Untitled Tag Fic

Normally he found birds noisy, troublesome things, but in this instant he was glad for their cries. The noise from the startled flock taking flight covered the sounds of what he was doing, hid the start of the girl’s scream. Not that he allowed her to get out more than one syllable of sound before his hand was over her mouth, pushing her back against a tree.

Fear was in her eyes, the blue bright and beautiful with it, spread wide as she stared shocked at him. Her basket of berries tumbled free of her hand, she was letting go of her burden to bring her fists up to strike at his chest. Soft, ineffectual thumps which he ignored, Lotor staring back at her, a look of consideration in his eyes. This was one of the only times he had gotten close to the princess of this planet, and once again he was taken back by her beauty.

Blond hair, and blue eyes, a combination he favored. A combination that should have bored him by now, but somehow on her she made it look special. Enticing, alluring, irresistible. He cautiously lowered his hand, quick for any signs of her getting ready to scream again, but aside from her nostrils flaring, she merely stared back at him. It appeared she was as captivated by his looks as he was by hers.

He pressed against her body, letting her feel the hard lines of his muscles, forced her to become aware of his strength. She had the appropriate response, she shivered, trembles shaking her body as her hands slowed their assault on him. A smile then, his fangs flashing as he brought his face to hers, seeing the flash of alarm in her eyes the instant before he claimed a kiss from her.

It was a hard pressing of lips, no gentleness from him as he forced her mouth to open. She made a muffled noise of protest, Lotor eating up her sounds, his hands gripping her shoulders, holding her steady. It didn’t stop her trembling, if anything she shook more as Lotor slid his tongue into her mouth.

He got a brief taste of her, the merest slide of tongue touching tongue and then pain exploded in the side of his face. She had struck him, hard enough to cause him to slip, Lotor biting his own tongue, a cry of pain escaping him just as easily as she slipped free of his grasp. She squeezed out from between him and the tree, her white boots crushing berries under foot as she stumbled to escape.

Lotor lifted a hand to his lips, seeing his white gloves stained with a trickle of blood. It should have made him angry. Instead he only smiled, slow to turn, slow to follow her. The princess wasn’t thinking straight, running deeper into the forest. Away from him, but also away from help, moving further and further away from the berry picking maids that had accompanied her on this outing.

She was running panicked, a fact Lotor didn’t mind. It made the hunt more exciting. Made his prey clumsy and quick to make mistakes. He moved after her, stepping carefully over the damaged basket, his pace a slow saunter as he watched her disappear into the trees. He was allowing her to get a lead on him, a risk to drag the hunt on longer than necessary, Lotor’s smile widening as he counted to ten.

The seconds dragged out in his mind, Lotor realizing how boring it would have been if she hadn’t run away. If she had merely given in at that first kiss. It would have made her the same as all the others, boring and predictable and easy to persuade.

The seconds were up, and he was moving, lightning fast as he followed her path into the trees. His sword was out in his hand, lazon humming, blade on the move as he cut low hanging branches out of his way. His body was fluid in it’s motions, moving effortlessly forward, leaping over overgrown roots and dashing past bushes. His sharp eyes noted the signs of his quarry’s progression, seeing boot prints in the mud, and even a scrap of pink hanging on the thorns of a bush.

She wasn’t trying to hide her presence, she just wanted to get away, Lotor chuckling at all the evidence she left behind. He stepped around a tree, his ears picking out the sound of harsh pants, the girl breathing heavily as she ran. To be able to hear her meant he was close, Lotor quickening his pace. He squeezed past two closely grown trees, having to inhale to fit through the narrow space and there he saw her.

He didn’t even call out a warning, thrusting his sword forward, letting the tip of the blade pin her sleeve to the tree. She gasped, and stared at him horrified, the lazon humming against her skin, close enough that if she moved she’d slit her own arm open.

A triumphant smirk from him, Lotor making his way towards her slowly. Letting the anticipation grow between them. She brought out the aggression in him, made him wild, made him hungry. Made him forget the reason he had come to this planet in the first place.

One more step and he was before her, hand reaching up to touch her cheek. His fingers slid along her skin, gripping her securely as he smiled down at her. Words were exchanged, his voice a throaty purr as he pointed out that this was the only outcome that had been possible. Her eyes narrowed, a warning as her free hand came up, Lotor letting go of her face to grab at her wrist.

