Untitled Temple Fic

She teetered on the verge of consciousness, slipping in and out of dreams, Allura dizzy and disorientated. Through the haze that surrounded her, she caught sight of images, distorted visions that couldn’t possibly make sense. Drule and human working together, neither race in chains but free, expressions far too solemn and serious for such an auspicious occasion.

The crunch of boots stepping down on gravel was heard, undone only by the sound of voices chanting, the Drules and humans falling to their knees in supplication. She felt like she was floating above them, looking down from an odd angle. She wasn’t aware of moving, and yet she was carried, somehow making her way to a raised dais that was situated at the farthest end of this cavernous room.

The immense size of her surroundings made her ill, Allura shaking her head with a moan. She blacked out for a moment, and then was still, cloaked figures all around her, obscuring her view of the people. She had more pressing concerns though, the cloaked ones working to remove her clothing, Allura muttering feeblest protests that seemed to die before they could be properly voiced.

The darkness of their hoods kept her from seeing who it was who touched her, she had no idea if it was man or woman, just aware of hands. They wore gloves, thin leather stretched across their hands, allowing no contact of warm skin. She moaned, hating the helpless feeling, finding the more she tried to move her head, the more pain throbbed through it.

She was soon naked, and even then they did not stop touching her, hands caressing her body, massaging some kind of liquid into her skin. They touched her everywhere, anointing her with oils, the liquid warm and pleasant to her skin. Allura couldn’t stop the reactions from happening in her body, her breasts swelling, nipples puckering. She’d die of embarrassment, but she was too busy struggling to stay awake.

Something soft brushed her arm, making her think of the wispy essence of clouds. She tried to look towards it, but it moved so fast, and then it was over her, hands sliding the garment up over her body, covering her once more. She should have felt relieved, but Allura could only moan and worry anew, seeing the cloaked figures step away from her.

The crowd’s voices rose in pitch, the odd chanting continuing. It wasn’t any language she understood, Allura confused and growing more alarmed. The strange visions continued, people passing goblets about, the drinks staining their lips blood red. Whatever was in that cup drove them wild, the people removing their clothes, dancing in strange undulations, moaning, screaming.

The screaming was worse than the chanting, it bordered on hysteria, people sobbing tears that streaked their dark make up. She wanted to sit up, and yet Allura didn’t dare move, fearing what would happen to her if she drew their attention.

She peered through the dim lighting of the room, trying to see past the flame’s influence, Something gold flashed in the darkness that bordered the torch’s light, bringing fear and uncertainty with it. Allura shivered again, frightened out of her wits and not understanding why. Her alarm increased when she realized the gold was moving, coming closer, two points of light that glittered menacingly.

She felt the gold was staring at her, and she wanted to scream. The people before the dais were now naked, indulging in some kind of frenzied orgy, the drink from the goblets splattering onto them, leaving them covered in what she was sure was blood.

Movement from the cloaked figures, they walked amidst the blood orgy, unaffected by what was happening. They raised their voices to be heard over the screaming, new sounds being chanted out as they went towards the gold lights. Something blazed a bright blue in the darkness, moving far to fast for her to make out it’s form. The first in the procession of cloaked beings met the blue, the person’s head being chopped off.

Allura choked on a scream, seeing the cloaked body crumple to the floor, but no one else seemed to care. One by one each of the cloaked figures was beheaded, and only then did she get a glimpse of what that gold was. The shock of it made her pass out, Allura letting out a whimper. She sank into darkness, dreaming of blood and gold, wondering if she’d ever wake up again.

She was no less disoriented upon her second awakening, Allura’s forcing her eyes open with a gasp. No more chanting, the absence of the human and the Drules voices leaving her to feel how alone she truly was. A roll of her head to the side, and she saw nothing of the bodies, neither those who had participated in the orgy, or the ones who had been slain.

She should have felt relieved, for the absence of people meant her way was open to flee. Instead she thought of what lurked in the darkness, shivering as she recalled the gold and the blue, and what had been revealed to her the instant before she had passed out. She tried to put a name to it, but her mind was protecting her, not letting her make the realization of just what awaited her in the darkness.

Shaking her head, the pain throbbed into her awareness, Allura lifting her hand to it. It came away wet, the girl gasping as she realized it was not oil but blood that soiled her hair. She almost passed out again, but sheer desperation forced her to remain awake, Allura slowly sitting up. She looked at what she lay on, realizing it was a stone slab that was swathed in silk blankets, protecting her somewhat from the cold, hard surface.

