at Lotor. “You hurt her.”

“A momentary pain, of that you can be assured.” Lotor retorted, glancing at Allura. Her eyes were closed, tears escaping them as she sniffled, Lotor feeling bad at the pain he had caused her. “I’m sorry…” He said, not moving for the moment.

“It’s okay.” She said not looking at him. “I….I knew it would hurt…I just…just didn’t expect it….”

“Will you be okay?” asked the clone, stroking her cheek, a concerned look in his eyes. She nodded, giving the clone a brave smile, even as she tensed at Lotor’s movement.

“Relax.” Lotor ordered, feeling how tight she was gripping him. “You do yourself a disfavor in tensing up.”

“I’ll try..” Allura said, doing her best to obey his orders.

“Better.” Lotor said, this time moaning in approval. He began moving, slow and hesitant at first, alert to any winces or pain she might voice. Slowly she relaxed even further, Lotor sliding in and out of her, the way slick with how damp she was.

She went from looking scared and nervous, to letting a tiny moan escape her, Allura embarrassed by her sounds. Lotor smiled at her, and picked up speed, knowing he was doing something right if she was starting to cry out in pleasure once more.

The clone resumed petting her hair, but it was clear his attention was elsewhere. He brought her hand to his cock, once again encouraging her to stroke him, Allura tightening her fingers around his length.

“I’m going to turn you…” Lotor suddenly said, pulling out of Allura momentarily. She glanced at him in surprise, Lotor smiling at her an instant before he flipped her onto her stomach. She ended up crouched on her hands and knees, Lotor gripping her hips as he plunged back inside her. The clone bent to give her one quick kiss, and then he was shoving his pants down, his erection twitching in Allura’s face.

She seemed to react on instinct, making a grab for it, a hand caressing it. The clone moaned, waiting patiently for her to do more, Lotor speaking out loud, a none too subtle hint in his words. “Your mouth Allura, use your mouth.”

“My mouth?” She sounded confused, hesitating as she stared at the cock in her hand.


“Please…” moaned the clone, Allura nervous as she touched her tongue to the head of his cock. The clone cried out, Allura licking at him, wetting his length thoroughly before she allowed her lips to part wider. The clone hissed out her name, sinking his fingers into her hair as she enveloped his cock with the warmness of her mouth.

Lotor continued to thrust into Allura from behind, each push of hips causing her to move forward, her mouth sliding down the length of the clone’s dick. The clone himself would do a thrusting motion in response, not quite as vigorous as Lotor’s, pushing Allura back against Lotor’s cock. It was like this they made love to her, Allura rocking back and forth, impaled on both ends.

She let out muffled squeals, unable to keep quiet even with the dick in her mouth. Her one hand reached for the back of the clone’s leg, Allura holding onto his ass as she sucked on his dick. The act of sucking seemed to make her grow tighter, Lotor’s hips pounding away, a frantic rhythm as he fought to give them both pleasure. He didn’t mean to look at the clone, but their eyes met over Allura’s body, a challenge crackling between them.

Lotor renewed his efforts, determined not to be the first to come. The clone was pumping his hips, thrusting merrily away at Allura’s mouth, the princess taking it all with little complaint. Suddenly the clone tensed, his head falling back as he let out a loud shout. Wordless joy came from him, the man’s seed gushing forth to fill Allura’s mouth, the princess making a squeal of protest.

~Yes!~ Lotor thought triumphantly, pleased the clone had lost their little wager. Now he lost himself to the pleasurable feel of Allura’s body, no longer holding back as he built himself and her towards a release. She soon came, a loud cry of surprised pleasure issuing out of her throat, her insides clamping down like a vise around Lotor’s cock. That alone nearly got him to spill his seed inside her, Lotor slamming harder into her three more times, and then with a shout he came.

He held her still as he emptied his release inside her, bending down over her back to plant kisses between her shoulder blades. “You did so good Allura…” He praised her in between kisses, still not ready to pull out of her.

“Yes…” agreed the clone, looking satisfied. “Very good indeed.”

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