Untitled Merla Ryder Fic

I’m at yet another one of the King’s all too boring meet and greets, a laughable affair he likes to call a party. That old fool has never known how to throw a real one, always skimping on the cash needed for food, booze, and entertainment. Especially the booze aspect, we Drules like to drink. And yet our King would rather we moderate ourselves, or worse yet, drink WATER while attending one of his so called parties.

I don’t know why I’ve bothered to even show up, it’s not as if I couldn’t have wiggled my way off this particular hook. There was plenty of excuses I could have given, and as a high ranking officer in the King’s army, I could have arranged for something to have happened to prevent myself from having to attend. I tell myself it’s to keep the prince company, Lotor’s been looking especially down lately, something to do with that princess of Arus’ latest rejection.

I tell him he doesn’t need that little girl, that there are plenty of more experienced women out there that would be thrilled to take all he has to offer. But the poor S.O.B. is hung up on the princess, and no amount of boozing and wenching has gotten him to cheer up. Not even that new batch of slaves, half a dozen blonde human females all eager with their heaving chests, and baby blue eyes and moist lips. Even they can’t put a smile on the prince’s face for long, though I can smell the sex oozing of him. He’s not fool enough to not attend to that particular need.

The princess doesn’t know what she’s missing, and I say to hell with her. To hell with Lotor too, if he can’t appreciate the new slave girls and the non stop sex they offer. Hell, give those slaves to me, and I’d show them a few tricks of my own. Not that I need many tricks, I’m more than experienced in pleasing women without resorting to extras. It’s true what they say about size, but you also need the know how to use what you got, and stamina doesn’t hurt either. And I’ve got all three.

Course, my reputation is nothing like the prince’s, but then what Drule is? Lotor’s made a habit of fucking his way through the Denubian Galaxy, and even took a few lovers in the Milky Way. A string of broken hearts, and torn panties litter his path, and the rest of us can only struggle to keep up with him.

But it’s a struggle I throw myself into willingly, seeking out partners left and right. I’m usually not kept wanting, and even if the prince steals a gal from me here and there, there’s always a new body to replace the one that went off with Lotor.

Even now I watch him, Lotor gliding through the room, a gloomy expression on his face. He’s not even trying to be charming, and the females are flocking to him. Noble sluts the lot of them, all Drule and wearing more jewelry than I thought possible. They twinkle and gleam, and lips are licked, and fingers trailed on his arm. More than one possessive look is exchanged, a female trying to back off another with the smirk and glare on her face.

Lotor might even take three or four to bed tonight, he’s always like variety. I’ll be there to nab those disappointed few who didn’t get a go at the prince, but so far none has caught my attention. They’re beautiful yes, but they all miss that something special.

Until SHE arrives. I smell her before I see her, some subtle perfume that complements not hides her body’s natural scent. It’s expensive, whatever it is, and for some reason I find myself breathing deeper to experience more of her. I have to fight not to turn, don’t want to ruin my game by revealing my interest too early. She’d have to be a mind reader to know how I’m reacting, and wouldn’t you know it? Just my luck, she is one, for as she sweeps past me, I see her braided pink hair coiled up in a bun and realize this is the Queen.

Merla. I think her name with such longing it surprises me, and I wonder, with heat in my cheeks, if that thought was projected to her. But she doesn’t turn, doesn’t even acknowledge me, going straight to King Zarkon to exchange whatever passes for pleasantries between them. But I am rooted to the spot, staring at her backside, memorizing everything about it.

She’s dressed in dark purple, a color fitting for one as royal as she. The dress is backless, swooping down so low I swear when she moves I catch a sight of the top curve of her ass. That almost glimpse is enough to get the blood flowing downwards, I’m shifting, trying to hide the start of my erection. Damn leather pants don’t give me much room, growing tight and uncomfortable in the crotch.