A pillow was where her head had been, and it too was stained with blood, Allura frowning. This had to be why she felt so confused, why everything seem so distorted and frightening. She needed help, Allura extending one bare foot towards the floor, seeing the way the white shift she wore parted up to her thighs. It was the same for her other leg, the sheer shift offering teasing glimpse of her body.

Anklets jangled over her right foot, the gleaming gold color frightening her anew. She shivered, both in fear and in cold, the thin shift she wore offering little in protection from the elements. It cinched tight around her waist, but was slashed open on the sides, offering tempting glimpse of her breasts. She blushed, even more mortified than when she had been stripped naked, Allura not liking this outfit at all.

She stumbled when she took her first step onto the dais, needing to grip hold of the stone slab to gain her feet. Everything swayed around her, Allura wondering how she would be able to walk a few feet, let alone the distance needed to search for a way out of this building. The darkness loomed, inspiring fear anew as she realized she’d have to step into it’s domain.

Shaking, dizzy from a concussion, she stumbled toward one of the torch holders, struggling to lift it free of it’s sconce. Somehow she managed, Allura gripping it before her like a weapon, slowly approaching the darkness. The torch allowed her to see only a few feet in either direction, the girl sure something terrible was awaiting for her.

But nothing grabbed her, Allura walking with newfound confidence that was shattered when she came to the first statue. Made of marble and ivory, with sapphires set in the eyes, Allura was slow to realize who that white representation was of. She stood there, bugged by it’s familiarity, and gasped when she made the connection. It was her, dressed in a similar shift, hair spread wildly around her, arms open to receive all to her bosom. Flower lay at the statue’s feet, their vines entwining up her legs.

There was other statues, dozens of different poses, Allura feeling strange to see them. The most startling was the largest, a man carved out of pale blue mineral, and entwined with the white stone representation of Allura. The statue’s face wore an expression Allura was sure had never been on her face before, her mouth parted on a
moan, face twisted in sensual pleasure.

Allura didn’t try to look at the face of the male statue, too frightened to see anymore. Instead she stumbled in a new direction, the statues seeming to mock her every few feet.

Her footsteps echoed, a lonely sound that seemed too loud, causing the girl to cringe. Anyone would be able to find her because of the sounds she made, but she couldn’t slow down enough to moderate the forceful way she set down her feet.

She continued, trapped in the darkness, and then she heard it. A splash, water disturbed by something heavy. She should have gone away from the sound, but Allura found herself drawn to it, stumbling forward, the torch shaking in her hands.

She entered a new room, and here there was no need for the torch. She clung to it all the same, reasoning she could wield it like a club if it came down to it. Thoughts whispered traitorously in her head that she was defenseless even with the torch in her possession. Allura tried to tamp down such thoughts, walking deeper into the room, staring at the large pool of water that lay situated across from the door.

Her feet were almost to the edge of the pool, when the water stirred. Her eyes went huge, Allura taking a nervous step back as she watched the water seem to part. A head emerged, face cast downwards, wet strands of white hair falling forward to obscure details. A powerful back broke through the water, the man rising up to his waist. He gave a toss of his body, back arching as his hair flew backwards, uncovering his face.

She screamed when she saw his eyes, the gold the same exact shade of the lights that had terrified her so, He looked at her, Allura barely aware of gasping, the torch falling on the floor, it’s flame being snuffed out by the puddles of water.

A slow smile curved the man’s lips, and strong hands reached out to grip the edge of the pool. She took another step back, and another, watching as the man easily lifted himself up out of the water. The sight of his naked figure had her feet firmly rooted to the marble floor, Allura staring shocked. She had never seen a naked man before, had never realized they could be so big and intimidating.

That organ of his seemed to react to her attention, starting to lengthen before her stunned eyes. The act of staring alone was enough to arouse this man, Allura quickly tearing her eyes away to stare into the face of the amused Drule. A name came to her, her lips parting unbidden to speak it, Allura shivering as the quiet was broken up with the whisper of echoes.


She struggled to remain standing when all she wanted to do was swoon, her body growing heavy with the urge to faint. He moved, Lotor taking a step towards her and she cried out. “Don’t!”

To her relief he stopped, the Drule holding himself still. He didn’t speak, and that unnerved her anew, Allura shifting uncomfortable under his scrutiny. His eyes looked her over, and there was heavy emotion gleaming dark within them, a fanatical kind of desire that she should have bolted at the sight of. Uncertainty on the likelihood of escaping him, and her frail condition kept her rooted before him, enduring his stare.