“You can’t run away any longer…” She gasped at that, his smile widening. “I’ve caught you…” A cock of his head, Lotor watching her, feeling the tremors in her hand. His smile faded, expression becoming serious as he leaned down so that their noses touched. “Do I scare you?”

“N….no…” A stuttered out answer, the princess trying to jerk her head back. “I’m not afraid of you what so ever.”

“You’re not a very good liar.” He pointed out, expression still so serious. “Your face is distorted in pure terror…your eyes look like they want to cry…and your scent….ah…” A deep inhale, picking up the scent of lilacs on her. “Is fear itself.” A smile then, chasing away the serious. “That turns me on greatly.”

She went still at his words, somehow forcing her body to stop it’s shaking, but her eyes still betrayed her. They still shined with the emotions that drew him to her, terror and loathing combined. “You….you’re turned on?!” She sputtered out, voice sounding forced in it’s angry indignation.

“Oh very much indeed.” Lotor purred, hearing her gasp as he did a rub of his body against hers. He watched her blink, saw her nervously swallow down whatever it was she had been about to say, the trembling returning. Another thrust of his hips, letting her feel his burgeoning desire. That got her to speak, voice almost too high as she cried out an insult at him.

“Pervert!” That made him laugh, seeing her eyes narrow at the sound. “You would enjoy this! All you Drules are the same…!”

“The same?” He questioned, a lift of his eyebrows at her nod.

“You’re sick….despicable…you prey on others and take pleasure from their pain…” She began listing crimes, eyes losing some of their fear as anger manifested itself.

“Now this is amusing.” Lotor said, seeing the question in her eyes. “The princess of Arus is making judgments on a race.”

“Then you’re not all depraved, lust filled monsters?!” She demanded, and Lotor nodded.

“A few bad apples among the barrel but no. Not all of us are. However…” He let his desire for her fill his eyes, heard her gasp as he focused his full lust on her. “I AM a depraved, lust filled monster….” A smirk then, another grind of his hips against her. “And you’re all alone with me,” He didn’t need to point out she was helpless, he knew she took that meaning from his words, her anger fading to be replaced by another dismal emotion.

She seemed to sag in place, staring dully at him and for an instant Lotor felt disappointment. “Come now princess. Where is your fight? Your defiance? Would you wilt like a flower at the first sign of adversity?”

She shook her head, but her eyes continued to look hopeless. “No no…” He murmured, stepping back from her. “This won’t do…Won’t do at all.” She looked at him, her confusion apparent as he studied her. He let his eyes do a leisurely glide over her body, his gaze lecherous as he smirked. “Bah….just a woman after all.” He was turning, a calculated move to test her, to see if he could rile her up into doing something that would prove entertaining. “Weak and easily conquered.”

She didn’t bother to answer him, not in words. But he caught the breeze of her movement out the corner of his eye, her free arm moving, fingers closing around the handle of his sword. With a wrench of the blade, and a slice of her arm, it came free, a trickle of her blood coloring the blade. He tried to hide his smirk, Lotor turning, whirling around to avoid the attempt she made to stab him.

“So…” He said, as she desperately cleaved the air where he had been standing a moment ago. “There’s still some fight in you after all.” His calm demeanor seemed to enrage her, the princess letting out a wordless shout of fury. Another swing of his sword, a clumsy attempt on her part to hurt him, Lotor laughing as he easily avoided her attempts.

“Perhaps you should stick to fists and slaps.” Lotor said, his eyes noting how inexperienced she was with his sword. His hand clamped down on her wrist, Lotor spinning her around so her back was pressed against his front. His fingers squeezed down, holding her sword arm hostage, Lotor leaning to purr in her ear. “If you want to be effective at using the blade, you must concentrate your focus….” She was trying to pull her hand free, still stubbornly hanging onto the sword. “Push aside all emotions and be clear headed, and above all….” His fingers squeezed harder yet, determined to make her drop his sword. “You have to be certain you have what it takes to kill.”

“I’ve killed before.” She confessed, her voice distorted with pain.

“Have you?” Lotor asked, taking a deep breath of her hair’s shampoo. “It’s different when you’re not in a lion. When you face your opponent head on. When you can look in their eyes and see the life there in.” He was worried she’d make him crack the bone in her wrist before she’d let go of the sword, Lotor squeezing more pressure on her. “No princess, there’s a difference in taking a man’s life in cold blood, and you…” A deep inhale, Lotor nuzzling his cheek against hers. “Are too warm blooded for that.”