I find myself maneuvered behind a table, still studying her back view. That dress is so tight it should be outlawed, it leaves no imagination as it clings lovingly to every curve. Mostly I’m focused on the obscene way it’s holding onto her ass, and I have a sudden image of myself bending Merla over, and pounding into her from behind, watching her cheeks quiver with every thrust into her sex.

I hold back a curse, wondering why such a clear picture filled my mind, even as I reach to break off a piece of the ice sculpture on the table. I want to press that ice against my crotch, try to force my dick to calm down. It’s a losing battle, Merla suddenly tosses her hair back, laughing at something the king said. She looks so damn beautiful, especially when she laughs, and I find myself wishing it was me that was the one witty enough to amuse the Queen.

I’m openly staring at her, she’s got me wrapped around her finger and she hasn’t even acknowledge me. She turns slightly, and I see her profile, my eyes studying that perfect nose, and high cheek bones. She’s such a pretty shade of blue, lighter than even the prince. She must have some human in her…I’d rather she have some Ryder in her, hard and pumping, making those painted lips of hers part on a gasp.

I’m still thinking decadent thoughts about slipping between her legs when she turns enough for me to see the front of her dress. It’s as stunning as the back, surely she’s using some kind of double sided adhesive to keep it in place over those large breasts of hers. I’ve never been jealous of tape before, and now I wish I was it, just some flimsy object smeared over her breasts.

Whoah…that brings an image to mind, my cock throbbing violently as I imagine painting Merla’s breasts with my seed. The white would look especially lovely on her blue skin, and it’s almost as good an image as the thought of having her wrapped around me. Surely I moan then, and I bite my lip hard enough to bleed as people turn to stare at me.

Damn! What is with this woman?! Why does she make me lose control and think such thoughts? Sure I’ve had fantasies about women before, but never has my cock gotten so hard so fast. I have to do something about this, have to have her, but I don’t dare approach her while she’s with Lotor’s old man. He could cut me down just for looking at them funny, Zarkon’s never liked me, always said I favored his son over him. I can’t help it if Lotor is the better man to work for, I gave my allegiance to the prince long ago.

Someone steps in my line of sight, severing the vision that is Merla. I hear myself growl, and the slave quickly scurries away, carrying his tray of food elsewhere. When I seek out Zarkon, Merla is no longer by his side, and I panic. Where is she?! I’m scanning the room, seeing Lotor leading those nobles to a darkened corner, but no Merla. I’m both relieved she is not with Lotor, and oddly worried. At least then I’d know where she is, even if it meant my best friend was fucking her brains out.

Suddenly her perfume is on me, and I feel those magnificent breasts pressing into my back. I stiffen, and not just in my pants, back going ram rod straight as I yearn to have my shirt out of the way. I want to feel those beautiful breasts on me, without any fabrics in the way. I want to feel her rub her stiff nipples into my skin, until I can’t stand it anymore, and I turn to take one in my mouth.

Her breath blows across my right air, the Queen has gone on tip toe to speak to me. Her voice is a throaty purr, I realize she’s asking me to come with her. The ice drops from my hand, I’d follow her to hell and back if need be, just for a glimpse at the paradise between her legs. Again that heat in my face as she laughs, the sound a throaty chuckle that lets me know she’s picked up on my thoughts.

I’m a bit mortified that she can read me so easily, but also intrigued. She’s not running away, nor is she reprimanding me for thinking about a Queen in that manner. Instead she pressed against my back more insistently, and wonders of wonders, I feel her lips capture the lobe of my ear. Hot and fast, a sharp sting, she’s piercing me with her fangs. It’s all I can do not to moan, a Drule’s ears is their weak spot, and can turn a male into a puddle to be molded in the female’s hands.

More of that wicked laughter of hers, and then she is stepping away. I immediately miss the feel of her breasts on my back, and I quickly turn to follow her. She has not waited for me, already walking towards the room’s exit. People seem to just melt away from her as she walks with a seductive sway of her ass. My eyes are glued to it’s wiggle, and I bumped into several someone’s who are foolish enough to cross my path.