She did her own looking, but it was not admiration that gleamed in her eyes. The sight of all his muscles on display made her feel small, and vulnerable, Allura aware of the power his large frame had. Everything was so big about him, she wondered if she’d be able to close her fingers around his wrist, and his hands seemed like giants, able to crush hers in an instant.

She shivered again, trying not to look down at the organ between his legs, not wanting to see if his arousal continued under her scrutiny. He was wet all over, water forming droplets on his skin, hovering for an instant before exploding downwards in a streak. His blue skin, normally a powder shade seemed somehow shining, a bright blue that was distorted by the odd lightning in this room.

The lighting played havoc with the water’s coloration, the shifts in it’s surface a vibrant, neon color. Somewhere a trickle of water was hard, the dull roar of a manmade waterfall that stirred the water in the pool. Even the marble beneath her feet gleamed, reflecting the light in odds bits of purple and green.

“Whe…” She licked her lips, Allura trying to keep the tremor out of her voice. “Where are we?”

He reacted to her voice, a slow smile curving his lips. She shuddered to see it, thinking anything he was pleased about meant trouble for her. “We are in the temple of Allura.”

She couldn’t have heard him right, Allura giving a shake of her head. “A temple….?” She trailed off, Lotor giving the slightest of nods before speaking.

“Of Allura.”

She swayed, sure she would faint this time, and knew he would catch her if she did. That thought alone kept her standing, Allura shaking her head, hands held up to ward him off.

He continued, Lotor filling her silence with the sound of his voice. “A benevolent Goddess, kind and caring. People gather here to celebrate her, to beg for miracles and favors.”

She thought of the blood orgy she had seen, thinking it the oddest celebration for a Goddess reported to be so caring. Allura must have worn an odd expression, for Lotor smiled, an answer forthcoming from his lips. “Everyone has their own way of worship. Who’s to say what is right or wrong when it comes to the Gods?”

Not her, Allura shivering once more.

“I had them build this place for you…” Lotor continued, a dreamy expression on his face. Her eyebrows lifted at that, Allura opening her mouth to speak, words drowned out by Lotor’s. “For us.”

“For us?!”

“To celebrate our love.” Lotor explained, and she couldn’t stop the choke out sound that came from her throat.

“We have no love.”

He continued as though she hadn’t spoken, Lotor giving an elegant gesture with his arm. “The mortals toiled for over a year, performing back breaking work as they laid each stone into the ground. This temple is built on the backs of slaves, eager men and women who were diligent in seeing this place of worship come to be. They lived and died to give you, your temple.”

She was aghast, staring at him shocked. “I would never have asked them to!”

“Nevertheless it was your wish, our shared desire that brought this place of worship into being.” He was moving, coming towards her, the distance closing fast between them even as Allura took a step back.

“Stay back!” She snapped, for all the good her words did. Lotor came right up to her, Allura’s back hitting something, a round column that supported the room’s ceiling.

“My love…” Lotor sighed out, and to her astonishment dropped down to one knee. He caught at the hem of her shift, lifting it up to bring the material to graze against his lips. He stared up at her with a look of sheer adoration, practically worshipful in the moment. Allura shivered, not liking such a look directed at her, the girl pressing harder
against the column.

Time seemed to stand still, the two just staring at each other. To her shock tears glistened on Lotor’s cheeks, the Drule crying as he continued to kiss the hem of her shift. It disturbed her, almost as much as anything else he had said and done, Allura watching as he wept.

“I…I waited so long for this day.” Lotor told her. “The day you would come to me. The day we would be united in love. Body and souls cast away to become something new…”

She didn’t like the sound of that, Allura staring. His tears should have stirred her compassion, instead they only left her freaked. He was whispering things, Allura straining to make out his words, and realizing he was mixing up the languages, adding to her confusion. She kept catching the word Goddess and love, Lotor speaking on his devotion to her.

To her shock she realized he was referring to the Goddess and herself in the same breath, leaving Allura to shake her head no once more. “I am no Goddess! Earthly or divine!”

He suddenly looked at her, really saw her, and not whatever vision had been in front of him. For one brief instant, he frowned, letting the shift slip free of his fingers. “You are a Goddess Allura. MY Goddess, and I will do whatever it takes to keep you.”

More disturbing words, Allura no less at ease when Lotor rose up off his knee. “Keep me?! I am not a pet, an object you can possess!”