At last she cried out, the sword tumbling free of her fingers, Lotor letting it fall to the grass at their feet. A low rumble deep in his throat, Lotor licked her cheek, smiling as she made a repulsed sound. Still holding onto her wrist, he relaxed the pressure on them, his other hand pressing flat against her belly.

“It was an admirable effort on your part princess.” She bent forward trying to get away from the hissing in her ear, Lotor following, keeping them pressed together. He couldn’t resist grinding against her rear, letting an excited laugh escape him. “There’s not many women who would make a move against me. They simply lack the….fire needed to do so.”

She shuddered at his rubbing, trying to twist away from his body. He chuckled, letting his tongue snake out to taste her ear. “Pe….people!” She gasped as he licked the inside of her ear, tongue dipping and twirling across it.

“Hmm?” He murmured, lips now brushing along the lobe.

“People will be looking for me.” She said, voice stronger now. “They’ll come bearing weapons. They’ll kill you on sight.”

“Ah, but what is life without a little risk?” Lotor demanded, pressing so heavily on her back that she was almost bent in two. His hand moved, starting to caress it’s way upwards, an outraged gasp coming from the princess’ lips. “The danger is just an added aphrodisiac wouldn’t you say?”

“NO!!” He wasn’t sure if she disagreed with his statement or the fact that his hand had just groped a generous handful of breast, his fingers squeezing slightly on her pliant flesh.

“Hmm, a little louder and maybe someone will hear you.” Lotor said, fingers tracing carefully the outline of her breast through the thin cotton top she wore. “Of course…” He slid his thumb down to the front of her breast, rubbing lightly across the tip of it. Her nipple tightened in reaction, his thumb circling around it teasingly. “We are very deep in the woods. Very far away from your servants. It may take hours for them to find us….hours we could put to use in a much better way than fighting….”

“Fighting is all you’ll get from me!” She snapped, trying to jerk away from his fingers. It only drove her back against his front, and he knew that offered no comfort to her. Not with his erection pressing against her in so obvious a manner.

“That’s fine with me.” Lotor was hardly deterred by proclamation, biting back a moan as her ass moved against his erection. “A little struggle just makes things more exciting.”

His hand left her breast to grasp at the center of her shirt, getting a good handheld on the pink material. She started to make a sound, a question whispered out of her voice when he gave a hard jerk backwards. The princess words were lost to her gasp, a shriek starting it’s way from deep within, covering the sound of the fabric tearing. He laughed, dropping the torn material down on the ground, and with his hand on her wrist, spun her about to face him.

She seemed so torn over what to do, her free arm raising, fingers clenching into a fist as though she would hit him. The princess settled for bringing her arm over her breasts, trying to hide her plain white bra from his sight. Her glare was fierce, he couldn’t recall anyone ever looking at him with such passionate hatred before. It made Lotor smile, advancing them forward until her back hit a tree.

“What do you think you are doing?!” She demanded, trying to pull her hand free of his grip. A futile effort on her part, the princess’ struggles only forcing him to tighten his finger’s hold on her slender wrist.

“Having fun.” Was his answer, seeing her grow angrier yet at his words. His hand landed on her waist, fingers seeking out the buckle on her belt, unfastening it to the sounds of her indignant gasps. She stopped trying to cover herself to strike at his face, palm smacking against his forehead as she shouted at him.

“Stop that! Leave me alone you brute!”

“Princess…that’s twice you’ve struck me in the face…” A glare of his own, eyes locked onto her blue ones with the full force of his annoyance. “If you had been anyone else you’d be dead right now. Do not try for a third attempt.”

“You…..you don’t scare me!” She snapped, raising her hand once more. Lotor sighed and grabbed at it, now holding both her hands trapped by his. She let out a cry born of sheer frustration, trying to pull back her arms. She ended up drawing him closer yet, his body moving to press against hers as he held onto her wrists.

“Oh but I do…you and I both know that, so there is no use pretending otherwise.” Her mouth opened, a perfect o of shock at his words, Lotor smirking as he leaned in to kiss her. She quickly turned her face to the side, Lotor breathing against her skin an answer to her refusal. “Such a pity…” A chuckle then, the prince licking at her flesh, dragging his tongue along the line of her jaw.

“You’re disgusting!” She told him, and Lotor made a tsking sound.

“Charming, handsome, debonair…” He began making a list, seeing her turn to look at him confused. “Choose one, but do not insult me again with that word.” She stared sullenly back, Lotor taking the time to transfer her wrists to his left hand, his long fingers easily holding onto her thin wrists.