Trying not to curse, I growl and shove them out of my way, forcing a path after Merla. I catch up to her in the hallway, and can wait no more. She wouldn’t have called me out here if she didn’t want me, not after she purposefully bit my ear. My hands go around her slim waist, Some of my fingers touch bare skin where the dress is open. She is hot, but then I knew she’d be, Merla ever the hot temperatured woman.

I lean in to claim her lips, and suddenly she wiggles free with a frown. I’m confused only long enough to hear drunken laughter behind us. Of course. She deserves better than to be treated as a slave that is only fit for a quick rutting in the hall. I bow to her, and tell her that wherever she leads I will follow. A slow smirk appears on Merla’s face, and she purrs again.

“Yes, Ryder.” She says. “I know.”

I shiver at hearing my name on her lips, but am not surprised she knows who I am. She could have easily picked that information out of my mind, and I wouldn’t have fought her to let her read me like an open book. Anything she wants to know is hers for the ready, even the embarrassing depth of how much I want her.

That want is magnified a dozen times over as I follow her to her chambers. I can’t focus on the room they gave the Queen, all I am staring at is her ass in that dress. I reach for her again once the door to her room closes, and she lets me kiss her this time. It is a hard, passionate claiming of mouths, I attempt to thrust my tongue in her mouth, only to find her pushing against it, the Queen trying to take control of my mouth.

Amused, and increasingly turned on, I duel tongues with her, each of us fighting for control. There’s little ground to win, whatever I take she quickly reclaims, until she’s finally nibbling on my lip, fangs pressing in sharp enough to bleed me. I close my eyes with a moan, feeling her suck on the blood welling up in my lip. Blood is such an aphrodisiac to us Drules, especially our own. The Queen is making satisfied sounds as she dines on me, and all I can think is the other places I want her to suck.

Suddenly my clothes are being ripped off, I almost gasp like a girl, not having expect her aggression this soon. Not when she was so lost to the taste of my blood. But then it must have triggered desires in her, my shirt is in ragged strips, and the sleeves are tangled down by my wrists. She’s licking and kissing all over my chest, even as her fingers deftly undo my belt, and open up the fly of my pants.

I have no problem with her quick and eager pace, my head going back as I lean against the wall. She’s fastened her lips on one blue nipple, and is sucking just as fierce as she had on my lip. My nipple immediately stiffens, and I’m moaning like a fool just from that. And then she starts pinching the other one, playing with my nipples as though I was a girl!

What’s worse, I’m reacting like one, but it’s okay because it’s the Queen. She can do almost anything to me, and I won’t mind. She knows this, and reacts with scratching her nails down my front, leaving bloody welts on my abdomen. Her tongue follows those claw marks, the Queen licking up the blood, even trying to suck on the wounds.

The part I want her to suck the most is nudging against her breasts, I’m trying not to wiggle in place as she laps up my blood. I hear a moan, and realize it’s me, I’m saying please over and over, begging as though she’s my first woman! She looks up at me, purple lips stained crimson and smiles. I’m taken with the beauty of that expression, even as an awed breath escapes me as she drops down to her knees.

Oh yes, oh yes, is all I can think in that moment. I’m actually being worshipped by a Queen, Merla taking my cock in her hand, and caressing her long claws over the sensitive flesh. She traces a vein with one claw, and I tense, waiting to be bled. Instead she laps at the oozing head of my cock, making a trilling purr that shows how she’s relishing the taste of me.

I want to order her to hurry, but how do you command a Queen? I’m just a solider, one who excels in the communications department. I’m not like Zarkon, with an Empire at my command, Merla would surely laugh and walk away if I gave her an order. And yet I don’t want to beg, just watching as she licks and twirls her tongue over the tip of me.