“You’re wrong.” An indulgent smile, Lotor standing before her, close enough that she could feel the heat rising off of him. “We will be bound together, by bonds even stronger than the shackles of love. I will posses you, and you me, and no one, not man, not woman nor child will come between us.”

She bit back a response, Allura not knowing anything stronger than love. Keeping her senses attuned to him, she tried to catch sight of the rest of the room, hoping for another exit. Movement from him had her gasping, returning her gaze to him just in time for his hand to reach out and cup her cheek. His hand was almost dry, only the faintest bit of moisture remained on his skin.

“There is no need to fear what will happen.” His every word spoke of just why she should be scared, Allura staring unblinking at him. “We will ascend, cast aside our mortal bodies and be reborn a new…”

“What does that mean?!” She demanded, her alarm apparent in her tone.

A tender smile from Lotor, his fingers rubbing in place over her cheek. “We will be taking, seizing our rightful places among the divine pantheon of the universe. You and I will rule supreme, our names known throughout the galaxies, and whispered with fear and awe.”

“I don’t want that.” Allura told him, realizing it was the same thing he always offered, though with a new slant in his brand of crazy. “I never wanted that.”

“You will.” He was pressing against her now, his body hard and demanding, no yield to it for her to wiggle out between him and the column. “Goddess, you will yearn for it…and me.” He leaned in, and she whimpered, his lips gently touching hers. It was a kiss, but not the kind she expected from him, tender and reverent, more worshipful than anything.

And yet Allura knew if she allowed this, then others kisses would follow. Ones with a determined purpose meant to break down her defenses, and seduce her into his arms. So she jerked back as much as the column would allow, her arm flying, hand landing a resounding slap on his face that seemed to echo throughout the chamber.

He pulled back, his eyes for one brief instant showing anger. He raised his own hand to his face, touching the skin that had been assaulted by her. “You dare strike your God?!”

“You’re no God!” Allura told him defiantly. “Least of all mine!”

Again the fire of anger blazed bright in his eyes, Lotor somehow stamping it down to replace it with a fanatical look. “My Goddess is confused. It is to be expected, given the circumstances.” Another touch of his hand, Lotor smoothing back some of the hair from her cheek.

“The circumstances?” Allura asked, confused.

He nodded, looking serious. “Your eyes haven’t been open to the truth. You’re stumbling through the dark blind, but I will help you to see past the lies others would have you believe. The lies you even tell yourself to get through the mundane existence you’ve been cast into.”

“Your truth would have me believing in something I am not!” He smiled at her, like she was an over indulged child, leaving her to frown, anger spiking through her. It made her want to hit him again, his every word seeming to be calculated to confuse and upset her.

“Walk with me.” It wasn’t a request she could refuse, Lotor dropping his hand from her hair, to take hold of her hand. A gentle pull had her moving, Allura stumbling in the direction he led her. He seemed unbothered by his naked state, Allura trying not to look at his body any more than necessary as he led her out of the pool’s chamber, and back into the darkness.

She couldn’t even see in front of her, her only anchor in the dark his guiding hand. Allura had to place her reluctant trust in the prince, hoping he would not lead her to crash into the walls.

“Our mortal bodies are so troublesome.” He was speaking as he guided her, Lotor sounding calm. “They tie us to this plane, bringing death and decay, leaving one powerless against the ravages of time. But there is a way to transcend above the fears of the flesh, to cast off the prison of the body and free your soul to the truth.”

“The truth?” She echoed out as a question, not liking the way he was talking. His hand tightened around her fingers, as though he sensed she was getting ready to bolt.

“Death is one of these ways.” She tried to skid to a halt, eyes going wide. Did he mean to kill her to get her to see this so called truth of his?!

“Death?!” Allura squeaked out, trying to pull her hand out of his. “Death is so…so final!”

“Death is only the beginning.” There was that dreamy tone of his, the prince lost in whatever delusions he was suffering through. “You should not fear it, any more than you should fear me.”

But she did, Allura shaking her head though she was sure he could not see it. “I don’t want to die..!”

Again he seemed to ignore what she had said, hand now dragging her reluctant form through the darkness. “Sacrifices are always required. The bloodier the better…”

“Is that why you killed those people?” Allura demanded, feeling the hairs rising on her arms.