“I have failed to see any proof of a charming or debonair prince!”

“Ah but you cannot deny I am handsome!” Lotor smirked, his free hand returning to her belt. He whipped it off her waist, bringing the pink dyed leather up to her hands. He saw her eyes widened, the princess realizing his intent, the girl erupting into struggles.

“NO!!” She shouted, her squirming doing delightful things to her chest, bosom barely contained by the lace of her bra. He ignored her screams, winding the leather belt around her wrists, pulling the ends tight and tying them into a knot. It left both his hands free, and he reached for her, fingers gripping her bra and jerking it down in one swift movement. Her breasts bounced before his eyes, Lotor staring at them with a critical eye.

“Soft…” He cupped hold of her chest, a smile playing on his lips as he gave an experimental squeeze. “Not a bad size either…” He used the pad of his fingers to touch her nipples, seeing how one had pebbled from his earlier touches. “And oh so sensitive…”

A circular motion of his fingers had them reacting even more, Lotor smiling to see it. He lifted his fingers, pressing down with his fingernails, teasing her with the edge of them. It set her off squirming, the princess trying to avoid his ticklish touch.

“St….stop.” She said, but her voice wasn’t as strong as it had been. It held an uncertainty to it that distorted her command, made it sound more like a plea than an order.

“Stop?” He glanced up at her face, charmed to see the blush spread across her cheeks. “Is the princess of Arus begging me?” That question made her eyes flash, a shot of defiance still held within them. He liked that, liked her, his fingers resuming their touch on her nipples, pushing down on that hardness.

“Why are you doing this?” Her question made him pause, fingers frozen in place on her skin.

“Why?” She nodded, and Lotor shrugged. “Because.” A smirk then, his fingers capturing her nipples, giving her two hard pinches that had her shrieking. “Because I can.” A considering look, seeing the first hit of wetness in the corner of her eyes. “Is that a good enough reason for you, your highness?!”

Mutely she shook her head no, making him sigh. “Because I want you. And I always, ALWAYS get what I want.”

“Spoiled!” She gasped out, hardly relieved when his hands moved down low on her waist. “You’re spoiled. And you won’t get everything. Arus will remain free…Voltron will see to that!”

“Voltron?” He snorted. “The robot will be easily dispatched when Haggar releases her next robeast. They’re down a pilot you know. You’re here with me. And I intend to see that you remain here….One way or another, Voltron will fall. Your friends will die. Of course…” Another smile, Lotor putting forth his best charm. “All that can be avoided princess. You need only surrender Arus to me.”

“Surrender to you?!” He didn’t miss the scoffing note in her voice, Lotor nodding even as the princess made an unladylike snort. “Never!”

“Just remember I gave you a choice, one that would have avoided needless blood shed.” He was hardly upset with her, more interested in playing with her body than pausing to call in news of Arus’ surrender.

His hands continued to move down her belly, fingers hooking into the waist band of her pants. She gasped and tried to wiggle away, pushing against the trunk of the tree. He kept his hold on her, and began wrenching her pants and panties downwards. He bent with them, getting them down to her knees before she tried to kick out with her leg. Lotor nearly got a knee to the face, the prince avoiding the blow by grabbing at her leg.

“Play nice.” He advised, looking up at her. She stared down at him, expression as haughty as she could manage considering he had her half naked before him. She let out a hmph at his smirk, Lotor resuming pulling down her garments, cursing when they got stuck over her boots. With an annoyed hiss, he was yanking off one boot, allowing the pants and panty to slide off her bare foot. Lotor didn’t bother with the other one, leaving her garments to bunch up in place at the boot’s edge.

He let his knees plant in the dirt, his hands touching her legs, rubbing the finely formed calves below her knees. Her legs were pressed tightly together, but it was simple enough matter to force them apart, Lotor pressing between them so that his face hovered just below her sex. His hands continued their massage, kneading up higher past her knees, Lotor blatant as he stared at her center.

A princess didn’t look all that different from any of the other women he had had, she was all pink flesh, carefully furled like a rose. It was a pretty sight, Lotor’s hand becoming hurried on her legs, the prince wanting to touch her. He felt her shake, the princess crying out in protest when his fingertip pressed along her slit.

“No don’t!”

“I haven’t done anything.” Lotor said, then added with a smirk. “Yet. But do cry out some more. Your voice is so cute, it makes me want to tease you more.”