I realize I’m holding my breath at the same instant she parts those pretty lips to take me into her. I try to breathe, it comes out a scream, Merla letting another inch go inside her mouth. She sucks as she goes down me, each inch bringing me deeper inside, until the tip of my dick is touching the back of her throat. I can’t believe I am being deep throated by Drule royalty, the Queen holding onto the base of me with one fist. The other hand is reaching up to pinch one of my nipples, an added stimulation that makes me moan and twitch in her mouth.

“DON’T!” I say through gritted teeth, not wanting her to make me come so fast. I want to savor this moment, enjoy the sensation of being sucked off by a Queen. Especially a Queen as talented as Merla is, the woman sealing her lips tight around me, and sucking like a machine. She actually hums around me, the vibrations going down my shaft. And then she starts to bob her head up and down my length, lips leaving moist rings on my skin.

Before I know it, my fingers are in her hair, and I wish she wasn’t wearing that braided bun. As beautiful and enticing as the nape of her neck is, I want that pink mass down. I shiver and wish I could feel her hair brushing against my skin, but realize it’s more than enough what she’s doing.

Occasionally Merla lets me pop out of her mouth completely, and it is then that she digs her tongue into the slit. That drives me wild in a different way, and it isn’t long before I’m back in her mouth, thrusting like a mad man. I’m sorta horrified at how I am treating the mouth of a Queen, but also thrilled to be giving into my body’s desires. My hips have taken on a life of their own, they just know to move, and my dick slides over her tongue.

She doesn’t fight me like the last slave girl I did this to, that one actually beat at my hands holding her head steady. Merla instead purrs and makes hungry sounds, sounding like she is enjoying this rough treatment. To hear such satisfaction from her, it brings me over the edge, I come with an animalistic roar, my seed almost violent as it shoots out of me.

I don’t let go of her hair, and she doesn’t try to pull back. She’s drinking it all down, even as some of my come spills out the corner of her mouth. The white looks pretty on the blue, and I almost regret not getting to splatter some on her breasts. I pray that there will be a next time to do just that, when suddenly the scene changes before me.

I’m still in the guest room, leaning against a wall. My knees are weak, and I feel spent. And sticky. I don’t have to glance down to know I’ve come in my pants, even as I frown at the realization that I am still completely dressed. My shirt has not been destroyed, not even one button is gone. Nor is Merla anywhere near me, but all the way across the room, laying back on the bed.

She’s watching me, her chest shaking with her laughter, that wicked sound sending shivers down my spine. I realize she’s tricked me, the damn witch has done nothing with my prick, nothing save make me come with just the thoughts she projected into my mind. I am astounded to think of how powerful she is, but also pissed, having wanted the real thing, wanted her and not some fantasy she fed me.

She’s still laughing, Merla’s reading my mind and the hurt feelings I have. I have to school my thoughts to not betray my next actions, I’m lunging across the room, towards her. I hear Merla gasp. and together we fall back on the bed. I’ve pinned her beneath me, and I stare down at her. She’s not laughing now, her lips in a round o of shock. I don’t even know if we’ve really kissed, and I bend over her to claim that from her.

My tongue plunders her shocked mouth, and this time I don’t let her fight me. I am all over her, tongue rubbing against hers, pinning it down whenever she tries to push back. I smash my lips so hard into hers, I’m sure the imprint of our teeth will be on them. My hands wander her body, feeling up her curves, and then with a flick of the wrist I rip down that dress. It had to have hurt, the adhesive not letting the dress come free easily.

But her nipples are hard, beautiful peaks that are a much darker blue than her skin. My mouth waters for one, and I break the kiss to hover my lips over a nipple. And then sensations assault me, Merla has recovered, letting me feels hands everywhere. They touched my groin and it’s like three pairs of hands assault me there, two on my shaft, squeezing, while the third massages my balls.