“I killed them because they touched what is mine! They were blessed in many ways, allowed to see the Goddess’ glory, and allowed to die by their God’s hand. Their place in the heavens has been assured, so do not weep for them.” In the distance she could see the circle of light from the torches, Allura realizing he was leading her back to where the madness had started. “They were glad to die…”

She didn’t understand it, but she did remember how none of the cloaked ones had fought or screamed when the killing started. She shook her head, and spoke again, trying to ascertain just what he meant to do. “Sacrifices?”

“Your blood must be spilled Allura.” She gasped at that, trying to wrench her arm backwards in an attempt to get away from him. “Your precious life’s blood offered up on my sword. Only then will heaven be attained.”


They had reached the dais, and now she noticed what she had failed to see before. Golden poles situated near the slab, holding matching colored bowls that contained some kind of powder. Lotor reached for a torch, and holding her hand, he dragged her from pole to pole, dipping the flame into the bowls. The thick scent of incense burning filled her awareness, but it was tainted with some other smell. Something that made her dizzy, the heady perfume intoxicating her to the point she stumbled, unable to tell right from left, up from down.

Lotor began chanting, that odd foreign dialect as frightening as it was beautiful. She shivered, her body starting to tremble as he finished lighting the incense. The torch was set aside, Lotor guiding her to the dais, his strong hands going to her waist, lifting her up onto the stone slab. Her legs were slightly spread, enough room for him to force his way between them, Lotor pressing against her to try for another kiss.

“How do you feel Goddess?” Lotor asked, mouth moving against her lips. She could offer up only a minimal amount of resistance, Allura whimpering as he kissed her. “The incense has calming properties, as well as the ability to let one see the truth.”

“It’s a drug…” Allura moaned, feeling her lips flutter against his. “A hallucinogenic. Nothing one sees when on it can be trusted. You should know that Lotor!”

“You’re wrong about that Goddess.” Came Lotor’s reply, the prince kissing her once more. “It brings clarity to one’s mind, it let me know what must be done. It will be the same for you…”

“No..” She said, his hands catching at her face, holding her steady. He pressed kisses into her skin, starting at her lips, and moving to her cheeks. Gentle, innocent ones, Lotor kissing her nose and forehead, and over her closed eyelids before returning to her mouth. His kiss was no longer gentle then, Lotor feasting hungrily at her lips. The act fogged her brain just as surely as the incense did, Allura whimpering as he tried to take possession of her through his kiss.

Something was wrong with her, beyond the concussion she was sure she had. The incense was affecting her, making her struggles weak, her every protesting moan allowing him to seize possession to her mouth inside. His rapacious mouth was unyielding, working urgently at hers. His need did not make him less confidant, his lips not hesitating nor did his tongue, sweeping past her gasping lips to thrust inside.

He took his time planting leisurely claim to her mouth, tongue rubbing against the hardness of her teeth, and the softness of the inside of her cheeks. Then deliberate, her tongue, Allura startled as much by this as anywhere else he had so far touched.

“Hmm-no…” She garbled out a protest, finding it difficult to speak with his tongue in her mouth. Especially with it moving, brushing insistently against hers, trying to engage her in responding. She gave a weak flutter, more to move him than to please him, feeling the shock of contact. The kiss continued, to the point Allura thought she’d die from lack of breath, her senses overwhelmed by Lotor’s nearness.

He at last allowed them to part, Lotor resting his forehead against hers, skin damp with the slightest hint of sweat. He seemed to be breathing just as heavily as she, Allura panting, sucking in great gasps of air. It was a mistake, it allowed the drugged incense to flow into her at a greater speed, affecting her in ways that clouded her judgment.

Lotor’s eyes were closed, the prince pausing to catch his breath. His lips were curved in a smile, and each exhale had his warm breath caressing her face, mingling with her sighs. The act felt intimate, perhaps even more so than the kiss they had just shared, Allura turning restless as his hands held her head still.

Gold gleamed as his eyes opened once more, Lotor looking at her but not, his gaze distant as though he dreamed. “Heaven awaits us Allura…we shall enter it’s paradise together.”

More crazy talk from him, Allura shivering, wide eyed and scared. He kissed her again, the action brief, tongue tip tracing the lines of her mouth. He hesitated over the bottom of her lip, and then without warning, he bit her, Allura making a startled sound for it had been no gentle nip he offered her.

The stinging of her lip chased away some of the fogginess in her mind, Allura reaching up to shove him away. Her hands touched warm skin, Allura swearing she could feel the life pounding through him. She pushed harder, and he did not move, his hands sliding back into her hair, tugging on that gold mass to guide her head back, leaving the line of her throat exposed to his kisses.