“This is teasing?” She sounded so disbelieving, Lotor flashing his fangs as he grinned at her.

“Of a sort.” He brushed his lips against the inside of her left thigh, feeling the gasp she let out as it shook her whole body. He chuckled in response, finding her quick to react to everything he did in the most delightful of ways. His lips were not idle, at first smacking lightly against her flesh, soft teases that were followed up with his tongue licking where his mouth had been. He was soon pressing his mouth firmer against her, worrying at her skin with his teeth, his fangs piercing into her so that he tasted her blood.

She made a sound that was half pain, half pleasure, surely feeling the sting of his fangs, and the pleasurable way he sucked at her wound. Her blood was warm, a potent wine that was sweet in his mouth, Lotor feeling he could grow drunk off the taste of it. He had to fight to keep from biting her again, his mouth wanting to linger at the blood welling fang points in her skin.

With his jaw trembling with the effort it took to move on, he kissed higher up her thigh, lips leaving red imprints of where his mouth had been. The princess continued to protest as he did so, her thighs quivering as he kissed onto her sex, tasting the pink flesh her plump nether lips sought to guard from him. He dipped his tongue along her slit, hearing her let out a loud cry, Lotor smirking, knowing women were weak to this attack of his. Try as she might, she wouldn’t be able to resist him long, not with his tongue inside her, working to bring her pleasure.

She actually tried to close her legs around his head, Lotor’s hands turning gripping, holding them wide apart. He felt her bound hands touch his head, grabbing at his hair, trying to haul him away. “Careful princess…” He growled out a warning into her flesh, tongue licking firmly in between spoken words. “You don’t want me to accidentally bite you down here…”

“You wouldn’t!” She squeaked out in horror, her hands releasing his hair.

“I might.” Was his answer, his tongue turning greedy as he licked along the length of her, harder and faster. He could taste her growing wetter, feel the juice on his tongue, more and more starting to flow out of her the more he tended to her. He could feel her clit standing erect against his tongue, Lotor teasing her by only allowing the smallest of licks to that tiny pearl of flesh. It made her squeal, the princess’ voice loud, her shaking increasing. He could feel the weakness in her, his hands supporting her now, keeping her up right as he tormented and teased her with his tongue.

When he finally deigned to capture that tiny morsel with his lips, she spasmed, climaxing almost immediately. Lotor held back his laughter as he gave a quick suck on her clit, more interested in the way her juices flooded out, Lotor feeling it dribble onto his mouth and down his chin. He eagerly went to lap it all up, reveling in the taste of her, and making her shudder with each stroking of his tongue.

Confidant, and smirking to himself, he finally left her alone. He pulled back to look up past her breasts to her face, expecting to see gratitude in her eyes. Instead he was hit with the full force of her glare, eyes icy cold and angry. It surprised him, Lotor having expected her to be compliant now that he forced her to orgasm.

“How interesting.” He said, tongue licking his lips clean as he stood.

“What is?” She demanded, any confusion she felt not chasing away that angry expression of hers.

“You are.” Lotor said, pressing against her front. “You haven’t lost any of that fire, your defiance.”

“It’ll take more than that to break me!”

“I shall enjoy making you regret those words.” He grinned, hand dropping to the belt around his waist. His fingers pressed down on the skull’s mouth, a hissing sound accompanying it’s release of the leather strap. His kilt was shoved down to the ground with the belt, Lotor quickly unzipping his pants. The princess seemed to stare down at him in shocked horror, unable to tear her eyes away from his erection.

“It is magnificent, is it not?” boasted Lotor, a quick stroke of his hand ensuring he was at his most aroused state.

“It’s horrible!” She cried out, trying to squeeze past him and the tree. He merely pushed her back into place, his hands grabbing at her waist, Lotor grinding his erection against her belly. Revulsion showed on her face, her disgust making itself known in the wordless cry she let out.

“We’ll see how horrible you think my cock is once it’s inside you.” His tone was husky, Lotor grabbing at her left leg. With a heave of his hand, he was drawing it upwards to hook it over his hip. It forced the princess up on tip toe, the girl balancing precariously on one foot. Lotor set a hand on her waist, staring into her eyes as he held her steady.

“Don’t.” One word, but it held weight to it, the princess looking pleadingly at him.

“What man could stop himself after coming this far?” Lotor asked her, seeing her look away. He wanted her to look at him, and he knew just how to do it, Lotor pressing his cock’s fat head against the entrance to her body. A probing push from him had her turning to look back, a gasp escaping her. “This will hurt.” He was quite calm as he told her this, already preparing his hips to heave forward when she shrieked out in a panic.