It makes me moan, and I wonder if I’ll get hard for her quickly. The hands are touching me elsewhere, stroking the back of my neck, fingers in my hair, pinching my nipples, rubbing up and down my back. Mouths join the hands, tongues licking at my abdomen, and it’s too much. I don’t want her mind fuckery, I want her!

With a shout, I scream, trying to erect mental barriers to keep her sexual illusions from me. That takes her by surprise, Merla wasn’t expecting me to fight her. She’s staring up at me wide eyed, lips parting in shock. I narrow my eyes down at her, and growl a warning.

“No more tricks, no more illusions. It’s just you and me, Queen.”

Amazingly she nods, and with a grunt, I yank down the rest of her dress. She’s not wearing any panties, but then I am not surprised. The dress had simply not allowed for any undergarments, not with the way it dipped so low on her ass. I’m turned on to think she would be so shameless, and this time no sensations assault me except my own as I pop one of her nipples into my mouth.

The Queen cries out, arching her back as I suck sweetly on that peak. I’m hoping this is not another faked encounter, I want her so badly, and I want her for real. I continue to suck, rolling that nipple on my tongue, tasting the sweetness of her skin. Her perfume is in my nose, and I can’t quite make out what scent it is, but she tastes like strawberries and I yearn for more.

I become obsessed with her breasts, switching between nipples, leaving each stiff and aching. And moist, they’re slicked with my saliva, and she moans fitfully whenever I breathe on those wet peaks. And then I bite down on one, a gentle nip that brings up a drop of her blood. The taste of her blood is intoxicating, just like she is, and never breaking my attempt to suck out more, I slip a hand between her thighs.

She’s so drenched the inside of her thighs are wet, moisture leaking out of her. I want to taste her so badly, but I can’t stop now that I have her blood in my mouth. I’m rubbing between her legs though, fingers fast and furious on her clit. She’s making sounds, low, sexy growls as she grabs at my hair and pulls. Her legs fall further apart, there’s no misreading that invitation!

I get my sticky pants open for real, and I too don’t wear underwear. There’s been enough time that my fast recovery skills so native to Drules everywhere, has allowed a new erection to firm. I rubbed it against her sex, letting her juice apply a generous coating before I attempt to enter her.

It’s my own slice of heaven when I’m inside her, Merla’s nails scratching a welcome on my back. She’s gasping and moaning, and her eyes have closed. Her legs are wrapping around my waist, and I still suck on her breast, my hands palming her ass. I’m coping a feel, but more than that I’m lifting her lower half off the bed, holding her in position for me to happily pound myself in as deep as I possible can.

Her muscles ripple around my cock, in a way that a human female can’t hope to mimic. A Drule female isn’t quite as tight as a human, but what she can do with her muscles more than makes up for it! I’m moaning with her, muttering things like, “Oh geeze, oh geeze.” I’m so close to spilling, my mental barriers slip, and she growls out a warning to me.

“Don’t you dare come before me!”

Then she slaps me on the ass, goading me to be rougher on her. I know she won’t break from my treatment, she’s not a fragile little human. I go wild, almost mindless beyond the need to come and make her come. Throbbing and pulsating, twitching and thrusting, hitting places deep inside her. Even rubbing over and over that one spot that feels so good to her.

She’s going her part in moving her hips into my thrusts, and squeezing down tighter and tighter. And then I feel the contractions of her climax, orgasm trying to milk me of my seed. I have enough presence of mind to pull out, not wanting to find out what will happen to me if I get the Queen pregnant with my child.

She’s still purring, and moaning when I begin to come all over her breasts and belly. She doesn’t seem to mind, just wiggling and writhing in place on the bed. I come buckets, another trait I have to thank to my Drule blood. I’m just about spent when a collar appears on my neck. Merla suddenly drags me close on the chain attached to it, and purrs in my ear.

“The night is still young.”

I don’t even know what’s real anymore, and all I can think is what have I gotten myself into tonight?!


The End


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