His kisses danced across her skin, sending searing flames that tried to chase away the chill she felt inside her. Her head stayed bowed backwards, held in that position by his grip in her hair. The darkness hovered above her, Allura staring up into it’s inky blackness, finding it reminded her of space though infinitely more lonely. How strange to feel alone when a man was pressed against her, laving attention on her flesh. But Allura’s mind was fighting to wander, the girl desperate to keep coherent and not give in the hallucinations the incense would bring.

Lotor had licked a path onto her shoulder, his tongue licking at her skin. His lips fluttered and pressed down, leaving hard kisses that seemed to tingle in the wake of his mouth’s absence. She knew it had to be the drugs, the incenses was heightening her awareness, making her too sensitive to everything done around her. She cried out at the unexpected feel of his fangs sinking into the crook of her shoulder, Lotor’s teeth tearing open her skin.

Her body convulsed, hips jerking forward against him, allowing her to feel his rock hard arousal. Before she realized it, she was crying, tears slipping down her cheeks from the erotic pain of his bite. “How strange..” Allura did not know if she spoke or if she merely thought the words, the girl starting to dissociate with reality. “That pain could bring such pleasure…”

Lotor laughed, his chuckles sending vibrations across her skin. He licked at the bite wound, and she realized she was bleeding, the prince having managed to hurt her enough for blood to well out. Lotor let out a throaty moan, his tongue retreating as he placed his open mouth around the wound, drinking greedily of the blood he had spilled. Allura hissed, back arching at the unexpected delight at having the wound sucked on.

When he finished drinking her down, his lips were red, stained by the blood and leaving him feral looking. His eyes matched the wildness about him, Lotor leaning in to kiss her once more. His hands let go of her hair, moving to rest on her hips but for a moment. The shift was so thin she could feel the warmth of his skin, it seared her through the fabric, and burned her when his hands moved upwards, finding the open sides of her dress.

His hands glided up over her ribs, moving ever higher as he found her breasts, and cupped them underneath the shift. Her skin broke out into goose bumps, Allura shivering and shaking her head no. But her protests were unvoiced, the words thickening in her throat before she could speak them, Lotor taking hold of a nipple and giving a gentle pull on it.

Pleasure more profound than anything she had ever felt coursed through her at that simple touch, Allura’s eyes widening with the shock of it. Lotor kissed her again, and then was speaking, voicing smug satisfaction. “You’re starting to feel…”

“Feel? She frowned, his fingers playing with her pebbled nipples.

“It’s just a glimmer, but it’s real.” Lotor told her, his words no less confusing now as it had been before he tried to explain. “It’s only through pleasure that we feel even a second of paradise….Of the heavens denied to us on this mortal coil. It is brief and it is fleeting, and it is why men and women strive to come together, to join and become one body, one soul.”

His fingers flexed and kneader her breasts, Allura trying not to moan. “It never lasts….there always comes the time when they must pull apart, and return, empty shells of their former selves. It is a lonely existence, made even more solitary when one experiences pleasure with another…”

“I don’t understand…” Allura’s voice whispered out, tiny half whimpers accompanying them.

“You will….” Lotor assured her, bending to nip at the front of her throat. “Your heart will soar for one brief instant, only to come crashing down as reality sets in.” He
kissed down to her collarbone, leaving a ring of bloody kisses to form a fake necklace on her skin. “You will weep and rail at the injustice of it all, but come to realize what must be done…”

“What must be done?” Allura asked, turning anxious when he did not answer her. “Lotor?” She nerved herself to touch his hair, the prince letting out a sigh against her skin.

“I am sorry…” Lotor whispered, voice seeming to come from a distance, leaving her to frown and strain to make out his words. “It’s cruel….but your eyes need to be opened. You cannot continue living this lie….”

“What lie is that?” She asked, finding his hands were squeezing her breasts more surely. He didn’t answer her, instead kissing down to the border of her shift, his hands easing her breasts upwards so that the fabric strained over her skin. He nuzzled his face against her offered breasts, words slipping out of him but in that language she did
not understand.

The chanting continued, her breasts becoming more sensitive as he kissed and sucked at them through the fabric of her shift. Her nipples tightened with longing that felt like pain, Allura thought she died when his mouth closed around one, the heat shattering her world into a million pieces. Her body began to tremble, and her fingers reached to tangle into his hair, white strands that were like silk in their texture, and soft to the touch.

