Good girls weren’t attracted to bad men. Allura knew this, knew that it was impossible for them to be together. Lotor was more than just bad, he was her enemy, a killer, ruthless and deadly, domineering. He embodied the darkness of man, yin to her yang, and Allura knew, KNEW, she should be scared of him. And yet, she wasn’t. There was a part of her that thrilled over his dangerous demeanor, the same part of her that yearned to get closer to him.

But they might as well have been world’s apart, an invisible barricade set up between them. Allura wanted to break it, to chip away at the corners and let Lotor into her life. So she played the fool, setting herself up to be caught by him. She lived for those moments, the times when she would come face to face with Lotor. Her only regret was those times were too brief, her friends too quick to interfere.

Always she played the part of the relieved princess, extending her gratitude for being saved from the very bad man. But inwardly she fumed, angry but also wistful, wondering over what could have happened. Allura would keep herself up late into the night, her mind running rampant as she imagined Lotor’s arms around her, his lips on her mouth, his strong hands stroking her body.

The thoughts left her panting, needing, desperate. Those times she’d tear off her nightgown, and let her hands roam her body. Allura imagined it was him that was touching her, hands on her breasts, fingers caressing her nipples. The touching only served to agitate her more fully, her body tightening with need. In the darkest hours of the night, Allura would spread her legs, fingers exploring her most intimate place.

Face down in her pillows, mouthing at the cotton to muffle her moans, Allura would imagine her fingers were his, driving them in as deep as she could reach. It was never enough, nothing would be, only Lotor could satisfy the ache in her center.

Good girls simply didn’t give themselves to bad men. It was a thought ingrained in her mind, a lesson instilled to her at a young age, repeated over and over again by her caregivers. Stay safe, stay wise, choose a nice man to give you babies. Allura didn’t want a nice man, she wanted Lotor, thinking she would go mad if she didn’t get to experience his chiseled perfection above her.

She’d come up with a thousand plans, each one meant to lure him to her. She’d sneak away in the dead of the night, roam the country side unescorted, allow herself to become separated from her friends. Lotor always took the bait, like a moth to a flame he came after her, Allura purposefully forgetting to cry for help. Always they came, always there was a rescue.

But not this time, the timing was too perfect, Lotor striking when the boys were too far away. He whisked her away, strong arms lifting her up into his embrace. She tried to keep from squealing, heart beat thudding rapidly in her ears. Allura wanting to pretend to be unwilling. But somehow he knew she wasn’t, his lips curving upwards, that devastating smile causing her knees to shake.

Somehow he had had a make shift bed waiting for them, cushions and blankets spread across the ground. Lotor set her down gently among the pillows, Allura knowing her eyes were darkening, the blue of them showing her desire. He touched her, and just a simple grazing of his fingers had her moaning, body arching into his touch. Lotor liked her moans, she could see it in his eyes, see that her sounds pleased him. She held nothing back, vocalizing a response to every touch, every caress, every kiss.

His hand undressed her, Lotor tearing her out of her clothes. Allura wasn’t content to remain passive before him, not when she had waited so long. Her own hands reached for his tunic, unfastening his belt, pulling the garment from his body. She gasped with pleasure at the beauty of his blue skin, fingers prodding, rubbing across the defined muscles of his torso.

Lotor allowed her the exploration, a lazy, indulgent smile on his face. His hand was in her hair, undoing the strict bun, and as her hair tumbled down, all her reservations went flying, Allura pulling Lotor down on top of her. Legs locked around him, Allura kissing him in the way she had wanted to from the very first moment she laid eyes on him. His experienced kiss aroused her, tongues mingling together, wet caresses of their velvet muscles working to tease and tantalize each other.

Her fingers were in his hair, stroking through his white mane, loving the luxurious feel of it. She moaned into his mouth, Lotor answering her with a growl, his hands all over her, manipulating her body in ways she had only dreamt about. Their kisses were over too soon, Allura making a protesting sound that died when his lips found the front of her throat.

Head falling back, she offered it to him, his teeth grazing against it. Lower and lower he kissed her, tongue washing over her skin, texture rough but pleasant. It made her giggle and gasp his name, Lotor placing kisses on her breasts. Her own hands smoothed down his body, fingers hooking in over his pants, nudging them down as his lips found her nipple.

Allura moaned, finding wetness pooling between her legs, even as she freed his erection. Her hands reached for that turgid length, fingers closing around it in victory. Lotor let out a half growl, groaning in delight as she squeezed and stroked him, finger tip playing with the wetness that glistened on his tip. He renewed his attack against her skin with such vigor she was left dazed, feeling the pull of his mouth with each suck on her nipple, leaving her crying out, ecstatic.

All too soon he was resuming his trek down her body, mouth worshipful as it grazed over her stomach, hands touching her thighs, spreading them wide. Allura’s breath caught in her throat, feeling a kiss on the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. He licked upwards, her hands falling into his hair once more, winding fingers through it, half whispered pleas issuing out of her mouth.

When his tongue touched her center, she saw stars, bucking her hips to drive herself against his mouth. She was already extremely wet, but he took his time tasting her, tongue doing bold, confidant licks, up and down again and again. Lotor touched a part of her she knew very well, the tiny bud of flesh that she had caressed so many nights while thinking of him.

She wiggled and moaned again, Allura trying to drag his face away. She didn’t want to wait any longer, didn’t want to risk the chance for them to come together as one. Lotor laughed, amused at her impatience, sliding upwards to position his cock between her legs. Again he kissed her, even as he pushed into her, hips pistoning forward in one smooth move.

There was pain briefly, but she had expected it, moaning at the fullness she felt with him inside her. He clutched her close, hands on her rear as he worked to move in and out of her. She moved with him, shaking her hips in a rhythm meant to match his own. Their voices mingled, Lotor emitting grunts and groans, Allura panting, chest heaving as she clung to him.

It was perfect, it was pure, a natural joining of their two bodies. She never wanted this to end, she never wanted to part from him, she never wanted to wake up. But as always, her clock chimed the early hours of the morning, tearing Allura from her fevered dreams.

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  1. I really think you should continue this one. I love that its really HER lusting over lotor… please continue? and i miss harem slave updates. Really. TT_TT

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