“Please wait!”

But it was already too late, Lotor surging forward in an impaling thrust that was neither slow, nor gentle. He tore through her maiden head, hearing her shriek loudly, setting off the wild life in the woods. Creatures panicked, and ran, Lotor letting out a pleased grunt at how tightly she clung to him. He stared into her eyes, seething about how good human women felt around his cock.

She stared back, her eyes bright with frustration, her mouth dropping open in shock. It was all the invitation he need, Lotor feeling her breath on his face as he shifted to claim her mouth once more. A squeal was her answer, the princess squirming about in struggles that surely made her aware of the pain in her body. He didn’t help matters, moving harshly, demanding a fast pace as his hand reached down to grasp hold of her other leg. Never breaking the kiss, he hauled it upwards so that she was forced to grip his waist with both legs, the princess hanging on desperately to him.

She was still struggling, futilely trying to get away, Lotor hanging onto her hips as he pounded mercilessly at her body. He hissed as he pulled away from her lips, loving the friction generated and her warmth. She was struggling with his size, he could see the truth of that on her face, his cock stretching her so wide, ruining her for any other man. He started to laugh at the thought, knowing she’d never forget him, never forget how he made her feel in this moment.

“You’re mine now.” He vocalized out loud, seeing her fitfully shake her head, little moans and squeals escaping her.

“No! Never! Never!” She cried out, even as her insides coiled tight around his thrusting length. “It’s just sex, it doesn’t mean anything.”

“It means everything princess.” Lotor hissed, watching her face, seeing her bob up and down against the tree bark. She endured the rough texture against her back without complaint, even as he pressed her harder into the tree. “You’ll never forget me, no matter how hard you try. I own you, body and soul, and I’ll always be in your thoughts!”

A sullen look was his answer, lips parted in an o of shock. She couldn’t deny the truth of his words, could only writhe and moan as he continued to fuck her senseless. He buried his face against her neck, kissing her there, fangs scraping across her skin for another taste of her blood. She cried out, tightening up further around him at the bite, Lotor nearly coming right there and then from the feel.

His cock was leaking fluid inside her, alerting him to how close he was. “I’m going to come any second princess…” He announced to the startled girl, hearing her cry out a no. “Do try to take it all!” He forced himself inside even deeper, feeling the head of his cock bump at the entrance to her womb. Again and again he hit that spot, the princess shuddering, her head shaking no over and over.

“Do it outside!” She started to order him, and with a howl of bliss he ejaculated inside her.

“Too late.” He smirked into her shoulder, biting down on her skin as he felt himself shoot another jet of come. She shook all around him, taking it all, and still it was not enough, more come flying free until it leaked down her thighs and onto the forest floor. Lotor heaved a sigh, laying heavily against her and the tree, just riding the euphoric bliss of his orgasm.

He found his hands in her hair, petting it free of the tight bun she coiled on the back of her head. He felt like he could stay buried inside her forever, Lotor reluctant to pull out of her. But he did so, lowering her legs back to the ground. She could barely stand up, her shaking legs collapsing so that she ended up sitting in the dirt, staring shocked at nothing at all.

“Get dressed.” Lotor ordered, untying her hands. She moved slowly, Lotor ignoring her as he set himself to rights, retrieving his kilt and securing his belt back into place around his waist. When he glanced back at her she had her pants back up, her bra pulled over to cover her breasts once more.

He was reaching to pull her to her feet when it happened. Voices calling out her name, reminding him of the fact that there was others out in these woods. He went to snatch at her wrist and haul her bodily off the ground, the princess slapping at his hands. “Princess…don’t fight me…not now.” He warned, and she glared back at him.

“I will always fight you!” She stood without his assistance, her foot slamming down on his toes. Even with the boot in the way, it hurt, Lotor biting back a growl of pain as he went to grab at her. But she was evasive, ducking under his arms, moving remarkably fast for one who had been so unsteady just an instant ago.

“I’m over here!” She cried out, already moving towards the searching women.

Lotor held back a curse, backing off for the moment. It mattered not if she got far, he’d simply slaughter the servants around her, teach her what happens if she runs from him. It’d be a lesson she’d never forget, Lotor smirking as he retrieved his sword. He didn’t bother to sheathe it in it’s scabbard, taking off at a brisk pace behind the escaping princess.

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