Soon she was clutching at him, holding him steady against her bosom, mewling with pleasure as he performed insistent sucks on the peaks of her breasts. Heat trawled along her veins, sending tendrils down past her stomach, to pool between her legs. She had never felt like this, Allura turning confused, a shudder going through her that had her digging her fingers into his scalp.

Somehow her hands ended up on his shoulders, then lower yet, Allura feeling the smoothness of his back. Her thoughts were fading, slipping away before they could take root, any protests she had dying down on moans as she danced her fingers down his spine. Lotor’s voice moaned back to her, a deep growl of pleasure at her touch, the prince thrusting his hips forward so he rest his arousal more snugly against her body.

She wasn’t used to feeling such hardness against her, but the heat and that weight of him, pulsing against her, had Allura’s toes curling in delight. Lotor’s lips on her breasts had her on fire, but a part of her felt empty, felt the loneliness he had been speaking of. She didn’t know how to fill that void that was developing in her, her voice faltering, as Allura tired to voice her need.

“Lotor…I…I need…” Her voice failed her, Allura turning uncertain at the sight of his eyes, the gold dark with lust so intense it should have scared her. But it didn’t, it merely made her curious if her own eyes mirrored his expression.

“Not yet.” Lotor told her, and was suddenly easing her downwards, pressing her against the silk covered slab. Her legs seemed to dangle off the edge, Lotor still positioned between them, his hands hauling up her shift. She wore nothing beneath it, feeling nothing save for the cursory pangs of embarrassment at having him look at her this way.

“My Goddess is beautiful, of that you can have no doubts.” Lotor told her, his eyes sweeping over her body. His hands were on the inside of her thighs, pressing them apart even further, Allura making an embarrassed sound. It died in her throat when he dropped to his knees, Allura no longer able to see his eyes for he was pressing against her once more.

“Lotor!” She cried out in protest, feeling his lips kiss the inside of her thigh. A look then, so serious and bold, his words echoing through the chamber.

“I worship my Goddess completely.”

“Wh…” Her words died down on a surprised gasp, for his lips had pressed against the very center of her body. She froze, horrified shock shuddering through her, for surely this wasn’t something a man did to a woman. It was profane, perverted and she cursed herself for the moan that escaped her when his mouth began to move. Her thoughts faded away, Allura losing herself to the sensations of moisture, heat and suction. His hair generated soft friction on her thighs, and she burned again, noting how
his mouth felt on her most private flesh.

She gave a start of shock, Lotor surprising her anew. Was that his tongue, moving in such an insidious manner? And there of all places?! Her hands reached for his hair, the girl intending to pull him away, to demand he stopped. Surely no virtuous woman would allow such a thing to be done to her, not without protests.

And yet her mouth remained silent, Allura’s fingers forming talons in his hair, trying to press him even closer against her. Could she actually be enjoying this Drule’s perversion? Her astonishment was fading, replaced with curling tendrils that snaked through her just as surely as his tongue did, bringing fire and desire to her, and settling low within her.

Lotor drank up the moisture that her body produced, the man without complaint. Indeed he was moaning, growling and groaning as he tongue licked, and his lips sucked at tender flesh. Allura couldn’t believe she was enjoying this bizarre act, her body beginning to writhe under his ministrations. She had to escape, but his hands were there, holding down her body, keeping her trapped against his mouth as a storm built up within her.

His tongue moved more purposefully, his mouth sucking on a spot that had her screaming. But it was not pain, no never that, Allura weeping out a moan a she tried to close her legs. That only left him trapped between her thighs, the prince not minding that or the juices gushing out of her body. He growled, the sound satisfied, Allura choking on a protest. It was the most salacious sound she had ever heard, the girl realizing he was enjoying playing his mouth against her body.

She could only lay there and hang on, hoping she’d somehow survive the explosions of pleasure going off within her. Her mouth moaned, broken sounds she hardly recognized as her own voice. The room seemed to be spinning, Allura quickly closing her eyes to stop the dizzy sensations. But even with the absence of sight, she felt as though she was moving, the earth no longer solid beneath her.

She was positive if he stopped now, she’d die just as surely as if he killed her with his sword, Allura letting out a low keen murmur, pleading nonsense to him. A string of sighs escaped her, Allura hanging on to his hair, it and her fingers her only anchor in this blissful frustration. She came to the point Allura thought Lotor would either destroy her or fling her into the heaven he promised, everything poised on the edge of a cliff.

He paused, and that alone was torture, Allura shaking violently beneath him, waiting for him to do something to ease her desire one way or another. One last flick of his tongue, and then he kissed her, hard and long between her legs. Her world exploded into a white light, a jagged scream escaping her as she shivered and shook, riding the waves of pleasure hard.

She was still shivering and moaning, barely aware of Lotor standing. Her world was retreating on a wave of hot delight, the prince placing his cock against her soaked sex, rubbing the head through moist folds of flesh. The touch sent pleasure rocking through her, no less intense than what he had done just seconds ago. Sliding heat against her moist cleft, and then slow delicious pressure, Lotor hesitating at the entrance to her body.

She was caught in an epiphany of her own, slow realization dawning as she realized his cock was his sword, her virginity surely the life’s blood he meant to spill. Did she dare let him? Did she dare find out what true paradise was like? Would it leave her as lonely and wanting as he claimed it rendered all others, Allura trembling as she realized good or bad, this would change her life, her existence forever.

Nerving herself, she held open her arm, bidding him to move into her embrace. He did so, covering her body with his, his cock beginning to thrust forward to break her sole remaining barrier of resistance. So slick was she, so replete with blissful satisfaction, that she felt only the briefest of pain, Allura letting out a hiss that was silenced against Lotor’s lips.

His own breath caught, the prince savoring the feel of her body. Concentration was the focus of his eyes, the man trying to control his more baser impulse, showing consideration to her body. She hugged her arms close around him, letting her fingers tips dig into his back as she wiggled her hips, giving him permission to move. He did, penetrating farther, making Allura gasp as still tender flesh stretched to accommodate his size.

They were still kissing, Lotor growling happily against her lips. She dug her fingers harder into him, her nails drawing his blood, making his skin grow slick with it. In response he pushed harder, Allura noting how strange a feeling it was to be filled by him. It was both uncomfortable and exciting, thrilling her to the depths of her soul. Lotor was taking her over, bit by bit, his possession extending beyond her body to her soul. They were becoming one, just as he said, and the joy that came with their souls touching was enough to make her weep.

He was tender, even in his claiming of her, Lotor kissing her tears away, tongue licking up the drops from her cheeks. He continue to thrust forward, the resistance of her body giving away, opening up to accept him at last. He settled in to the deepest part of her, and for one instant just throbbed within her. Seated fully, he groaned, and then began to move with seriously intent, cock withdrawing in a delicious rub of friction.

His eyes met her, the gold glazed over with passion. Allura could no longer remember why they had ever scared her, the girl moaning and pushing back against his cock. His hips surged forward, Lotor plunging back into her with one smooth movement. She cried out, Allura wrapping her legs around him, locking them in place as though to keep him from escaping her.

Each thrust of his body had hers clenching in barbaric possession, each parting and joining jolting her body. She was moving, sliding over the slab’s silk, her eyes fluttering close once more. Consuming flames rushed through her, her every muscle tightening in agony that was the greatest pleasure she had ever known. Nothing else existed for Allura in the moment, save for Lotor and the pleasure, leaving them all alone in the universe, sharing in a paradise they had found together.

Liquid warmth filled her anew, this time touching inside her womb, Allura moaning at the sensuous feel of Lotor’s emptying his seed inside her. He gave a few more thrusting pushes with his cock, Allura feeling her own body squeezing in response, trying to wrench out every drop of come from his organ.

He was shuddering, and so was she, Allura feeling as though everything she had ever known was turned upside down. She gazed up into his eyes, moved beyond belief, and swearing the stars had realigned themselves several times during their joining. Reality was slowly returning, the earth becoming a place she lived in rather than the easily tossed aside memory it had been when she was soaring through the stars with Lotor inside her.

He was gazing down at her, love and adoration mixed with sadness. She thought she understood the sadness now when he moved to part from her, Allura clinging to him harder. “No not yet!” She called out, holding onto him with both arms and legs. He nodded and settled on top of her, bending his head to brush kisses on her face. The incense had nearly burned down to nothing, but her high remained, mind buzzing about on pleasure and drugs, leaving her confused to everything but the emotions he had stirred within her.

She didn’t know where they would go from here, how they could continue exist as though nothing had ever happened, had never changed between them. It was as wonderful as it was awful, this awakening he had wrought in her. In one brief instant he had become everything to her, and she realized it would not be that bad to seek heaven with him once more.

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  1. I have read how Lotor takes Allura’s virginity so many times in different places…and I never get tired of reading it! This was steamy hot…I need a smoke!

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